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  1. Items are underlined while names and in-game terms are simply Capitalized. In the first few Chapters, you need to switch between both Roy and Lance. Prioritize Lances over Swords when it comes to Lance. Your other units have Vulenaries that you can sort out between the two. It would not hurt to build at least 2 Support Levels, as later on in the game, Lance will normally fail to defeat his enemies, even with Follow-Up Attacks because he lacks the necessary Attack, even when at a Weapon Triangle Advantage. Give Maltet to either him, Shanna, or Milady, and give the majority of your stat-boosters to Roy. When you recruit Dieck and the rest of his crew, you should immediately start to build Supports between the two of them. Before Promotion, Dieck can weather and dodge the blows of Enemy Soldiers and Cavaliers, so he can be leveled up quite easily in the first few Chapters. Dieck should be the one who wields Armads. This will take tons of investment in his Axe Skill, but is possible. This saves a slot for what would normally be for Gonzalez. Seeing how the Hit Rate for Gonzalez' attacks is quite bad, this saves room for a Skill Book too, as it can be given to someone else. Although Fir can be good to use alongside Rutger, that only calls for more training. She lacks only slightly in Avoid rate and overall Strength, but still has the Speed to make up for it. Rutger should still be used to hold Durandal, and giving Fir a Wyrmslayer is not a bad idea as well. The second (or third) one you get is in the chapter you encounter Zepheil in one of the chests you find on the right side of the map. She is easy to train in the first few Chapters you have her in because of an abundance of Axe-Wielding Enemy Units. Later on, she can easily take down many Infantry Units with her high Critical rate and can even surpass Rutger in some situations. Leave the brawn to Rutger and the Criticals to Fir. They work good as a team. Once you encounter Rutger and Saul, use them immediately. Rutger has bad Defense but high Speed, making him great for common foot-soldiers, though his bad Resistance means that you must keep him out of Enemy range. When holding a Slim Sword, he can launch enough Criticals to make up for his flaws. When you finally Promote him, use a Skill Book to make up for the lack of Criticals he fails to land. On the other hand, with Saul, Healing staves are very common in this game, so make sure to always use Heal or Mend on your other units to quickly level him up, but it most likely won't be until you fight Narcian when you're at that point to finally Promote Saul. Since he Promotes so late, it is best to use him whenever possible to quickly get his Light Magic Skill rank to S. Dieck is also a good candidate for holding Durandal, although, if your Supports with Shanna are high enough, as well as his his Strength and Critical rates, giving him a Wyrmslayer would not be a bad choice. Lilina has awful Defense, and Speed, but once fully leveled, makes up for this with excellent Attack, Resistance, and Skill (when fully Supported with Roy.) Just like with Dieck and Shanna, having Roy and Lilina in close vicinity powers them both up. When you fully level her up, she loses the traits of having such bad Defense, and when paired with Roy, her Speed is perfect for taking down Cavaliers, Fliers, and any Axe-Wielding unit. She is the one who you should give Forblaze to, but to properly train her without casualties means that you must weaken Enemy Units first, and finish them off with Lilina. Her great EXP growth rates make up for this. While Lilina is a great Mage to use, Hugh is also quite good. His stats are much higher and he is already close enough to level 20 to fully utilize his Promotion. Even with slightly lower Speed compared to his allies, he can still easily take down Cavaliers and Fliers, making him perfect for the Ilia and Sacae Chapters. When fully leveled, even without Promotion, he can easily weaken or take down the Fire Dragons with Elfire or Aircalibur. In the Chapter introducing him, it is best to use Silence or Sleep on him to easily approach him. But, if you run into trouble with Douglas, simply use Sleep on him instead. There is an Enemy Bishop who attacks with Purge, and although you can affect it with Sleep, the exact next turn, it would go back to Normal Status. If you are simply trying to make it through the Chapter with Hugh, send Roy on the second path, avoiding or dispatching the Enemy Mage which uses Bolting. Douglas will most likely attack Roy since the rest of your Units (aside from Milady) are far quicker than Roy. Give Roy either a Slim Sword or Iron Sword. When Douglass attacks, Roy won't do any damage to him when Counterattacking. Bring the Units who will be facing Narcian on this path as well. If you want to access the Secret Shop, you need to take Roy on the second path far enough that Hugh's AI heads in that direction. Take either Lance, Percival, or Sue along to speed up the process. Take Milady on the first path, being wary of the Enemy Bishop. Properly position and maneuver her around Douglas. Raigh can be recruited pretty early in the game, and although it will be some time until you get your hands on Flux, Nosferatu does have a high enough power to defeat weakened enemies. Give him a Speedwing to help with his mediocre Speed. He is your go-to with Apocalypse. Niime joins too late, and Sophia is horrible. Although her EXP rates are good, all her other skills are awful. Although, by the Endgame, Lance should have high enough Speed to do Follow-Up Attacks, Percival is still good to use, as his Speed is high enough to do Follow-Up Attacks with ease. Percival is good to use as an obstruction sided by Lance against many Mounted, Flying, and Infantry Units. In the Final Chapter, though, it is suggested not to bring him along, as you would practically have 4 units using the same weapon. Milady is perfect when fully leveled. She has immense Speed, Strength, and Defense, allowing her to weather several shots from Archers, although it is not advised to put her in their sight unless needed. Once promoted, she can hold Steel Lances and Silver Lances easily allowing Follow-Up Attacks on Knights, Mounted Units, and several Infantry Units aside from the Swordmaster, Hero, and Nomad Trooper. She can also tank Fire Dragon attacks and follow up with Silver Lances. Sue should be trained immediately when you get her, and is perfect against Soldiers. Although her Strength can be lacking, she makes up for it in Speed. She should be the one to use Mulagir. To make recruiting her easy, defeat the Enemies already on the Map, and then the Reinforcements. Already heading in that direction should be Roy and Chad.
