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  1. I'm trying to create my own custom Mugshot or face sprite whichever name you prefer. I know you can just edit and photo shop the characters from the game but I wanted a pure custom one. So I created a face, but now I cant find any information on how to size it and make it into a full fire emblem face sprite. I'm looking for an easy simple way but if I must I'll go the hard way. Maybe I'm missing something super obvious. If I am I'm sorry >.< I'm still quite a noob at this hacking stuff so please bare with me. If anyone knows a site,program, or a diagram that will help me figure out the size and the cutting of the face along with the chibi face size please do tell. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hey there, I was hoping you guys could help me with the Tactician sprite in FE7. I know there is no sprite except for the map only and it does not fight. I tried looking for that sprite in the rom it self so I could rip it and form a fighting sprite but I can't seem to find it. I tried looking online to but still had no success. Does anyone have a link to the original Tactician map sprite? Or perhaps one similar to the tactician in FE7 so it would be easier to alter it to look like the original map sprite. If I perhaps missed something and there is a way to rip the map sprite from the game please do tell. I'm a still a bit of a noob at this sorry >.<. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section in advance. After scouring the internet for several hours, it seems save files for FE7 are few and far between. Would anyone happen to have a clean sav. file with the bonus disk content and all supports/cg images/sound room? I tried using dolphin and vba but I couldn't get it to work to install the bonus disk. The completionist in me wants to try and S rank all the modes again and have them on record, so hard modes unlocked aren't necessary I can do that on my own but I don't want to grind supports for days once more. I would really appreciate it, thank you!!
  4. I've hacked a copy of FE7 quite a bit, and I used the Tutorial killer ups to get those events out of the way. However, it might be some mistake I've done, or perhaps I had a bad version of the the tutorial slayer, but I'm currently stuck on chapter 7 as defeating Heinz(the win condition) doesn't end the chapter. How do I fix this?
  5. Hi there! My name is AMH9000 and I have created a mod for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. (Made for any hard mode) Download it here --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/02spl31bqljg2pi/Fire Emblem - The Blazing Blade - AMH9000's Mod.ups?dl=0 (tell me if something stupid happens to this link) The amount of changes I made were... minuscule to say the very least. Changes were made only to character's starting stats and their growths. Some were drastic (compared to the other changes), others were small, and most of them probably changed nothing. I attempted to change the levels of some characters but it never wanted to work no matter how hard I tried. :( I guess some of you want to know what the big changes were, so I'll put 'em in a spoiler, but there's only 3 I can think of as "big" changes. Now for the part that'll probably send about 80% of you away... I only worked on the Lyn's Story characters so the only things that are different in this patch happen in Lyn's 10 chapter story. sucks, I know, but this is my first Fire Emblem patch ever and I worked "hard" on it. It took me about 4 hours to make this so... I'm slightly proud of me. So, to the 4% of you that clicked on this thread that aren't considering leaving down a hate comment, have fun. As for the 16%... try first, and then leave down a hate comment if you REALLY want to.
  6. OK to summarise the run - I can only use the following units: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector. I am on chapter 20 with the following team (I didn't really use Raven :/) Eliwood L16 | Hector L17 | Lyn L20 | Lowen L19 | Oswin L20 | Guy L18 | Serra L11 | Priscilla L 7 | Kent L20 | Florina L19 However I have no clue if Serra and Priscilla should be higher levels (Since I am not abusing bosses or arena), and if I should promote them early to compensate this. Any opinions? Extra: I have only 1 knight crest at the moment, who should get it? Oswin Lowen or Kent? (Lowen got better lvl ups than kent :/ )
  7. Back at it again with hot content nobody cares about, I went and compiled a complete chart of the affinity yields of every possible birth month/blood type combination in FE7. And yeah, there's exactly one combination out of the possible 48 that actually yields Darkness. It's up to you if you actually wanna put this on the site or not, but uh, here it is, if you decide to.
