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  1. Ever since amiibo were announced, I've been wondering how one could incorporate them into Pokémon games. One idea I've had is the amiibo Leader: a class of Trainer based on various Nintendo characters. Of course, they can all be battled without the use of any amiibo after completing the main story, but if you go to the League, scan an amiibo (allowing you to battle a specific Trainer whenever you want, regardless of in-game progress), and win a themed battle, you'll earn some bonus cosmetics pertaining to that character in addition to the normal badges and prize money. The Teams:
  2. Since its been discussed a few times on some threads here, including the "Who Will Return?" thread, how do people want amiibos implemented in "Three Houses"? Would you like how they were implemented in "Fates"? Something like "Echoes"? Maybe something different? What do you hope to see with amiibos in this game? How do you want them implemented? This thread was made to allow in-depth discussion, speculation, and hopes specifically regarding amiibo integration. Use the "Who Will Return" thread if you want to discuss other returning characters (Anna, Einherjar, etc.) .
  3. I don't see anyone mentioned about testing the Chrom and Tiki amiibo that were released alongside with Fire Emblem Warrirors to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, did anyone own the Chrom and Tiki amiibo and tested to see if those two amiibos can be summoned as monsters or illusory units or did Intelligent Systems managed to make an actual illusory models of Chrom and Tiki from one of the patches that we got that was fixing the mistakes for the Cipher DLC or got hidden in the game data. I do know that CodeName: S.T.E.A.M. and Fire Emblem Fates doesn't have the Roy and Corrin amiibo accessible in the game due to we haven't a single patch for Fates nor the developers didn't managed to make a new patch for CodeName: S.T.E.A.M. to add Roy nor Corrin as well. But, with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, any Fire Emblem characters amiibos along with Alm and Celica amiibos can be summoned as one of the legendary heroes that we know in their Illusory form along with the other non-Fire Emblem amiibos can be summoned as monsters or any generic units.
  4. My cool fire emblem amiibo I know these 2 give unique weapons but i'll wait to record for the Extralife deal to show it off.
  5. So it's the 8th of june, I live in Spain, and I'm still waiting for my special edition to get to the shop (which is MediaMarkt) so they can deliver it to me... Is any European here struggling with this issue? I have been told that Nintendo hasn't delivered the games to the shop, but "I ain't buyin' it". So if you happen to be in this situation let me know, because I'm a little too triggered about this. Thank you for reading me.
  6. GameXplain uploaded a video showcasing the Amiibo dungeons, specifically, Duma's Ordeal. https://t.co/oTxTXGEpez?amp=1
  7. Does anyone know where to find the amiibo dungeon battle map themes? I really like Celica's, but I can't find it anywhere.
  8. GameXplain just uploaded the video that showed a close up look at both of the amiibos and the game. This was actually just uploaded from a few minutes ago and I wondered has the review copies or this is just could be an another demo, but I wondered what footage will GameXplain will allow to show since they appeared to snapshot the English version of the game as well? Edit: Clarified to GameXplain to ask if this was a Review Copy or an another Demo Event of the game, Andre, Derrick's, or Ash's answer was the demo event, not a review copy yet.
  9. To start, I'd like to apologize if this is a question that has already been asked, as well as answered, however I did not find one, so I decided to make it myself. Basically, once you tapped an Amiibo Unit 3 times, you can tap them a 4th time to get them to help around the castle. Additionally, if they appear in your Accessory Shop or Armory Shop, they will sell the special gifts (In the Accessory Shop) that you were originally offered when tapping the Amiibo's the first couple times, as well as "Mock Weapons" or "Replica's" of their Legendary equipment (In the Armory Shop) that any Unit can wield. My issue is that I do not have the money to buy any of the Amiibo, but I want to acquire said weapons. I would like to know if I visited someone else's castle if I would be able to purchase the "Mock Weapons" from their Armory, assuming that an Amiibo unit is running the shop. If so, I would like to request My Castle Address' so that I can visit your castle and purchase them. If you'd like, I can give you an accessory of your choice. If I somehow still don't have said accessory you want, I'll just give you a random one. Thank you for your time. <3 tl;dr: Does anyone know if I can buy "Mock Weapons" from other Castles? Could I please get a Castle Address that has Amiibo Units if you can? I can send you an accessory in exchange, of your choosing, if you'd like. <3 Thanks. PS: My 3DS is not hacked, so I can't use a mod to force unlock Amiibo Units either, so this is basically my only option as I don't trust myself enough to try modding it.
  10. http://bit.ly/2kymlXh Likely to be limited, so make sure to get it while you can.
  11. I don't know if this is just my game personally but I've noticed that no matter how much I increase the skill cap with statues, my amiibos skill cap doesn't go up. However, any other statues will increase other stat caps. Anybody else having this happen?