  2. After an emotional conclusion to Fe7, I REALLY wanted to see the continuation of the Elibe storyline!! Here is my blind playthrough to The Binding Blade, LIVE NOW!! Or as I like to call it, The BLINDing Blade!! Hehehehehhe:
  3. Gather 'round, all, for there are tales to tell. The clandestine war of 20 years ago has few left to remember it. ...And this only has a little bit to do with the fact that only 6% of people who ever participated are actually alive to recall those events. But now... Another conflict rises. A second chance to save Elibe, a second chance to set our past actions right... But also a second chance to unintentionally solve overpopulation. For now, he burden of war now falls onto the shoulders of the two least qualified people on Elibe: Me and Roy. So, welcome, one and all, to what might become an E-rank walkthrough, and welcome to "Bad Strategist Tips The Scales In The Favor Of The Enemy 2: Electric Boogaloo", the final chapter in the story of My Dude, and this ironman of The Binding Blade! If you've read snippets of my prior LP, you know exactly what to expect. If you're new... Hi! I do comedic Let's Plays chronicling my misdeeds in Elibe. Last time, I beat Hector Hard Mode while killing off 96% of the cast and made a one-off boss into a major recurring character. I also broke every single rule I set for the ironman. And that's all there really is to say about myself, really! Expect disaster often. Still, I'll set some ground rules. Maybe this time I'll be able to stick to 'em! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. RULES 1. This is an ironman run: Anyone who dies stays dead, and if I have to reset after their death, then they will be permanently benched. The exception is below: 1a. I will try my hardest to get the good ending! I am willing to reset to save a unit required to get me there, but they still must be benched afterwards. 2. No in-chapter save states! I will try to make a state at the end of each chapter so that I can avoid the rewind button of death problems we had last time. I hope. 3. Rutger is a crime. 4. The run does not end if Roy dies, but it is expressly forbidden to sacrifice Roy in order to protect someone else. 5. Any unit requests? Ask away! I usually prefer to use the worst possible units and try to avoid overpowered ones, meaning that I probably won't use Milady, Perceval, Allance, Rutger, etc.. I will if I must, though. 6. Praise the sun! QUESTIONS THAT WOULD PROBABLY BE FREQUENTLY ASKED Q: You actually killed 94% of Blazing Blade's cast? A: I absolutely did! I also haven't played FE in a few months, so I expect the first few chapters to be rough. Q: Will you continue the overly confusing side story from your previous LP? A: Naturally! Hopefully I won't have to resort to using Chef Boyardee to excuse my mistakes before chapter 7. I probably won't make any maps for the side story, though. Q: ...There's a side story continuing from your previous LP? A: Yup. All you need to know is that this lovely crumpet here is My Dude, the tactician from FE7. There's a whole bunch of other characters and weird interactions from the prior LP, but most of it should be pretty self-explanatory, so no need to sift through the massive FE7 ironman. Q: Is that previous LP any good? If so, where can I find it? A: In my opinion... Yeah, it's mostly pretty good after Lyn mode due to my incompetence, but it's a pretty big read. You could pretty easily skip Lyn mode, since there's not much goin' on there. You can find the link to the LP underneath this post! Q: WILL YOU ACTUALLY POST MORE THAN ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS THIS TIME?! A: I will try very hard. I will aim for one update a week, but since early maps are pretty short, I might be able to pull of a quick start. If school and work interfere too much, I'll probably do a lot of smaller updates. With all the formalities out of the way, the first update shall be up for this Sunday! I really hope that you guys enjoy this comedic second dive into Elibe. I am extremely excited to play my very favorite mainline FE game, so here's to getting some lucky dodges!
  4. I've been wanting to make the shop in FE6's battle preparations accessible in HM (In case you don't know, FE6 only allows you to shop between chapters in Normal Mode). I'm using FE Builder and there's a patch available for this exact issue. It works with the regular version of the game, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of the localization patch by gringe (Likely because that patch edits the preparations menu by implementing some QoL features like the support viewer). With the localization patch installed, the FE Builder patch does nothing, the shop is still unavailable on Hard Mode. It DOES work when using older versions of the translation, but I would really like to use the most recent one with all of its features. Unfortunately I do not have the slightest clue about hacking and wouldn't know how to enable the armory in HM myself while also using the newest translation patch. You'd likely have to do some Hex edits, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Anyone know if there is a way?
  5. A while back, I created a small hack for FE6 that replaces every promotional item in the game with a Master Seal, which can promote any unpromoted unit regardless of class (except Roy). That's right, now you can use any combination of units you want, without having to worry about late promotions! Download! RHDN Page Apply on a clean Japanese ROM. The English translation made by Gringe is also applied with the patch.
  6. Hello to all the people of Serenes Forest! Long hibernating member HHS here with a new Fire Emblem romhack. Well, sort of new. Years ago my friend Mariobro3828 and I started the Romhack Fire Emblem: Decay of the Fangs. Well it's been a hell of a year and after nearly a decade, the story will finally conclude! I'd like to introduce: FIRE EMBLEM: BLACK FANG (Link above for the Wix Website) The Fang's Justice is Absolute The Four Fangs have fallen. The Black Fang is dead. Its purpose polluted, its vigilantes vanquished, it's now up to a small band of survivors to vindicate its legacy and in the process, bring revolution to Elibe. Take command of a rogue faction with a never-say-die attitude and a penchant for violence. Directly following the events of Fire Emblem and setting the stage for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Fire Emblem: Black Fang is an original story of disenchanted renegades fighting to survive against cutthroats, the nobility, former allies, and gods among men. This is a game about survivors of the Black Fang being forced to find new meaning after Hector and Eliwood decimate their army. Tonally this game is a bit darker and more adult oriented than most Fire Emblem games with a few serious and earnest moments, but it is mostly intended to be a bit silly. The game is inspired as a tribute to the members of the Decay of Dragons forums whom many of the characters are based on. If some jokes don't land for you, please overlook it with this in mind. The game is not finished but it was important to me to lay down the bones of the main story. It can be played from prologue to epilogue, all 25 plus chapters. I'm working on a chapter guide on the Wix site with the chapter unlock conditions (though later chapters will often have characters explain what to do in the prep fortunes). At the time of writing, not all supports are complete but just about 180 are (meaning 60 through to A rank). Some actions have consequences. It is impossible to keep every recruitable character alive. Patch: The UPS can be found here. (Apply to Fire Emblem Blazing Blade) {UPDATED 1.07 2/22) Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Gallery (avoided major potential spoilers) This Fire Emblem Romhack could not have been possible without the extensive support of software, art, and music contributors. As the project is almost a decade old, I have lost the names of some of the early contributors. If you have designed a sprite or software that was used in game that was not properly credited, absolutely do not hesitate to let me know. I will immediately add your name to the list of contributors! If you would prefer to have your work removed, please contact me via Discord (link below). Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Bugs can be shared in through the Discord as well as general thoughts about balance and design. I'm certain there are better programmers out there that could make suggestions as well and I'd be thrilled to tap into any and all resources to make this game the best possible. Development is an ongoing process and errors/mistakes will be made, please be patient. Special thanks to Supports can be viewed in game because all are unlocked in the menu without triggering them in game. Meaning you can go back and read everything without having used it before. BEWARE you may spoil late game surprise characters if you view this on your first playthrough. Completed supports can be found here: Supports As mentioned, this passion project is still a work in progress so please post any constructive feedback, questions or advice here or in the Discord. I kinda don't know what to expect because I haven't been active in the romhacking community in recent years.
