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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to more FE4 (and eventually FE5) manga translations! This time, Anthologies and 4Komas! How this is going to be set up: I'm working on these one at a time per book (choosing each new book at random), so each story will be zipped by itself. The file names will end after their page count with the abbreviations of their respective title, so if you plan to dump them all in the same folder, you'll still see where each new story begins and ends. Folders are numbered by the number story before the title so they stay in order and don't end up auto sorted by name and out of book order. Once we complete a book, they'll all be zipped together, and until then individually uploaded. Some of these are utter crack and just silly nonsense, others are completely (or mostly) serious stories, and some are a bit of both - so expect a little bit of everything! Enix Supercomic Gekijoh Vol. 7: My Personal Guardian (Noish/Aira) To Rally Courage (Sylvia centric, implied Alec/Sylvia) Please let us know of any mistakes so they can be fixed!
  2. Hey everyone, I started translating my copy of the Hoshido comic anthology and I thought I would share it here if anyone is interested. The quality is pretty bad because I've just been taking pictures from my phone, so I hope you can overlook that! Please let me know if you find any of my translations confusing! I'm happy to receive feedback. I will update this post as I post new chapters. Chapter 1: http://imgur.com/a/UyIM8 Chapter 2: http://imgur.com/a/oFIzV Chapter 3: http://imgur.com/a/quIwU Chapter 4: http://imgur.com/a/jP6F3 NEW! Chapter 5: http://imgur.com/a/j3ovY Chapter 6: http://imgur.com/a/XwDTr Scans are curtesy of SniperGYS! I am also going to begin translating the Nohr/Conquest anthology with the help of maskedmarth's scans, so I will hopefully be posting some of those soon. Also, if you can, please support the authors by buying the book :) (also, can anyone tell me how to tag a username? I'm new to this forum stuff, sorry. Thanks)
  3. Sup FB forums, After seeing Kirokan doing Fates 4-Koma and the other 4-Komas and with the release of Revelation comic anthology made me want to at least try and go ahead and scanlate the manga. So I went ahead and bought both Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Revelation Anthology seeing neither been scanlated. Now I'm completely noob at this since I have never done scanlation work before leecher FTW right? and I can't read a lick of Japanese so I can't do any translations. However, I'll try and can scan the pages with my old scanner and do the cleaning and all the other fun stuff. So I'm pretty much looking for a translator that can help me or heck any help at all will be helpful. Since this isn't probably the best place I'll also go and check at proper scanlation requirement stuff on other sites. I thought I'll start here first and check what people think of this and if anyone is interested in my little project. Looks at Kirokan with puppy eyes
  4. So I should probably put up a thread for the FE IF Conquest anthology scans. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nmxw9ogsip1k3rl/AACMASVjN44DmKH3kbk9SPYqa?dl=0 The link will lead you to the chapters that are completely scanned and ready to go. I will keep editing the chapters that are finished! Please support the artists by purchasing the book (I find it easier to do it through Amazon.jp, quick and easy). If you would like me to scan any future releases (such as The Making of Fire Emblem), please any donation you can to my Pay Pal via <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>, since I am unemployed and doing this in my spare time! (Book will cost me $50, I'm already putting my own money into it, around $20). Message me for more info! I will put in the chapter description of the main characters (or main focus as you like) in the chapter. "And others" means that other characters pop up for for only one panel or for a very small amount of time, aha. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Leon, Odin, Zero and others Chapter 2 Elise, Camilla, Felicia, Harold, and others Chapter 3 Marx, Lazwald, Luna, Aqua, and others Chapter 4 Foleo, Velour, Soleil, and others Chapter 5 Joker, Dia/Deere, Midoriko, and others Chapter 6 Zero, Nyx, Pieri, Luna, and others Chapter 7 Charlotte, Effie, Aqua, Luna, and others Chapter 8 Lutz, Deere/Dia, Eponine, and others Chapter 9 Camilla, Leon, and others Chapter 10 Velour, Kanna(f), Sophie, and others Chapter 11 Effie, Midoriko, Ophelia, Luna and so many other children.... Chapter 12 Joker, Kamui(f), Pieri, and others Chapter 13 Marx, Kamui(m), Felicia, and others Chapter 14 Shigure, Elise, and alot of others For translations, head on over to this topic!
  5. An idea based on the Outrealms and our favorite FE mascot, Anna. As we all know, Anna is known to have a plethora of ancestors, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces all named Anna. Her family even keeps a history log of all the events all the Annas have witnessed in excruciating detail. This magical log is known as the Annathology. [Obvious pun of Anna Anthology.] It not only keeps a record of Annan history, but also helps to stabilize Outrealm history. Without it, all the Outrealms can fall apart. [Much worse than Grima awakening.] Well, someone has taken it. Not only did they take the book, but they intend to rewrite history, with the original Anna's special quill that helps the book stabilize the Outrealms - a fiery red quill known as [you guessed it] the Fire Emblem, the other half of the Anna family heirloom. Your mission is to get the Fire Emblem and the Annathology back before all of history is doomed. [Other story elements currently in progress.] Being that it's an anthology, you go across many of the outrealms, completing chapters in a manner similar to Awakening's World Map, except it's an Outrealm Map this time. The various outrealms contain not only new characters and locales, but old locales and familiar faces as well. Other details being worked out at this time. What do you all think of this idea thus far?
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