  12. A while ago, a friend and I decided to embark through the Fates games only using the MU and the 4 Amiibo units, those being Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin. We recently finished Birthright, and will be going onto Revelations and Conquest soon. However, I was hoping to get help and drum up some discussion about how one would tackle the infamous Chapter 10 in Conquest with such a small cast to defend the gate. It will likely be on Normal or Hard Mode, with full access to the Reward items. We've yet to make a MU for the run, so suggestions on how to build them for not only Chapter 10, but the whole game will be appreciated, if not almost necessary. As for the units recruited during the mission, we intend to follow draft rules and have them either pair up with the main units and/or run to the houses.
  13. I haven't really posted here that much, but I wanted to ask if anybody was interested in Animal Crossing? Beyond the title, who are your favorite characters, how much do you play, and are you looking forward to tomorrow's direct. Seeing as what yesterday was, Halloween gave me a hard time when literally half of my villagers are afraid of bugs. Only one clue I got didn't elude to a villager who was afraid of bugs.
  14. I heard that you can buy Ike's sword (Ragnell), if he is recruited on to your team. I know that I can't recruit a amiibo character, but he appears in the weapon shop at times so I was hoping to catch him in another person's my castle to buy Ragnell.
  15. After having collected the entirety of the usable Fire Emblem Amiibos, a friend and I had the idea to run through every Fates game using only the MU and the 4 Amiibo Units, those being Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin. We are also considering including Felicia/Jakob for the sake of a healer, but that is up in the air. We are certain we won't be aiming for Lunatic runs, but going at least to Classic Hard, especially for Birthright. The intended set up is to play though the introduction chapters with the MU we build for the run, make the choice, and then use our excess units in the DLC maps to get them strong enough to challenge the units fought with the Amiibos, and then use the Amiibos from then forward. It is likely that we'd start from Chapter 7 in Birthright, Chapter 8 in Conquest, and Chapter 9 in Revelations. As for the units automatically recruited in following chapters, we will follow general draft rules and have them stand back, or have them visit villages. My reason for creating this thread is the stir up conversation around the idea: what kind of MU should we use for each respective run? How shall we plan around respective maps? Based on the weapons available, we will have excess sword wielders, an ax wielder in Ike, a lance wielder in Lucina, a tome wielder in Robin, and possibly a hidden weapon and staff user in Jakob/Felicia should we choose to use them. We clearly need to plan around the weaknesses of these 4/5 available units, and could use more seasoned thoughts. Any suggestions? Edit: We have kicked off our run of Birthright. We decided on a Magic/Strength Merc MU with the end goal being a Hoshidan Noble with access to Merc/Hero skills. MU will be a Offensive Supporter, healing the 4 Amiibos and making use of a Levin Sword to defend himself at range, and hopefully having Sol healing up when we switch to the Yato. If anyone has ideas/suggestions for Conquest, they will still be greatly appreciated considering how much harder it will be without the numbers and variety of a standard run.
  16. What one do you favor? And which FE amiibo is the best one to use game-wise? (I only have Marth, and Roy. But obviously Roy isn't compatible lol.. )
  17. So I had a thought the other day on how amiibo were integrated into the game. If you're unaware, Fates can tell if you have Awakening streetpass data and give you an emblem shield accessory, which means it's capable of reading this streetpass data to some degree. My thought is, why couldn't Fates at the very least detect your avatar customizations from the Awakening streetpass data and change the appearance of Robin to match when the amiibo was scanned? I feel like this was a missed opportunity here by IS.
  18. But is there ANY info on whether or not the Roy (and by extension Corrin) amiibo having functionality in this game? I have literally waited an entire month since the game released to play this game (which I already own, but haven't opened) just to get Roy as my first amiibo unit. He is one of my favorite characters in FE (Yes because of Smash, but still) and was the first DLC I bought in awakening, and was even one of my best characters in that game (Only behind my beastly children Inigo and Morgan). So, long story short, I want to know, is there ANYTHING (now that we are a week away from his release) on whether or not if we will get to use the boy?
  19. so i was wondering can i use the amiibo characters in the main story mode and if i can can the marry or support any characters
  20. Something I've noticed...I scanned them in the fourth time, and all of them had the Armory Shield equipped so I could have them work in the armory. I scanned Lucina last...and what I noticed was that she was in both armories...Dawn AND Dusk, in Revelations. Secondly, after multiple battles, the Amiibo never showed up again, in the armory or otherwise. And then I tried rescanning them in...at least, Marth. By this point, I had removed the accessory, and he was working another shop. It seems that the Amiibo only work in a shop ONCE after you've scanned them in, and, in order to get them to start working again, you need to re-scan that Amiibo. Does anyone else know if this is the case?
