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Found 4 results

  1. Yo what is up guys i just realized that i can post let's plays of other games than just fire emblem so i figured i would post my Soulsilver let's play on here alongside my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Fire Emblem Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Pokemon Soulsilver Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL7hpeaXnDDC1CrBoRCXpVID Anyway that is all i have for now Peace out and have a nice day!!
  2. Let's Play Fire Emblem 7 HHM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Here is my current playlist of my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Enjoy and have a nice day
  3. I just wanna know before I dive in if FE3's not going to entirely beat me up for not learning some little dance routine trick or something. If it is possible to do so (even if frustratingly hard) then I might do a play log of it for luls, including times reset/reasons for reset if they're significant enough to note. I've never done a play log before to be quite honest, but they seem very interesting to do. I'm just curious as to if anyone would be interested in watching someone semi-new to FE stumble about an older game.
  4. Hello Serene's Forest! It is I, AnonymousSpeed, painstackingly working the Desmume's screenshot system to bring you what else but a MegaMan Starforce 1 LP! Mega Man Star Force...Mega Man Starforce...Meg-alright, whatever, it's a spelling preference! Honestly, this is my first time playing a Starforce Game (Btw, anyone notice that Starforce and Serene's Forest are both abbreviated as SF?), so...I'll probably suck. Oh well, certainly I can handle it. I might even be good! After all, I am the coolest guy ever, right? Right? Well, here we go... [spoiler=Part 1, something something 40 minutes into the future...or something.] Hey, there's no R in that! I'd comment on this scene, but I'm still really torn up over being lied to on that spelling! Gya! Well, that's...different. Well then...here we go... [sarcasm] Wow, I feel positively overwhelmed with options. Originally all I could do was start game, but after a failed attempt I had to start again to get better pictures, leaving a save. While this is very convenient, it does ruin a good joke once in a while. Year XX of the futuristic century. We're playing a MegaMan sequal series alright. Who the helicarrier are you two? What, since your last visit to the gym? Oops...I skipped the cutscene. Oh well, I'll make sure that doesn't happen again. Well, I always use the canon names anyway, so yes. ... ... ...lovely. BATMANIT I SKIPPED THE CUTSCENE AGAIN! Great, like I don't get to check my inbox enough in real life. So apparently in the future civil use technology uses video game controls. So, basically, whatever you're using works like a PeT? Wow, this almost EXACTLY like a PeT. I don't think anyone keeps their inbox this clean. What, is that the hip new birth control medicine you whippersnappers are taking? Ah yes, that's just like when I learned about Iphones in school. Oh wait, that never happened. So if everyone wears these things and they store my personal page, then it's like being forced to use facebook. I KNEW IT! FACEBOOK BOUGHT OUT THE GOVERNMENT! PREPARE THE ANTISOCIAL REBELLION! I basically skipped 4 pages of stuff none of us understand at this point. You know, I know through research there are like, 4 navis in this game, so if we can still use then why don't we have 40 million gabillion like in Battle Network? If putting a navi in my transfer gives me incredible power, then why don't we have 40 million gabillion like in Battle Network? Repeat question. You know, I'm beginning to think we're still playing a Battle Network game! TO PRESIDENT FACEBOOK?! Oh, just three? Wow, we scientists are increasingly awesome in the future! So I can either have a flaming lion with one of my favorite names of all time, a dragon, or Florina's horse, and I get Florina's horse...fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- fffffffffffffffff-hey wait, what if I have a friend connected to Dragon I want to talk to? Bill Gates. Joss Whedon. Will Smith. Robert Downey Junior in a R.O.B the robot costume. Come on, I have to be close. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! How about nothing? Well, as you do with any new series, start off by examining your new arsenal of lethal weaponry. Ooooh...shiney... This thing, however, looks duller than a high person taking a dump. This looks like it might have potential, however. Might as well check my card stock! *bum bum budum!* *failure sound effect* Alright, that wasn't punny at all. If only Program Advances were still in this game... Ah, white pill returns once again to BREAK EVERYTHING. Well, I think that's an excessive enough amount of pictures for a part of the game not containing any actual gameplay. I don't see why not. I don't know, with my computer you should always be prepared for a bluescreen or something. Poor old thing, it really needs someone to come clean it up. *apathetically blows a party trumpet* Well, there we are, first playlog started. Now with decent picture quality! Hoo-rah.
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