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Found 1 result

  1. There are many potential crossovers that are yet to be explored by the actual creators. Out of the ones yet to be unrealised, what crossovers would you like to see? As long as it is something not yet made official/canon, anything is fair game. EDIT: I'll also allow members to talk about whatever crossover fanfics they are currently working on, or worked on. I'd like to see more crossovers of TMS#FE with other Atlus titles. TMS#FE: Dancing Sunny Day with Rise, Kanami, and Yukari (who is also a part-time actor) as guests would be hilariously awesome. Actually no, bring the entire Persona 3-5 crew dancing with the Fortuna Entertainment Crew and all the FE characters who previously starred in FE Heroes as the mirage/persona/performa dancers in a bigger and better LMB Festival, and I'd buy that game on launch night, no questions asked. On another note, FE x Pokemon would have been a good way to explore possibilities of using Pokemon for warfare. And possibilities to explore narratives of animal welfare vs war, the use of animals for war in addition to the FE's usual tales. And the final boss should be something may or may not be a mix between Ghetsis and Ashnard in terms of philosophy. A call for Pokemon to be liberated from slavery under humans, and a call for humans to accept the laws of the natural order.
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