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Found 3 results

  1. This is kind of a dumb topic, but..... (There are spoilers here for any Game of Thrones softcore fans, so be warned.) Sigurd is Eddard Stark, and Seliph is Jon. What do I mean by this? Sigurd does a lot of things for the sake of honor, and doing what he thinks is right, and he gets manipulated by in the end by a man who loves his wife (Peter Baelish, although the circumstances under which Arvis loves Deirdre are vastly different), and dies at the hands of those he was trying to do the right thing for. Then his son comes along with very similar ideologies as his father, and aspires to his father, and wants revenge and justice for his father. He's not a bastard or not the actual son of the naiive father-figure here, but he's born to a woman who remembers nothing of her past life (the Deirdre Sigurd knew is practically gone), also Deidre was not supposed to fall in love with anyone, but she did. Julia is Daenerys? Kind of. She's Seliph's Daenerys in a way. She was born with full entitlement just like her cocky brother (Viserion is similar to Julius in this case). She has pretty white hair, she's related to a Dragon in that she uses the Book of Naga, and she probably ends up loving her brother from another father, Seliph. Or at least it feels like that could be so (Cipher Art and just the Ending of Genealogy). Also just to add to the uncanny mystery, Genealogy came out May 14, 1996 in Japan and the first A Song of Ice and Fire book came out August 1, 1996. Of course I'm not saying GRRM plagiarized a Fire Emblem game or anything like that, but I find the similarities are kind of profound. It's interesting to say the least. Maybe 1996 was just a year of epic fantasy tales featuring betrayal, sad endings, and incest (potentially)?
  2. So given that a thread was made last year for Season 6, might as well make a new thread for season 7. I like both the books and the show(despite some questionable creative decisions on the part of the latter) and would gladly discuss any part of them. Also, if Jaime kills Cersei you heard it here first.
  3. So Game of Thrones Season 6 starts on Sunday and I thought this thread could be a cool thing to have if we wanted to talk about the show or the books. We can talk about favorite characters, predictions, reactions, theories, anything.
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