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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I just got into fire emblem rom hacking, and had an idea for a rom hack but there is something I can't find the solution to. I wanted to make the game into a dungeon crawler style game. For this I am using FEbuilder, and using a base of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones. In order to begin actually turning my idea into a rom hack, I first needed to make sure that every concept that makes up my idea actually works. Pretty much the only thing that is really blocking me is finding a way for the end of a chapter to lead to another chapter selected at random. I know there is a way for the next chapter to be selected by something happening in the game, since that is essentially what the Eirika-Ephraim split is. It also seems rather simple to generate a random number and have a certain event happen or not based on the value of that number, but I simply haven't found a way to do that. I also tried seeing how the game makes the Eirika-Ephraim split by analyzing the events but it was confusing and I figured asking here would be better, since even knowing how the game does it wouldn't solve the problem. So, does anyone know how I could put a condition on a "Go to next Chapter" event and have that condition be determined by RNG? I also have 2 other, less important questions that I didn't find an answer to while researching: Can I preserve the health of characters through chapters? Can the Chapter list be extended?
  2. Hi all, I recently got into the Fire Emblem series thanks to Byleth getting added to Smash, and I decided to start with FE1 for the NES! Absolutely loved it, but a lot of the text in the translation I used was either garbled characters or just... strange ("Daros became sail," for instance). While I'm sure there are more accurate translations somewhere out there, I also wanted to try getting into the world of hacking myself. However, I can't find any resources on actually learning how to romhack (at least not for NES), or the guides are so old that half the links they provide are dead. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?
  3. Hi everybody, I'm giving Awakening a second try and will do a new hard/classic run! Here some background: Ok, so while the last time I had a male Robin, this time I went with a female one with SPD boon and HP bane (it's not too late to start all over if that wasn't optimal). I'll try to enjoy the story (still don't know the end of the story yet, even if Heroes spoils a lot) and not bug myself trying to solve every side-quest. But I want to focus on Galeforce and give this skill to many units. If it's not too much grinding, 4-6 units should be doable. I still have the golden package DLC (to level up second row units), but I hope I won't have to use that map much. I'm not planning to buy additional DLC now, but I remember some were recommended (Lost Bloodlines, Future Past). Even if I'm not totally new to Awakening, I still have some open questions: Marriage / Children: One point that made me always feel I missed something in my first run, so I should plan this early. Are there some must-have couples/children? I like to build (strong) Galeforce units, who are the best couples for GF babies? Do the mothers have to be Dark Fliers? First ideas (WIP), need to prioritize ~4-6 GF units: Galeforce Morgan and GF Lucina from Chrom + Robin or better Chrom + Olivia? I would need to start over again if i want to marry Chrom to her GF Severa from Cordelia and Lon'qu GF Mage Owain from Lissa (Dark Flier) + Ricken (?) GF Kjelle from Sully + Donnel OR GF Nah from Nowi + Donnel. Btw: Can Nah Galeforce in dragon form? GF Brady from Maribelle and ? GF Cynthia from Sumia and Henry GF Inigo from Olivia and ? GF Laurent from Miriel and ? GF Noire from Tharja and ? Yarne from Panne and ? Gerome from Cherche and ? Did I forget someone? Donnel passes down Galeforce as the only (?) male unit. Should I use him with Sully, Cherche, Panne or Nowi? Are there any must-have skills that I should inherit to my child units? Do I need to use second seals on the parents? As far as I understood, parents pass down skills they learned until the moment their child joins the team, right? Is there are child unit that I should prioritize because he/she is hilariously funny? Getting skills /second seal Which skills are must-have (at least on one unit of the team)? How should I class my Galeforce users? Any visits into other classes recommended? Weapons / Items: What are the most important weapons/items for each class? I remember Killer and Brave weapons were good, also Javelins and Hand Axes, especially early in the game. Is it worth looking into spotpass for these? I remember Nosferatu and Excalibur were useful tomes. Any other stuff that can make my mages kill easier? I remember them dying fast. Teleporting: Is there any other way to teleport than the rescue staff? Healers: They heal and use rescue. What else should I let them do? How does a really good healer look like, what do I have to do to make him/her good? Some things I remember from my first run: Dragon stones running low fast. Plan couples beforehand. Thanks to everyone who helps me out. I'll try to read and respond 2-3 times a week, depending on my progress in the game.
