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Found 7 results

  1. We, all, ever heard And love the Mine Glitch, which happens in Blazing Sword And Sacred Stones. And some know how to soft reset on Console And PC Emulator... Here's the deal: I only use my phone as to play FE GBA Games And hacks on Android Emulator. (No, I don't own the console or a Good enough PC) My question is... Is it possible to soft reset and Control Enemies via Mine on Mobile Devices?
  2. Okay so… I’m arena grinding my Fiora on the chapter where you get Ninian and she is at this point her statistically average self as is per the effect of the Tony mode patch which is essentially a Fixed Mode for FE7: Blazing Sword. However upon approaching level 18, something bizarre happens… all of her stats jump to 20 except luck which jumped to 29… Wtf just happened? Is there a more updated version of Tony Mode that doesn’t have this issue?
  3. So I don’t have any experience hacking roms but I’ve always wondered especially after playing Path of Radiance, is there a way to add the feature where you can show the entire enemy threat range stay by selecting Enemy Units like the newer Fire Emblem Titles have? I know this is technically and issue for Binding blade and Sacred Stones but it might be a little bit much for me to ask about three patches so I decided to go with one and see if it’s possible at least. I feel like this minor change would greatly improve the quality of life of the game.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm an up-and-coming variety streamer! I posted here a while back asking for help with finding an FE7 save, and was very graciously provided assistance. So now, I'm starting off my stream with a playthrough of FE7 HHM! The title is a bit misleading, though, because I'm apparently a bit of a masochist. Not only is this my first time playing HHM, it's technically going to be my first time playing through the entire GAME, and I decided to start on HHM (though to be fair I did start with Lyn's mode this playthrough). Considering that FE7 is currently my favorite FE title, how can this be? Well, tune in and find out! My normal streams are Saturdays starting around 12-1 Mountain time, with some surprise streams sprinkled in throughout the week, like possibly tonight (partly depending on when my son is awake/asleep). https://www.twitch.tv/kensei_xero Feel free to stop by, say hi, and watch my suffering as I stumble through what the game has to offer! And don't forget to drop a follow if you like what you see!
  5. Hi, I am editing a rom for personal use in which I change some characters and I would like to know if there is any way to change the name in all the dialogs at once and not every time the real name appears, for example I want to change "Seth" for my name "Elgard" but I want to do it in a faster way since there are many characters that I am going to change their names, the story of the game remains unchanged. the only thing I am looking for is to change the dialogues in which "Seth" appears for "Elgard". it's possible?
  6. When you beat Sealen inmJextor Mode he drops the bow he doesn’t have equipped. Now personally, I am more partial to Long Bow but he likes using it making it hard to acquire the drip. whats a good strategy to get him to change to the steel bow?
  7. Seriously, Dart was actually useful to me, he can become a Berserker, if you get the Ocean Seal in Living Legend, hidden in the sand, and honestly, if you want a good Axe Wielder, I recommend Dart to be on your team, and I suggest you give him Basilikos in the Final Chapter when a Sword Wielder, or a simple Assassin takes Brendan Down.
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