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  1. Finally, Zelda Legos are reality. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2024/05/lego-unveils-great-deku-tree-2-in-1-zelda-set-pre-orders-now-available
  2. Tears of the Kingdom released recently. It's far too early for full reviews, but initial impressions can still be interesting to discuss. What are your first impressions of Tears of the Kingdom? Here's my first impressions of the game; spoilers for the initial area of the game:
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/enlightened-titan/art/Tokyo-2020-or-2021-Nintendolympics-Collaboration-888328848 It was a long road, like the actual Tokyo 2020, but we eventually made it. Note that there are 282 characters, counting the horses.
  4. So, an HD re-release of Skyward Sword got announced for the Switch at the most recent direct, and they announced that the game would include optional button/stick controls to use in place of the motion controls. That's certainly a good addition, and there's been plenty of discussion about it. However, neither it nor anything else in the announcement addressed what, for me at least, was the biggest issue with the motion controls in Skyward Sword; the issue that kept me from playing Skyward Sword the first time around and raises a larger issue about gaming: (From the announcement): "The joy-con controller in your right hand is the sword", "The joy-con controller in your left hand is your shield" So... what if you're left-handed? For context: as a left-handed person in a world where 90% of the population is right-handed, I have had to grow used to using right-handed objects in everyday life: for just one example, I found a way to use right-handed scissors (or as a right-handed person would call them, scissors) with my left hand without it being awkward just so I wouldn't have to pay absurd amounts for "scissors designed for both hands" that look no different from normal scissors. However, when it comes to playing video games on consoles, handedness is usually not an issue: the main effect of handedness is on things involving precise motion and hand-eye coordination: writing, sports, using a pair of scissors, etc., and a standard controller has none of that: it's pressing buttons and tilting a control stick while relying more on the physical feedback of the buttons and the stick than on the visual feedback of the game, so me being left-handed has virtually no effect when playing most consoles. Console gaming was generally the one area where my handedness didn't matter at all. With the Wii and the DS, however, it was a different story. The DS Zelda games: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, accommodated being left-handed: the game right away asked if you were left-handed or right-handed, and it adjusted the UI on the touch screen accordingly. More than that, almost every aspect of the gameplay utilized the DS pen, so there was never a situation involving having to use the control stick and the DS pen at the same time; something I heard was a major issue with Kid Icarus: Uprising to the point where Nintendo released a right control stick attachment (and of course, that attachment costed money rather than coming with the game, so there was a whiff of that "double-priced scissors that both hands can supposedly use equally"). Nintendo remembered to be inclusive towards the left-handed. Plenty of Wii games, such as Wii Sports, also took left-handed players into consideration. The design of the Wii remote also took it into account: the Wii remote and nunchuck were symmetrical and could be held easily in either hand. And yet, for Skyward Sword, left-handed players got nothing. The game was designed around motion controls that favored being right-handed, and there were no options to alter the controls. Every time I went to the store and came across Skyward Sword on the Wii, this is the thing that ultimately kept me from purchasing it. Now, with this HD re-release, I was really hoping that would finally be addressed, but, while it's certainly possible that the game may have a "left-handed mode" that simply wasn't announced, the trailer could not have leaned more towards being right-handed if it tried: not only those descriptions of the combat above, but also the special themed joy-cons they announced with the right joy-con being the sword and the left joy-con being the shield. The worst part is that the Switch re-release could actually end up being less inclusive than the Wii version if this is ignored: I know of a number of left-handed players who simply played Skyward Sword with the Wii remote in their left