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Found 18 results

  1. This is something that I noticed was scattered throughout topic threads that was derailed for a number of reasons (and I can imagine this one going to be derailed as well). But this is something I've wanted to turn into a full blown discussion for a while. Though I can understand if we're going to sound like broken records at this point but I think it's still fun worth discussing. But here goes: The debate about is Paladin still worth using over Wyvern Lord has been going on for awhile and while I can see where most people would pick Wyvern Lord over Paladin, I would like to at least attempt to point out some niches Paladins have over Wyvern Lords. First off, between the two, Paladins are easier to get into rather than Wyvern Lord. Wyvern Lords of course have a higher investment required but a lot of the times it is worth it. But let's do a quick comparison and highlight their pros and cons. This will also factor in the combat arts Swift Strikes and Vengeance in particular since these two tend to the most used by end game. I can sometimes see Tempest Lance or Knightkneeler used throughout the game, especially in the beginning. I'll point out some pros and cons for the both of them. If I am missing something or you disagree, please respectfully comment down below. Paladin Pros Low-Mid Investment (Lance rank B and Riding rank B required for 100% certification) Solid growths across the board though the spread in growths are mostly minor Lancefaire at level 20 for both male and female units 8 move, can dismount and Canto Access to infantry, horseback, heavy armored, and flying battalions which tends to offer better overall stats Can be paired up with follow up, healing and guard Adjutants Cons While growths are still solid the glaring negative is -10% in speed Terrain Resist is too situational to be useful Hates traversing through sand and thickets as it hampered their movement thus you're forced to dismount if you want slightly better move Lower strength growth and stat modifier than Wyvern Lord It's mastery Aegis while can be helpful at times, it's proc is dependent on your Dex stat which isn't always consistent. So it is a cautious con at best Wyvern Lord Pros Great growths in HP, Strength and Speed in particular Axefaire at level 20 as a Wyvern Rider onwards Avoid +10 combines beautifully with Alert Stance and it's plus variant 8 move, can dismount and Canto Flight allows them to fly over all terrain maximizing the support from Stride, Rescue and Warp for insane movement and positioning Higher strength growth and modifier than Paladin It's mastery Defiant Crit while some don't like it because of it's requirement, but can be devastatingly powerful when knowing how to manage low HP Cons High investment needed (Lance rank at C, Axe and Flying rank at A is required for 100% certification) Can only access flying battalions which only a couple off hand offers good stat buffs Can only be paired with Follow up adjutants Has to dismount in order to take advantage of Heal/Avoid tiles. While it is minor con, they are noticeably slower than Falcon Knights in terms of speed growth. There are probably more you guys can think of than me but these are the things that come to mind for me. One thing I can also point out, while Paladins can also take advantage of the Stride and others, buildings and in some cases terrain can still slow them down. Especially when there are enemies in the way. The exception to the rule is if you're using Pass with Bernadetta and/or Anna and they are in the Cavalier/Paladin classes so they can zip right pass them. Pass while not required on any end game set can be a fun ability to take advantage of, couple that with dancing and on a non crimson flower route, dance of the goddess (Blue Lions Dancer and Opera Company) you can pull off a lot of neat strategies if you're looking to either clear as many enemies as you can or if you're doing a LTC run. When it comes to the combat arts Swift Strikes and Vengeance, this is where it gets interesting. The paladin class offers a +2 strength modifier while wyvern lord offers +4 in strength, but paladin gains Lancefaire which allows them a +5 attack when using lances so those combat arts among other lance combat arts gets the