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Found 120 results

  1. Hello, I'm currently playing as a female Corrin, but I am stuck on who should marry who. So far the only pairing I have decided on is Hayato and Orochi. Please help! Thank you. ^-^
  2. So having beaten Conquest Hard (too scared right now to try Conquest Lunatic) and just about finished with Revelations Hard, I was wondering what you guys think of the various classes/archetypes and which characters are "best in class". As in, which of the three base ninjas is the best, which of the casters (mages and diviners) is the best, and so on. I am thinking purely in their base classes and promotions, and for the story mode. So I guess the rules for this discussion are as follows: - No DLC classes or characters. - No Corrin. - No consideration of Partner/Friendship / Heart seals (because at that point you can create a monster of any character given enough gold). - Join times \ availability are important, but that cannot be the main staple of your argument for or against a unit. For example, Revelations Odin joins late, at the point where your main party is promoted, and is a pain to grind up into use -- but his damage/utility results are subpar at best without some interesting reclassing using seals, which breaks the rule above (I do love Swordmaster!Odin, but that doesn't adhere to this ruleset). Arguments can be on a game-by-game basis. I don't want to talk about healers, because there's a lot of them, and it is very route dependent. For example, Conquest Elise is Jesus Christ in pigtails on a horse. Revelations Elise is an adorable benchwarmer, and eventually Odin's bedwarmer. Not going to talk about the beast units because the Kids are just straight up better because they get access to a parent's skill. The Wolves are better than the foxes IMO though, because of bulk. EDITS: 10/11/17: Mozu moved to lances (we all make her an archer and think of her that way, but she does technically need a heart seal to be usable, so I can't break my own rules, can I? I'll leave her description though, still kinda works. Some minor clarification edits 10/11/17: I FORGOT KIRAGI I'M SORRY. Also, some shifting in the Archer rankings. 10/13/17: I forgot more people. Such a bloated cast. Adding Percy, Anna, Izana. Will add Rhajat, Fuga, and Scarlet after reasoning for their placement is provided (I've never used them). I suppose I'll start with my personal ranking, which will probably change as the discussion develops: Mages 1.) Ophelia -- Conquest is a specialist-oriented game, meaning you want someone to do their one job super well. Ophelia consistently turns into a glass cannon that can one-round or one-shot many units with her personal tome. In Conquest, where your only other mage option really worth talking about is Leo (Mage!Odin just never performs for me, sadly), this makes her very valuable. Odin's early join allows for her birth relatively early on in the game when compared to other kids (with the exception of F!Corrin Dwyer and Effie!Percy). In Revelations, she is harder to get by a decently large margin, but the work required to build a support between Odin and someone else is, in my opinion, worth it. 2.) Leo -- Leo being #2 and not #1 is going to trigger people, because in Conquest he joins at a good time, with good bases (needs a speedwing, that's it) and is mounted. There, the key requirements for a strong unit. Oh, and also a powerful personal tome with a situationally useful effect (Final battle vs. Iago comes to mind, with Leo dueling the room full of Sorcerers). So why do I put him this low? Well, its because his damage output is just not high enough for endgame without heart sealing him into a sorcerer (which would then make him quite powerful indeed, I've tried it). Leo not being #1 is purely opinion. Strictly speaking, Leo is probably a better choice for #1, but I value Ophelia's damage highly. He does take a penalty from his late join time in Revelations, but it really isn't that late, so it's nbd. 3.) Hayato -- He's got acceptable bases and good growths in Revelations, so he can make a quality Onmyoji. I think his potential outscales that of the other options, though I admittedly haven't done a ton of digging for that comparison -- and I haven't played Birthright. I don't have a lot else to say here, I found myself not using him in my Revelations run despite his nice early join time and the lack of real mages at that point in the game. 4.) Orochi -- She can hit hard, with a good magic stat, but she's slow. Oh dear god is she slow. If you can't double, that's a major problem. Her personal is also functionally worthless, as there's no reason to really capture units in any of the games except MAYBE Haitaka in Conquest for the Rally Defense pre-Ch.10. 5.) Izana -- He is a strong replacement unit. He is a decently strong, but not exceptional, Onmyoji, with a personal skill that makes ALL units within 2 tiles of him take 2 less damage. If properly positioned, this can be helpful, if not properly positioned, this can be a detriment. You get him in by getting the bath house to max level IIRC, which takes awhile, and is a waste of DVP for a lot of the game. So he's good, but any of the above mages are just flat out better (except maybe Orochi, because of how many levels she would already have). 6.) Nyx -- She has higher dps potential than Orochi, in my experience, but she at no point avoids getting one shot by a physical unit -- even some mages can ORKO her, and that frailty is really bad for me personally as a player (I have a tendency to miss 83+% hit chances. A lot. It's a curse I swear). Ophelia above is not much bulkier, but she does a fair amount more damage and has a strong personal weapon, so I forgave her for that. 7.) Odin -- I'm sorry Odin, I love you, but you are just a middling mage at best. You are at your peak magic performance when Nos-tanking, and that isn't even as strong a tactic in Fates. A forged and named Mjolnir tome can potentially patch up your offensive problems, and your skill ensures a lot of Vengance procs (which doesn't matter, as Nos can't use offensive skills, so no synergy), but you just aren't a stellar mage. You are leagues better as another class, but we cannot consider this, because of my rules. You make a decent Dark Knight I suppose, but unless you're Corrin or Leo, Dark Knight just isn't a great class. Ninjas 1.) Kagero -- Based purely on my experience in Revelations, Kagero joins at a decent time, and only a level or two behind, so getting her to be in line with the rest of the team requires practically no effort. She has the highest strength growth of the ninjas, and her speed is equally high (70%/70%), both of those being higher than Saizo's, and her speed only being 15% lower, which doesn't affect much. She joins only three chapters after Kaze, and has a much higher potential for damage. While yes, ninjas are primarily debuffers, being able to have the strength to reliably kill things is incredible for a ninja. As a master ninja she won't proc Lethality much, but it's useless ass Lethality so who cares. She abuses Shurikenfaire to do even more damage (my kagero is currently doing roughly 30+ x2 to everything she initiates against that isn't another Master Ninja), and in the more even pairup against enemy Ninjas, her personal skill functions like a situational counter that also mirrors the debuffs. This allows Kagero to win just about every 1v1 (and a lot of 1v2, if paired up) Ninja duel in Revelations. She's also hot as fuck, so I can't in good conscience leave that out. 2.) Kaze -- In every route of the game, you get Kaze early. He's one of your first locktouch units (except for Niles), he's fast, so he can kill weaker enemies in the earlygame to scale up his level to stay somewhat relevant, and his natural Ninja kit allows you to easily set up kills for other units that need exp. His personal skill has saved me a few times, but you can't rightly rely on it (unless you have Kaze support Midori -- then you might be safe). However, as the game progresses he simply stops doing damage -- especially in Conquest, where you can't really get good shuriken for him (No Barb or Sting shuriken, those are the big-uns to make him useful). As a master ninja in conquest, he can be a BOON to you with a Hunter's Knife during the Furry Genocide, but after that he just can't hold his own. He's also made of wet tissue paper, so oneshots happen if an archer looks at him wrong. 3.) Saizo / Asugi -- His best growth is 80% in skill. Ninjas don't have issues hitting things, and lethality frankly is a trash skill that isn't worth using, if given the option to replace (which you wont, no heart seals, remember?). Every one of his other growths are average at best, and fall severely lacking behind the other two ninjas in the stats Ninjas need to be effective. Combine that with a personal skill that is literally only a positive in scrub-casual (phoenix) mode, and Saizo is the weakest ninja of the bunch. Again, we aren't considering seal usage here, even though I've heard he might be a decent Samurai. Asugi's base growths are similar to Saizos, but they might be able to be patched up with a good parent. I'm not sure. Cavaliers 1. ) Xander -- Siegfried is an amazing weapon, Xander always comes into the game with excellent bases, and in a class that can be both a damage class and a physical tank class (especially post-Defender). Good movement is obvious as a Paladin, and he is just a solid unit that most players agree is a very powerful and necessary unit for higher-difficulty runs. I don't need to say much more. 2.) Siegbert is a mini-Xander sans Siegfried. His personal makes him a decent pair-up bot, but his stats are respectable upon recruitment, and he makes a solid Great Knight (a class I'm not particularly fond of, but his stats are good). His effectiveness is depended on his mother to an extent, however. 