hand and the nunchuck in their right; it was awkward for them because motion controls rely entirely on visual feedback and Link's using the sword and shield in the opposite hands, but it was something. The equivalent for the Switch version would be swapping the very asymmetrical joy-cons and awkwardly holding them in the opposite hands. This is a problem that even occurred with Super Mario 3D All-Stars: in the Wii version of Mario Galaxy, handedness didn't matter one bit. However, for the 3D All-Stars version, all the motion controls were mapped to the right joy-con. A Wii game where handedness didn't matter became a game that disadvantaged the left-handed when ported to the Switch, and unlike the problem with the camera controls in the 3D All-Stars version of Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has yet to fix this. You would think that Nintendo would want to be as inclusive as possible for its audience even from a simple business standpoint; that was certainly the reasoning behind all the handholding in late Wii-era games such as this one. Adding to this, when it comes to Skyward Sword and handedness, it isn't just the controls that bother me: the left-handed like myself have hardly any representation in gaming. For the longest time, Link was the only left-handed hero of any noteworthiness, and he had been left-handed since the very first Zelda game (though for that game you'd have to look at the artwork to confirm it due to sprite-mirroring in 8-bit games). Then Skyward Sword changed that; he was made right-handed to mirror the motion-controls and cater to a right-handed audience, and though the 2D Zelda games that have come after have kept Link as left-handed, Breath of the Wild: a game with zero motion controls and with no animations or programming ported over from Skyward Sword, had a right-handed Link. At E3 2016, in response to questions about this, Eiji Aonuma had this response: "In terms of right-handedness of things, when we think about which hand Link is going to use, we think about the control scheme. With the gamepad, the buttons you'll be using to swing the sword are on the right side, and thus he's right-handed." There's no way to describe this statement except as complete bogus; the attack button's been on the right side of the controller since the NES, yet Link has always been left-handed. Adding to this, in another interview in 2017, Eiji said this: "It is a matter of chance that Link is left-handed in the first episodes, for a reason that we could not really explain today" It was most certainly not chance; the reason is that the series creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, favours his left hand and enjoys adding left-handed characters in games. He made Bowser Jr. left-handed, he made Rosalina left-handed, etc. So, one thing we aren't getting from Nintendo about the reason for why is the truth, and I think the reason for that is simply that there was no reason they made Link right-handed in Breath of the Wild, and now after being asked, they're just trying to make it sound like there was a good reason. They've even gone so far as to say that Link is "ambidextrous" and I honestly think they don't realize what they're doing: they're reducing the number of noteworthy left-handed heroes, not just in gaming but in pretty much all of fiction, from one to zero, and that's a real shame. Anyway, these are my thoughts. Sorry this is a bit long, but I wanted to mention everything I could about this and cover all my thoughts on this. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Hello everyone, I have been itching to show off my work for my ongoing Ocarina of Time Mod. Right now, I am not too keen on showing off or revealing the story, but I will share some WIP overworld areas. Some of these maps are older than others but they all retain quality that I deem to be shareable. These will and do work on a real N64, some videos were recorded on an emulator but every new video will be hardware recorded. I hope you all enjoy!
  6. I been wanting to play this game for a long time. When it first came out it was my most anticpated game to play!! For some reason I never got around to beating it and put it on hold for years. I decided since I had so much fun playing Three Houses on my channel, it would be cool to share my first time experience beating the game for Breath of the Wild. Here is the first episode of it I did yesterday. I will be straming again later today!! If you know any Zelda fans, be sure to share it with them. It will be my first time reactions to a lof the things in this amazing game so come watch if you are interested!!