  7. Hello everyone, so I've recently been working on a remake of fe6. Basically fe6 ported to fe8. I'd like to think your opinion about it. This project will include; -Better text -QoF patch (even though I'd love to have more mechanics like a strength and magic split) -Display all weapons patch -more weapons (like Noble Rapier etc.) -Blinking frames for the portraits and recoloured and lastly! -nothing here have some screenshots
  8. This is a modified version of gringe's FE6 localization patch detailed here: The dialogue and story/script remain unchanged. All this patch does is update the names of all the characters in both data and script to match those localized in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event. So now Allen is Alen, Wendy is Gwendolyn, etc. As always, let me know if there are any bugs and errors past the first chapter, and enjoy! EDIT: Thite is now Thea, and you can apply this patch onto a clean FE6 rom. FE6 Name Patch v2.1.zip
  9. Dealing with reinforcements this time~ I have a team I wanted to use to beat it but it's a very physically ranged heavy map for the first wave and my planned team was mostly mages so they're struggling a bit on Infernal~ I may just try to do Lunatic with them~ I beat Infernal with a very boring H!Myrrh sitting and eating everything strat so I'm probably going to end up killing off half my Barracks trying to get the other team to do it, LEL~ I killed off only maybe 4-5 units to get Infernal, mwahaha~ Anyway, post your clears! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  10. Haven't seen the thread started yet so here we go~ The map isn't super hard, took a few tries but got Abyssal~ Go ahead and start sharing your clears! Map (Abyssal)
  11. I recently found a way to play the GBA Fire Emblem games, and started Eliwood's mode a short while ago. I'm not a fan of resetting or using save states, but I also don't know how Ironman-friendly these games are for a blind player, hence the question in the title. I'm curious how well the GBA Fire Emblem games handle giving the player enough units so that if one falls, another could fulfill a similar role, if they pace out when you get said units, if there are any nasty surprises in store for someone playing blind, and so on. I have completed Awakening and Shadow Dragon Ironman runs before, so it's not my first rodeo, but I don't know whether ironmanning these games during my first playthrough is a good idea or not.
  12. It always bothered me how growths and bases make little sense in this game, thus, I've created this patch, which I dubbed Vindication. since it's meant to make everyone to be as balanced as possible as they deserve. Broken characters shall be knocked from their high horse, while characters that are too hard to use will become just as good as your usual good character. Changed quite a few things and removed some irritations (like Echidna using an heavy axe and being easily beaten in Hard mode for instance, now she is equipped with a sword by default and thus the RNG is much less likely to hate you). This project is finished, but it migth be tweaked further later on. Also, if anyone could point me to a way to raise Roy's level cap as a lord and experience gained (not as a Great Lord) and only for him, I would be gratefull. NOTE: This balancing patch is meant to be played in Hard mode, if playing in normal mode, characters dependent on Hard bonuses might become underwhelming as a result. *UPDATED TO V.2.1.* (New Update) 2.1 changes -Made some more changes to characters growths and bases. - Knight and General MOV increased by 1. - Horselaying weapons updated (needs to be tested whoever, so might have bugs, we will see) Now, it can be downloaded via MEGA, if the link isn't working for some reason, do tell if that's the case: The 2nd download is for the japanese untranslated version, for convenience sake. https://mega.nz/#!22JQlY5D!tO8Rx2TPLo4UOCiaIUpn-Q9b7ScoECZ8nXeTmSJXaY8 https://mega.nz/#!r5MC2QrA!4kQBQDBGt3c5TkzDID5bx3_PcWH71PrekoTSAA6p5cs Future plans: -Tweak any issues that might pop up. Keep me informed of any oddities. NOTE: Due to not having the microsoft tools program active, I will not post the excel file from here on, until that problem is solved. I will see if I can find another method to make a list.
  13. So given that whole thing with the "Echoes" title, I keep thinking about other remakes in the series. Given that 6/7 are my favourite games I came up with a bit of a plan as to how I would go about remaking these games to not only appeal to the whole audience of fire emblem fans, new and old, but also stay true to their original formulae as much as possible. How would it work? The game would be a fusion of Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals. Given that 6 follows on from 7 in terms of the story of Elibe this would be easy to impliment. After finishing Lyn, Eliwood and Hector's story the player would unlock the ability to play through the story of Roy and Lilina. However, the aftergames of each would be indipendant of each other, meaning that the player could keep their progress in the age of Blazing Sword while playing through the story of Sword of Seals, and vice versa. So why fuse the two games? I believe mixing the two games would be the best option here due to the success of the two most recent Fire Emblem games; Awakening and Fates. While there aren't too many, some characters from 7 will have children who become playable in 6, Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Sue and Lugh to name a few. This means that pairs chosen in 7 will actively influence the stats of characters found in 6. In addition, some characters are playable in both games, such as Marcus and Bartre. These characters could perhaps carry statistics or even items over in the transition of games. What would I change? The bigest and most necessary change I would make would be to make the tactician from Fire Emblem 7 playable. In order to make this game as much of a success as Awakening and Fates, I honestly think this needs to be implemented into the game. I understand that the tactician couldn't fight in the original version, but is it really so far-fetched for them to be able to swing a sword about or throw a fireball or two? The avatar would have to start weak, but because they would be in every single chapter, even after the split at the end of Lyn's story they would quickly catch up. In addition, the tactician would be able to romance any character they wanted to, within the bounds of the story (Meaning already married characters like Dorcas, Pent and Louise are off-limits.) They would go on to have a son/daughter who will become the tactician for Roy's army, or even potentially the brother of Roy, Lilina, Sue or sister of Wolt or Lugh. Perhaps the point in the story at which you meet this new character would depend on who their parent is. Mechanical changes? Apart from the points I've made, and the obvious graphical updates the games would generally remain true to the originals. There ARE however a few mechanical changes I think should happen... Reclassing should be present, but limited. Ditch Fates' complex reclass system in favour for a simplified version of Awakening's. Characters should be able to reclass, but only into very similar classes. For instance, Rath, a Nomad, should be able to reclass into an Archer or a Mymidon. Nothing else. Sain, the lance-loving Cavalier should be able to reclass into a Knight, nothing else. I say this because I think the game SHOULD be updated to an extent, but should also try to stay true to the original formula. Awakening and Fates' skill system should be brought through... but ditch Fates' skill market. Linking with reclassing, I think the new style skills system should be present in the game. It gives reclassing a purpose, but won't be blatantly overpowered because the class options for each character will be very limited. Use Sacred Stones' split premotion system, but keep the original premotion items. Giving players the choice of which class they want to make each unit makes each playthrough more personal. I think it would be perfectly fine for a unit such as Kent to have the ability to become a Great Knight, or Rutger to have the ability to become an Assassin. Maybe new classes would have to be implemented to support this though, because I'm not too sure what a Nomad would premote into besides a Nomadic Trooper. In addition, the original premotion items will be kept. Depending on your class, you use a different item to premote. Maybe simplify this from the original though by letting Pirates and Thieves premote using the Fighter's Seal... Weapons break. Get used to it. A small point, but true to classic Fire Emblem games weapons will still be able to break, even uniques like the Manni Katti or Wolf Beil. Get with the program, Fates... Use Fates' pair up system over Awakening's. Bacause I'd be making support a more pivotal part of the story in this remake, pairing up would have to be present. Not like Awakening's power trippy version, but like a honed down version of Fates'. The attack stance would also be a part of the game, but the damage of the secondary attacker should probably be cut down a bit. Introduce a world map. I would give the game a world map similar to that found in the Sacred Stones and Awakening. It allows players to more easily understand the continent, access shops, as well as gives an easy way of accessing DLC. Speaking of which... EXP grind DLC maps and Arenas return. Arenas returning was a given, but being a new FE game I feel as though I HAVE to let players have a way of grinding for EXP. Of course it's your decision if you want to make the game a walk in the park mid way through, but I think there are probably a few fans that have to rely on these maps... So there you go, those are my ideas. I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I've preposed here, but everything is my own opinion. Let me know what you think.
