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Found 7 results

  1. I forgot why I hated this game so I started playing it again, on chapter 14x Im tired of this game's shit again Why does every fucking enemy consistently hit me at extremely low hit percents? I dont mean like getting hit once or twice from 40%, because that's reasonable, Im talking about getting hit at 12% multiple times from different enemies... then I cant hit at 80%, ok game. 4 characters I was building died bc apparently every enemy has the accuracy of a god and the game displays it as "Lmao, 20%, that aint gonna hit you" I hope Im not just extremely, EXTREMELY unlucky, I hope this aint just me
  2. Inspired by GrandeRampel's Genealogy topic (which you can find here: CLICK ME!), I decided to do this one since Blazing Blade (that is, FE 7) is my favorite game in the series. No, I don't think BB should be the next banner on the 23rd or November 9th, there's a couple other games that should get a banner first, such as Binding Blade, Thracia, or Tellius. But for whenever we do get another Blazing Blade banner, who do you think should be on it? Rules: -Assume 3 characters on the banner, 1 GHB, and 1 TT -No alts -I realize it might be difficult coming up with much of a themed banner given the characters that still have to be added to the game, but please try to be at least semi-realistic I think the next batch of Blazing Blade heroes should be Isadora, Heath, and Renault on the banner, Vaida as the GHB, and Harken as the TT unit. There are a great many prominent characters still not in the game, such as Nils, Pent, and Nergal, but I feel like all of them are for sure gonna get into the game sooner rather than later. So, I want them to dig a bit deeper into the cast. Isadora would be a sword cavalry unit and the star of the banner, the female they buff up to draw attention to the banner. Heath would be a lance wyvern unit and possible co-star due to lack of lance wyverns in the regular summoning pool, and Renault would be a colorless staff unit and the most likely to demote. These three are together because Isadora and Heath are recruited on the same chapter, and Renault is connected to Isadora through some surprisingly deep support conversations. Vaida could fit as the GHB unit due to her connection to Heath, and it sort of fits with her character in BB as she started out as an enemy in the story before reluctantly joining you. She'd also likely be another lance wyvern. Harken is obviously connected to Isadora as the two are lovers, and he could slide into the TT slot without much fuss thanks to there already being so many infantry sword units in the regular summoning pool already.
  3. Hello everyone! As the title says I am doing a Hector Harem run of Blazing Sword on hard mode, using this hack: http://feshrine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=6173 This is so I have access to a thief. I welcome you all to take a look. The link to my Let's Play channel is in my signature. Have a radical day. :) Gryphon
  4. Fire Emblem - Origins v1.0 A Blazing Sword ROM hack by Strict_Gryphon90 Foreword: Exactly 3 months ago (July 19th 2015) I started working on this hack knowing absolutely nothing about ROM hacking. And now, with great joy, I present to you the fruit of those 3 months of work. I hope you enjoy playing this hack as much as I enjoyed making it. As of this release the prologue through chapter 3 has been fully completed. The maps for chapters 4 and 5 are complete and in the game but do not contain any dialogue. I wanted to have chapters 4 and 5 finished for this release but I wasn't able to do so before my deadline. This upcoming school week (week of Monday 10/19/2015) is midterm week, and I also have a long paper due shortly after, so after today I won't be working on this hack for about 2 weeks. I decided to release whatever I had done before then. After my busy time is over, I will resume work on this hack with all the same dedication as the past 3 months. Quick Note About the Mugs and Animations: As of yet I do not have any custom mugs or animations, and so I am using default resources as placeholders. I do have someone working on the mugs, but they've been feeling ill the past couple of weeks and haven't had the chance to get them done. Rest assured I will insert the custom mugs as I receive them, and also the custom animations as soon as I find someone who can do them. Story: Main Characters: Screenshots (Thanks to Pixelman): Chapter Maps: Changes: Plans for v1.1: Plans for v2.0: Things You Should Know About Chapters 4 and 5 (because of lack of dialogue): Credits: If I forgot anything I'll add it as soon as I remember. If I forgot something or gave the wrong credit, let me know and I will fix it. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/frghe8jlrjga2lh/FEOv1.ups?dl=0 Base Stats/Growth Rates for Player Characters and Generics: The player character section on base stats is not entirely up to date, but the growth rates are. Also, I use Apache OpenOffice instead of Excel, so you'll need that program to open it. Don't worry it's free. https://www.dropbox.com/s/frjr0s32vcde5ui/Character%20Stats.ods?dl=0 Original Post: Gryphon
  5. Have any of you seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6So666eZwg Some really gnarly stuff going on here. Enjoy. :)
  6. Hello everyone, I made an FE7 template for myself to help me keep things organized and to not have to type the same things each time I write a new script. It also includes sections for tile changes and setting up enemy escape points. I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else can make use of it. Here it is: Let me know if you have any questions or if I made any mistakes. Hope you get a good use out of it, Gryphon
  7. Doing a fan-dub of a few of my favourite scenes from Fire Emblem 7, but I'd like to include more fan favourites. These are the scenes I have so far: Lyn's Story: Footsteps of fate - Sain and Kent's Introduction Band of mercenaries - Lyn's speech (Added by request of a friend of mine) Beyond the borders - Erk and Serra's introduction Blood of Pride - Matthew's introduction Siblings Abroad - Nils + Ninian's introduction + Matthew and Hector's scene + Eliwood's introduction A Grim Reunion - Wallace's introduction + Lundgren and Hausen's scene The distant Plains - End of Lyn's Story E+H's Story: E+H's departure Merlinus sidequest End of "False Friends" End of "The Noble Lady of Cealin" End of "Whereabouts Unknown" Lyn and Hector's scene in "Pirate Ship" "The Dread Isle" - Nergal's introduction, Leila's Death, Discovery of Leila's Body Beginning and end of "The Dragon's Gate" End of "A new resolve" "Kinship's Bond" - Black Fang Meeting and Meeting with Uther "Genesis" - Athos's Introduction "Four-fanged offense" Linus' attack, Linus' death, Nino and Jaffar in the house "Battle before dawn" - Zephiel's prayer, Hector confronting Jaffar, Hellene's scene "Night of Farewells" - Nino confronts Sonia, Farewell to the Black Fang "Cog of Destiny" - Lloyd and Nino talk, Bramimond's introduction, Ninian's abduction "Valourous Roland/The Berserker" - Ninian's Death "Sands of Time" - Athos's story + Revelation of Uther's Death Hector's talk with oswin and Lyn in "Battle Preparations" End of "Victory or Death" "Light" Full chapter Epilogue, E+H's perspective Final (Because Spoilers): Ch 19xx - Nergal's painting Supports: Eliwood x Ninian Hector x Lyn Renaud (Renault) x Lucius Jaffer x Nino Kent x Sain Serra x Matthew Matthew x Jaffer Sain x Serra (Request from cast members) One or two of Legault's supports (haven't decided yet) Feel free to let me know if that cover the basics, or if they are glaring omissions you'd like to see fan-dubbed. Bear in mind it's the PAL version of the game without the grown-up Hector and Eliwood scene with Roy and Lilina at the end, and that this is not a full walkthrough style fan-dub, just a highlight reel. I'd like to do the beginning of "Unfulfilled Heart" as well, but I don't have a voice actor to play Desmond.
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