  7. Hey there people of Serene's Forest! I have decided to make a fan game featuring a Legend of Zelda theme but using Fire Emblem mechanics. I have the general story, classes, characters, and stats down, but I am having trouble designing sprites that are good. I have always been rather bad at art, so I don't see myself being able to design 30+ characters with all of their separate classes. I was hoping to get some help from some artists here! Honestly any help at all would be nice. Feel free to ask questions about the game or post sprite sheets here. Anything you guys can offer would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. NOTE: This post is prone to edit over time as additional content is considered. Over at Zelda Universe I've posted this idea for a Zelda/Fire Emblem mashup. Basically you take Fire Emblem's core gameplay and classes and mix them with Zelda's world and races. The game has three major modes: Campaign Battle invading armies to protect Hyrule in story-based campaigns! The core war strategy game and story. Adventure Explore Hyrule's landscape looking for materials and treasure! This is roughly analogous to Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Maps. Basically, this is where the Zelda series' signature exploration and puzzle-solving gameplay comes in. There are still enemy units to battle, but it's less of two armies fighting and more of a party of scouts skirmishing with enemy camps. Your party consists of 1-6 units, which can come from either your army or generic units. My Village Build and customize your own village to gain food, weapons, and other useful items! Materials found in Adventure Mode are used here to construct buildings which provide you with a variety of useful items and services. A Smithy for example produces weapons while a Farm produces Wheat or Rice. This would serve a similar role to My Castle from Fates. Tribes Hyrule Wars has three major races (Hylians, Sheikah, Gerudo), three secondary races (Gorons, Zora, and Rito), and monster units (like Moblins and Stalfos). The major three races are called so because the majority of the playable units belong to one of them, while the secondary races have fewer but more specialized units. Monster Units are the primary enemies in the game, and function similar to playable units (many of them use the same kinds of weapons) but with some nuances. Each of the six playable tribes feature a host of classes from which their units draw by default; through the Spouse/Friendship system, they can gain access to classes belonging to other tribes. Hylian Fighter Mercenary Archer Knight Cavalier Sky Knight Druid Cleric Troubadour Wolfkin Sheikah Samurai Shrine Guard Scout Ninja Diviner Monk Keaton Gerudo Thief Desert Fighter Desert Guard Bow Rider Desert Mage Wyvern Rider Dragonkin Dancer Zora River Guard Medic Water Mage Goron Bladesmith Mountaineer Geomancer Rito Hawkeye Aerie Guard Shaman Link himself starts as a Champion, which of course uses Swords, and promotes into a Legend, which adds Bows. His secondary class is determined by the player upon starting the game. Zelda starts as a Princess, which uses Bows, and promotes into a Queen which adds Staves. Her secondary class would likely be Sky Knight or Cleric. Incidentally, Champion and Prince/Princess as classes both have gender differences: female Champions start with Bows rather than Swords and gain Swords upon promotion, while a male Prince wields Swords in place of Bows and promotes into King which, like Queen, adds Staves. Weapons The game makes use of a modified weapon triangle, where each color now has melee, missile, and magic weapons. Swords, Axes, and Lances correspond to red, green, and blue as before, but now Tomes are split into Earth/Fire, Wind/Lightning, and Water/Ice magic, while Bombs join Bows and Daggers as the ranged equivalents. Staves and Stones return as colorless, though I'm looking at the possibility of Stones becoming a singular category. As a sidenote about Magic, I understand that for a long time the FE series has featured Fire, Wind, and Lightning as a trio when it isn't Light, Dark, and Anima, and that ice and water magic is usually grouped with wind. I don't know if they were making a conscious effort to avoid the classic Fire Ice Lightning trio, but I find that for Hyrule Wars breaking tradition here works fine as it fits the tribe-class-weapon algorithm. Light and Dark weapons exist as subcategories; Light Weapons tend to be a little weaker on average but offer positive bonuses like boosted damage against certain monster types or passive HP recovery. Light weapon icons feature an aura or glow. Dark weapons tend to be stronger or nastier than normal but have negative side effects such as stat reduction or gradual HP loss. Dark weapon icons have a shadowy aura. Each tribe leans towards certain colors of weapon, though all three colors are available to each tribe. Red - Gerudo and Gorons Green - Hylians and Rito Blue - Sheikah and Zora There