  8. I have decided to use the program Nightmare recently on Fire Emblem:Blazing Sword to create a new, unique experience for me within the game. However, I have a few questions regarding it and I am having some problems with the program that I would like to get resolved asap. 1.Every time I edit the map music, after an animation is started, the music is cut out and won't come back until the next phase. How do I fix this? 2.I was using a randomized rom of FE7 because I saw my base class for Lowen was archer and I wanted to make him a mercenary. If I want to do this, do I have to use a regular rom for FE7 without messing with it or there another way? 3.How do I increase the enemy growth rate's of characters without using the Randomizer and how do I activate Hard Mode Bonuses on Eliwood Hard Mode? Thank you for taking your time for reading this and helping me out with these Nightmare problems. Its just that this is quite a "nightmare" for me! lol
  9. So a friend of mine and I have been doing a bunch of Fire Emblem Randomizer streams and I've been "regularly" uploading edited versions of them onto my youtube channel. We completed Sacred Stones which was our first run not too long ago and moved onto Blazing Sword which was up until recently my favorite FE game. I figured may as well try and like advertise since there's a sub-forum for that. Couple things to know going in, I'm not amazing at Fire Emblem so if you're super amazing at them I may occasionally do something stupid and I apologize for that. We swear a lot, and I know a lot of people here probably have heard most of the stuff we say before but some people may not like that so warning ahead of time that we're not exactly PG. We also engage in a bit of the dark/offensive humor from time to time, nothing like super over the top so I don't think too many people would take anything we say seriously but just fair warning. Anyways, here's the first part. I've randomized almost everything; recruitment order, bases, growths, classes, affinity, move, con, etc. The only thing I didn't randomize were item stats. No increased growths or anything either since I'm not that good and have nothing to prove. The plan is to do Lyn and Eliwood's story on normal, again because I'm not great. Also any criticism anyone could give for how to perhaps make my videos better is always appreciated. I wanna improve so I can do a better job as an entertainer so even if it's just a minor detail I can fix please let me know. We also stream on my friend's channel Sundays at 3PM EST but we're both busy guys so our schedules often don't align so sadly that's not a consistent schedule, just the schedule we try for. https://www.youtube.com/user/Danetothemax Also my friend hates his URL so if you could tease him ceaselessly that would be great.
  10. I have a problem with using the Item Editor module on Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. I want to give certain weapons the unlimited usage and like make them unsellable. But when I use Nightmare and the Item Editor to click on any weapon under "Weapon Ability 1", there's no "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", no "Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic, no "Unsellable Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. It's all negative values but with just "Indestructible", "Weapon", "Magic", "Unsellable" listed. Giving a weapon or magic the option: "Indestructible" won't give it unlimited uses, but it makes it completely unusable. I don't have this problem with Fire Emblem: Binding Blade or Sacred Stones as the options "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. are listed and work with no problem. But Blazing Sword, I don't know why this problem is occurring and has negative values on the drop list. Can somebody please help me on this issue?
  11. Hey y'all! So, I believe the topic title says it all, but I'll elaborate here. So I bought an actual GBA cartridge of Blazing Sword and I lent it to my friend months ago and he's been playing it regularly and he'd come over and I'd watch him play it, and all that jazz. But everything was fine until a few days ago, he came over and all of the save files were deleted. He played the game that same day with the files intact but just in the span of a few hours all three save files were gone. Thankfully I didn't have any personal save files on it, and he was three chapters away from the final chapter, and I still had my save of the final chapter on the Wii U virtual console, so I showed him some cutscenes online had him play the final chapter, THANK GOD! Cause that way was better then things being anti-climactic. But I was really wondering what could have done that and if anyone else had any experiences like that in any of their FE GBA games? I looked a little online and I think the obvious answer would be the battery, but I thought Nintendo fixed that problem with the GBA. My Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald both had their batteries run dry and they can still save (they can't tell time but that's... that's another topic). Also the support log in my Blazing Sword is still intact. It even kept the supports that my friend got on his play through. So that's everything I got to say! Looking forward to what people have to say... that is... if people see this... THANKS!
  12. I'll be streaming Fire Emblem 7 Chaos Mode, a ROM Hack made by Kolkinator in celebration of Halloween for about an hour. The stream will start 2:45 P.M. EST. See you there!