maximum damage. Let's say that we are using the Cichol Wyvern Co. Battalion in this example. If were to do the math this can look like this: Strength +2 ability from the Fighter Class Strength +2 as a stat modifier for Paladin Death Blow (+6 in attack) Lancefaire (+5 in attack with lances) Cichol Wyvern Co (+7 in attack when max level) +3 might from a unit they share a special bond with i.e Seteth with Flayn Now this looks great as a Paladin. As a Wyvern Lord though, since they only have a strength +4 as a class modifier they won't maximize the damage out with this set up but for some it doesn't really make that much of a difference. Seteth and Sylvain are the two of the three swift strike users that can fully maximize their damage thanks to supports. Sylvain can go with either Ingrid or Felix, or even both (I think they can stack but don't quote me on it) so he would be the benefit the most out of getting that additional +3 might. Especially if he is next to Ingrid thanks to his Philanderer ability where he'll get another +2 attack. Ferdinand gets the short end of the stick because he only gets a special bond support with Lorenz and it only ends at support rank B. While +2 Might is still good, you have to get Lorenz in position where not everyone really wants to Lorenz just for that purpose. Though at least Lorenz is usable on maddening but far less useful compared to those three. Vengeance can be used with Bernadetta, Dedue and Cyril and that has a number of factors going into which of the three is the best vengeance user. Bernie has the advantage over the two of them since she bores a crest and has Persecution Complex which grants a +5 attack when under 100% HP. It's an amazing ability for sure but she is much more frail so she needs a guard adjutant and or the blessing gambit activated. Dedue is the bulkiest and has a better strength growth but has a bane in riding so it'll be a slow grind before he can jump into Paladin. Dedue also has a special bond with Dimitri so that plus 3 might can be helpful for sure. Cyril can potentially reach better stats among the two of them but requires some baby sitting himself since his bases aren't the greatest starting out. Also fun fact: the Azure Moon route is the only route where you can have 3 vengeance users while on a non Crimson Flower route you can have all 3 swift strike users. There are other combat arts that we can go into like Frozen Lance or Shatter Slash that can do along with other abilities pending on which character you're using but honestly that will take some effort but can be worth using as well. Frozen Lance more so if you're going down the magic route. What do you guys think? Do you still prefer Wyvern Lord over Paladin anyways? Have you given the Paladin class a shot since you like to maximize the swift strikes/vengeance damage? Was it worth the time and investment to reach these classes? By all means comment here.
  2. At the moment I am on chapter 17 on my Blue Lions run. I've managed to overcome the fights so far with Dimitri's B.Vantage + B.Wrath more or less but it's still really damn potent. Byleth on my run is right now a War Master. He already mastered Enlightened One and War Master so I have Sacred Power and Quick Riposte. I'm not sure if there is anything else he should go for. I feel like War Master is the ultimate goal for him. I could pick up Brawl Avoid from War Monk or maybe give him Fierce Iron Fist for Grappler. Here's a pic down below. Let me know what you think. This picture is from Imageshack so I'm hoping that people can see it
  3. I know Dedue is absent between Chapter 13 and 15. In Chapter 15 we have a many paralogue available so in my opinion it's recommended to level Dedue to level 28 between timeskip
  4. Hello everyone! I'm currently on chapter 17 of the Blue Lions/Azure Moon route. Since I have the tendency to be a perfectionist, and wanting to complete every single support on one playthrough, I'm hurt to admit that this won't happen this time. Therefore I'm looking to finish at least the most important supports, ones that add to the story and character's backstories and the world of Fódlan more. So, which ones do you think are the most interesting? No spoilers, please! Note that I've finished all the supports amongst the original Blue Lions students. Thanks!