exist certain patterns within the various tribes and their class equivalents. For example, each tribe gets one distinct mage class that uses the Tome of their main color (Hylian Druids with Green, Sheikah Diviners with Blue, Gerudo Desert Mages with Red, Goron Geomancers with Red, Zora Water Mages with Blue, and Rito Shamans with Green) and can promote into a Sage class that adds Staves (Hylian Sacred Sages, Sheikah Shrine Sages, Gerudo Desert Sages, Goron Fire Sages, Zora Water Sages, and Rito Forest Sages). The human Mages each can also promote into a class that uses two or more colors of Tome (Hylian Wizards use green and blue, Sheikah Oracles use blue and red, and Gerudo Sorcerers use all three). The nonhuman Mages meanwhile get secondary options that add a type of melee weapon of a complimentary color (Goron Mountain Lords add Axes, Zora River Lords add Swords, and Rito Sky Lords add Lances). The human tribes each get a class that uses weapons of all three colors. Hylians get Great Knight which of course uses Swords, Axes, and Lances, Sheikah get Engineer which uses Bombs, Bows, and Daggers, and Gerudo get the aforementioned Sorcerer which uses red, green, and blue Tomes. Weapon uses return with tweaks. Melee weapons have durability, and no longer vanish when they break; they simply become broken weapons with minimal stats (1 might and no bonus effects). They can be repaired at an Armory. Missile weapons - Bombs, Bows, Daggers - now have ammunition. When the weapon runs out of ammo, you can't use it, but you can reload it. Magical weapons likewise have charges which work very similar to ammunition. Melee weapon uses are only spent if the unit connects, while missile and magical weapons always spend a shot when attacking. Additionally, I would consider introducing Bare Hands as a new special weapon type that can be used by any combat-capable unit with no useable weapon on hand. Bare Hands are colorless, have no statistic benefits whatsoever, and can't critical or trigger special skills. Relationships Like Awakening and Fates, there is a relationship system, though it too receives a few tweaks to accomodate the Gorons. See, Gorons don't reproduce the same way the other five tribes do (as far as we know), so they don't really have a use for marriage. They do however accept outsiders as honorary brothers (and potentially sisters), so that takes the place of marriage for Gorons. They do still have kids and those kids do inherit classes. I'm not sure whether fathers or mothers should be the determinate parents this time; Gerudo kinda require determinate mothers, while Gorons are all male and thus their parents by definition are fathers. Link and Zelda each get a special child in the fashion of Lucina or Morgan in FEA. Link has Linkle as a daughter, while Zelda has a son named Xeldon.
  9. Throughout the Zelda series, Link has often had a companion character that follows him on his journey and helps him through exposition, hints, and even additions to the gameplay. By being the one character that's always alongside Link, they're also the character that gets the most time to shine (apart from Link himself obviously). The question is, which one is your favourite? Note: If I have missed one, please let me know so I can add them to the poll ASAP
  10. What Zelda monsters/enemies would you like to see in the next Zelda game, not including the ones that were in Breath of the Wild? It's been over a year since Breath of the Wild was released. Looking back, one thing the game did very well was the monsters; it gave them personalities, tactics, and overall really good A.I., and it was great to see Hinoxes and Lynels in a 3D Zelda game for the first time ever. But (and I should stress that this is in no way a fault of the game) I found myself missing certain Zelda enemies such as Darknuts and Iron Knuckles, and, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Breath of the Wild doesn't have a lot of the various recurring Zelda enemies, including Soldiers, Skulltulas, Re-Deads, Poes, Like-Likes, Peahats, Floor/Wallmasters, etc. My list of enemies that I want to see return: Soldiers: I think it would be really interesting to see soldier enemies in a 3D Zelda game. Darknuts: It would be really great to battle a fully-armoured enemy in a Zelda game once again. Especially since, unlike pretty much every other game in existence, armour works in Zelda games. I loved having to work around the armour in Wind Waker by either sneaking up from behind or using a parry. Iron Knuckles would also be great to see return for similar reasons. For an interesting variation, Imagine fighting a Darknut on horseback in what amounts to a joust. Flying Tiles: I don't know why, but I would love to entire a room in a 3D Zelda game and have the tiles in the room fly at me as an interesting challenge. Dodongos: These were great enemies, and it would be cool to see them return. Peahat: Fighting a flying plant seems like it would be great to see reappear.