  4. Hello, I have recently wanted to get into FE GBA hacking due to playing some hacks that I really enjoyed. I have read through quite a bit of the Ultimate Tutorial, but it's a daunting thing to read when you have never hacked before. What is a good starting point of some skills to learn to begin making a hack?
  5. Hi everybody, recently I've started to play Awakening (hard/classic), it's my first FE game apart from Heroes and my first game on Nintendo Hardware ever! So far its nice and fun, but I've reached a point where I would like to address some beginner questions to more experienced folk: Where would I find a good source/wiki for this game? Either the in-game explanations of some mechanics are insufficient, or I haven't found the right chapters yet. After completing a map, a dialog shows the hero of the map and the turn count. Is there any advantage in solving maps faster (with fewer turns)? How does doubling work? In Heroes a unit needs to have 5 more SPD to double the opponent. What I don't like is that weapons can wear out. Does the game give me more or less automatically what I need, or do I have to buy spare weapons for everyone to be sure? Level: Currently I'm at chapter 5 and I struggle to keep everyone alive, because team needs to split up to reach Maribelle and Ricken. Is there a way to grind some levels for my second row units? The arena gives me Level 11 enemies, which doesn't help to level up units from level 1-3. Chrom and Robin are pretty fast to gain levels and there is already a gap to the rest of the team. On one hand I would like to keep everyone on the same level, but on the other hand it's difficult to kill a Level 5 opponent with a Level 1 Stahl or Donnel. Is there a recommended maximum level gap? Low level Frederick seems to be stronger than other units with higher level. Does he have an advanced class or something? Support: If my attacking unit is adjacent to 2 allies, who will show up in the fight? How do I know when the ally will block or do an additional attack? What are the suggested ways to build up support? Collect low level support with 3-4 units at once, or try to get as high as possible before to start a second support? Pairing: Do additional attacks and blocks work like normal support? Should units with different attacking range be paired with each other (i.e. archers and Pegasus knights)? Or would this prevent additional attacks under some circumstances? In Paralogue 1 (Donnel quest) there is an opponent unit who opens a treasure chest. Could I lose important items by not chasing these guys? Which DLCs are recommended? I don't care very much about having Characters of older FE titles in Awakening. But if there is some nicely done content (story- or challenge-wise), I'd invest some money. Well, that are far more questions than I initially intended to do. I would be happy for every single answer, thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I'm a newb at hacking and I don't know how to open Feditor Adv. In Ghast's Tutorial, it says "Executable Jar File" while mine simply says "Jar File." I tried using "open with" to try opening it with various java programs but they all failed. Could someone please help me?
  7. I've recently gotten into the Fire Emblem Hacking community as of late. While I still consider myself a complete and utter newb when it comes to ROM Hacking, I have everything regarding basic usage of Nightmare down. The real pain in the keyster comes with using Feditor Adv, more specifically, the text editor. I've looked up tutorials, FAQs, and even swam through Blazer's old forums but I can not for the life of me get down editing weapon names and their descriptions. The game I'm trying to hack is Sacred Stones. Yes, I am using a clean, USA version of the game. The game opens up just fine when i start the program, I do the save and exit and reopen trick to make sure nothing glitches up, thats all fine and dandy. But whenever i finish making my text adjustments, they never carry over into the game itself. I have tried each and every single way of doing this dang thing on multiple copies of the same unaltered ROM. Clicking apply and save for every change like nightmare, clicking apply every time and saving at the very end, making all my changes with nightmare first then close it and then changing the names on that same ROM but still no dice. I'll load the Rom a few seconds later and none of the name changes stick (all the statistical ones do on the other hand.). At this point I feel like I'm missing something obvious and any major assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. The version of Feditor I'm using comes from romhacking.net . I haven't tried anything else with Feditor, just the text editor. Can anyone please help me realize my dream of turning Lute into the second coming of Tiny Hands Reinhardt?
  8. Been waiting to play this game for a while now, since I figured the meta would change dramatically in the first 6 months or so. Now that the game's been out for some time, I'm hoping to take the dive pretty soon. One of the things I've noticed is that there isn't clear documentation on here about the current/upcoming banners. As a new player but experienced f2p gacha gamer, I want to make absolutely sure I'm rerolling on the best banner before I start. Since the game is still less than a year old I'll inevitably still might run up against powercreep, but I'm hoping to mitigate it at least a little bit by starting with some heroes with awesome staying power. Is there a banner going right now that's great, or should I sit on my hands a bit more 'till something truly awesome shows up?
  9. I'm completely new to ROM hacking. What advice do you have to offer up to a newbie like me?
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