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Found 8 results

  1. So I made a custom map sprite for the black knight, but I have no idea how to edit the lance to a sword or adding in the cape. I just used 3dpaint to do a pixel by pixel edit of a general map sprite. Well, here's the sprites, can someone help me change the lance to a sword and add a cape?
  2. Wow, I mean wow Apparently this mobile is successful that they can advertise by television. That's nuts!
  3. What I'm gonna do to Awakening/Fates characters if the BK is added in....
  4. A year ago my friend The Jonin Monkey reviewed the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and, in a supplemental video, touched on what made Ike's character in particular special, both of which I helped record footage for, and voiced Soren in the first. Today, he takes a look at the narrative of it's highly divisive sequel, Radiant Dawn, with it's own supplemental video dedicated to the infamous Blood Pact. Both videos I once again helped record footage for, on top of casting and directing VAs for dialogue scenes and editing the blood pact video. This has therefore been a pet project of ours for a while now and we'd appreciate any feedback we can get, so be sure to give it a watch and tell me what you think:
  5. So yeah I know its impossible on easy and normal but can anyone scratch him in hard mode like Jarad. If so what's his retreat like ( I assume he retreats as he's really plot essential).
  6. Does anyone have a patch for the gba games with ike and black knight in them that i can use?
  7. A friend of mine put together a review for the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I recorded most of the footage for this review and I also provided a voice for Soren. He'd really appreciate any feedback you have to help make his upcoming review of the sequel, Radiant Dawn, even better, so give it a watch if you have the time: Main review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asDxyhYIkfY Supplemental character study of Ike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joPOFHTItF0
  8. I'm curious about something. I'm fairly sure I already know the answer, but I thought I'd just confirm. In chapter 24 (or whichever one it is where you rescue Geoffrey), is it possible to defeat the Black Knight? I tried to see what Soren's damage (mag. 30 + Elwind) against the BK's 22 res., and it came out zero. So I'm assuming that only Ike can damage BK. But Ike doesn't have Ragnell at this point, so is the only thing you can do with the BK in that chapter run like hell?
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