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Found 4 results

  1. Rules Here is the unit list, in order of obtain-ability. Spear Master!Emi (S-Laslow) Strategist Elise Dark Flier!Arthur Robin!Odin Lucina!Azura Kinshi Knight!Selena Hero!Beruka Wyvern Lord!Camilla!Sophie Berserker!Peri (S-Keaton) Wolfssegner!Peri!Velouria Maid!MU!Soleil Dread Fighter Benny General!Beruka!Ignatius Adventurer!Charlotte!Nina Balistician!Shura Dark Knight!Flora MU: Name: Emi (Works with my name and means Smile in Japanese, fitting with Laslow and Soleil) Boon/Bane: HP/Lck
  2. Real nerds spend money for nothing
  3. So, yeah, I'm also gonna jump the bandwagon. The settings are the same as Klok's ones (AKA official ones), except all ennemy have a 45% Bonus, instead of up to 100%, and I forced a minimum 5% Bases which should makes it easier. Depending of which units I get, of course. I'll look at the character's growths after I complete a chapter, excepeted for Prologue and Chapter 1, when I already looked at them, to decide if it would be worth publishing. But I'll summon my best acting skills to makes you not notice it. Are you ready for an adventure full of bad screen cap, and even worse attempyts at humour ? Well, let's start then : [spoiler=Beyond Light and Darkness] Obligatory Title Screen Pic Orson ? What are you doing there ? And he sent one of its minion directly after us. Tana picks a god and prays. A flier with weapon advantage. I sure hope Seth's replacement is good. Units run down : The Good... ...The Bad... ...The Ugly Seriously, though... Tana's growths seems decent for a healer, even if that Magic base is nothing to write home. (She is 3HKO by O'Neil, which is actually a life saver this chapter.) Saleh have trouble hitting anything, is surprsingly frail, and have hard time doubling (plus his stell swords way him down further). We'll see what his growths are. A Wyvern is really one of the worse thing I could face right here right now. Well, let's see how it does, right. Litterally half the chapter. I would have prefered my healer to be the Jeigan, but I can't complain. Even if she has sucky growth, she'll gonna be used for a while. The ennemy doing a Victory Dance after hitting Saleh against the odds. Twice. (nope, I didn't accidentally posted the same image.) At least the first was one-shotted. Pictured : why wyverns are dangerous in this map (Tana can't even hide anywhere) Not even a scratch. Saleh for Top Tier "...I was sure I hitted him every single time." Welp, actually... Remenber what I said earlier. Half of my chapter's pics. [spoiler=Love WIll Grow] HP : 110 Mag : 40 Skill : 65 Spd : 55 Luck : 40 Def : 5 Res : 25 Rating : 8/10 Actually quite good. Her defensive stats are atrocious, but she's a healer, so this won't be relevant later on. (besides, that HP growth will makes for it.) Mag and Luck are quite shaky, but the good thing with healers is that you can really easily RNG abuse. My main healer this run, and a great one at that. We're on to a god start. HP : 75 Str : 45 Skill : 50 Spd :5 Luck : 5 Def : 60 Res : 25 Rating 4/10. A physically bulky Assassin... Pretty wierd combination. Will be used for chipping damage early on, and then forever benched. Pretty much what's expected for a Jeigan. Next Time on T_T FE8R : Tana the Witch, and the Miracle Doggy. Stay tuned ! Also, fun fact : I uploaded exactly 44 image in my album consacred to this game. Seems like a bad omen
  4. Hellos. Recently I've taken an obsession interest with collecting all of the DLC items and Holiday items from non-US games. I'll be willing to trade NA-holiday themed items for foreign Holidays, DLC items for other DLC items, Bells or Golden Furniture for both, etc. Here's a list of all the items I still need, that I'm aware of: -flamenco hat (EUR DLC) -red-horned hat (KOR DLC) -rice-plant bed (JPN DLC) -tam-o'-shanter (EUR DLC) -Top (JPN DLC) -white police cap (KOR DLC) -White/Red/Blue School Cap (KOR DLC) -fedora chair (DLC) -hagoita (Apparently JPN DLC) -tteok plate (KOR DLC) -turkey (JPN DLC) -bamboo grass (JPN Holiday) -girl's day updo (JPN Holiday sale item) -hinaningyo (JPN Holiday sale item) -cucumber horse (JPN Holiday) -dango (JPN Holiday) -eggplant cow (JPN Holiday) -hibiscus (KOR Holiday) -holiday stocking (EU Holiday) -newsprint helmet (JPN? Holiday) -new year's noodles (JPN? Holiday) -rice cake (JPN Holiday)
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