3.) Sophie -- Silas' kid outshines him by default, especially with a good mother. She has a fun personal skill and can grow into a solid Paladin come lategame. She's a decent choice to pair up with Siegbert actually. Again, effectiveness may be hindered or buffed by her mother. 4.) Peri -- Peri is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, she has decent growths in strength and speed (60+% at base and with either promotion). On the other hand, she is frail. 35% defense growth frail. In Revelations, you get her too late for her to be worth training. In Conquest however, she could be worth training, as she comes into the game early on, at the same time as Laslow, and at a decent level with usable bases. Her personal skill is weird and slightly un-intuitive to make use of, as it gives her +4 to all offensive stats after initiating combat and killing the target. But only for one turn, meaning that to USE that stat boost you either need to dance her (which may be worth it, depends on scenario), or put her in a position where she can use those buffs in enemy phase, while counterattacking. Let me remind you, 35% defense growth, and base 10 in both defense and res in Conquest upon recruitment. She can counterattack mages fine (55% res growth), but if she's counterattacking on enemy phase, she is probably in melee, and Bloodthirst doesn't give her any defensive buff. So she's clunky to use to maximum potential. 5.) Silas -- He's good earlygame, and should be benched in the midgame, because he is painfully average in every way, and his personal skill encourages risking a reset-by-Corrin-death. Lean on him for as little time as possible. In Revelations, he's hot garbage with a late join time. In Conquest, he's mediocre at best but you get him early. Use him for his kid and move on with your life. 6.) Gunter -- It's Gunter. I need say no more. Swordfighters (Mercenaries and Samurai) 1.) Ryoma -- He has a personal 1-2 range weapon that gives him +4 str. This weapon pushes Ryoma into a power tier with Xander, though perhaps less reliable because of Swordmasters' reliance on dodging for survivability. Vantage is a skill I like a lot, and paired with Ryoma's high skill and Astra can lead to some clutch 1vMany scenarios -- but don't rely on these, please? His stats and growths are above average, and in Revelations he joins even before Xander and Leo IIRC, so you have more time to abuse him if you should so desire. There isn't a ton to say here. 2.) Soleil -- With a non-mage mother Soleil can be a very solid unit. As both a Bow Knight and a Hero she can perform as a solid offensive threat with her base 60% strength growth, though her defenses aren't amazing. An argument could be made for placing Laslow here instead because he is slightly bulkier, and therefore can more effectively use Strong Riposte, but Soleil is a reliable unit with a strong personal skill. Her personal benefits from having a bulky female unit support her (In my runs I've supported Soleil with GK!Sophie), and that can effectively patch up her defensive problems. 3.) Laslow -- Laslow is a (Marginally) bulkier Soleil, and his high skill, strength, and luck let him be a reliable, if not exceptional, player phase and enemy phase unit (if given a 1-2 range weapon). All of his pros are generic Merc/Hero pros, aside from his unique personal skill. His personal rallies +1 speed and +1 strength, which may not seem like much, but can make a distinct impact on a chapter. If you promote him into a Bow Knight he also picks up Rally Skill, so he can (by still following these rules) become a semi-respectable rallybot, which is never a bad thing. He is a solid unit all around. 4.) DISCLAIMER -- In my Revelations runs I have not ever found much effective use out of the samurai retainers, and therefore I don't have much of a good idea for how good they are. They just never seem to pull their weight, especially fucking weak ass revelations Hana. So I'm going to assume at least one of them (Probably Hinata's kid, kids are usually better) falls in here. 5.) Selena -- Selena is a slightly weaker, but noticably faster, Mercenary that comes into the game just a couple chapters before Laslow, in a chapter that has many axe users that she can just kill for easy experience. She, much like Laslow, won't become a stand-out combat unit in the lategame, but she can, like Laslow, be a reliable pick with a good pair up, however her personal skill provides disincentive for pairing up, as it is solely a situational crit for the attack stance -- a situation in which her supported ally's crit doesn't kill the enemy, which doesn't happen often. She's decent, but second rate. 6.) If they werent in #4, they go here. Fliers 1.) Camilla -- Joins early in both playable routes, has excellent bases and actually okay growths, she has flier utility, and is just generally strong. Malig Knight is not the optimal class for her, Wyvern Lord is, but that takes a Heart Seal so I won't consider it. She as a Malig Knight still has strong speed and strength, allowing her to scale into the lategame as a damage threat without babying (or even dedicated use). Her magic stat is just bad, so its not worth trying to use her as a flying magic threat -- so unless you're one of those people who burns a ton of spirit dust on her, she will be a physical threat pretty much exclusively. That said, she is a strong flyer and can ORKO most of the other characters in the game without much effort. She also gives some nice physical attributes to her kid, some good strength and some good defense. Excellent unit. 2.) Caeldori -- Cordelia, because we all know the best pairing is the Selena!Subaki pairing for story reasons, is a quite solid flying unit, and frankly the only flyer besides Camilla that that I found good use out of. Hinoka was good, but fell flat. Her personal evens out power imbalances to an extent, she has good stats, and a good parent can double down on that. She is a solid flying unit that is worth using useless Subaki for. 3.) Hinoka -- Her personal skill is really nice, but other than that she just never works out statwise in my Revelations. I might just be unlucky, but I don't have much to say. Remember, I have not played Birthright. 4.) Shigure -- Shigure can either be quite powerful or totally useless depending on his father. If he gets some rally skills passed down to him, and then promotes into a Sky Knight, he can double down on his personal skill, which is a rally that does small heals. This is usefull, but rarely lifesaving. It is just easy sustain. Like other pegasus riders, he will not hit super hard, but he will usually double, and his utility as a flier makes him usable by default. His combat effectiveness is reliant upon his father, and his best non-Corrin father is Kaze by far, giving him a 53%/65% strength/speed growths, which can make him deadly indeed. 5.) Reina -- Reina is a powerful midgame pre-promote in Revelations with a mini-Lifetaker personal skill (which I am a fan of). Her stats are decent, and she will serve as that strong flyer until you can get actually decent fliers trained up. A big weakness of hers is her total lack of supports with non-Corrin units, which limits her pair-up potential for stat bonuses. She is your midgame crutch unit if you need it, and I say that's okay. She will be effective for awhile, but she stops being useful lategame. 6.) Percy (tentative ranking) -- Percy has always been hit or miss with me. I usually get access to his paralogue (which is the child chapter that actually gives me the most trouble for some reason) pretty early because it's easy to pair off Effie and Arthur and then forget the dad exists. Percy is another wyvern rider, with decent growths and really high skill and luck. But he has never seemed to work out well enough for me to justify filling a slot on my team with him. I'm interested in other opinions here, potentially in what mother is better off for him. I've tried a few different ones, but Percy just never works out. 7.) Beruka -- Tankier Camilla(?). Without the lovely breasts. Her personal skill frankly doesn't matter, dealing +4 damage to helpless units makes little difference when those units are healers or archers 9 times out of 10 -- the latter of which you probably wont double, and therefore shouldn't be hitting. She's decent pair up fodder, gives good defense to kids, but she's overshadowed by just about every other flier. 8.) Subaki -- Subaki doesn't do damage. At all. He's hot garbage and literally exists to help bring Caeldori into existence. I hate this unit. Fighters / Savages These are just kinda...bad. Across the board. I don't use them for similar reasons as a certain Berserker-triggered user that will probably show up here ( <3 ). Doesn't help that Arthur is abysmal, Charlotte is bad, I didn't use Rinkah and I just don't have an opinion on where they fall relative to eachother. I'm interested in what you guys have to say on this one. Knights 1.) Benny -- Benny is a min-maxed tank, make his ass a General for wary fighter, and watch him just not take damage from anything that isn't a mage. His strength is decent, his defense is excellent, his res actually could be worse, and that's fine. I personally don't find myself using this entire class of units in the endgame, just because of low movement. 