  13. I'm going to be starting Fire Emblem 7 Eliwood Hard Mode playthrough but for this playthrough, it will be regular and randomized once I'm done with my randomized playthrough's of FE7 and FE8. So once there done with, I'll begin this let's play. And I'm hoping a lot of people vote on these strawpolls because I want a challenge. Also, I had to split the strawpolls into 2 because there are so many people in FE7, that I couldn't fit them into 1 poll. Anyway, thats all I wanted to say Here is the link for Marcus-Louise: http://www.strawpoll.me/11399567 Here is the link for Karel-Renault: http://www.strawpoll.me/11399580
  14. I'm going to be starting Fire Emblem 7 Eliwood Hard Mode playthrough but for this playthrough, it will be regular and randomized once I'm done with my randomized playthrough's of FE7 and FE8. So once there done with, I'll begin this let's play. And I'm hoping a lot of people vote on these strawpolls because I want a challenge. Also, I had to split the strawpolls into 2 because there are so many people in FE7, that I couldn't fit them into 1 poll. Anyway, thats all I wanted to say Here is the link for Marcus-Louise: http://www.strawpoll.me/11399567 Here is the link for Karel-Renault: http://www.strawpoll.me/11399580
  15. I have started a Let's Play on Eliwood Hard Mode with 20% increased growth rates. It is a randomized Let's Play. I am going to try to upload 1-2 videos a day using Camtasia. Here a link to my playlist/slash first video of the playthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1Ljytt0xz54C1VK3lUISrgyfvXY .I apoligize for the volume levels on the first video. I will fix it in the next one. Anyway, be sure to watch and see how good and bad I do in Eliwood Hard Mode.
  16. I am going to be starting a Fire Emblem 7 Randomized Run on Hector Normal Mode with 15% increased growth rates. I wanted you guys and anyone who comes across this trend and poll to vote for my randomized characters. This will make my run more harder and more fun for me. I will be checking the poll and trend after a certain amount of time. I will be keeping you all updated on how the run goes, what level the top characters are, and if/who died on what chapter. I thank you all for voting on this poll and I very excited to start this next run!
  17. So, since I already started this, putting the introductory message in spoilers. [spoiler=Old stuff]Hey! I was just wondering how many people of you were interested in me doing a Screenshot let's play of Fire Emblem 7 Randomized. I haven't seen a lot of randomized Let's play these days, and since a lot of them are of Fire Emblem 8, I've decided to do it of Blazing Sword or whatever you want to call it. I know that almost no one knows me here because I'm rather new, I was some months on inactivity because I was tired of Fire Emblem, so I want people to know me by doing Let's Plays in my free time (right now I'm on holidays) I really think doing screenshot!Let's Play it's like my hidden forte, or maybe it's just me, but I think I'll do it fine! Also please keep in mind English is not my native language so I may have some errors in my grammar, please bear with me if that happens :P Now, there's something I would like to ask to the people that are watching this Let's Play. I'm very aware that at the start this is pretty boring, I mean the main purpose of Lyn's mode is serving as a tutorial, however, I don't want to skip those 10 chapters since y'know, this is a randomizer, different stuff happens. Things will get funnier in Eliwood/Hector mode! Anyways, I realized that there are so little people actually giving a (...) about this, and thus, the thing I wanted to ask is: What would YOU (yes, the one who's reading this) want ME to do? Since this is a public let's play, I want to hear what does the people want to see. There are a lot of randomizer let's plays hanging in the forums, so I want this to be a little different. So, if you want to help me to make this Let's Play unique and to have more people watching this, give ideas! Make this harder! Or funnier! Whatever interesting idea crosses your mind! Everything that can make this LP unique helps! And if you feel like a nice person, share this with the people you know, that would be AWESOME! [spoiler=Settings] (Yeah, not randomizing MOV because meh) So, HOW MANY COMMENTS CAN WE GET?! If I get enough comments about doing it, I'll start tomorrow! Or at least I will try to, if I don't forget, that is! Well, be sure to leave a comment, and I'll see you later!
  18. So I was planning on creting a hack that uses both Lyn Mode and Eliwood Mode, so I was wondering how to do a few thing: 1) How do you prompt the Lyn Mode credits and how do you signal to the game that Lyn Mode has ended and Eliwood Mode started? 2) How do you make it so the Lyn mode (tutorial) characters keep their stats when they join in Eliwood Mode as their non-tutorial counterparts? Thanks in advance.
