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Found 6 results

  1. Back at it again with hot content nobody cares about, I went and compiled a complete chart of the affinity yields of every possible birth month/blood type combination in FE7. And yeah, there's exactly one combination out of the possible 48 that actually yields Darkness. It's up to you if you actually wanna put this on the site or not, but uh, here it is, if you decide to.
  2. Heya, I've got two questions! Would it be possible to reimplement the Tale selection screen from FE7? That is, the screen from which you choose whether to play Lyn's, Eliwood's, or Hector's Story when starting a new file (and where you choose which out of Eliwood's and Hector's to proceed down after completing Lyn's)? I wanted to allow for a choice of which character to follow at the beginning of my hack, and it'd be lovely if I could use that screen for it instead of a boring ol' pure-text menu. How feasible would it be to add new Affinities? I'm talking about increasing the total number of Affinities in the game, not just changing the icons and properties of existing Affinities. It was my plan to add in Tellius' Water, Earth, and Heaven Affinities, each with their own unique sets of bonuses, for a total of 10 different Affinity types. How might one go about doing this? Thanks in advance!
  3. So I've been juggling a few ideas for the affinities in my hack, Book of Eden, and I was wondering what you guys think about the affinities? In the few games that had affinities in them, there were generally two versions of them: GBA era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Anima Tellius era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Heaven In my hack, much of the lore is inspired from things like Golden Sun, Avatar (element bending one), The Forbidden Kingdom, Chinese Zodiac, and Sun sign horoscopes. I wanted to come up with a 'horoscope' system of sorts for my universe and so far, thinking of sticking with just Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness. As for the affinities stats, I'm going to change them for each affinity so they better match the element in my opinion. Currently for the GBA era, stat wise, I noticed each affinity always have two sections that are always empty. For example, Fire has 0's in both Def and Critical Evasion bonuses, where as, Light has 0's in Evasion and Critical Evasion. Should I stick with this or go with something else? In your experience of the games, do you think the affinities accurately reflect the characters, their personalities, and their stats? Though, I know most people don't give much thought to the affinity system, much less their impact on the character's personality and related. It's just something that's always been interesting to me, kind of like the Myers Briggs personality charts, nothing to live by but fun to think about. What do you guys think? I'm eager to hear what everyone else's thoughts on this are.
  4. So, in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (7), the tactician has a different affinity depending on his birth and blood type (the latter only in the Japanese version) So, just curious, using the formula of the Japanese version, what's your affinity? Mine's: March + O Type = Anima The Japanese formula can be found here: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Affinity
  5. Hey all, So... I like thinking about the mechanics and classes of Fire Emblem and whatnot. I love when people come up with ideas for new classes or new magic users especially. One thing I have been thinking about recently is how... Incomplete the magic of anima, and just magic in general seems in some Fire Emblem games. Obviously Fire Emblem is not an RPG like Final Fantasy or something, but it still strikes me as odd that we have an elemental magic class in Anima that only uses basically 3 elements, whereas the Affinities have at least 2 more, if not 3 depending on the game aside from Light and Dark... So I am wondering do you think the other elements could be used/useful in Fire Emblem? FEif appears to have someone casting ice... But how would you like to see it? My personal idea comes from the 8 elements seen in Path of Radiance... Light/Dark/Anima could still make the greater magic triangle, but then Anima could still have a triangle within itself... Perhaps Light and Dark could be developed into that as well... But anyways, I can see the Anima or Elemental magic as being either two separate but interactive/overlapping magic types... Or if the Anima triangle had separate ranks for each of the three types... Perhaps the one other element could pair with it? But anyways, here is the basic idea. -another form of magic triangle? Wind > Thunder > Fire > Wind... Water > Ice > Earth > Water Earth grounds Thunder, Water puts out Fire, Ice blocks Wind Thunder electrifies Water, Fire melts Ice, Wind stirs up Earth Thunder and Ice are neutral... Fire and Earth are neutral... Wind and Water are neutral as well... ...this idea could do with some tweaking, maybe a visual aid to demonstrate/make it clearer... But what do you guys think? Or are there any ideas for Magic in Fire Emblem you yourselves would like to see?
  6. Has anyone done this? Used your affinity from FE7 and use only units in games with affinity matching it? I'm considering doing it I'm Wind so my teams would be FE6: Bors, Ellen, Shanna, Sue, Treck, Oujay, Garret, Hugh FE7: Lyn, Sain, Wil, Matthew, Priscilla, Fiora, Hawkeye FE8: Joshua, Forde, Tana, Saleh, Myrrh FE9: Rolf, Volke, Kieran, Nephenee, Astrid, Makalov, Ranulf, Haar, Bastian, Largo, Sothe FE10: Laura, Sothe, Vika, Nailah, Haar, Nephenee, Kieran, Astrid, Rolf, Ranulf, Bastian, Volke These all sound pretty fun to try. I may just end up doing that, So what is your affinity?
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