2.) Effie -- She is Benny, but with earlier Conquest join time, and respectably higher damage output. In Conquest, she's better because of availability and damage, but Revelations Benny is better across the board, so why use her there? 3.) Ignatious -- He's like Benny, but a child unit, and therefore potentially really good or gimped. It's hard for me to rank this class of characters, because they all do the same kind of thing, with slight variation. Lancers 1.) Oboro -- Comes early, comes strong, her base classes have some excellent skills, and her personal skill is only situationally effective in Revelations, but that's okay. Lances in general are pretty damn strong in Fates as a whole, and she can abuse that. She's your best candidate for the Waterwheel come lategame, and can be both a debuffer, a frontliner (if not a tank, per se) and a damage threat. 2.) Shiro -- Child unit, child of Ryoma. Potentially stronger than Oboro, but I haven't personally used him, so I'm not sure. Again, this is a category i'm interested in discussion about -- for learning purposes. 3.) Mozu -- She has a lot of levels to get stats in, and as Conquest's only potential Sniper, she has a lot of value. Her stats will lead her to out damage Takumi in the late game, she is only #2 and not #1 because of the amount of effort it takes to level this little girl up. She can scale up super hard, and can be decent, but I find that she isn't worth the grind required. That exp could go towards other units. But all of this is moot because she needs that heart seal to do literally anything. Archers 1.) Takumi -- His stats are only slightly above average at best, but he is #1 because the Fujin Yumi is just...strong. His availability is excellent, his usability is similarly so, and he can scale into the lategame because he gets carried by the Fujin Yumi. 2.) Kiragi -- He's a better Takumi without the Fujin Yumi by default, and give him a strong mother like Camilla and he can make for a super powerful Kinshi knight. His personal skill is designed around enemy phase, which isn't a great thing for any archer unit, but it can be helpful if you want him to duel Ninjas with WTA. His good stats and strong weapon options in Revelations make him quite powerful, and is worth a slot on your team. Come endgame, he might be more powerful than Takumi (especially if you make him a Sniper instead). 3.) Nina -- She's Niles but with more magic focus. I haven't personally had her be incredible ever, but she can put in work with a Shining Bow and provides excellent staff utility. Her personal benefits from you having two dudes paired up nearby, and that isn't a hard thing to do. Her biggest flaw for me has always been her abysmal defense. She is super frail, and that can make her a liability. That said, I think my experiences with her have resulted from me making really bad decisions regarding her mother, and I have been told by others that with an actually good mom she becomes a very nice adventurer or bow knight that can replace Niles on Conquest or be a solid unit in Revelations. 4a.) Setsuna -- She's either #4 or #5 depending on which Shura you are looking at, but she can become another Mozu, with just a little less effectiveness. Her personal is kinda just...bad. It's not useful, so she gets not unique combat edge. 4b.) Shura -- In Conquest he's a decent Adventurer that you will usually kill for free Boots. In Revelations he's a super powerful prepromote that you can get pretty damn early. You can bench him until chapter 20, then pick him up and he will put in work. He does decent damage, and he comes with staff utility. His personal lets him debuff 1 range units, which is situationally quite nice. He's solid. 4c.) Anna -- Anna will be a better archer for you than Shura outside of Revelations. her personal is a fun little quirk that nets you some spare cash, but she won't be doing a lot of damage until she promotes to Adventurer to make good use out of her magic stat with a Shining Bow and staff utility. Shining Bow Anna can hold her own, but her biggest weakness is her physical frailty, so don't misposition her. Her recruitment chapter is...interesting. I have problems with trying to do it early (as in pre-CQ ch.10), but if you can do it, it's pretty decent. 6.) Midori -- She can be a money-generator for you, or a decently powerful unit as a Merchant. Mechanist is also an option for her, and her stats are decent enough to facilitate both option, but as a merchant she gets the capability to generate gold, and then throw it at people for bonus damage. She has some powerful sets that abuse heart seals and the like, but she's a solid unit with just her base promotion options. Her personal makes her generate gold so much more often, it's really nice, especially in college-debt-poor Conquest. But, she doesn't kill as efficiently as others, and as such is somewhat gimmicky. 7.) Niles -- He's great earlygame in Conquest, unusable in Revelations, and he will never be a superstar or even a reliable lategame unit. You use him into the midgame, then you should either not need him or replace him with Nina. I'm really interested in what you guys have to say :)
  3. Hello, So I got Birthright when it first came out last year. Played it for a few weeks and got to around chapter 18 or so, then got sidetracked with life and other things. Recently, I got back into FE stuff and decided it was time to finally finish the game. However, it was a lot worse than I remember it being last year. The characters seemed boring and I'm pretty sure I invested in poor choices for my main units on that file (yeah, I know, "Birthright is so easy!" you will say...). I'm on Ch 22 on that file and my Hana gets wrecked constantly, Rinkah sucks, my Mozu is crap. I didn't use units like Oboro and Scarlet, who are highly acclaimed. Not that I knew then, I was just using units I thought would be good (Mozu = Donnel!? Not in this game). I remembering enjoying Awakening much more than Fates (I found I like the 'normal' medieval themed units of FE - cavalier, knight, hero, sage, etc. - more than the Japanese themed units...). ANYWAY, since I'm giving BR another go, I figured I'd start a new file and give it a fresh start. I'm planning on using some of the kids this time around - I'm most excited for Sophie and Shiro. I figured the kids would give me more customizability with skills, as I loved training units for skills and planning out OP kids in Awakening (My favorites being Kjelle [Aegis, Pavise, Luna, Lethality, Dual Guard], Noire [Astra, Vengeance with a 102% proc rate!, Bowfaire, Lifetaker, Slow Burn], and Donnel [HP +5, Counter, Sol, Zeal, Armsthrift with 98% proc). So I started looking into Sophie first and I based my Avatar around her - Silas (Great Knight) + Avatar (Hoshidan Noble) = Sophie (Paladin) [Skills: Aegis, Pavise, Luna/Dragon Fang, Sol, Hoshidan Unity] I selected her skills and was making a plan for class changes and inheritances from Silas and Avatar (who's secondary class is Knight). However, I started reading that class changes are finite, in contrast to Awakening where we could do as much as we wanted, and BR added a lot of new class change options with new seals and relationships (S, A+, and A with certain characters). Needless to say, I feel like BR is way harder to plan out kids and training than Awakening, and it's been awhile since I took FE as seriously as I did years ago with Awakening... I'm getting confused with the route here. I was hoping to do the following: Silas class change to Knight - General (S relationship with Avatar) to grab Pavise - back to Great Knight for final class. Avatar change to Hoshidan Noble to get Hoshidan Unity. Recruit Sophie with Pavise and Hoshidan Unity inherited from parents. Change Sophie into Merc - Hero to grab Sol. Change to Nohr Princess (through mother's class inheritance) to get Dragon Fang AND/OR class back to Cavalier - Great Knight to get Luna. Finally, change to Paladin (end class) to finish with Aegis. Is this possible? I definitely feel as if it is not optimal. I'm aware of buying skills on MyCastle. If I just buy stuff like Sol and Pavise for Sophie, will she miss out on growths and stuff from leveling her more on other classes to get certain skills? I'm not opposed to buying some skills if I can find a Sophie with some of the promoted class level 15 skills (Pavise). Looking for any advice besides "Just make Sophie and then go buy all the skills" (which is obvious) to make this skill set as easily obtained and streamed lined as possible while maxing Sophie's stats. Also, any advice on maximizing kids and tips for skill hunting (without using MyCastle) would be appreciated, as it would help me plan out other kids after Sophie. I just feel as if this game is not as intuitive as Awakening was with this stuff and is more confusing. Maybe I'm just getting old and stupid. Thank you! Tl;dr I don't like BR as much as Awakening - planning kids and skills is not as fun this time around. --- I want Avatar!Sophie. Avatar class at creation is Knight. Sophie ends as Paladin with Aegis, Pavise, Luna/Dragon Fang, Sol, Hoshidan Unity. Most efficient path to make this Sophie with maxed stats (aside from buying every skill from MyCastle)?