  11. These are some of the most common things I've seen people point out as to things from Breath of the Wild that should or shouldn't be changed going into the next The Legend of Zelda game. What else do you want to see changed, added, or refined going into the next Zelda game? If at least two people mention it, I'll add it to the poll above.
  12. Update: Unfortunately with me starting college classes this summer I no longer have the time to do a post every day. I’ll try to post when I can. This is a story I'm writing based on my idea for a Legend of Zelda TV series. Edit: Changed the name because I realized there was already a game with that name. Oops. This is in no way related to it. Here is the feedback thread. Please give me feedback, I really want to know what ya'll think of the story. I'll post updates and current character descriptions in this thread. Characters Link: The main hero of this story. Niva: Link's fairy friend since childhood. Does most of the talking for him. Sheik: A woman who stole Link's wallet, then returned it after Link helped her. Currently helping out Link and Niva. Duren: A Gerudo man seeking adventure. Zelda: The princess of Hyrule. Link's Uncle: A former member of the royal guard who has sent Link to Castle Town to ask for aid for their village. The Story So Far With his village in trouble, Link heads to Hyrule Castle to seek aid from the princess. Arriving in Castle Town, Link and co. find that there is currently a water shortage. He decides to head to Zora's Domain to find out what the problem is. After battling a hinox, Link and co. find a new ally in Duren, and make their way to Zora's River.
  13. Here is a thread for feedback for my Legend of Zelda: Heroes of the Triforce story. Here's the story:
  14. A while back, I had this idea for a Zelda-Pokemon crossover, set in an AU Hyrule that is essentially a Pokemon region, with its own League, Gym Leaders, Professor, etc. You choose to play as either Link or Linkle and embark on a journey with one of three starter Pokemon of your choice. The Pokemon of C&W are inspired by various creatures and concepts within the Zelda series. You have Pokemon versions of Octoroks, Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, Dodongos, Darknuts, Gorons, Zoras, etc. The legendary trio consists of three Golden Beasts based on the Triforce. Among the various towns you visit are Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, and Kakariko. Eight of the towns have a Gym Leader themed after a particular type. Castle Town is home to the Elite Four and Champion. The evil Team Power is lead by Ganondorf, who seeks the Golden Beasts of legend so he can conquer the world. Among his minions are Koume, Kotake, Zelda befriends you, teaches you the basics, and helps you battle Team Power at different points of the story. On the more Zelda side of things, you also have eight Temples hidden throughout the land, each of which contains an item important to the game's plot as well as a TM that teaches a move useful against Pokemon found within that Temple. Each temple is guarded by a pseudo-legend based on a classic Zelda boss. Pokemon and item utility is based on various Zelda items. You have the usual cutting, flying, swimming, and pushing, but C&W also features bombable walls and obstacles, digging, riding Pokemon to travel more quickly, jumping up cliffs, grappling across gaps, grabbing items from a distance, revealing hidden objects, etc. Basically, it's a hybrid of Pokemon and Zelda-style adventuring. In addition to Zelda, you meet other trainers on your journey who will accompany you. Many of these trainers can be befriended after their initial encounter, allowing you to bring them with you as a partner or battle them for experience. Instead of invisible random battles, Pokemon appear on the field. Battle is initiated when you make contact with a Pokemon. These are the Pokemon slots I have so far, including types and egg groups: Bear in mind names may not be final, and are mostly being used for description here.
