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Found 2 results

  1. A while back, I had this idea for a Zelda-Pokemon crossover, set in an AU Hyrule that is essentially a Pokemon region, with its own League, Gym Leaders, Professor, etc. You choose to play as either Link or Linkle and embark on a journey with one of three starter Pokemon of your choice. The Pokemon of C&W are inspired by various creatures and concepts within the Zelda series. You have Pokemon versions of Octoroks, Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, Dodongos, Darknuts, Gorons, Zoras, etc. The legendary trio consists of three Golden Beasts based on the Triforce. Among the various towns you visit are Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, and Kakariko. Eight of the towns have a Gym Leader themed after a particular type. Castle Town is home to the Elite Four and Champion. The evil Team Power is lead by Ganondorf, who seeks the Golden Beasts of legend so he can conquer the world. Among his minions are Koume, Kotake, Zelda befriends you, teaches you the basics, and helps you battle Team Power at different points of the story. On the more Zelda side of things, you also have eight Temples hidden throughout the land, each of which contains an item important to the game's plot as well as a TM that teaches a move useful against Pokemon found within that Temple. Each temple is guarded by a pseudo-legend based on a classic Zelda boss. Pokemon and item utility is based on various Zelda items. You have the usual cutting, flying, swimming, and pushing, but C&W also features bombable walls and obstacles, digging, riding Pokemon to travel more quickly, jumping up cliffs, grappling across gaps, grabbing items from a distance, revealing hidden objects, etc. Basically, it's a hybrid of Pokemon and Zelda-style adventuring. In addition to Zelda, you meet other trainers on your journey who will accompany you. Many of these trainers can be befriended after their initial encounter, allowing you to bring them with you as a partner or battle them for experience. Instead of invisible random battles, Pokemon appear on the field. Battle is initiated when you make contact with a Pokemon. These are the Pokemon slots I have so far, including types and egg groups: Bear in mind names may not be final, and are mostly being used for description here.
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