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Found 9 results

  1. Firewall Dragon ruined one of the greatest minds of our generation. Now he plays Duel Links
  2. So I saw this and I'm now perplexed on how hilarious it is. If you don't get it, the guy's VA is the same as Dio's from Jojo. Plus he says "Za World" multiple times
  3. So, the four Cipher original characters, Emma, Shade, Lando and Yuzu will be appearing in Echoes later on via DLC, which means they'll be getting voice actors/actresses. Do you think they'll throw in a Cipher banner in Heroes? I'd definitely be interested.
  4. I'm not sure if anyone on this site plays this children's card game, but if anyone does, I would love some advice on my current deck build (it's a Blackwing base). The deck is below, and I would appreciate any comments, compliments, constructive criticisms, any thoughts you have would help me out a lot. I would like to start doing some locals with it, and I want it to be in top condition. [spoiler=Monsters] Basically the best Blackwing in the deck, he searches everything, summons itself, and can't be Raigeki-ed or Dark Hole-ed or Torrential Tribute-ed or Bottomless Trap Hole-ed or anything like that. Not much to explain here. The best Blackwing that isn't named Kris. Summons itself and searches everything besides Kris. Piercing is pretty cool thing, but generally Bora gets Synchro-ed so fast it doesn't put it to much use. It is cool for some funny stuff though. Nobody sees this guy coming, which is why he's so awesome. Works well against Blue-Eyes and other big beater decks. He also has the pluses of searching a ton of good stuff like Gale, which makes an easy Nothung. Kalut is just a good card in general. The star of the show, Gale is easily searchable and easily summoned, and he searches Gladius for instant Nothung. His ability to cut monsters' stats in half is also a cool thing to do right before you synchro summon something epic and obliterate your opponent even harder. Gale is by far the best tuner in the deck. The other best tuner in the deck. He can make instant Nothung or instant Sohaya, and he recycles all your useful Blackwings. He has two downsides: A. He can't be special summoned. B. Opening with him really sucks because he can't really search anything that would help him out, and there isn't anything in the graveyard for him to revive. However, even with his downsides, he's one of the most useful cards in the deck. People generally like to keep Oroshi at one, but I find myself in need of him too much for him to be at one. He's searchable by literally any other Blackwing and his combos with Nothung, Obsidian Hawk, Crystal Wing, etc. are unmatched by any other monster. He's an easy way to get higher level synchros really quickly. He can also change the battle position of a monster, which can come in clutch more than one would expect. Most people have cut this guy, but I find him to be really useful. This deck only has one really high attack beater, and if you're up against monarchs or some other stupid shit like that, that one beater is going to have issues. So for all else, we have Sirocco. His ability to turn any Blackwing into a very powerful monster is useful, and can be helpful to run over opponents' stronger monsters. He's great to open with if you're going second, since then he can be easily summoned. He's also good to have if your field gets unexpectedly cleared by some stupid thing like Raigeki or Dark Hole. When normal summoned he also searches literally anything including Oroshi for instant Nothung or Gale or Kris for more shenanigans. All in all, Sirocco comes in really clutch, especially when you might be in danger, and I think that's enough to keep him in the deck. If nothing else and he becomes useless, then he's good discard fodder for Twin Twisters or banish fodder for Allure of Darkness. He searches pretty much everything, including Gale for instant Assault Blackwing or Obsidian Hawk, and he can recycle himself. However, it can only be used once per duel and he can't special summon himself. He's fantastic, but only if kept at one. He can be searched by basically everything, and if destroyed or used in a synchro summon, then he searches absolutely everything. The fact that he can't special summon himself like Gale or Oroshi, and he can't recycle like Blizzard is what keeps him at one. This guy is here because if you summon Gale you can instantly bring him out and synchro into Nothung. He's fantastic for that purpose, and he makes a decent wall since he can't be destroyed by battle. He's definitely a one hit wonder, but still a good one. Our one and only non-Blackwing in the main deck. We are working with a 100% DARK base here, so this dude can be used well. We don't have much graveyard manipulation, so he can be kind of a dead draw if gotten later into the game, but hey then you have easy fodder for Allure. His effect is fantastic and he has a ridiculously easy summon condition, and 2800 attack hits pretty hard. Nuff said. [spoiler=Spells] Straight up the best card in the deck. If you open one, you have a huge advantage. If you open two, your opponent is in trouble. If you open all three, you pretty much win. When I talked about the Blackwings searching each other, this is the card that makes that possible. It's amazing, and it makes Blackwings what they are. I actually don't like this card because I hate banishing my Blackwings. However, this is the only draw power we have, and Sirocco and Dark Armed Dragon are fairly good fodder since they sometimes come up useless. So this gives you good draw power, the cost kinda sucks, but this can still be a game changer. Back row kills this deck. Twin Twisters kills back row, and other stuff too. There's not really much to say about Twin Twisters. It's awesome. You see all those amazing Blackwings with less than 1500 attack such as Gale, Blizzard, Oroshi, Pinaki? This can recycle any of them. I'm debating bumping it to two, but I haven't because of space reasons. ...do I even need to say anything here? This card is a game changer. It saves a lot of lives. It can also recycle anything, so it can be used to get an instant level 7 synchro. It stops your battle phase, but let's be honest, lack of a battle phase doesn't stop Raikiri from bombing the field. One because the rules say I have to. [spoiler=ITS A TRAP] Fuck this card. It's expensive and