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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, As you can guess from the title, I've begun a Lunatic run. Well, Prologue is a real pain (in the ***), but it's manageable. Gamble and Focus are the only really annoying skills the ennemies have. Still, without the water trick, only Frederick can take down most of the ennemies. But when you face Counter users...well, they just reck you if you don't play full ranged attackers. The gae's balance is totally broken. Some classes aren't even useful. When you make a Griffon Rider, you only want it's skills, but you would really prefer a wyvern lord, which is much more cool-looking and has generations of FEs of existence. You would like to promote your fighter into a hero because hero has more reliable overall stats and sol? You won't before long, because you NEED that Couner skill if you want to hit back your opponents like they dare with you. You nearly can't fight a Warrior at 1 range because you'll get severely wounded by the Counter. That skill was supposed to deal 30% of the damage back or not far from that, but in Awakening they decided that this skill would be cheated, and in Lunatic, as if the +13 HP to everybody, and the +5 HP skill to Fighters weren't enough, they also put Counter 100% activation and 100% damage returned. Even in the Exp DLC you face 1 luck/level shadows and the lv 30 have counter and some have counter + miracle...the ultimate skill abuse... It happened even in easy mode that I died from trying to kill them in close combat, just because the 2nd hit was returned thanks to damn miracle. Galeforce i lower difficulties is a 3 turns/map skill, but in Lunatic it's just a hit and run skill. Because you can get really bad from one only fight. I've bought Ashnard because he's so good, and I've used him in 2 or 3 chapters because the beginning of the game doesn't keep my attention, but even with his 29 res, he took 15 damage in one hit in the chapter where you defend the castle of Ylisse from Vallsomething. It means chapter 5 or something like that had a 44 magic damage unit outside of the boss (I think it was a wind magic, but even like that it means that you need 15 res and 30 HP to block it, and it let you with 1 HP). Skills I would never want in an easy or even a hard mode run are totally worth or even OP in Lunatic, you really want them (for example, you would probably like a MU with anti-bows, anti-swords, anti-spears, anti-axes and anti-tomes, because basically you gain 50% accuracy and avoid against all of these annoying 40-60 Mt ennemies and it means you will mostly dodge everything, but also you won't be dodged by insane avoid ennemies). Lunatic ennemies are so annoying. You see in the chapter where you recruit Cordelia, there is a lv5 Fighter with 32 HP (with HP+5), 16 strength and 11 speed. Then, WHY THE **** DOES MY VAIKE HAVE 6 SPD, 8 STRENGTH OR SO AND NOTHING ELSE? Seriously. I'm running lunatic only to see what the last chapters are like in Hell, but if not for curiosity, I would never run such a no-brain mode. It's not about you having to deal with more ennemies, or choose a little character pannel to go further, it's about EACH SINGLE ENNEMY HAVING MORE STATS THAN YOU + SKILLS! And that from the very beginning, where your Lord can't even 1v1 a little swordsman without taking 2 potions or dealing a critical hit! you get hit, even a potion doesn't heal enough for you to fully heal. Every single ennemy starts with A rank in every weapon, but you start E or D... Even Frederick's 14 base def let 5-9 damage pass through during the first 3 chapters, and then it's even worse since wyvern riders are even more abused with more strength, more mobility, much more def etc. than fighters and barbarians. I think I'm really gonna put everything into Chrom until I get Lucina, then put Chrom in the support position and never use him ever again to avoid certain death! What I intend to do: Chrom lv 20/15 Lord, then reclass into Great Knight/Bow Knight, take dual guard+/anti-bows then go for Bow Knight/Paladin and go for anti-bows/aegis, then the last one (I think I'll go for GN last because it gives +1 movement as a support character). Sumia 20/15 Dark flier, then GN/general, then the other one, and finish with war cleric/Valkyrie for bonus res to Lucina (the only stat which won't cap otherwise when you get her lv 10). This way I get Lucina maxed stats everywhere, with Galeforce Aether, promote her for Majesty, then switch for a more useful class, depending on what I'll need by then. After that, as always, rush to Yggdrasil map, finish it, and unlock Scolaris for grinding the units I want to use, and make an anti-everything MU and see if he needs it all the time or not, depending on the ennemies' cheatedness. If you have more advice to give me, (assuming I'm using EXP DLC and gold DLC), don't hesitate. If you just want to dicuss about how Lunatic is really dumb as full of stats-cheaters and annoying skills, there you are! I made this topic for that, and you can also tell us what skills they possess that makes you COMPLETELY MAD MAWAHAHAHAHA! See you!
  2. I want to beat Lunatic+ with a +Skill -Def MU. The only way I can see this being possible is with really good level ups. Fortunately I have a digital copy of the game, so I can back up my saves. Does anyone know how to burn the set of RNs used for level ups?
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