  14. First things first; I haven't been very active around here since I joined besides engaging a bit in some of the discussion of the February Three Houses direct, so, hello. I recently finished this and posted it another (non-FE related) forum I'm on and figured there'd probably be people here who would be interested as well, so I decided to pop back in and crosspost it. Feedback here is welcome if you have any. Having (somewhat) recently finished a playthrough of Binding Blade, Sigune (the boss of the Ilia route's chapter 19 if you aren't familiar) was a character I was really struck by, particularly her death quote. Between, that her dialogue with Thea and Shanna, and her mention in Juno and Noah's supports, she's an intriguing character; we see that she's a quite cynical person and hear about her relationship with Juno and her sisters, and see that she died with a lot of regrets. This fic eventually came together out of that. As a warning beforehand, it gets... rather dark, both in terms of violence and just being not exactly uplifting overall. There's also some minor sexual content (I don't think anything that would be inappropriate to post but I don't know the standards here very well; if there's an issue I'll take it down or edit it some) and coarse language. Plus minor spoilers for both Binding Blade and Blazing Sword. Although it wasn't directly inspired by the song, I used a lot of seasonal motifs in a way that reminded me a little of a song by Christopher Tin (composer of Civilization IV's theme song Baba Yetu), and so I decided to borrow its title for this. ---Mado Kara Mieru--- Chapter 1: Winter (Remembering Spring) The snow, carried by a freezing wind, whipped at Sigune as she stood at the parapet, unflinching in the face of the Ilian weather. She looked out over the valley, although she could see little through the fierce blizzard that had engulfed it, mentally assessing the state of the battle she couldn't see and filling in the gaps in her soldiers' reports as best she could. No matter what assumptions she made, it was clear that the edge she'd thought her forces had over the approaching Etrurians was almost gone. They still had better than even odds, but her assumption that their knowledge of the terrain, combined with the harsh storm bearing down on Carrhae, would stop the Etrurian Army dead in their tracks here had been proven wrong. Even despite the numbers still favoring them, her usual confidence had been tempered, the increasingly frantic mood in the castle starting to get to her. That, and the eerie feeling in her gut, that, as much as she tried to push it back – she had no time for such things when her mind knew better – kept bubbling up again. "Captain! Captaaaiin!", she heard Eira, her lieutenant, shouting from the tower. Sigune turned to face her, into the wind that, mercifully was partly blocked by the tower's position, and, admitting the futility of trying to shout over the howling noise it made, strode over to the doorway, stepping inside. "What is it? Do we have more reports?". "Y-Yes...", she answered, haltingly. "The reinforcements aren't turning back the Etrurians... VIII, IX, and XII Squadrons were almost completely wiped out, and X and XI Squadrons have taken heavy casualties as well... What should we do?". The eerie feeling was back. Worse, the numbers were, unmistakably, getting worse. Even assuming the best from now on, if the Etrurian Army had truly cut down the pegasus knights that had flown to their aid from Edessa, her chances for victory weren't even a coin toss anymore. But as long as she still had a chance, she would fight and knew her knights would follow her. Even if there was no longer a chance, though they were not precisely under contract with Bern, to surrender without being released from duty would be a betrayal of everything she held dear as a knight of Ilia. That said, she had no intention of losing tonight. "They have heavier troops than we do. They have the advantage if it comes to a siege. The remaining squadrons will meet the Etrurians. Call all the knights to the great hall immedately." "...Yes, Captain". She raised her hand in salute and took her leave. The trepidation in her voice was obvious, and Sigune felt an odd pang of sympathy for her. There was a time when she might almost have been, like her, idealistic enough to at least entertain the notion that the Etrurians, of all people, would truly plan to help Ilia, although even then it would have been hard to swallow the thought of voiding her duty as an Ilian mercenary and standing down to a backwater Lycian prince almost half her age. And, after all, why defect from the winning side? She made her way to the hall as well, and upon reaching it, saw several dozen knights already assembled. Soon enough the last few, or at least the last few that could squeeze into the room, had filtered in from their posts, and she stood at the head of the room. "Knights of Ilia", she started. "The enemy draws close, and it will not be long now before they reach us. Our mobility and our knowledge of the land is our advantage, and we will meet them with it head on. Etruria claims it means to 'liberate' us from Bern. Do not be decieved. Only a fool fights a war for others. Only you can defend Ilia, and she will not survive by bowing to the weak simply as they claim to be our saviors.--". As she spoke, she felt the tiny doubts in the back of her mind weigh on her, and she could barely tell herself how much conviction she had behind her own words. "--We will defend Ilia with our very lives if we must. May Aenir smile on us as we fly. And may She fly with us. Now, forward!". They roared in approval, although even still she could tell it was less wholehearted than before. The soldiers dispersed to the armory and the stables, gathering weapons and mounting their pegasi. Sigune ran her hand over the hilt of her saber as she walked to the armory herself, taking a lance and a bundle of javelins from the wall before continuing on to the stables. She opened the stall gate, patting her steed's mane. He whinnied at her touch, and she took the reins, gently tugging on them. "Come now. It's time." He followed behind, and Sigune clambered up on to the saddle, guiding the pegasus out towards the courtyard. The castle gates had already been drawn open, and she urged her mount onwards, taking their position at the head of the middle column in the wide inverted wedge formation that had lined up. Already, the faint light of far-away torches could be seen ahead of them in the fog. She looked from side to side at the assembled troops, almost four hundred women, pegasus knights of Ilia, in all, and behind them perhaps another two hundred horse cavalry and troubadors. "What are your orders, Captain?". She glanced over her shoulder at Eira. "IV and V Squadrons will take their left flank under Nephele of IV Squadron. VI and VII Squadrons the right under Lunete of VII Squadron. I will lead I, II, and III Squadrons myself and attack the enemy line directly. The cavalry will back up the central column." "...Understood". She tugged up on her reins, shouting a command to her pegasus, and it spread its wings and kicked off into the air. She flew along their line, barking out Sigune's orders to the squadron flightleaders, before stopping to hover in front of her. "They await your order to attack." Sigune nodded. The torches were grower more distinct now in the distance. She tugged up on her own pegasus' reins, and he reared up, wings spread. "Charge! For Ilia!". The pegasus launched itself forward into the air with a kick and a sweep of its broad wings, Eira sounding her bugle, and Sigune spurred him forward. Four hundred behind her followed suit, soaring forward into the night sky to meet their foe. They pushed on through the snow and icey cold, seeing forms start to take shape ahead of them, and raised their lances as they closed the gap with the knights of Lycia and Etruria leading the enemy approach. As they burst out of the sky all around them, it was apparent the enemy had been unprepared. The line buckled, but did