  4. Is there any way I can find a mod to amp up the lunatic difficulty in birthright?
  5. So basically I want everyone to make an avatar for a specific class line, and send me your castle address and I'll beat your team, pick your avatar, and use them in my run. 1. Jeff (Apothecary) by Me 2 . Lorelei (Troubadour) by @LoneStar 3. Madoka (Great Lord) by @AceDrake 4. Nora (Oni Savage) by TAR on Miiverse 5. Corrin (Knight) by Random Castle 6. Flynn (Outlaw) by Random Castle 7. Austin (Mercenary) by Random Castle
  6. I want to replay Birthright, I actually kinda like its characters and classes and I also never did a PMU so... here I am! I might post a playlog of sorts to relay my experience with your units if anyone is interested. THE RULES:-I will be using Corrin + 9 parent units + 6 children units; each user gets to pick one unit only-Children can be picked regardless of whether or not parents were picked (keep in mind they will be most likely be recruited in the last chapters though)-No capturing bosses-The first user gets to pick Corrin's sex, final class (it could be different from talent) and boon/bane, not their spouse; they may pass up the chance to do so obviously-DLC classes available: Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Vanguard, Great Lord, Lodestar, Witch-I reserve the right to class jump 1-3 levels in second tier to get a skill from another class tree (no Lv15 skills though)-No stupid crappy units please (no Berserker!Orochi or Onmyoji!Kaden)-I have to put units in their final classes as soon as possible (I reserve the right to scout in low level maps and eventually do the money DLC once to make up for lost gold unless someone can tell me a better way to support grind?) -Be creative and surprise me! PARENTS1. FalconKnight!MU (+Str/-Lck; Mercenary talent)2. MasterofArms!Subaki3. Hero!Saizo (S Avatar)4. MasterNinja!Azama (S Kagerou)5. GreatKnight!Rinkah (S Silas)6. Lodestar!Kaden7. Priestess!Sakura8. GreatLord!Oboro9. Witch!Scarlet10. Witch!HinokaChildren:1. HoshidoNoble!Asugi2. DreadFighter!Kagero!Mitama3. 4.5.6.
  7. So I bought Awakening a few years ago, recently I picked it back up and since I hadn't played it in awhile I played it all on Casual, I know, how dare I. But I figured with a long flight next week I should get another FE game as well, so I thought Fates would do the job. I'm not a die hard at the strategy of the game, I just play them for the story, as the plot, coupled with the character development makes for some good, deep story telling. So naturally I thought I'd get Birthright, but after looking more at the game it seemed really, not me. I like the atmosphere of Conquest, the characters look more appealing, and above all else taking down a corrupt system from the inside out sounds better than good kingdom vs bad kingdom. But that leads me to my main question, if I buy the game, and just want to get the story, is playing on Normal-Casual similar to how it was in Awakening? (Since the difficulty screen says Normal is more for beginners to the series) Or is it much harder than that? And if so, is Phoenix mode any better? Any help will do, Thanks.
  8. I'm replaying Conquest on Lunatic, and following the best marriage pairings guide here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/48u8b4/fe14_optimal_fates_pairings_birthright_conquest/ I have been Googling around for the best classes I should be working towards for each character, and skill sets for them... But I have only found this thread which didn't go anywhere: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73487346 Access to DLC and amiibo classes is fine, I'm very early into the game still with school keeping me busy, but have been trying to play around with different skill sets. Maybe this thread could develop into some fun discussion about classes and skill sets? Have you created or seen any interesting skill sets for characters via online battles that interested you? :)
  9. This is my version of a Birthright Tier List. The overall goal is to analyze a unit's effectiveness throughout the entire game and to differentiate units based off of stats and availability. I have played birthright twice on Lunatic so I have experience with a wide variety of characters and build paths. A couple things to note: I am omitting DLC and any stat boosters and arms scrolls when assessing characters. This is to get the least biased approach to each unit. However Invasions and limited skirmishes are acceptable. THis is what separates Birthright from Conquest and I think it is fair to once in a while participate in a skirmish battle whenever available and not abuse the system (i.e. not spending gold to force enemies to appear.) No skill inheritance and no reclassing except for master seals. Any additional information that does not affect the rankings comes after a : We all know that Ryoma makes this game really easy, even on Lunatic mode. So for this list, I judged units as if Ryoma never existed. I benched Ryoma to see how the other units would react and the game is quite more challenging without Lobster Lord (and chapter 25, the one with Camilla in the underground is one of the hardest levels in Fates with or without Ryoma.) You could make a whole separate list on which units benefit Ryoma the most but that isn’t the case here. You really get to see how other units shine when Ryoma isn’t in the fold. There is a giant drop off in viability from Ryoma to Corrin and another drop off from B-C tier or Azama to Hayato. One thing I noticed was that from Felicia to Azama, the units are very close together and there isn't as much of a gap as you might think. The goal of this list is to discuss the overall ability of characters. The best ability is availability. This is factored into the list as well. The list also is effort to reward as it discusses which characters will perform best with the least amount of resources (however it is not an LTC list). Obviously your opinion might differ from mine so discuss why you agree or disagree. Check out my Conquest Tier List https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/72009-conquest-tier-list-in-depth/ Now onto the list S+ Ryoma S Corrin S- Azura A+ Silas Scarlett Takumi A Hinoka Kagero Saizo A- Felicia 1 Oboro B+ Kaze Reina B Sakura Hana Jakub 1 Orochi B- Rinkah Kaden Azama C+ Hayato Subaki C Hinata C- Mozu D+ Izana Felicia 2 D Shura Jakub 2 Setsuna D- Yukimura S/God Tier/The overpowered tier where even if they get RNG screwed, remain elite and available throughout the game. Ryoma- The number 1 unit in the game (they call Birthright Ryoma Emblem for a reason) and he probably could make a run for the Fire Emblem Hall of Fame. He joins with amazing base stats and above average growths in most other areas. He is 1 level away from Astra (which is even stronger because of removal of weapon durability.) With a pair up unit, he can single handedly carry your team. His only knock is his pedestrian resistance growths, but his skill and luck are high enough that he dodges constantly from mages. On top of that his passive ability is pretty much a free crit, damage reduction, and damage buff. What is there not to like? He joins relatively late, but that isn’t too much of an issue. On top of that, Rajinto lets him attack from 1 or 2 spaces which is invaluable. Definitely the best unit in this game by a landslide. Corrin- You can shape him however you like and Yato is a very solid weapon even if it is locked to 1 range. Hoshidon Noble might have better skills that Nohr Noble, but rods over tomes is a huge downer. I can’t really recommend + magic because of that. I tend to go +speed -luck to match all the other units in the game with high speed. Either way, he/she is available for every level in the game so plenty of opportunities to overlevel. Azura- Dancer/Singer/Heron/Refresher of Fates. Always viable. Even though she is hella squishy, her offensive growths are actually good and could pick up a few kills in a pinch. Even though she is locked to C lances, her with a killer lance is surprisingly filthy. Her skill and luck make her dodge consistently and her 60+20% speed growth is absurd. Don’t rely on her fighting though as most physical units will 1 shot her: Consider temporarily reclassing her to a witch to get teleport. She can still use her refresh after teleporting to an ally. Just think about how busted that is. A tier/Tier 1/ Strong units that are extremely viable but RNG gods could prevent them from reaching their full potential. Silas- He is the anti-epitome of Birthright; meh speed and great defensively. He is one of the very few units that can truly excel at being a tank. On top of being the only cavalier unit in the game (without MC branch,) he is one of the highest movements for a non-flying unit. And he hits hard with his exceptional strength. As for promotions, both Paladin and Great Knight work but Great Knight helps him be the tank you desperately need. A whopping 4 out of the 29 Hoshidon classes give a defensive bonus of 15% or more (and yes Rinkah’s classes are 3 of those 4) and 40+20% is insane for this route. A staple for any team. Scarlett- Pretty much the only viable axe user before promotion and she comes in great shape. Excellent base stats with