  19. What's up, Internet? This is SilverHairedFreak25 bringing you an FE7 Tag Team LP! If you don't know what a tag team is, here's a brief summary of the rules: 1. After a person completes a chapter, they must pass the .sav file onto the next person. 2. Each person must choose at least one safe unit. A Safe unit cannot be killed off and must be used as much as possible. This will take place in Hector Hard Mode, and I already completed Lyn Hard Mode so I could get Nils up to lv7. We're going for the best ending. I pretty much took control of this LP since Ardem seems to have dropped off the face of the earth Safe Units & Chapters: Yours Truly: Canas x Farina. chapters 13x, 15, 19, 22, 26, 30, Finale Ardem: Lowen x Oswin. chapters 13, 17x, 20, 24, 28x, 32 Dozla of the Steady Axe: Rath x Geitz. chapters 12, 17, 19xx, 23x, 28, 31x Don't give me that look! He 's doing Battle Before Dawn! He DESERVES the non-combat chapter! Raven: Namesake x Rebecca. chapters 14, 18, 21, 25, 29, 32x Kage the Cat: Erk x Guy. chapters 11, 16, 19x, 23, 27, 31 Take it away, Kage! my lord we are so f*cked
  20. So my headcanon concerning the avatars of FE is this Fire Emblem 7: The Avatar is the same as in Awakening New Mystery: is a unique individual not appearing in any other game Awakening: Is the exact same person who appeared a few thousand years earlier in FE7... I'll explain my theory as to how this is possible below Fire Emblem 14/if: Uncertain, looks 99% probable to be a new character My headcanon is that when Avatar's mother spirited her child away from Validar, she fled into the outrealm gate. The pair was sent through time and space, ending up on the continent of Elibe some time before FE7. This is why Validar never found the Avatar. The Avatar studied strategy, magic, and swordplay, becoming a master strategist and fighter. Eventually, Lyn finds the Avatar lying face down in a field, and the two journey together and Lyn returns to her grandfather. Some may not know this, but if you skip Lyn's story the player's character will not be present. Instead their lines will be replaced with comments from Marcus and other characters. You'll lose access to the Avatar Affinity bonus and the Afa Drops, though, so there's no practical reason to do so. It's my headcanon the avatar canonically accompanies Eliwood on his quest. Even if he doesn't appear in Eliwood or Hector mode, Lyn mode is 100% canon and the "adventures" the Lyn einherjar refers to specifically,although again, I reason the avatar canonically accompanies Eliwood. After the Avatar departs from Eliwood and naming his/her godchild Roy, he/she returns to his own time period in the world of Yllise and eventually becomes Grima's host, although by will or not I'm uncertain. It's possible the premonition at the beginning of awakening was in fact a memory in the Avatar's subconsious, and he/she never became Grima by will. And then the events of the bad future happen, the Avatar is split into two, Chrom finds the good avatar in a field, and Awakening happens. Are there any fallacies in the order of events...? Let me know what you think of this headcanon.
  21. Okay, so I replayed Sacred Stones for the 50th time and had a couple of ideas running through my mind. How about this; a hack that imports mechanics from FE8 straight into FE7? And I don't mean literally everything hence my idea's already a bold enough statement, but think about it. -Multiple promotion options. -Rebalanced stat caps for classes. (assuming FE7's were flawed in any way) -Eliwood and Hector's stories crammed into one giant adventure, with the Gaidens about a whole other perspective. (much like Chapter 5x in FE8 where you get to play as Ephraim while Eirika's on her way to his aid) -Trainee classes for FE7 units that needed babying in the original. (Nino... uh, who else again?) -Nerfed weapons/tomes. (I highly doubt it; Luna sucks in FE8 as it does lol) -The freaking option to promote the main lords at any point and not in a cutscene. I'm kind of running out of ideas. I'll leave it up to you amazingly talented hackers to decide whether or not this'd be a hoot to work on.
  22. Some friends and I have started a fandub of the first localised Fire emblem game. Below is a fandub of the opening history narrated by yours truly, along with the first official episode of the fandub, where Lyn encounters Sain and Kent. All footage was recorded via the Wii U's virtual console service and all the audio was edited by me. Feel free to give them a watch! My voice cast has exceptionally hard on this project, so any support you can give them is also appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJOG7XMYL0o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrAFFqSEaO4 Disclaimer: This is my first time directing a fandub. This is not a full fandub, just a highlight series, and will also include supports later down the line. Also it uses the PAL version of the script, so some phrases will be different.