  21. So, for those who don't know quite everything about the Amiibo squad, or want advice on recruiting them, this is the thread. :) I've only gotten Ike and don't really plan to use any of the others right now, so individually I can only talk about him. But I know some things that should also apply to the other three. Firstly, to recruit them, you have to summon them to your castle three times. That means you scan the Amiibo three times. The first couple of times, they give you accessories. The third time is when they challenge you! If you beat them, they join your party. Secondly, they can learn their own skills via level up. They also have some battle lines, including crit lines! Ike actually did a crit for me on a whopping 3% chance and he shouted "Let's end this!" (I really wish he'd said "I have no sympathy for you!" lol but it was still cool. XD) His battle lines I've seen so far include "Shouldn't have been in my way", "I win" and "Better luck next time." He also gives a thank you when healed up and his partner dual strikes. Strangely though, they have no lines for the sparkly tiles or level ups. I find this odd because I'd think that giving them text lines is easier than voiced ones... But anyway. And as everyone probably knows, they can't support with anyone. I believe they do still grant some pair-up bonuses though. Lastly, Ike's just as awesome as he always is in FE. He keeps getting str, speed, and def like nobody's business. He's gotten some HP too, of course. He doesn't come with Aether, but I hear he can get it at lv. 25. And despite that, he still sometimes uses the animation he had for Aether back in PoR and RD. He can use axes/clubs too, btw, so give him one for when Ragnell won't be reliable enough. Anyone that wants to provide info on Marth, Robin, and Lucina, feel free to do that. :) EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing! The Amiibo squad will sometimes be found running the shops in your castle, and they'll sell replicas of their unique weapons, I hear. EDIT2: Now that I've heard several of Ike's lines, I'll complie a list of them here in spoiler tags. When I can make out what this one line he's using is, but has been too faint for me to understand, I'll add that one as well. Ike's Battle Lines
  22. When you use amiibos for the 4th time, after you've recruited them, they comes to visit, and when you talk to them, they say something about helping out, and then the game says "_____has gone to work within the castle" can anyone please give details on what exactly does this mean? Ive done it with all 4 amiibos at least 3 times now and never see them anywhere. Thanks (Visit me to get the replicate skill and more for some units) 12938-81331 47716-58335
  23. Hey, I figured I'd try something different and do a let's play. Sadly I lack the gear currently to screenshot or record 3DS games, so this will have to be all text. But I'm a fairly good writer, so I'm hoping this'll be worthwhile to read anyway. Figured out how to do screenshots. I'm going to be doing what I call Fire Emblem STEAM. I'm going to play through the story mode of Intelligent Systems' latest game (for the west anyway), Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., and I'm going to do it entirely with the fire emblem characters whenever possible. Now, since I hate most of the color changes characters take on (and all of the amiibo ones) when you retry a mission, I'm going to be going through each of these missions on a fresh file, first run, so there will be mandatory party members I'll have to let tag along for certain missions and drop one of my amiibos for (*cough* Ike *cough*), and missions 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 will be done without amiibos since they're not available at that point. Scratch that, turns out those color changes are only for challenge modes, which I won't be doing. I'll be playing through every level of the game using just those four units. I'll be honest, while I vow to stick with this as long as I can, I don't know if I'll be able to see this through to the end, or if it's even possible. Being locked to a specific party that lacks access to three crucial gameplay elements (a halfway decent overwatch attack, a healing weapon, and a weapon capable of hitting weakpoints on big enemies) just seems incredibly limiting. What's more, the amiibo units... vary... drastically... in terms of quality, and even the best ones don't last long against the final boss due to a special strategy involving tanks and healing seeming to be pretty much required from my limited experience fighting it. If anybody has any advice for me I'd appreciate it. Also, while I may go back on this later, for now I plan to try and do this without using save points, and refusing to reset until I get a game over. I had a tendency to play through the game on fire emblem instinct, resetting the moment somebody was defeated, and I think it would be fun to exploit the fact that this is the one strategy game where you can play as fire emblem characters that don't suffer from permadeath, and see what kind of exciting down-to-the-wire struggles I can find myself in. I'm not going for score, I'm aiming for just winning. I'll skip gears unless they're basically free to grab, and I won't care about medals unless I later decide to use save points. I'm going to skip talking about the first set of missions since that's going to be standard fare, nothing unique or interesting there. So the first entry you'll see of this will be mission 2. Again, change of plans, I'll be starting on chapter 1.
  24. So I want to know if the amiibo can be used in the avatar logbook and if they keep their personal weapons or so, i have not played the game yet since i am waiting for the english version, but i thimg there is a way to power up your units something related with statues or so, if that affects the amiibo in someway i would appreciate if someone tells me, thanks in advance.
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