very high strength. On top of that she is the only unit that can go down the wyvern route in Birthright. She is one of the few candidates that can use the hammer obtained in Chapter 12 which is crucial considering the excess amount of armored units in the late game. She comes with a high base defense and her speed growths let her double consistently. She should fit into any team comp nicely. Takumi-We are assuming no Point Blank skill as with that he could rival Ryoma as the top unit potentially. Fujin Yumi is an amazing weapon and helps add a lot of value to a yumi user who is locked to 2 range. Insanely high skill and the special weapon helps make up for his average strength and relatively subpar speed. He is also surprisingly beefy for a yumi user and can take a few more hits than a majority of other units. Also, helps deal with the plethora of wyverns in the game. Overall a really good unit and with minimal protection can shred through the enemy: even if the Ballistician class is relatively underwhelming, Fujin Yumi makes him hit like a truck and can take out squishies with ease, if he gets in range that is. Hinoka- Joins with exceptional base stats and joins early. She is your only viable flying unit this early. She hits pretty hard and doubles consistently. She is a powerhouse late game as well as she scales well into the endgame and has solid defense and HP to compensate for the bow vulnerability. With a guard naginata, she will be one of your bulkier units. Works exceptionally well as a carrier as she can drop off slower movement units into the heart of the battle and fight alongside them. Her pair up gives a healthy balance of stats that are beneficial to a lot of units: Consider making her a Dark Falcon as well as her growths stay similar and her strength growths shifts to magic growths. Even if her magic growth is underwhelming, it is viable enough to make her a dual threat unit as she is one legitimate case of someone who can do that in this route. Even with the Galeforce nerfs, it still is a nice ability to shove in your back pocket. Kagero- Best strength growths by a longshot at a commanding 65%. On top of that she has great speed as ninjas have some of the best class speed growths in the game. However, she has comically bad HP and Defense stats. True definition of glass cannon. Her skill growth isn’t anything to gawk at either, but shurkiens are some of the most accurate weapons so that mitigates it a ton. A surprisingly exceptional mage killer as well as her 40% Resistance is second only to Orochi. She takes close to no damage from mages and her high damage output shred through the low defenses. Works amazingly as a Master Ninja even if Lethality is kind of wasted on her, Shurikenfaire makes her even more deadly. Will deal the highest damage output out of any unit in the game. As a pair up bot, she gives the much-needed strength growths that a lot of units could benefit from. Definitely has potential to be at least a top 5 unit in most playthroughs. Saizo- He has the best total growths in the entire game so that is definitely is vital. He is a pretty solid unit across the board but his biggest downfall is his pitiful speed at 30%. To be fair, the ninja class helps neutralize this weakness to some degree. He is a tanky unit in general and can take a decent amount of punishment. 45% magic growth is exceptional for a ninja as he is a solid dual threat option (although the only real option is a flame shuriken.) A thing to note is he joins with a measly 3 magic so it will take some time for him to build up his magic pool. He is probably the best candidate to make a Mechanist as his overall versatility lets you do more with Replicate and he is tanky enough to not get busted down if he is split up (although Master Ninja is almost always the way to go). You could knock him for being an all round unit as he won’t be the best at anything, but the versatility he brings is crucial to any team (and the fact that ninjas in general are strong) Felicia 1- Even with the abundance of early game rod users, what makes her stand out from the pact is her magic ability. She isn’t competing against strong magic competition overall and her early game availability sets her over the top. Although, until she gets the Flame Shuriken, she is rather underwhelming. But any damage is better than no damage (which is the case with both Azama and Sakura.) Overall a great support unit who can be an effective mage killer as well as pick off Generals later in the game. S rank rods also are a nice addition as well. Oboro- She has 40s across the board in the majority of her stats. She is the only Spear Master which benefits her greatly as she gets access to the highly coveted Lancefaire which increases her damage output significantly. Seal speed is a solid skill as well. Overall she is a good balance of attack and defense and can dodge a few hits as well. Unfortunately, there are not many Killer Lances in this game so getting your hands on one can be difficult, but her high ability to crit is also noticeable. Her passive is one of the best in the game as the vast majority of enemies faced are Nohrian in this route. Add all of that up and she hits extremely hard and can tank a solid number of hits as well. B tier/Tier 2/ Balanced tier that has viable units but weaknesses are more noticeable or units are outclassed by contemporaries Kaze- Out of the 3 ninjas he is by far the fastest. The problem is that it is usually overkill especially with Nohrian enemies being relatively slower. Other than that, he has very solid HP, Strength, and Resistance growths so he can also be a solid mage killer. Even with the high HP growths, he is still fragile due to his horrendous defensive growths. Kagero does his job better but with ninjas being so incredibly overpowered in this game, he won’t ever be a bad unit. SPOILER, on a lesser note, you must get an A support with the MC or he dies in chapter 15. It shouldn’t be too hard to do but if you ignore supports this can be detrimental as you lose a unit for nothing. Reina- Birthright did us the favour of giving us legendary prepromotes and Reina is definitely one of them. Even if her base stats are suspect for a prepromote, she has excellent growths in her 2 biggest stats, strength and speed. On top of that Chapter 11 is solely flying enemies so it is incredibly easy to get her a few levels. Her only knock is that she is terrible defensively and her growths won’t help her get much better here. She can use naginatas but it leaves her highly susceptible to counter attacks. It is easy to overextend with her but that leaves you increasingly vulnerable but if protected well enough, she can deal a ton of damage. Sakura- Her growths in magic and luck are excellent and she can surprisingly take a few more hits than expected with her adequate HP and defensive growths. Her biggest fault is being stuck on Shrine Maiden which also has limited movement (although festivals help counter this weakness a lot.) As for promotions, her as a priestess with a shining bow is incredibly filthy. She can double many enemies and on top of being able to attack from 1 or 2 spaces, it is incredibly versatile as well. However, getting C rank bows is so difficult as you are stuck with using physical bows for so long. For a more immediate impact, her as a Onimyoji is also a solid option as she can succeed with E rank tomes. Both options are viable but depending on if you want her to help you instantly, or more in the future: A couple of arm scrolls can speed up the process along on priestess and make it even more viable. When I am not using them, I tend to favor Onimyoji as I don’t want her to be useless for so long and the extra babying you must do as Priestess is too much for me. Hana- She is underappreciated mainly because she is often compared to Ryoma which is unfair. Even if Lobster Lord is better than her in every way, she is still incredibly lethal offensively. 55% Strength is the second highest and makes her hit incredibly hard. On top of that her speed at 55% is also well above average. However, she is made of glass. There is an incredibly high chance of her dying if hit with 2 strong attack. On top of that her early game is incredibly weak as it takes her a while to build up her skill pool. But after a bit of training, she can dodge pretty consistently and deal a ton of damage in the process. But a lot of luck is involved with her as she cannot get hit or she drops like a fly. Jakub 1- The thing that made him so amazing in Conquest hurts him tremendously in Birthright. With 3 other ninjas who use hidden weapons and can debuff, he is by far the weakest in that regard. On top of that, his low magic makes his healing even weaker (especially with festivals having less base heal than staffs.) With that being said, he is still a solid support unit and still has solid kill potential. He is also one of the most readily available units in the game so he has plenty of opportunities to be helpful. Oroichi- Her magic and skill are through the roof. She is a nuke that hits incredibly hard. Plus, the highest resistance growths in the game, she can also tank against mages incredibly well. With all of these amazing attributes it pains me to mention her nonexistent, sinful speed. 