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Found 4 results

  1. Over a year ago, a certain pirate had a certain dream: Once she had gotten through all the gambits - with a ton of highly-appreciated help from the community - she was insistent that the battalions themselves were right around the corner. But, alas, the seas of life had different intentions for her. Buried under daily monotony and tasks aplenty, it seemed as though these were deep waters she would never tread. Until today. Shanty Pete's First Mate here, and I'm proud to announce that the Battle of the Battalions has begun! The goal here is a simple one: to comprehensively rate the playable battalions in Three Houses. Per my last check, there were 128 of them, so there's no time like the present to begin! I've broken them up into 21 subgroups of varying sizes (anywhere from 3 to 8), based on similarities in availability and method of acquisition. I'd like to get through two subgroups a week - if we manage this pace, it'll be possible to get through them all by year's end. Worst-case scenario, I'd like the series wrapped up before Engage hits store shelves. How will the rating be done? Well, it'll be done on a scale of 0 to 10. Give the rating that you feel is most appropriate. I want to give a great deal of latitude to individual community members, in terms of how they weight factors like availability, gambit access, and certain stats. There are, however, a few rules I'd like to impose: Decimals are allowed in grades (i.e. 7.25). If a fraction is provided with an unending decimal representation (i.e. 7 1/3), it will be rounded to the nearest thousandth (i.e. 7.333). A battalion should be graded based on routes in which it appears. The routes considered are "WC (BE) -> CF", "WC (BE) -> SS", "WC (BL) -> AM", and "WC (GD) -> VW". Ergo, "Immortal Corps bad because it isn't available before chapter 13" is a valid critique, whereas "Immortal Corps bad because Dimitri can never use it" is not. Likewise, battalions available on multiple routes should be graded based on whichever route they are best in. The difference is insubstantial for most battalions, but not all (i.e. Opera Co Volunteers getting two more chapters of use on VW/SS than on AM). You are free to give a battalion different ratings by route, but I'll only factor the highest one into group statistics. Battalions with multiple copies available in a single playthrough will be rated only once, based on their first incarnation. When a battalion can be acquired over a range of times (i.e. those available by completing a quest or paralogue), assume that it is acquired within the first chapter that it is made available. Ratings should assume an NG Maddening playthrough. Where it matters, assume that the player has purchased and completed the DLC campaign, and also has access to Nintendo Switch Online services. Players without this particular experience are still totally free to provide grades, however. "Bias points" are allowed, but please, not beyond +/-1 out of 10. You are free to devise a scheme that gives a grade out of something other than 10 (I already have LOL), or that assigns a letter grade. But you must convert it to an "out-of-10" value to get it counted toward group statistics. For your convenience, I've compiled a list (several, actually) of all the battalions, with their various traits to be considered. I have also saved a copy of them into Google Sheets. Click here to view the spreadsheets, containing Battalion information. Feel free to peruse it, and by all means, let me know if I've made any mistakes - I'm just one overworked pirate! Oh, and here's where I'll keep a list of all the battalions, and their community ratings thus far (with the number of raters in parentheses): Before I sign off - the captain's callin', and I'm sure to get an earful - I'd like to thank all those who participated in the "Let's Grade Some Gambits" thread. Even if I had never gotten this thread off the ground, I still would've been happy with that great accomplishment - one that quite a bit of the community contributed to. In particular, without the relentless participation of @Dark Holy Elf and @lenticular, I might've given up halfway through. So thanks, you two - and everyone else as well! You're all me mateys, true. I hope this series can be just as vibrant, and really allow for some deep 3H nitpicking while it's still (technically) the new kid on the block.
  2. First question. So if you buy a battalion, then use it and level it up in battle. Then dismiss it. Does it stay leveled up? Or does it revert back to level one at the shop. When you buy it again, does it revert back to the level you had it at or does it start at level one again? Second question: If you leveled up a battalion and dismissed it, does it carry over to a new game+ file. Or do you have to keep it for it to carry over?
  3. Hello, denizens of the Forest - So, there's something I've been thinking about doing for a while. Namely, going through all the battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and assigning them a score. Thereby, creating something of a "tier list" among all the battalions available. The purpose of this thread is... not to do that. Rather, it's to take care of a necessary step, in advance of assessing the battalions - namely, assessing the gambits that they bring with them. Here's what I'm thinking - each Gambit will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10. If difficulty would be relevant to the ranking, let's assume New Game Maddening (if you're ranking by a different standard, of course I won't stop you, but please make it clear). In case it's relevant, again, assume access to DLC and Nintendo Switch Online. I'll provide my score, and everyone else is welcome to share their own score, too. Gambits will be graded on: Damage and hit rate (offensive only) Charges per map Range and Area-of-Effect Side and/or support effects As important to figure out, though, is what I'd rather NOT see gambits graded on, such as: What battalions they're attached too Availability and Usability Aesthetic considerations or personal taste ...Okay, maybe a +/-1 bias point will be allowed on the last one. But attributes of any associated battalion should not be considered. Why not? Well, when we eventually get to grading the battalions themselves, then those considerations (stat boosts, availability, usability) will be factored in, alongside gambit performance. For the time being, however, I'd like to try looking at each gambit, as much as possible, in a vacuum. Make sense? In terms of organization, there are (per my latest count) 37 usable gambits in the game. And a lot of them bear similarities with one another. So I'm thinking, grade several similar gambits (say, that share an AoE) as a single "Chapter", with 2 or 3 new chapters each week (so don't worry about missing a day). Optimistically, I could see covering all the gambits in the course of about six weeks. List of Gambits, with average ratings (and number of reviews): Index of AoE Names: So, how does this sound? Like something you'd want to be a part of? Or, not your flight of fancy? Does this approach seem structurally sound, or do you have suggested changes in how I might go about this? I'm all ears! Thank you for reading. I've attached a spreadsheet that, if I'm not mistaken, lists all the gambits available in Three Houses. If anything is missing or mistaken, though, please let me know. Expect the first chapter by this weekend. Look forward to it! Gambit_List.xlsx
  4. What did you guys think about about Battalions? What was the best battalion, in your opinion? Were they too strong, too weak or perfectly balanced? How did they compare to the pair up mechanic from Awakening and Fates?
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