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Found 2 results

  1. So... I am going to repurpose this thread for general requests I have for stuff around the forums that I would love to see, but just don't have the time to fulfill myself. :\ Open Requests: 1) Banner for SPACE winter holiday event In Progress Requests: -none atm Fulfilled Requests: -BBSS Trophies (Smirks) -Banner for Mug Medley Game (Smirks) Original Post
  2. So... Our first Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown winner... was Nih, with Best Overall Sprite and Best Full Custom Sprite! Together with Best Edit/Splice winner Lt. Smirks, and runners up Thor Odinson and General Ciraxis... we bring you... Round 2! ---- THEME/TOPIC: "Creature Features" make an original character, either a non-human individual, or human with pet animal/monster. (Up to you how non-human/monstrous their appearance is.) Examples... A boy and his dog, half-manakete original character like Sophia, Werewolf, Laguz, etc... Our example Entry: (does not have to match format) -A man with his... pet bird? REMINDER: must be original character. ------ Rules of the competition for your reference. [spoiler=Rules] RULES: 1) only 1 entry per contestant, either in the Full Custom division or in the Splice/Edit division. -Please declare which division you fall under to avoid potential confusion. 2) No voting for your own entry! 3) Entries should be limited to 16 colors.(15 colors+ 1 background color) This is more of a guideline, but good to follow for style and challenge reasons. Colors may be custom or using GBA sprite palletes. 4) No posting previous/old works. This means no edits/recolors of something previously made as well. [spoiler=Voting and Winners] VOTING: Voting will be split into three categories, -Best Full Custom (single vote) -Best Edit/Splice (single vote) -Pick the ones you like (Multiple votes) >Voting will run for 3 days >Sprites will be categorized following the voting >Highest combined Votes=Best Overall Sprite >Highest vote Full custom=Best Custom Sprite >Highest vote Splice/Edit=Best Edited Sprite WINNERS: Winner of Best Overall Sprite may also be the winner of Best Full Custom, or Best Splice/Edit category. > Winner of the Best Overall Sprite gets to choose the next theme/topic of the following contest. Runners-up will be the two contestants with the next highest votes following the winners. > Winners and Runners-up must provide their choices within 3 days of the host's private messaging. Host will provide the next theme/topic if no reply in 3 days. ---- Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host!(That's me Errant, currently) ...or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself. DEADLINE over: Entries may be posted, and edited up until 11:59pm PST Tuesday, March 3. Deadline has now past. Hope you all enjoy and have some fun! Lets get spriting! :D
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