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Found 7 results

  1. Well, I did exactly as the title says. Please, tell me all of the horrendous, terrible things I did wrong, (preferably also tell me how to fix it), and offer general advice about things that I tend to not think of at all, such as color scheme. If you want, that is. I guess I'll show you guys what I have. Please note that I am very bad at this, and just think it's fun to do, that's why I have these in the first place. Also, there's only one. C: I really only do these from boredom, and with school and all being here, that probably will happen less. Because I was inspired by the Radiant Collection, I also made Takumi in GBA form. Well, tried at least. I think if I ever manage to fix it, I'll definitely be doing more Fates characters. I'm still working on it, but it may take a while, as shading is a thing that I'm bad at. Obviously.
  2. Hello all, many of you may know me as just another random hacker, but I've always been a map maker by trade. Maybe something like a year ago, I started a small series of maps for commission here on SF(there were maybe around 7 or 8 requests I did), but eventually stopped because I didn't feel like I could reliably continue with the business. However, as you can probably tell from the topic title, I'm open for business once again. I mainly do maps for fire emblem hacking projects, although maps for nothing in particular I will do as well(and they will obviously cost less). Maps for Hacks include: - .fmp file of the map - .mar file of the map - .png file of the map - .txt file of any tilechanges in the map - .dmp for the map's palette if it's a custom palette(yes I will make map palettes insertable) - .dmp file of any custom tiles that you may want(if I can insert them. for example, custom floor tiles for castles I can do) Maps for fun include: - .png file of the map Side notes: - price range varies from $5-$20 US and is decided by both the size of the map and the tileset(custom tiles and palettes do not cost extra) - maps will be completed within 5 days when it was requested(school work will take precedent though), map palette files and custom tile files within 7 days - any revisions that are asked for do not cost anything extra unless the change that is requested is major(ex: changing a castle map to an overworld map) I think that's it, pricing will be announced before I start work and payment is expected before any files are given(obviously I will show previews to make sure the map is going in the direction you want it to). Blah blah blah, have some examples of the random crap I do.
  3. I am Groot [Translation: All anyone can say is 'I am Groot.] I am Groot!
  4. Hello, friends! I have decided to do a screenshot LP of my trainwreck through FE5. Not sure what I'm thinking here. This will be a side project to the FE6 Manly Run, so it will not get updated as much. The game will be played on Elite mode, because I don't want to tear my hair out every level. So, I will accept any tips you can offer, but please don't spoil anything, as I have never actually played this, or looked up spoilers before. Chapter one will be up tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have time. Sorry about not posting it in the OP, but even for it, is there anything there that I shouldn't miss? Like, certain villages I should definitely not let the enemies get to, and other things of that nature. I'd also like to know who's actually worth training, like that I think one of the fighters in chapter one has really nice speed, so I was thinking about using him, but I don't know, is he going to suck? I feel like all the new mechanics are going to screw me over. Thank you!
  5. I really am sorry, but, I... I... I REALLY LIKE M-RATED FAN-FICS I LIVE FOR THEM EVERY TIME I GET UP IN THE MORNING, I GO ON FAN-FICTION.NET TO BROWSE I GET SO HORNY Okay, thanks guys. I needed to get that off of my chest. Lots of love, Wizard.
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