not break, and they quickly fell into a tight wedge formation as they were met on three sides by the Ilians. Sigune spurred her pegasus on faster, entering a shallow dive. She was almost close enough to strike them now, and with the element of surprise she knew they could crush their hastily adopted defensive position. She could almost taste it. From the flanks, a hail of javelins rained down on the Etrurians, the whistling sound as they sailed through the air and the screams and cries of men and horses as they connected with their targets tore through the sky, and then, an instant later, her column made contact. She hefted her lance, angling it with precision as she closed the last few yards between her and an Etrurian cavalier. She tugged up on the reins again and gave the lance another heave as her pegasus jerked upwards, the man tumbling off his own, now panicked steed. All around her she heard the awful din of steel clashing against steel and the unearthly screams of the weapons' wielders. She pressed on, the column attempting to pierce the Etrurian ranks and send them into a disarray from which they'd be unable to regroup, knocking several more men from their horses with her lance or with a kick from her pegasus' legs, and dispatching two more, again with well placed lance-strokes piercing gaps in their armor. Despite it all, the eerie feeling was back. For every Etrurian she laid low, it seemed she saw one of her own cut from the sky by a strike from one of their lances or a slash of a sword. Soon she saw, out of the fog, the unmistakeable shape of pegasi, wings spread and racing towards them. In this line of work, it was inevitable she would cross blades with fellow Ilians. She had long since made her peace with that fact. But this complicated her strategic calculation again. It really began to sink in when she again heard the whistling sound of missiles far above her. On the horizon now, she could see the bulk of the Etrurian Army, their line of archers readying a second volly. An arrow zipped by her head just to her right, grazing her pegasus' flank, and he neighed in pain. A little ahead of her and to her left, she saw an arrow, then in rapid succession a second and a third, strike one of her knights. She screamed in pain, doubling over and losing her grip on her reins and, despite her desperate grasps, fell from her saddle and plummeted to the earth below, her pegasus then itself being hit by an arrow as if to add one final insult. And then the enemy pegasus knights were nearly upon them. The tables turned, javelins fell down towards her and her knights, darting past her even as many of her sisters-in-arms were less lucky. She had stopped her advance by now, and her force had visibly winnowed. The casualties their initial attack had inflicted barely seemed to have made a dent in an Etrurian force easily well more than a thousand strong and, seeing the carnage around her, she felt a pain she thought she had became numb to a very long time ago. Sigune jerked back on the reins, and her pegasus climbed and propelled himself backwards as she rested her lance. In one swift motion, she reached for and grabbed a javelin from her back and flung it towards the approaching fliers. The knights continued hurling javelins back at the foes as they fell towards the castle, knocking down several of the riders racing towards them, but the enemy continued their diving charge none the less. She glanced down at the ground, only to see the Etrurians engaging her clearly outmatched cavalry and steadily pushing the line back towards Castle Carrhae itself. By the time she turned back to face the onslaught flying towards her, in a blink of an eye a pegasus knight had closed the distance between them, her lance raised to strike. Raising her own lance, Sigune barely managed to bat away her attacker's weapon. The enemy pulled back on her reins, her pegasus neighing as it beat its wings, braking its dive and stopping to hover in mid air. She could get a better look at the other woman now; to her Ilian blue armor she had added armbands in Lycian red, and a matching sash around her pegasus' chest. Her cyan hair and stoicly determined face seemed somehow familar to her. "...Captain Sigune". She swore her opponent's stare softed for just a second as she spoke before returning to its earlier unreadable expression. The voice jogged her memory at last. "Thea? What are you doing here?... Well, I suppose I know the answer. No matter...--", she smirked. "You don't need to call me Captain though. Just Sigune, like always. Tell me, how is Juno?". She felt a twinge of guilt. The change in Thea's face was minute, but she knew well enough to tell what she was thinking. "She was well last we parted." "I see. Thank you". Sigune raised her lance again. "I won't go easy on you. You know the code of the knights of Ilia as well as anyone. No matter what happens, no regrets or hard feelings, please." "...Of course not". Thea raised her lance in turn. "I've become a full-fledged knight since we last met. I'll give it my all as well." Sigune nodded. "I see. Be assured I don't intend to be the one who dies, though." She pulled back on the reins and her pegasus beat his wings, moving back and upwards again, and her opponent did the same. She eyed Thea ahead of her, too far away now to make out much of her facial expression. Thea spurred her pegasus on, and it took off towards her, wings beating and feet kicking against the air. Sigune jerked the reins and dodged to the right as Thea reached her, but was unable to get fully clear of her, and the lance grazed her left arm, slashing through her sleeve. She winced, feeling cold air against the stinging wound, and pushed her pegasus to dive right, away from Thea's second thrust. She glanced up for a split second, seeing Thea pull upwards and then push her pegasus into a dive as well after her. Sigune nudged her pegasus into a broad, shallowly climbing lefthand turn, forcing Thea to whip around to stay on her tail, and, as she did, a volley of arrows from the Etrurian line narrowly missed both of them. A sad irony it would be if Thea were to be felled by her own allies' arrows. And an unsatisfying conclusion to their duel. Thea was now fixed on her tail, and Sigune sped up, managing to put slightly more distance between them. She spurred her pegasus to pull up again, her climb getting steeper and steeper as he strained to keep the speed she urged him on to, lest the centrifugal force keeping her in the saddle let up and send her tumbling out of it. She pulled on the reins, and her pegasus rolled upright as they reached the crest of the half-loop. She rested her lance again, grabbing another javelin and readying it before she pushed her pegasus into another dive, plunging almost straight down towards Thea. She had evidently read Sigune's moves perfectly, already pulling her pegasus up into a steep climb. Sigune let go of the javelin, gravity doing most of her work in tossing it, and it whirled past Thea as it fell, glancing her mount's wing and cleaving a few feathers from it. She readied her lance, eyes firmly trained on Thea, pushing her pegasus to dive faster and faster. In an instant they closed the gap, but Thea managed to narrowly avoid her lance. She wasn't quite as lucky, her right arm meeting the spearhead's steel flange this time, although mercifully it left a shallower cut than on her left. She pulled up hard, her pegasus whinnying in discomfort as they rapidly leveled out and whipped around to face Thea again. Her knights had all but been routed by now. The eerie sinking feeling was stronger than ever. Sigune, though, ignored it all. The only thing left that mattered to her now was this duel. If nothing else, she would win it. She raised her lance once more, watching Thea smoothly turn her pegasus around, the two of them again facing each other head on. She twirled it above her head and pushed her pegasus onward one more time. Thea responded, rushing forward as well, and they raced past each other. Sigune pulled her lance back, thrusting at Thea and hitting her side, shredding