15% is so terrible that she gets doubled by godamn Generals. Especially with almost everyone else in the game having incredible speed, they are truly light years ahead in this area. Yes, she lands her hits and hits hard, but without being able to hit twice, her damage potential is wasted incredibly. But even with this terrible fault, she is still a solid magic user in a game lacking in that position and can be used as a long range nuke to weaken caught out enemies for other units to finish off. Rinkah- She really should be a lot lower but she has one saving grace; she is the only early game axe user. Until chapter 13 where you get Scarlett, you are stuck with her. Unless you somehow got Silas promoted which is highly unlikely, she is your main unit to deal with the endless waves of lance users. Her strength is also terrible. But her defense and skill are above average and can be used as an off tank. On top of that, she is the only unit able to promote into a Blacksmith (for better stats) or Oni Chieften (for amazing skills). Overall being an axe user and having access to exclusive classes helps save her from being hot garbage: The memes about Sakura being more jacked are actually justified as her strength growth is surprisingly higher than Rinkahs. Apparently, muscles don’t mean anything in Ryoma Emblem. Kaden- There is nothing to special about Kitsunes/Ninetails except for Beastbane which is a solid ability and Even Better which is incredibly busted. This ability gives him a bit of extra survivability as his defense his average. Overall speaking, his stats are average across the board but consistently doubles. Beaststone+ comes relatively late so that is something to factor in. Not a bad unit, but doesn’t bring anything special that another unit doesn’t already do. Azama- His growths are actually amazing. Amazing HP, Strength, Speed, and Defense growth. But unfortunately, he starts off locked onto rods, which scale off magic. Another unit’s potential wasted due to a terrible starting class. Consider master sealing him early as he is a very solid naginata user with the ability to double consistently. It’s a shame that his early levels plus rod abilities are wasted with his terrible magic growths. C Tier/ Tier 3/Requires a lot more work put into them or units that get outclassed due to bad growth distributions. Hayato- He has pretty average growths across the board except for Luck which is well above average. His early game is absolutely atrocious though. Joins incredibly underleveled with subpar base stats. His direct comparison is Orochi who joins 1 level earlier and far stronger. Maybe at 20/20 they are comparable but usually 1 Orochi hit equates to 2 Hayato hits if you look at the math. He has solid potential if enough resources are dedicated to him but even then, he is nothing special. Highest potential is a top 10 unit which is nothing to write home about. Subaki- It is complete irony that he is portrayed as a “perfect person” when in reality, he is one of the most imperfect units in the game. 30% strength and 20% is god awful and means he literally will not do any damage. 45% defense and 55% HP might make him into a viable tank and then you see the 5% resistance growths and wonder what they were thinking when they made this character. However, giving him a bolt naginata makes him marginally better as 20% magic is not too bad for a physical unit. But a bolt naginata works for a lot of other units like Hinoka, or Scarlet, or Azama, or Oboro, or even Azura. At best, he is a solid tank that needs to stay miles away from mages. Hinata- His stats are all over the place. Until you reach his speed at 15% …as a samurai…whose MO is to double enemies. He has good defense but is literally shoved into the worst class as both Swordmaster and Master of Arms are not tanky classes. And 35% strength is nothing to write home about either. Although to his credit, he joins with 14 base speed so he will be a lot more useful off the bat than Hana, but she literally needs a few levels before she starts running circles around Hinata. He also is one of the worst characters in the end game as his scaling will catch up to him and his high base speed will get ousted by literally every other unit. Useful due to his high base stats he joins at but he will fall off a cliff real fast. Mozu- Very similar to Hayato except that she is locked to lances so she can’t even hit from a range until she gets D rank javelin. The one thing going for her is access to the Merchant class which no one else has access to even if it is a gimmicky class. Spendthrift is a sketchy ability but if used correctly can be game changing. With more areas to train, she is a little more viable in Birthright. But even with her above average growths and aptitude (which only equals to 1 extra point every 10 levels), she requires way too much effort to get the ball rolling and you are better off using the exp on someone else. D Tier/ Tier 4/ Joins late and terribly under leveled. Requires too much effort for too little gain Izana- A solid unit to slot in the bottom of your team if too many units die. He joins underleveled and almost every unit will be higher level than him. Can be a solid mage if your other mages didn’t pan out (which surprisingly happens very easily), he can be a niche magic user which are barren in this route. Felicia 2- Another healer is always welcome and another magic user couldn’t come quickly enough. Unfortunately, she is incredibly underleveled and needs a lot of staff spamming to catch up to the rest of the team. Shura- He wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t join in Chapter 22. Even if he isn’t underleveled, his stats are just bad and he doesn’t provide anything to the team besides maybe a marginal healer. Having too many bow users on your team leaves you incredibly vulnerable and he really isn’t worth running over Takumi or Reina. Jakub 2- Similar to Felicia 2, really underleveld. On top of that, he scales off of strength and not magic which hurts his healing ability tremendously. His debuffs are helpful but gets outshined by the other ninjas who are far ahead. Setsuna- The only things she excels at are speed (which is number 1) and resistance. Every other stat is terrible. She is so fragile that she could die to 1 ballista shot if they let them kill in this game. Additonally her strength is terrible and struggles to deal significant damage to wyverns (where there is a 3x multiplier.) She can be used exclusively as a mage killer at best. Especially with all the amazing yumi users in this game, she gets outclassed by a mile: A shame because she probably was one of the funniest characters in Birthright in a route that lacked intriguing personalities in general. Yukimura- Just don’t even bother. He isn’t worth the time. Terrible stats and joins at Chapter 23 at the earliest. To be fair his passive gives +5 hit rate to all units which is one of the better personal abilities. But if you are not running him for that then there is 0 reason to use him. And replicating trash just gets you more trash so don’t be deceived by that ability.
  10. Hi, Folks! I literally just made this account so I could ask this question. Fire emblem has always been my favorite video games series and I've played every western release. Slowly playing some of the older games on an emulator on my phone. I just want you to know where I'm coming from where I ask this question. What do you think of Fire Emblem Fates? I've play pretty much fire emblem on hard difficulty cause I like a challenge and I've been doing so with fates. I was stoked when I learned the series was on its last legs but was revitalized with Awakening. I felt the devs would get the budget they deserve and I had huge expectations. I bought all versions of Fates, BUT I'm only the last chapter of brithright, which I haven't enjoyed all that much because it is considerably easy. And I haven't beaten it a year later because I got to chapter 26 and one shot Xander and beat the level and now I'm slightly underleveled for the final level and I didn't want to grind so I went over to conquest which I find much more engaging. The challenge there is great and I feel very invested in it because I like all the characters and the stakes seem real because of how limited the game is in helping you. It has taken me a LONG time to work through certain levels of conquest, and I'm trying to match everyone up. That said the story has yet to land for me. I despise Corrin as a wimpy character, and the narrative hasn't paid off in either game. I assumed it would it revelations but recently I saw some fans in comments on a trailer saying you're better off not playing revelations because it is so bad. The game got critical success but I mostly just play fire emblem for myself so it has been weird to be so unsatisfied with the game. So now I'm at the one place on the internet where I know people who know what they're talking about are and I want to ask what does everyone think of this game? Do you like it? Do you hate it? And why? In a strange way I feel like if someone could point out its flaws to me it would be easier for me to come to terms with it.