  15. So... forgive me if I'm posting wrongly. I haven't done this sort of thing before, I'm still new to this website and have no idea how to use it. I mostly use the subreddit or my own Tumblr, but, well, here goes. In this thread I'll be posting mostly Awakening art pieces I've done, though there might be a few other stragglers here and there. (If that's allowed? I read the rules I'm just not sure is all) Anyways... So here's my stuff from 2016: This one was a commission! Someone asked me to draw them as a Fire Emblem character in Severa's clothes and I had a ton of fun with that: Here's a few WIPs I'm doing: And this was a commission of someone's Corrin! Currently, I'm working to color this, but a friend and I also agreed to collaborate. I drew it, she's going to also color it! and while this piece is a little old, I still do like it: so again, apologies if I did any of this wrong, I'm still new to this, thank you for looking!
  16. According to a few sources on the internet, apparently Eiji Aonuma commented in a new Breath of the Wild book that work on the next game has already begun. This could be incorrect, and, even if it is, he might be referring to a spin-off, and I will update this if anything confirms or says otherwise about this. But, in case it's true, and he's referring to the next main series Zelda game, what would you like to see in the next game? I, personally, would like for them to keep the same open world design, but go in the opposite direction of the theme (or is atmosphere the better word), Breath of the Wild: I'm hoping to see a thriving Hyrule Castle Town that, to scale, is the size of a medieval city. I want to see more towns and villages, and for them to be more elaborate. I would like to see a full-size intact Lon-Lon Ranch. I would like to see more dungeons, and for them to be temples and fortresses, rather than robotic animals. Speaking for fortresses; in keeping with this theme, rather than having ruins and bokoblin treeforts everywhere, I would like to see fortresses, watchtowers, and such scattered throughout Hyrule; many of which are occupied by minions of Ganon, and maybe even have an intact Hyrule Castle that's fully explorable, as well as the return of Ganon's Tower. Speaking of which, since (sentence continues in the spoiler below) Also, I really liked in Breath of the Wild that enemies like Hinox and Lynels were in a 3D Zelda game. But, I found myself missing armoured enemies like Darknuts and Iron Knuckles. It would be cool to see them return for this game, as well as armoured variants of ordinary enemies, such that standard attacks will not hurt them one bit. Maybe even an armoured Lynel? Also: I would like to see spears deal greater damage, and two-handed weapons to be a little faster.
  17. I think it's kinda funny how around the same time Fire Emblem abandoned weapon durability, Zelda added a weapon durability system.
  18. I always loved the battle sprites in the old GBA FE so I thought I'd try making my own, I haven't made any "new" ones yet but for my first; Edit: I think I screwed up with the links is it making you guys download them? cause thats not supposed to happen (sorry new to this forum) I started with modifying the female sage basic battle animation to remove the cape: FE Female Sage animation without a cape.-20170807-142956.piskel And then I did my best to make it look like princess zelda from legend of zelda, FE Female Sage Princess Zelda-20170807-142640.piskel I'm sure someone has done this before but I thought i'd try it. Any constructive criticism would be awesome! Thanks!
  19. Me, @General Horace @Batter the Beast @MrStardustRicon and @ίce with some commentary from @Refa as well. This goofy race involved a Zelda randomizer (some of our racers drinking) this is from Batters perspective, have fun and enjoy us goofing around. Also a language warning of course.
  20. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out in March. They have already shown that items such as the bow, paraglider (which is basically the sail) and the fire rod will be returning. Of all the items from the Legend of Zelda series, what do you want to see return? Here is a list of some of the items that were not shown: Slingshot Hookshot/Clawshot Magic Armor Hammer Ball and Chain Strength-increasing items (silver/golden gauntlets, etc.) Mirror Shield Boomerang Bombchu Deku nuts Spinner I'm sure I have missed quite a few. If enough people (at least two) mention an item that is not on the list and they want it in Breath of the Wild, then I'll add it.