the fabric of her shirt and her vest and leaving a gash. Both pegasus knights doubled back, not stopping as they made another pass. Weapon raised, Sigune prepared to land a final blow. Thea was faster. A split second too soon for Sigune to react, she thrust her lance, cleanly striking her. Her pegasus neighed as she reflexively pulled hard on the reins, stopping in mid air with a beat of its wings. Tugging on her own reins and dragging the shaft back, her pegasus coming to a stop and beating its wings to pull backwards, Thea dislodged the weapon from her. The sensation seemed to lag a few seconds behind the action. As Thea removed the lance, the searing pain in her gut became apparent. She tried to ignore it as best she could, her heart racing and adrenaline clouding her judgement, and she reached for her last javelin, throwing it at Thea point blank. She instinctively dodged, but it still grazed the pauldron on her shoulder. Thea raised her lance again, but hesitated. A sentimental fool just like her sisters. Sigune took the opening, swinging her own lance, but Thea reacted, driving the weapon into her again and swiftly drawing it back. She gasped in pain, glancing down at her abdomen where before she had kept her eyes fixed on her adversary and averted her gaze. She was bleeding profusely now, blood pooling in her saddle, and she suddenly felt the tiniest bit faint. Realization dawned on her. "Well, well...--", she struggled to say sitting upright in the face of the pain and light-headedness. "--So I'm the one to die here after all...". She paused to ponder something, looking up at the night sky. "But maybe I already died... A long time... Ago...". She let out a sigh, returning to look straight ahead again and smiling weakly. "You did well, Thea... Juno must be... So proud of you." She closed her eyes, and felt herself slipping. ______________________________ The snow was finally gone from the ground, but the spring chill still hung in the afternoon air. Readying herself, Sigune stood up straight, planted her training lance on the ground, and took a deep breath. She was behind the modest, weathered house, standing in a patch of grass between the back door and their sparse garden plot. "Hah!". She stepped forward in place, whipping the lance around to a thrusting position, and then returned to neutral in a second smooth motion. She continued the drill, over and over. "Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!". She swiftly turned around and positioned her lance in one motion, continuing the drill. "Hah! Hah! Hah!". She mistimed a step and had to catch herself and start over. "Hah! Hah! Hah!". "Sigune! Sigune!", she heard her mother call from in front of their home. She dropped her lance and walked up the path around the house. She tensed up a little when she rounded the corner, seeing two people she didn't know standing with her mother. There was a woman with long, purple hair about her mother's age and in similar clothes, white tunic and a blue shawl around her shoulders contrasting with her mother's gray, and the same narrow white headband – a symbol of the Ilian pegasus knights. And next to her was a girl around her own age, the same purple hair but cut short, wearing a blue dress and a brown shawl, a curious look on her face. "Welcome home, mother", she said, politely but a bit flatly. "Ah, Sigune. You know I'm always saying it would be healthy for you to have more friends your age, so I thought it would do you good to meet Juno. Ah, be sure to play nice with her. Oh, or if you'd like some tea, I was going to make some for Juno's mother here anyway." "...I guess I'll play with her", Sigune said, reluctantly. Her mother smiled. "Alright. You two have fun.--", she stepped closer and leaned over, speaking quietly. "--Ah, still just moss-bread for supper tonight. But your mother will be going south again for a contract soon. We'll have more money for good food sometime next month... I promise, Sigune." She suddenly felt ashamed, hoping Juno and her mother hadn't heard. It didn't matter that, with her mother being a pegasus knight as well, they likely weren't much better off, or that it was probably already apparent from the state of their home how poor they were. She felt something burning inside her, the anger and determination she often felt in the face of this shame to prove to anyone that would listen that she was worth something, no matter how much they looked down on her. Her mother and Juno's went inside, leaving the two children alone together. "So... Do you want to play?", Juno asked, seeming slightly apprehensive, probably catching on to Sigune's coldness. "...Sure. Follow me". She led her behind the house. "Umm... My name's Juno... Oh, I guess your mom already told you that, huh?". She looked back over her shoulder at the girl. "Sigune." "Nice to meet you, Sigune", she replied politely. They reached the garden, and Sigune picked up her lance off the ground. "Hey... Your mother is a pegasus knight too, right?". Juno nodded her head yes. "Mhm!". "What about you? Are you going to be a pegasus knight?". "Hmmm...--", she paused. "--Probably. My mom and dad are both soldiers. I've already started learning some things... Just a little, but still." Sigune held out the lance in front of herself sideways. "Here. Show me." Juno hesitantly took the lance from Sigune. Planting her feet firmly on the ground and holding it at rest, she swung it up and brought it to the ready, swiftly stepping forward and thrusting with it. She reversed her steps and repeated her drill three times, her movement flawless. She turned to Sigune again, handing the lance back to her. "Uhh... Was that any good you think?". She took it from Juno. "...From now on, you're going to be my rival, ok?". "Huh?", Juno asked. "...You don't want to be friends?". "Well...--", she wasn't sure what to say. "--I guess we can be friends too. But I still want to know who's better. I hate losing to anyone." Juno smiled. "Ok! If you think I'm good enough that you want to compete with me... I'm happy. I don't think I've ever had a rival before!". "You know I'm not going to go easy on you!", she said back. Even if she had said she would be Juno's friend, it didn't mean she wouldn't see her as a rival first and foremost. With Juno having proven her talent for the lance, Sigune suggested they play jousting, and that afternoon they found blunt sticks in the slowly rotting shed in the garden and set about playing for what felt like an hour or two, although likely well shorter, before Juno's mother called her to the front of the house, insistent they return home before darkness fell. Their mothers knew each other well enough, so they often had the opportunity to play together, and Juno introduced her to her friends. Every game they played, she always wanted to be on the opposite team as Juno when there were teams at all, and every time she gave it her all, no matter what. At first she still treated it as a rivalry more than a friendship, and she felt out of place with Juno's friends. But, in time, she found herself softening just a little. Eventually, she found herself just enjoying their company, though she still tried to play it cool and act like she tolerated them more than liked them. And throughout it all, she never lost her competitive edge. As she got older, her play jousting with Juno became more serious sparring, even if their relationship had become more of a true friendship and less of a simple rivalry. It was one winter day, four years and a few months after they had first met, that Juno came to her in tears. It was the first snowfall of the season, and by that standard, even for Ilia, it was unusually thick, leaving a carpet a few inches thick across the ground by that night. She had stepped outside, looking up at the dark sky as it continued to fall when she saw a lantern down the rutted country road, its surface shrouded in white, and out of the darkness and swirling snow she saw her, walking slowly. "...Juno? You're here at this time of night? You know you've kept me waiting since yesterday. And now it's too late to spar, so...