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my newest Fire Emblem VO interview with all of you. This time, I heard from Julie Ann Taylor, who voiced Cordelia and Severa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Selena, Flora, and Caeldori in Fire Emblem Fates, and Linde in Fire Emblem Heroes. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-julie-anne-taylor-fire-emblems-selena She's been working in the industry since the late 80's and had lots to say about her experiences in the recording booth as well as which of her characters she relates to the most. I especially enjoyed the insights she had on voicing Severa and Cordelia, and the interview mainly focuses on those two characters in addition to their Fates "doppelgangers," She even had stuff to say about Bride Cordelia's appearance in Heroes' Bridal Blessings Banner. Hope you enjoy! It was a blast to conduct!
  12. So I'm finally getting back into Birthright and I was wondering which BR characters are best with which DLC classes. I've tried looking through the forums but usually the answers are for children or Nohr characters, so I was hoping you guys could help me out. It's still early game so everyone on the BR path is an option, although Mozu and Kagero are already Dread Fighters, and I'd rather not use any special classes on Corrin. Children aren't really a consideration unless they would really excel in a class regardless of their parents, because I tend to pair people up for LOVE and not eugenics the first time. Shush. With all that in mind, who would you suggest I make these classes? -Great Lord -Lodestar -Dark Falcon -Grandmaster -Vanguard -Witch -Ballistician Thanks for all you help, Serenes.
  13. I'm on chapter 26 of Birthright and should finish it by tomorrow, so I'm already gonna create the topic so I can jump to it right after I finish the game! - 14 units (Avatar + 13). I see everyone going for 16, but only chapter 26 and Endgame allow for it, and the previous 2-3 chapters go with 15. The rest between 12-14. 14 allows (probably and hopefully) for every unit chosen to always be on the field, instead of only for the last 5% of the game. Who likes to warm the bench, right? - Any class (tell me if they need specific pairings). For DLC classes, I only have the free ones (Lodestar, Great Lord and Witch OR Ballistician and 2 Dread Fighter Scroll from Path Bonuses) - I think Lottery Shop, convo items and leveling Lilith for gold bars are fine? - If you want someone wearing a particular set of accessories, say it! You will probably need to send them though, as I can't visit other castles for resources. I will post pictures. So, go! 01- Corrin (Onmyoji with +STR/-SPD) 02- Hinoka (Great Lord) 03- Sakura (Dread Fighter) 04- Orochi (Spear Master - A+ with Oboro) 05- Felicia (Maid) 06- Subaki (Swordmaster) 07- Ryoma (Sniper - A+ with Takumi) 08- Azura (Basara - S with Corrin, Hayato or Kaden) 09- Scarlet (Witch)... Scarlet Witch...Marvel would be proud. 10- Kagero (Onmyoji) 11- Oboro (Master of Arms - S with Hinata or Ryoma) 12- Azama (Onmyoji) 13- Hayato (Blacksmith) 14- Setsuna (Basara - S with Kaden, Hayato or Corrin)
  14. I'm curious, what do the modifiers for F!Kana look like if her parents are Scarlet and a +Spd/-Luck Samurai Corrin? I've looked at a couple of things and I think I understand what they would look like but I'd like some confirmation. Also, what would be the best skills for Kana to inherit?
  15. I am planning to do an avatar only run of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. If you are interested in submitting your Avatar here are the rules:1. I will take up to 15 Avatars for my team. Therefore, any unit that you submit has to be in a base class with a max level of 10.2. Up to two units of the same class can be used. I will keep an updated list of the units and the classes that have been taken. Any class can be including DLC classes and the Avatar class.3. Up to 3 Avatars can be submitted per person.4. My castle is a North American castle, so I can only accept units that are also from North America.To submit an Avatar, follow these steps:1. Choose Branch of Fate in the main menu.2. Create the unit.3. Choose whichever side.4. If you can, boost your unit with Dragon Herbs and Boots.5. If your unit will be a class except the avatar class, re-class them into the class beforehand.6. Equip with unit with any skills you want, including DLC skills7. Post your My Castle Address here with the unit’s boon and bane and the class you would like me to promote the unit.If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer as soon as I can.I will have this open in the Fire Emblem Amino, Fire Emblem reddit, and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest Gamefaqs Boards, so if you want to submit there feel free to do so.Current Units:1. Nino (+Mag,-Str) Lvl. 8 Dark Mage by BladeThePieEater (Amino)2. Cynthia (+HP, -Res)Lvl. 10 Troubadour by PaladinGabe (Amino) 3. Ulysses (+Mag, -Res) Lv. 10 Wyvern Rider by Quinnfy 4. Collin (+Skl, -Mag) Lv. 10 Mercenary by Collin1002 5. Gabe (+HP, -Res) Lvl. 9 Cavalier by PaladinGabe (Amino) 6. Ashie (+Str, -Lck) Lvl.10 Outlaw by vampragonlord (Gamefaqs) 7. Yuzuriha (+Spd, -Mag) Lvl. 1 Swordmaster (promoted at level 10 so it still counts) by private_pwnge (Gamefaqs)8. Evan (+Str, -Lck) Lvl. 10 Spear Fighter by EarthAdept (Gamefaqs)9. Harriet (+Lck, -Res) Lvl. 11 Archer by Soulavenger69 (Gamefaqs)10. Cynthia (+HP, -Res)Lvl. 10 Dark Mage by PaladinGabe (Amino)11. Kellam (+Def, -Mag) Lv. 9 Knight by flareblitz64 (Gamefaqs)12. Glade (+HP, -Mag) Lv.10 Cavalier by Reyvadinvmax (Reddit)13. Vance (+Spd, -HP) Lvl. 8 Sky Knight by ImNotASadist (Reddit)14. Granuaile (+Spd, -HP) Lvl. 9 Oni Savage by Owain's our Main (Amino)15. Cypher (+Def/-Mag) Lvl. 10 Sky Knight by Solocross (Gamefaqs) EDIT: I have all the units I need! Thank you so much for your help guys!