broken as shit (no I do not actually own three of it (or even one of it )). For now, it's still at three, and we will use it to our hearts content. This card is awesome, it's Blackwing exclusive and it banishes monsters instead of destroying them. It's also a hand trap, so nobody sees it coming. It's great for really offensive decks, and decks like PK Fire that spam graveyard effects. Stops special summons and banishes them too. One because I have to. Have I mentioned that back row kills this deck? Because back row kills this deck. This card bombs the fuck out of the opponent's back row, and can even be used from the hand. Stops monsters' attacks, renders their effects basically useless, and doesn't activate graveyard shenanigans. Win-win-win. The best trap in the game. Special summoning when not done by you can really be a pain in the ass. So here's a card to stop it. [spoiler=Extra Deck] This guy actually is in here for the purpose of another card. I will get to him when I explain that card. We like level 6s in this deck, and we love being able to draw cards. He's easily summoned and gives us a free draw, and then can be used as fodder or further synchro material (Oroshi summons either of the two big Assault Blackwings from him, and Blizzard summons Crystal Wing). His stats and effects aren't great, but he still really helps out. The best extra deck Blackwing. The extra normal summon he gives allows combos to go through the roof with this deck. There's also a great combo where you use Oroshi to turn him into Obsidian Hawk, then use Obsidian Hawk to immediately bring him back. This guy just allows for tons of really cool stuff. Remember back when I said we only had one gigantic beater? This is it. For every Blackwing in the graveyard he gains 300 attack, and with synchro combos, that goes up fast. If your opponent kills him, you can then trade him in for any other winged beast synchro in the gravyard such as Raikiri, Nothung, or Obsidian Hawk. He's also a level 7 tuner, which can be good in certain cases. This guy wrecks everything. With the number of Blackwings you can easily summon, he basically just shits all over your opponent's field every turn. Like Chidori, he can also be a tuner. The much-discussed Obsidian Hawk. He's easy to summon, and has a kick-ass ability of summoning a Winged Beast from your graveyard, which can include Chidori, Raikiri, or Nothung. This guy is amazing, and a big staple of the deck. This guy is busted as shit. And we're gonna take advantage of it while it's still legal. It stops basically all monster effects your opponent can try, and it hits like a motherfucker. It's also unbelievably easy to summon with this deck, so it really has no downside. Here he is, our deck master. The strongest Blackwing can't be destroyed be card effects, and if you summon him with only synchros, he has 6000 attack, stronger than any other legal monster in the game. How to summon him: remember Sohaya, the level 5 Assault Blackwing that can be a tuner? We use him and Obsidian Hawk Joe, or a revived Chidori or Raikiri to summon a 6000 attack Onimaru. What makes this even better is the fact that Sohaya can revive Chidori or Raikiri, and they won't be a tuner anymore, which means you can revive them (use Raikiri's effect if applicable), then bring out the beast. This guy searches Kris and Bora (and Zephyros I guess), and can be a good defensive card. He's also easy to summon. This deck hates graveyard effects, and for that we have Abyss Dweller. He's easy to summon for the deck and stops stupid graveyard plays from PK Fire or Infernoids or White Stone of Ancients or anything like that. Those are all common but tough opponents, and Abyss Dweller gives us a chance to get things going against them. Here we have one of the most dangerous Xyz monsters out there. Castel is a fantastic card, since his effects render monsters useless without triggering graveyard effects. While it's pretty much irrelevant, he's also a Winged Beast, which fits the deck pretty well. That's kinda cool. An amazing card that can really only be utilised by Blackwings and Raidraptors. No effect is safe from Ice Beast Zerofyne, and it even gains attack for the trouble. This card is fantastic for shutdowns, and can then be a decent beater as well. This guy is here to prevent the destruction of Black Whirlwind and Vanity's Emptiness. He can make some fun combos with his effect, and he can really slow things down, which can give you some extra time to get things going. Utopia is only here for Utopia the Lightning. Another one of the most dangerous monsters in the game, Utopia the Lightning can quickly become an unstoppable, immensely powerful force that can blow through your opponent's strongest monsters just like that. He also prevents effects from being activated, which can be extremely helpful for finishing games and just for running over monsters. edit: also note it took me over two hours to write this up...I'm getting slow
  5. i was just curious at how many people here had DN (Dueling Network aka Yugioh online) and wondered if my deck there would provide challenge to any devoted Yugioh player and even more i was maybe thinking of reuniting all of us in a mini tournament if possible. i'd like hear from other players what they think about this idea and what we could do with that.
  6. So I just wandered over to check out the official YuGiOh banlist to see if the new one was up. I was figuring Trishula would break free from it's ban eventually, and was relieved to see it was still banned and therefore would continue to be affordable for me to get. Wandering down the list, I saw something that basically shook apart my concept of the game. Raigeki is now not banned anymore. For 10 years, since the very first banlist, this card has not been allowed to be used. This card was the reason the banlist was put into place in the first place. The card was too ridiculous. You could topdeck it at any moment and save yourself from almost any situation, or you can use it to get rid of whatever monsters your opponent has guarding them to go in for an easy OTK. I do not understand...
  7. Until the Lightsworn Structure Deck finally gets released in the US. I haven't been this excited about a release in a LOONG time.
  8. Because we need a fandom thread that doesn't degrade into claim-based arguments.
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