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Found 15 results

  1. So i used yuzu to dump the romf for fe3h and edited the files with a randomizer. i can still play the game on yuzu but the effects of the randomizing arent there. do i need to rebuild it? if so, is there a way to do this entirely from my pc instead of using layeredfs from my switch?
  2. i have the xci file for FE3H, the randomizer, and yuzu, but i don't know how to get access to the bin files i need to randomize. i don't know what im doing so id appreciate all the help i can get.
  3. Does anyone know how to alter the multiplier for effective damage in this game? I'm interested in hacking the game so that most effective weapons get a 3x bonus like in the Japanese version, rather than the 2x they got in the US. Most hacking tools don't seem to have tools for this, and I'm not well-versed enough in hacking to navigate the disassembler. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help with this. For those wondering, I've been messing around with FEBuilder, Event Assembler, and Nightmare. I'm trying to create a hack that undoes the localization changes, and this is the only one that's really giving me difficulty. EDIT: Never mind, looks like the question's been answered here. EDIT: Even though the question's been answered, I still can't figure it out. Has anyone used this patch before? EDIT: I figured it out myself. Thanks for nothing. Solved! EDIT: I'm not seeing a "mark solved" button on here, so I'm just adding the tag manually.
  4. Hey guys, so like in Yeti's FE7x, the weapon triangle is a lot more intensive then in the regular GBA games. Id like to mimic that if possible. I was able to edit the current triangle using FEBuilder, but id like to add more (ex, Bows good against all weapons, ect.) Anyone know how I could do this? Thanks, Jaygore
  5. There are at least two different parties I know of, J2E and Artemis, that did the translations for Gaiden. Plus, a user called "Gaiden Guy" once attempted a Name Update patch, and even succeeding in fitting longer names such as "Luthier". Unfortunately, he stopped visiting this site before he actually got done with the patch, so, I'm not sure how to contact him. Anyway, does anyone know where I can find the resources needed to hex edit the script? Table files, offsets, and other such things? Thank you very much, and God bless you! EDIT: Alright, I got my question answered a while ago; since then, I've been hard at work trying to do what Gaiden Guy once attempted. So for those who wish to edit the game as well, here you go! https://pastebin.com/c0kvsYjN
  6. So in my FE6 hack, I have a character replacing Merlinus as a sage. According to what I've seen, Merlinus is coded to never show battle animations even when he's reclassed. I found that you can re-enable battle animations for Merlinus by changing some hex numbers, but only for FE7. Is there a way to enable battle animations for Merlinus in FE6?
  7. hi, i am trying to recolor some characters in fire embelm 8 randomizier (with instruction of Ghast Station) and i have learned that i need FE8 Palette Association Modules to do that (a guy named Crusticus on Youtube say that). So I've been looking for this modules but every where I look the link is either forbidden or takes me no where. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the FE8 palette association editor? Thanks For reading and sorry for my Bad English.
  8. i have change all the classes of the ones you would normally get but i cant figure out how to change the class for the ones you get after you finish the tower and the ruins.
  9. So I've been experimenting with the FE8 native instruments map by Circleseverywhere, and there is no string ensemble in FE8. I want to change this, so how do I take an instrument, such as string ensemble 1, from FE7 and put it in FE8 so I can use it with the instrument map?
  10. Hi. I want to edit the text for Guy's recruitment in FE7 in FEditor but I don't know where the pointers are. And if possible can someone show me the pointers where the game starts?(Eliwood Mode)
  11. Hi all, um on FE echoes, to access DLC you need to connect online in order to play them? cause when I try to access the dlc it says something about registering a profile etc? is playing dlc need online or offline like awakening/fates?
  12. First of all, sorry for my poor english. I am doing a rom hack for sacred stones where I am changing each character's class through nightmare, I know that every class is set in the first chapter a character appears, but I don't know exactly where are the creature campaign characters "first chapter" seeing as how they join after you "achieve" certain things. I have read somewhere that the creature campaign characters are given through events, but I don't know exactly how to change events in nightmare, so I would like to ask if someone can please explain me how to do it.
  13. I can't seem to find any reference to the sea sound effect which plays at the beginning of chapter 17 in FE7 in the rom. I've looked on the eventiel list and in nightmare and couldn't find an ID for it. I even went through sappy to try and find it but I didn't hear it (I may have skipped one but I checked over 300 sounds). With my life story finished does anyone know where it is and how I can use it in the rom?
  14. So I'm working on a song for my FE hack, and it plays perfectly in sappy and it is exactly how I want it to sound. However, once I insert it into the rom it plays but in some parts of the song several drum notes don't play or the drums are just cut out altogether for certain sections of the song. If anyone has any idea how to fix a problem like this, help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  15. Trying to make a romhack, except that both of my characters causes the game to restart if they attempt to move to any location. Anybody know what might be causing this? I'm not sure if it will help, but here's my event code. Here's a test patch showcasing the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hojdjy3l4stve7u/testpatch.ups?dl=0
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