  16. I've already played through both Conquest and Revelations (I really regret buying Revelations in all honesty) and I'm curious. Is Birthright REALLY worth it? From what I've heard, it's too easy, and the story is almost as bad as Revelations plot. I'm really only considering purchasing it for the path bonuses at this point because I really don't see it being anything special. Figured I'd post about it though, to see what other people though in comparison to what I think. Thanks! :)
  17. Fire Emblem Fates is a game that takes place in a fantasy world, but not in a fantasy like we'd expect it to: The three “paths” Corrin can choose from are meaningless, for every one of those alleged “paths” are just merely illusions-they’ve never happened; post-chapter 2, every new character you met, every battle, every victory, every fond memories with other characters, and every relationship or marriage doesn’t exist outside of Corrin’s tragically damaged mind; however, this theory posits that they all “took place” in the same timeline. What do we really know about Corrin? Corrin is a person who is part of the Norian Royal Family who was isolated from everyone, even their own siblings, Corrin’s family. Corrin receives little to no attention or affection from other human beings at all. In fact during chapter 2, as further proof of Corrin's not only lack of affection, but domestic abuse, Corrin's big brother, Xander, even strikes Corrin with the Siegfried when Corrin refuses to carry out Garon's orders to execute some criminals. More on this later. Any human being, even those who are naturally sane, who are isolated for long periods of time have a tendency to eventually go mad. Combine this with the fact that Corrin was isolated from their Royal Siblings, which suggests that despite their healthy physical body, there was something about Corrin which was “defective” to King Garon that wasn’t do to with any their physical body’s ability: it was Corrin's mind that was defective; to be specific, schizophrenia. The player is later told that Corrin was actually born in Hoshido to Queen Mikoto, and was kidnapped as a child by King Garon, and that Corrin has dreams of their “previous siblings.” However these “dreams” are nothing more than the product of a troubled schizophrenic mind trying to escape reality. In chapter 2, King Garon tries to give his mentally defective child a chance to be like their siblings by giving Corrin a simple task to execute some troublemakers, 2 of which includes Kaze and Rinka. For all we know, they could indeed be cruel savage criminals and they rightfully deserve their executions; however, since we are playing from Corrin’s perspective, we see through Corrin’s point of view, where Kaze and Rinkah are innocent people; Corrin felt like a prisoner their whole life, so maybe felt a little of their own self in them. Kaze only said he knew Corrin because Kaze is a very intelligent and professional con man who has a lot of experience in taking advantage over others before, and he could tell by Corrin's body language that Corrin was a mentally/emotionally weak person, and tried taking them as a way for self-preservation. The last true thing to occur in Fates was Corrin’s failure to execute the prisoners. However, this is when the fantasy begins: while we see Leo step in and “save” Kaze and Rinkah, that incident was, in actuality, a shield put up by Corrin’s mentally ill mind; in truth, Leo executed both of them. What actually happened at that moment was that Corrin had a nervous breakdown and was finally isolated for good in a secure room in the Nohrian Castle. During/After this breakdown, the rest of “Fates” occurs. Now, about Corrin’s “retainers.” Throughout Fates, we are told that the role of retainers was to protect their master with their life. Every Royal is assigned two retainers. However, for apparently no reason given, Corrin is given 4 retainers. Not only that, but they were people who were not ideal for combat: an old man far past his prime, a butler, and some maids (one of which could also be a hallucination), instead of typical warriors or bodyguards. In Fates, Maids and Butlers are not just people who help clean and cook meals, but they are also healers, thus they also take the role as nurses. Retainers are again, assigned with protecting their master’s life: now consider this: what if the job of Corrin’s retainers wasn’t protecting Corrin from outside threats, but rather from Corrin's own self, such as mental breakdowns and mad episodes? Now, try to remember the first cutscene after the prologue after one of Corrin’s dreams: Corrin wakes in a bed surrounded by people taking the role of nurses; if that doesn’t say mental illness, then I don’t know what does. Back in a dark room in a castle tower where Corrin is kept for the rest of their life, Corrin descends into madness and imagines the rest of Fates. The battles Corrin wins, the people Corrin meets, the relationships Corrin and their compatriots forge, everything is just in Corrin's mind as a way to keep their own sanity and as a coping mechanism. Corrin's schizophrenic mind came up with the idea that they weren’t born in Nohr stemming from their desire that they wish they were born to their father's enemies as a resentment from being isolated their whole life. The memory of being kidnapped was created out of Corrin’s hatred for their father. Every character besides those Corrin previously met before the end of chapter two don’t exist and were made in Corrin’s mind as parts of Corrin's own self. Corrin’s emotional turmoil is so great that Corrin actually feels as if they turn into a dragon when they have a mental/emotional breakdown. Valla does not exist, it is another fantasy created in Corrin’s mind to appease their fantasy family with Corrin’s real Nohrian family. The kindness that Corrin's siblings showed Corrin stemmed from Corrin's inner desire to be loved by their own siblings. Every battle Corrin fought in was an inner battle, a battle with their inner pain. Every character, hero, villain, and anything in between met post chapter 2 represents a separate part of Corrin’s mind. Every heroic moment and triumph was meant for Corrin to give themselves a sense of self-importance and heroism instead of their stark reality of not being a "chosen one," but the opposite; being born mentally impaired. Outside of Corrin’s damaged, mentally ill mad delusions, Corrin is all alone in a dark room with no social interactions at all aside from being fed bread and water a couple times every day. Unless you count the occasional rats that comes to eat some of the crumbs from Corrin's bread, Corrin has made no friends whatsoever. What comes after Corrin's Revelations delusion, you may ask? Quite simply, more delusions for Corrin's coping mechanism: should that fail, then without any help or any social interactions besides rats, Corrin may terminate their self from a self-inflicted injury or injuries. In short, Fire Emblem Fates (insert path here) has a profound storyline which explores the delusional world of an emotionally and mentally abused socially isolated schizophrenic who was lucky enough to be born into royalty but not lucky enough to be born into a civilization with a better understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.
  18. Just curious. Not much else to say. EDIT: For those wondering, I'm the cunt that finished Revelation first.
  19. Leave your corrin, castle address and lvl/class in this post! Corrin: Eliz Class: A fighter Special skill?: Vantage Level: 10 Best to recruit: start of the game Castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Have fun guys :D
  20. I just started writing for a new website, and I was lucky enough to interview the immensely talented Rena Strober. Sharing the link with everybody because I figured I'd find plenty of fellow Fates and Rena fans here! Hope you enjoy! https://comedyngaming.com/anime/interview-rena-strober-voice-azura-fire-emblem-fates
  21. I received Birthright and Conquest as separate games/cartridges for my birthday a little while ago and I've beaten Birthright and Conquest. I recently purchased Revelations through my Birthright cartridge and it really annoys me that when I check the records hall it shows my Revelation and Birthright cutscenes, but not the Conquest ones. Is there any way to somehow save my file or the cutscenes themselves from Conquest to my DS so that I can watch all three sets of cutscenes on the one cartridge?
  22. Hey guys! I've trying to do an all Corrin run LP of Birthright for my channel but I'm lacking Corrins so someone suggested I try using Serene's for finding Corrins for the playthrough, if anyone would be willing to help me I would really appreciate it! I typed up the rules below (US Corrins) 1) All Corrins must be Lv10 and already classed changed, any class even hacked classes like Wolfskin and Songstress will be allowed with the exception of final boss classes like Empty Vessel, Garon Dragon and Silent Dragon, as well as no Great Lords because that is my Corrin's class and I want her to be the only GL. 2) Your Corrin can have 1 extra skill that isn't tied to the class (they can keep Nobility and Dragon Fang though). Any extra skill is allowed with the exception of Bold Stance and Dragonskin 3)The only stat boosters I will allow will be an Arms Scroll if your Corrin is not in a sword based class like Mercenary or Samurai or 1 pair of boots if your Corrin is a knight 4) Please make it so you set your castle defense units away from the throne and set tactics to hold for an easy capture, also make sure your Corrin has no equipment 5) Try to make the Corrins unique, not just overpowered, yet still usable, you could even make units based on past units (Ex: A luk+ Cav Corrin with Miracle based on Finn)
  23. By recruitment swap, I mean CQ characters will be recruited instead of BR characters. Characters will be replaced with their counterparts from CQ, and their counterparts get the same base stats and starting items as their CQ incarnations, with the same supports as CQ. For Neutrals, they have the same recruitment time as normal. With Rev supports. E.g Ryoma -> Xander Takumi -> Leo Sakura -> Elise Hinoka -> Camilla (LOL) Retainers of BR royal -> Retainer of counterpart CQ Royal Yukimura -> Flora Scarlet -> Gunter (Mid game pre-promote...) Hayato -> Nyx Also, because these have no apparent counterpart: Orochi -> Charlotte Rinkah -> Benny Edit: Thanks to Alastor15243 for pointing out an error of mine.
  24. I was playing Birthright with Hayato as an Onmyoji. He was level 6 and had learned all the usual skills for his class path (Mag+2, Future Sight, Rally Magic) But when he reached level 7, he learned miracle, and then rally luck on level 8! So tbh I dont see how this can happen. Although the Onmyoji class is a promotion from both Diviner and Monk classes, the first class in Hayato's class set is diviner (and he doesnt have access to the Monk class by default). Also, he didn't use any seal apart from the master seal used to promote him. Maybe the fact that he married Sakura had an influence in some way? I'd be happy to know if anyone has insights about this.
  25. So I know theres a hack to change hair colours, classes, items, etc. but is there a hack to change corrins face to any of the other ones mid game? I want to change my avatars face but I don't want to restart my save file.
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