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Found 3 results

  1. The entire narrative doesn't support them much. It hurts a lot that I adore what they did with Yuri's writing but because he was thrown in through DLC, he doesn't feel as explored as he could've been. He had everything going for him to be a really compelling interesting lord with a concept of an underground society having a lot of potential than just an afterthought. Constance, Balthus and Hapi felt a little smoother even if they could've used more. Yuri had so much potential though. Now he's just left with an implied hefty arc that we don't get to witness since he's DLC, having to be an afterthought to a game with jank graphics and system, a tiny amount of supports, a conflict that blatantly doesn't involve Yuri, stuck having to shine in Cindered Shadows only (ugh), and left with so much potential without reaching half of it. He was blatant lord/major plot character material... What a waste. Abyss is just all over the place and that goes without saying.
  2. am i the only one that gets lelouch lamperouge vibes from yuri in fe3h? maybe its the purple eyes or his calculating nature but I can just imagine him viewing fighting just like chess lol.
  3. what are the best classes from the abyss? and who should I give them to? Note: right now I'm training my ferdinand as a trickster (just for a goof) but who is really good for these classes? my female byleth is def going to be a war monk
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