  21. OK, as a preamble, let me tell you a little about my history with this game. Back in the N64 days, I rented this game for one weekend. I remember being extremely frustrated playing it since I spent almost the whole weekend playing as a Deku Scrub. By the time I finally managed to finish the first quest line in Clock Town and turn back to Human Link, it was time to return the game to Blockbuster, so I never really managed to do much with it. Cue 14 years later, I purchase the 3DS remake of the game on launch day, however, due to real life and other video games getting in the way, I never managed to start playing it...until today. So in this thread, I will be playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D in an experience that is going to be 88% new to me. I'll be sharing my thoughts and impressions along with some screenshots (all taken through Miiverse, so due to the process it takes to make them I won't be posting too many). Some ground rules: - NO STORY SPOILERS. Seriously, guys. Don't do this. I'm cool with you guys posting stuff like "Oh, wait until you finish this sidequest, it's so cool!", but major plot spoilers are NOT appreciated and will be reported. - No telling me where to go unless I ask. If I get stuck (very likely since this is a Zelda game), I will ask you guys for help. I want to figure this out as much as I can on my own, but I have no intention of wandering aimlessly for hours. - I can't say how often I will update this thread. I have a rather busy life and making a schedule for my hobbies is difficult. I'll definitely try to keep it from dying, though, as I intend to finish the game. - This isn't a 100% run. I'll just beat the game, getting anything I can along the way. Oh, and I'm naming the file "Link". I always do that first time on a Zelda game.
  22. I'm not someone to gosh over dificulty and stuff like that, and I certainly don't think Zelda games are particularly easy, but a few days ago I decided to pick up Wind Waker because I love boats. No seriously, that's the only reason I picked it, I like the idea of a game where you sail everywhere appealed to my adventurous side, I guess :P [spoiler=SPOILERS AHEAD] So after the intro I was... kinda curious as to why I was given all my basic gear so quickly. I remember that in other Zelda games usually there was a long, dragged intro where you get your stuff. Then the pirates where like "sure we'll take you there, no questions asked" Forsaken Fortress was a laugh, and then you get the "Baton of Wind" (which I guess is our Ocarina of Time) from a talking Boat, again no questions asked. I'm currently at the Tower of the Gods, which I assume is the midway point of the game, given that the whole "collect 3 random stuff" trope of Zelda games is done. I just find everything.... so simple. I mean, it's not a bad thing, I'm having a blast because the game is tons of fun. Is the game really that easy, or is just that my perception is conditioned in some way? The last game I played before that was Path of Radiance and Street Fighter V, both not-really-hard games, so I feel it can't be because context.
  23. So earlier today I had sort of an idea played in my head and then it got serious. It was a simple thought; why does Garon remind me so much of Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda. If your not familiar with LoZ (I've met hardcore gamers who don't know much about LoZ) Ganon is a dark wizard who is perceived by chosen oracles known as Sages or the warriors of the triforce goddesses (Farore=courage, Din=power, Nayru=wisdom) who chose to embed their gifts into, as an evil omen. No seriously all the townsfolk almost never mention Ganon, only the things hes done and to that they don't even know if he did it. The three warriors are always set in a certain time (or dimension) and events seem to always revolve around, if not in, the kingdom of Hyrule. So I was in the shower and suddenly I was making comparisons about the two kings. Garon as we know uses faceless to fight for him which are basically undead. Either that or he has Leo do it for him, but something makes me think he can summon them himself since a lot of his subordinates can. Ganon summons redeads to guard his castle and if you look at a redead upclose he looks a bit like a faceless just not as much muscle and crazy mask... Anyway Ganon sends out minions and guardians to stop Link the main protagonist, so does Garon with his subordinates. In some of LoZ's dialog some of Ganon's minions actually don't like fighting for him or are fed up with Ganon's reign but know they will die or be destroyed if they don't comply. Same lies true with Garon. There's a lot more comparisons to the two but I don't want to bombard you with a wall of text. But hey last thought, this wouldn't be the first time Fire Emblem had a play on names.
  24. Yesterday, I became friends with Tomoya Hamasaki, the founder of the fanmade Twilight Princess HD Project. I even had this idea for a sidequest that he really likes. If you wanna know more about this mod, check out Tomoya's channel, and check out his streams, he holds one every Friday.
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