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Found 2 results

  1. Wow, it's been a while since I posted on this forum. Hello there! So, I've been fiddling with FE4 lately, which basically means that I scavenged into Lamia's Stuff with the help of the humble google translate. Speaking of Lamia, if you read this: the patch that shows crit chance in battle instead of level still disables wrath. Not too hard to fix, the code that needs changing is in the readme, but you said you updated the link with a fixed patch and that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, through the various binary stuff I found a folder called "handaxe", which has a patch that changes the battle animation 30 (an unused one for the soldier) to a throwing axe animation usable by swordfighters/mercenaries and forrests/heroes. I applied it and it seems to work. Problem is: the animation is in, but the actual sprites are not, so whenever a forrest attacks with a throwing axe it basically shows Missingno making the attack. In the "handaxe" folder I also found the handaxe sprites for the swordfighter/mercenary, forrest/hero and a third one which looks like a bowfighter or sniper but whatever. For each sprite there's three files: a .png showing the final product, a .png all cut up in 8px by 8px chunks and a .bin file. I tried to search around but I really found nothing, so I ask you: how do I put those sprites into the ROM so that I can assign them with the "battle sprite editor" nightmare module?
  2. I've extracted some battle animations from FE7 to play around with. So far, so good. However, I keep running into a problem trying to re-insert the frames. FEditorAdvance.ClassAnimationCreator.loadFromScript_helper: SyntaxException Error parsing line 342: Can't add a terminator to an empty mode. I've tried a couple of different scripts. This one is Lyn's, pasted below for convenience: However, the same thing also happens with Hector, both using regular attack and hand axe, as well as a generic general. The strange thing is: Regardless of which character I'm trying to use, the error happens at the same place in the script, the ~~~ after mode 11. ...Of course, mode 11 is not actually empty: //begin Mode 11 1 p- frame000.png C01 ~~~ Nor is frame000 empty or nonexistent. This happens both when I try using my edited frames, and when turning right around and trying to re-insert the frames FEditor just spat out. ...I appear to have solved it by removing modes 2 and 4 and manually editing the piercing frames together, which confuses me even more. I'd understand if the length of Lyn's script was an issue, but Hector's, with like half as many frames, still does the same thing. I can't make any sense of it. Does anyone have any insight on this matter?
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