--". She trailed off, feeling a pang of guilt as Juno, silent, came close enough for her to see her face clearly. She had dark circles beneath her eyes, and tears streamed down her cheeks from them. She had never seen her look so pained before in all the years she had known her. "...Sigune. Oh, gods, Sigune, my... My...". "--...Come inside". She ushered her in to her empty house. Once again, her mother had gone away on assignment and, by now, figured she was old enough at just shy of fourteen to look after herself. But without her here she had felt lonely and lost, even if she had been somehow making do the past few days. Juno set the lantern down on a table in what passed for a parlor as Sigune stoked the hearthflames and took down from over them the kettle of tea she had clumsily brewed for herself, pouring its contents into a cup and passing it to Juno, who had slumped down on the bench, its hard wooden surface covered by tattered pillows. "...What's wrong, Juno?", she asked as she sat down next to her. Juno took a sip of the tea, wincing perhaps at its heat or perhaps at Sigune's attempt at brewing it, and turned to face her. "My mother and father, they... They didn't come home...". She felt an awful, sinking feeling. "Oh no... Juno, I...--". The words eluded her. She tried to think of different explanations. Perhaps she meant what she said literally, that they simply hadn't come home. In the unseasonably heavy snowfall, after all, it wouldn't be unexpected for travellers to be waylaid. She suddenly felt stupid. Juno was sensitive, but was always sensible and level-headed as well. For her to react like this simply because her parents had been late in arriving home wouldn't be like Juno. Her mind drifted to Juno's sisters. Shanna would never know her parents at all, but that seemed almost merciful compared to Thea, who had been just a newborn when she first met Juno, losing them so young. "--...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Juno." Juno nodded in acknowledgement. She felt so guilty that there was nothing more she could do for her than this. She wrapped her arms around her, and Juno slumped towards her, laying her head on her shoulder and quietly sobbing. "...We can stay here as long as you need". They sat almost in silence for a while longer, Sigune's embrace loosening and Juno sitting back up, finishing her tea and setting the cup down on the table. "Do you want to stay until morning? It's so cold tonight...". Juno shook her head. "No... I... I need to be back home for my sisters. They're... I'm...--", her tears, newly dried, welled up again. "I'm the only one they have now." "...You're wrong", Sigune replied. "You're a precious friend to me Juno. Anything I can do to help you I will. And that means they have me too." Juno's tears kept coming, even faster now, but somehow, she smiled through them this time. "You've... You've never said anything like that to me before, Sigune." "...Come on. I'll walk home with you. I don't want you to be alone in the dark and the cold."
  15. If you'll indulge me: Balancing is integral in rpgs in all games balancing is a delicate practice and requires many deliberate and meticulous little tweaks that on the large scale may seem inconsequential but can drastically affect the players relationship to the game. This is especially true of rpgs as in an rpg the players main way of interacting with the game is based on there stats as well as often how rng and the stats of opponents relate to it. I've spent a bit of time on this forum talking with the fanbase on binding blade it's flawed, as well as it's merits, and i've come to the conclusion that consistently people seem to feel it's biggest flaw is in it's balancing. In some of the best fire emblem games and in tactical games in general, every unit is viable, while also having strengths and weaknesses requiring you to use them to there fullest potential in tandem with other units, in chess each unit is suited to a particular role for example rooks can be used to defend the king in a practice known as "castling", pawns are limited in movement but have potential to move and knights are great offensively (Forgive my limited chess-knowledge). The idea of each unit being viable in fire emblem also parallels themes within the franchise, every individual unit is of value and can change the course of battle. Good balancing and carefull attention to stat values can also help to convey certain aspects of a character, such as a clumsy character having low skill, but then developing that stat throughout the game, both developing in a character sense and in a gameplay sense. I think if Binding Blade is to be remade it would benefit from focusing on implimenting balancing of this nature, making characters not only more viable but more developed through this kind of subtle visual storytelling.
  16. I did a fe8 no shop challenge, but that was a bit too easy so I'm going to do a harder game, fe6. Rules should be simple, just no shops in any situation. This is ch1-part of ch3 since I had to go in the middle of it. The first 15 mins is like me waiting for my co-commentator, the Amelia dude, unkirb (that's not his actual name but I call him that). Communication problems, but I'll get them fixed next video. Of course I'm also using rigging in this challenge and I feel like it's going to be a make bigger difference than SS.
  17. So on my first run through this game (on a reproduction cartridge, not emulator) I got a glitched Hugh? Mind you this did happen over a year ago, just curious about this. I only realized he had glitched stats when I checked him on chapter 19B. His Magic and Skill stats were both maxed out, but all of his other bases were normal for the price I bought him for, which was the lowest possible. Of course I used him from that point on, especially after figuring out he was Canas' son. But just wondering if this is a common glitch, or if anyone else had similar experiences.
  18. Boy Roy is kind of the worst lord isn't he? from a character perspective, he's very generic, he's just sort of a noble, unconflicted good guy prince, with no strong motivations save for honor and duty and yeah it's probably because the game was never localized, that would be a fine counter-argument until you consider that stats wise he's bottom tier until his own game until receiving the sword of seals, anybody have similar complaints about the other protagonists? certainly not Ike or Lyn, Lucina, or Seliph, from a character perspective the original version of Marth is comparably flat but at least he's useful in battle, and usually the writers will use the support system as a way to provide exposition and flush out the characters, a great idea, but, i'm not sure to what extent it helps roy, shannas is good from a characterization standpoint, but of the handfull i've read i know Roy pressures himself to be a good leader, to act honorably, and to be a great warrior maybe i just don't like him, i don't know, he's great in smash though...
  19. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  20. Hi, there everyone. The purpose of this topic is to revisit a project of mine, a balance patch and see if there is anything else I can do to improve on it. For that purpose, I'm going to post here videos and screenshots of my playthrough so that everyone can see and throw in their opinions on this patch. Well, then, for starters, the characters growths for chapter 1: Roy: HP 90% STR 65% SKL 55% SPD 70% LUK 60% DEF 35% RES 35% Wolt: 80% STR 50% SKL 50% SPD 45% LUK 40% DEF 25% RES 15% Marcus:: HP 60% STR 35% SKL 40% SPD 30% LUK 20% DEF 20% RES 20% Allen: HP 85% STR 55% SKL 40% SPD 35% LUK 40% DEF 35% RES 20% Lance: HP 80% STR 40% SKL 50% SPD 50% LUK 35% DEF 20% RES 25% Bors: HP 90% STR 50% SKL 40% SPD 35% LUK 50% DEF 45% RES 20% Now, here are the level ups in this chapter: Wolt off to a nice start Allen gets level ups in areas that aren't particularly his expertise but will do Lance doesn't start so well Wolt gets an level for killing the boss and is a bit meh I will post the video at a later date.