  23. Hello, everybody! My name is SilverHairedFreak25, but you can call me Mathew, Silver, or SHF25 for short. I've been working on this hack for a couple months now, but it's still in the planning stages. This will be a hack of Rekka no Ken (or Blazing Sword if you prefer... ya frickin' wierdo) Here's just a few of the things I have planned for this hack. Features overview: -New story with new characters, as well as a few previously unplayable characters from FE7, such as Fargus, Jan and Bramimond. -New maps and music will be available. -New Unit type: Grey. These act like Berserked units and will attack indiscriminately, whether the victim be blue, green, or even red. These units tend to be stronger than average NPC units due to the fact that they can be attacked by anyone, and will be few in numbers. -Magic Seal will be playable.-Can equip swords -Toggleable seal -Seal reduced to 5 tiles as opposed to 10 -New/Improved weapons:-Kunai (1-2 range sword akin to the Javelin or the Hand Axe) -Buffed (and obtainable) poison weapons -Light magic tomes will be reduced in weight by 50%, and Anima magic will have 75% of its original weight. Amina spells will also have increased crit rate. Dark Magic will not have a weight buff due to their special effects but will have their might slightly increased. -New Classes (Playable): -Ninja-More offensive version of thief that cannot steal but retains “thief vision” -Can walk on wall tiles in the same way Brigands can walk on mountain tiles -Equips Swords & Bows -Shinobi-Promotion for Ninja via Scroll of Honor (Replaces Fell Contract and Thief now uses Ocean Seal to promote) -+2 mobility on wall tiles -+15 Critical rate Plot preview: It has been a year since the defeat of the villainous Nergal. Whatever small dregs of the mercenary group Black Fang that remained scrambled in an attempt to either redeem themselves or to restore their once great organization. One group led by the last remaining Dark Arts user has been somewhat successful at the latter, even if his slowly growing group is less than unconventional. This… is not his story. This is the story of a young man named Inigo, his childhood friend Serenity, and their mysterious new companion Conroy. The story will take place in two parts, like Lyn’s story and Eliwood/Hector’s story. The first story, AKA the first 10 chapters, will take place in Inigo’s home: the island country of Sanshiro. It all starts with Inigo hunting in the woods for his little sister, who he has sole custody of. He is then attacked by thugs, and also… something else entirely. It has the appearance of a skeletal knight, with metal bones, black blood, and a single red glowing eye. After he and Serenity killed it, they started to feel uneasy. What was this thing? Where did it come from? Questions filled their heads as they headed back to their hometown, where there was a bit of a scuffle going on. A mysterious traveler had arrived, but the local priest started shouting “MONSTER! MONSTER!!” after laying eyes on him. After a bit of a scuffle in the town, the priest backed down, retracting his earlier statement. The traveller had with him an odd scroll, which was the reason he sought out this town in the first place. The scroll spoke of an untold chapter in the history of the world, The Scriptures of the Iron Demon. It spoke of a time when Dragon and man fought against a common threat: a powerful demon whose prime objective was to kill all dragons, destroy magic, and any humans involved with it, which was quite a considerable amount at the time. It spoke of how the creature was so powerful that it could not be killed. Instead, the inhabitants of the primitive earth had no choice but to seal it in an underground tomb. It also spoke of a prophecy involving the Pikeman, the Dead Man, the Huntress, the Three-Eyed Monk, and the Iron Demon’s resurrection. The nameless traveler, who was given the name “Conroy” by Serenity, realized he was one of the three heroes in the prophecy. Inigo and Serenity decided to tag along, becoming the other two heroes the scroll described. They then set off to seek out the three-eyed monk and kill him before he can free the Iron Demon from his earthen prison. Character Concept Art: (Will have better pictures soon) [spoiler=Inigo: The Pikeman] [spoiler=Serenity: The Huntress] [spoiler=Conroy: The Dead Man] [spoiler=Astaroth: The Three-Eyed Monk] Allright, I just have one thing to ask of you. I want to know if anyone would be willing to make portraits and custom battle sprites for this game. I can send you my sketches as reference, and I will take care of the scripting and writing.
  24. So recently I've been playing through FE7 on the Wii U and have been enjoying the hell out of it but I have to ask does anyone know of the difficulty being lowered? I seem to remember them lowering the difficulty of Metroid Prime 1 and 2 on the Trilogy release and it wouldn't suprise me if they did the same here. It just seems like I get ALOT more battles in my favor landing hits at like 53% and such. Granted random bs does happen like Erk getting crited against a boss with a 1% chance. However, it just seems this game is alot easier than it was on the GBA leveling up in particular is far easier than I remember with most characters needing at most 2 kills (most of the time just 1) to level up. I'm playing on normal mode as its my first time through on the VC version but still it just seems easier. I could of just gotten better as when I first played it back in 2003 I had no idea what I was doing and made alot of errors like overusing Marcus and not leveling up the lords since I was afraid of them dying. So it could be just me.
  25. Now that Lyn's story is complete and some cast members have dropped out, I'm holding auditions for prominent and minor characters the will feature in my condensed retelling of Eliwood and Hector's story (the two stories will be told simultaneously due to similarities between the two modes). Information and auditions can be found here: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/Roy-Havenstone/casting-call/Fire-Emblem-Series-2-Eliwood-and-Hectors-Story/ Any questions, please ask. Have fun!
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