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Found 6 results

  1. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  2. I just noticed that Atlas and the two Whitewing sisters can actually depart your party and gives you back all the three items that they were carrying after defeating Blake while haven't defeated Grieth yet in Act 3. I was going to the Dragon Shrine to get the Boy's Journal and promote Genny as a Saint using the Mila's Statue, then these three departed that they mentioned that this isn't the way to Grieth's Cinadel. I was scared at first that they like they did leave Celica's party forever, but you can actually recruited them back at the Zofian Harbor and Mountain Village that they said something like "You changed your mind?". I did have Atlas promoted as a Mercenary and all of them still have the same stats when they leveled up in my playthrough before departing Celica's party. Also, did anyone tested it on Jesse and see if he does depart your party or not if you didn't defeated Grieth and heading towards the Temple of Mila just like the three that I mentioned? I don't actually recall if the three can actually depart Celica's party to the road straight to Temple of Mila and haven't defeated Grieth yet in the original game or this was added in Fire a Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia?
  3. Simple enough: Who is your favorite villager in SoV? Tobin is my personal favorite.
  4. Ever since his new design was revealed, everybody has become increasingly hype to see Atlas's stats in the hopes that this awesomely designed badass would have the stats to back up his formidable appearance. Unfortunately, he seems to be very similar to Gaiden Atlas, which is... Not too good. His growths are all reeeeeaaally low except for Strength and HP, and those will only take you so far, unfortunately. So, I pose the question implied by the title of the topic: How do you plan to make Atlas great again usable in Echoes?
  5. Does anyone have any gameplay clips of Atlas in shadows of Valentia?
  6. I am going to edit the Mystery of the Emblem patch and I wanted to know how to use a program that might able to get help out on the FE3 patch so that I will might able to fix rest of the names to the localized names from Shadow Dragon such as Caeda, Archanea, Ridersbane, Elice, Tiki, Parthia, Gradivus, Nyna, etc., and plus, some of the others that appeared in Awakening such as Dragon's Table, Hero-King, Bull, and Panther & the rest of them from using the other games and the others from FE12 patch, but I went to Romhacking.net that I went to ask them how to edit the FE3 patch in a couple of months ago and they told me that use the Atlas program will be a good thing to edit on the patch and I did download that Atlas program and I couldn't get it to run it properly on my computer, but does anyone who uses the work on a Atlas program so that I can might work on the FE3 patch?
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