  21. I had a crazy headcanon the other day and wanted to see what SF thought about it. Occasionally, I find myself wondering what the other side of the Dragon's Gate looks like. We never actually get to see the other side of it. BUT there is one other location in the series that we know of called the Dragon's Gate: The one in Fateslandia. What if Fates is set in the future on the other side of Elibe's Dragon's Gate. We do know that both Dragons and Humans lived past the Dragon's Gate which matches up with Fates' world. The Dragon's Gate exists in both Elibe and Fateslandia, and Fateslandia - as far as we know - lacks any other ties to other places (save for dimensional travel). Does anyone have any opinions on this? Thoughts they could add to this? This possibility blew my mind when I thought of it, even if it is just strung together by a few coincidences. I really wasn't sure which section to put this in, but figured I'd put it here given that there are two distinct Elibean games to pull from vs Fate's three variations.
  22. Hey all, so I've been modding Fire Emblem 6 and everything is going as I've planned expect one thing. When a character levels up, instead of an arrow pointing up with a 1 next to it, the 1 is some glitchy looking blob. Anyone have any idea what I did do make this happen and how I can fix it?
  23. So let me get this straight, so if Eliwood marries Ninian (Which I believe that he did.) then Roy would be part dragon, wouldn't it be just awesome or completely crazy that Roy can be a Manakete, like Morgan can be if Male Robin marries either Nowi, Nah, or Tiki? I know it is just a silly question, but I'm a little confused about the situation.
  24. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  25. OK, since the success of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, people have seen that Both stories of Mystery of the Emblem, War of Shadows, and War of Heroes have been remade, and everyone is speculating that Genealogy of the Holy War is going to be remade next, but the Director of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Kenta Nakanishi wants to remake Binding Blade next, Binding Blade was fan translated, and wasn't very good, but an official release of a Binding Blade remake will make up for it's mistakes, so here's how I would like the game to be like. The Gameplay. The GBA trilogy had amazing gameplay, but out of the 3 Blazing Sword had the best map layouts, the only issue I have with Sacred Stones' map layouts is that it had too many advantages, and the maps were far too easy, except for the final maps of the game, Binding Blade, had a bit of a poor map layout, honestly since it is going to follow the same maps of Binding Blade, I think this will be left unchanged unfortunately. The Difficulty. The Hard mode can be unlocked if you complete the game once, and some units get bonuses, in Hard Mode, but if Intelligent Systems manage to put Normal, and Hard Mode on it on the 1st gameplay, and once Hard Mode is completed, Lunatic Mode will be available, and considering that New Mystery of the Emblem carried out the Casual Mode for new players to enjoy, it will be added on here, but Rutger, Sin, Milady, and Percival get hard mode bonuses, I consider Casual Mode, and Normal Mode to be treated as Easy Mode. Seperate Paths. In Chapter 9, you are given the choice between 2 villages to rescue, depending on your choice, it alters the next 2 chapters, if you get Larum, then you'll pick up Echidna, and a better Gonzales, for more effort to train, and a late promotion, if you get Elffin, then you'll get Bartre, and a worse Gonzales, for an early promotion, and less effort to train, also after you get through Retaking the Capital, or Pinnacle of Light, depending on how you level up Shanna, Thea, Sue, and Sin, if Shanna and Thea's levels are higher, you go to Ilia, and if Sue and Sin's levels are higher, you go to Sacae, depending on your choice between Larum, and Elffin, one becomes a playable character while the other is resigned to Fortune Telling, and depending on your choice, one Divine Weapon will be obtained on your own while the other is obtained by the Elimine church and you get either Juno, or Dayan, if you choose to go to Ilia, you get Juno, and Maltet, if you choose to go to Sacae, you get Dayan and Murgleis, I think that it would be interesting to get both of them on your own, 1st you go to Ilia, then you go to Sacae, or there should be multiple conditions of victory to decide which path you should take, like Route the Enemy, you go one route, and the other route, you Defend a Stronghold, or Seize one. The characters. You know what's a load of shit? Thieves cannot promote into Assassins in Binding Blade, and Assassins are rare enemies, the only notable ones are Jerme, Gecko, Jamil, and Porcus, and if you count the Master Ninjas, the only notable one is Kotaro, returning the Assassin Class can help Chad be a better assassin than most of the Assassins in the series, the only ones he might not surpass in the series, are Jaffar, and Matthew, and Astolfo a slightly better unit, and all around Cath Sucks, plus some of the characters were pretty shitty, Sophia, Gwendolyn, Treck, Cath, etc. and some of the characters had no personality, Roy is nowhere worse as Kris, and Corrin, having no personality, and shitty growth rates, But there were great units such as Lilina, Milady, Clarine, Percival, Raigh, Rutger, Dieck, it would be good to fix some of the bad characters' stats and the Child Units, by adding Blazing Sword in the Remake, putting in the Parent System, making Roy's growth rates better, Lilina easier to train, Wolt a better unit, etc. And I'm wondering what happened to Lyn, maybe she died, or maybe she disappeared, and who is she married to, Eliwood is less likely because Eliwood's supports and some evidence shows that he married Ninian, Lyn Marrying Kent on the other hand, not likely, but the only possible husbands for Lyn are Hector, and Rath, making her the mother of either Lilina or Sue, but unfortunately, if they reveal who Lyn's real husband is, then it will effect the entire fanbase, a flame war will begin, then again, they might have Lyn remain single, Lyn never made an appearance in Binding Blade, so we are unsure what happened to her during the events of Binding Blade, however there are other characters that appeared as playable characters in Binding Blade, those being Marcus, Bartre, and Karel, so why not bring back older characters like Matthew and Raven, I was glad they didn't remove the support system in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, supports show the characters their full personalities, but Zephiel is one of the most well written villains in the series. Weapon Forging. Weapon Forging is an iconic addition to Fire Emblem, it 1st appeared in Path of Radiance, then continued on in the later games, so it would be nice to have Weapon Forging, those who don't know about Weapon Forging, it is a thing where you upgrade weapons, having their strength, critical rate, and accuracy increased, if Intelligent Systems can, they can decrease some weapon weight, so that units with low constitution, and speed can wield heavier weapons, plus the Divine Weapons were breakable in Binding Blade, which was a load of bullshit, but if they make them unbreakable it will be better. Trial Maps. The Trial Maps were added after reaching a certain condition in completing Binding Blade, some of them even needs you to download them, but adding them as DLC can make the Trial Maps available right away, the old maps will not require you to pay for them, but adding in new maps will. That's all I have right now, what are your thoughts? If they manage to remake Binding Blade, then it would be known as Fire Emblem Echoes: Legends of Elibe, or something like that.
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