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Found 7 results

  1. I don't know, if Marth haves birthday date, I was investigated in Fire Emblem Wiki, but, his birthday date hasn't shown. Unlike Lucina's birthday is in April 20th, Edelgard's birthday is in June 22, and/or Sakura's birthday is in April 9th. We don't know if Marth's doesn't have birthday date, or his birthday is unknown........
  2. Today is a very special day for SF! Today is @Rezzy's Special Day and a couple of friends and I decided to make her a card. I apologize to all of those that I couldn't add to the card, but please feel free to post your birthday wishes to her here!
  3. If Soleil's birthday had been August 21st instead of August 31st, it would have been on the same day as the recent solar eclipse. You were so. Damn. Close. Intelligent Systems...
  4. mcdoga


    Hey serenes. Mcdoga here to let you know that today, march 28, is Hana's birthday. Go get her special birthday rewards while you can
  5. Sooo, unless I'm wrong (which is possible), then today is Vashi's birthday! ^^ She's absolutely wonderful and a dear to know, so I'd like her to have a good one. So, please wish her a happy one? (I'd add pictures, but last time I tried, it proved VERY uncooperative. Please feel free to make up for my lack.)
  6. SF go shower love and appreciation on Aquakat because this is her birthday and she deserves to be appreciated, especially today I'll just make up for the other 364 days trust me. Happy BIRTHDAY siha, I hope you had a beautiful day today and know that you are always loved and cared for dearly. Obligatory picture of cake!
  7. I don't know if anyone posted this (don't bully me) but i found out this website and you can check out if you share birthday with a game or a anime/manga character. http://schara.sunrockgo.com/day/index.html You can select the day out of the months here, it begins saying the name of the month above the calendar, except for the first one, january. Series/Game name is on the left and character name is on the right, once you go onto the page mine is http://schara.sunrockgo.com/day/january/1_19.html you can basically copy the link of the birthday page you got and show off to your friends, or here. Share your results here too if you want, it might be fun
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