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Found 4 results

  1. This could have just been my run but Deke was very useful and carried me for quite a bit. I've seen other people with really good dekes yet i rarely see him talked about, especially compared to edgelord Rutger (who Deke still managed to surpass in my run.) Why is this or what were your experiences with the unit?
  2. After an emotional conclusion to Fe7, I REALLY wanted to see the continuation of the Elibe storyline!! Here is my blind playthrough to The Binding Blade, LIVE NOW!! Or as I like to call it, The BLINDing Blade!! Hehehehehhe:
  3. Hello there folks, I'm playing FE6 again just for fun, so,and I wish a could have a infinite binding blade to make roy a solo chapter god, but 20 uses makes me cry, so, is there any way I can cheat the game to give the binding blade infinite uses? I've played some romhacks that make some weapons infinite, but i need to hack a FE6 rom to make the binding blade infinite or i can do it other way? If anyone knows, please, teach me.
  4. I started Binding Blade today, and I just beat chapter 3. I also beat Lyn's story in Blazing Sword yesterday, and I plan on playing Sacred Stones sometime in the future. Anyway, I have a few questions about how the support system in the GBA games works. By the way, I've already had a support between Roy and Wolt, as well as Wade and Lott, and I know that there is a 5-support limit, so I have some experience with the system, even if it is limited. So without further ado: At what point in the game does the support system become available in Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones? Are any support points gained in Lyn's story? Are support points gained at the beginning or end of the player phase? Do actions such as healing add any points, or are they gained solely by standing next to someone? I know that there is a limit to the amount of points that can be gained in a chapter, but are there any limits to the amount of supports that can be had in one? If, say, a character reaches an A-support with someone, but then the other person dies, will they be able to reach another A-support, or will the dead person count towards the 5-support limit? I also have three questions about Binding Blade specifically, not related to supports:
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