  5. So, I started with a Crimson Flower playthrough, now I'm doing a Golden Deer playthrough, and, after that, I'll be doing a Blue Lions playthrough. I don't have any DLC, and I try to recruit at most two students in each playthrough. I try to make sure everyone can get a good paired ending if I can, but I mainly have chosen recruits based on either usefulness or what part 2 paralogues they unlocked. In my Crimson Flower playthrough, I recruited Lysithea (for beating the Death Knight), Leonie (for the paralogue with Linhardt), and Ashe because I felt sorry for him after Lonato's death. This meant I accidentally left Hubert without a paired ending. For my Golden Deer playthrough, I recruited Linhardt for Leonie's paralogue, and Ferdinand for Lysithea's paralogue, with no intent to actually use Ferdinand. For this playthrough, the only person without a paired ending is Ferdinand, but I only recruited him for the paralogue, so that doesn't count. With planning out my Blue Lions playthrough, however, I've run into a problem: I have to recruit Caspar for Mercedes' playthrough (though I'm more than happy to have him end up alone as I'm only recruiting him because I have to), and the Blue Lions team comes with enough lance-wielders (and therefore knight-kneeler) that I might not even need Lysithea to bring down the Death Knight, nor am I really sure who I would even use the Dark Seals on once I beat him. So, I could go the whole playthrough without recruiting anyone (except Caspar). However, I currently plan to pair Byleth with Ingrid, and Sylvain with Mercedes. This leaves four guys (Dimitri, Dedue, Felix and Ashe) and two girls (Annette and Flayn). Who should I recruit?
  6. SPOILERS - kind of?: Idk the only real thing spoiled here is the final boss of Azure Moon, but I feel like that’s pretty obvious already. TLDR: I'm new to Fire Emblem, but decided I wanted Bylass to cosplay Aqua from Konosuba. (War cleric that's pretty useless.) These are my thoughts on my Azure Moon Maddening NG run as someone who is new to FE as a whole. Roster + Stats: https://imgur.com/a/IxR84dy I’m new to the Fire Emblem franchise (Three Houses is my first game), but I immediately fell in love with the game when I started playing it. When I started, I played on Normal and picked the Black Eagles, but quit a bit after the timeskip because my characters were hitting ridiculously hard, and I wanted a bit more of a challenge. I finished a GD Hard/Classic as my first full playthrough of the game which was a blast, but I’ve always been a fan of cranking up the difficulty so I proceeded to revisit the Black Eagles and finished a CF run on Maddening/Classic. I took a bit of a break, (but not long because I love the strategy gameplay of this game), and came back when the DLC was released. After playing the side story, I decided it was finally time to learn about the Blue Lions. I coincidentally was watching Konosuba at the time and I was talking to my friend about how hilarious it would be to do a run playing as the useless goddess Aqua herself. So I went and did it. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Aqua is a character from the anime Konosuba, who is a goddess/arch-priest but in actuality just a loveable, useless, piece of shit) The War Cleric class was absolutely made for the Aqua-run because not only did it allow Byleth to heal as an arch-priest do, but it also emphasizes the use of Aqua’s patented “God-Blow” fist attack that hits like wet tissue. Add that to the fact that Byleth is technically a goddess anyway (or at least merged with one) and we have a winning recipe. Anyway here’s how that went down: Note: I did use DLC stat boosters (because apparently I paid for them :p) but otherwise a standard Maddening/Classic NG run. Roster Breakdown/Review: I used everyone in the Blue Lions except Ashe. I don’t like Ashe. Sorry. Not sorry. I know it seems kind of stupid to rate units individually with numbers especially since they work and function as a squad/team, but keep in mind these numbers are relative to my particular playthrough, not my view of how good each character is in general. Aqua : Useless Goddess (War Cleric) (Adjutant Flayn as Fortress Knight, yes you read that right) 5/10 Now I don’t recommend anyone do this, but essentially you build Byleth as a priest whilst doing some sweet sweet brawling training with the faculty until you can unlock War Cleric. Then you’re set… for misery. If you didn’t guess already, this is… bad. Her strength was never able to keep up with the HP/defense of enemies and her magic growth was never high enough so she couldn’t do damage that way either. Basically she was just a unit with stupid high health and some okay healing ability... and I couldn’t have wished for a more accurate depiction of Aqua. Dimitri: EdGeLoRd (Great/High Lord) 8/10 When I started the run, I assumed that Dimitri would have to carry because Byleth was going to be useless, and I was kind of correct. He was really good early to mid game, but my decision to keep him in his cannon class meant his lack of movement hindered his overall ability. It was a bit frustrating that he wasn’t able to one shot units unless he used a brave weapon or got a crit, but at the same time, he was pretty difficult to kill as well so I can’t complain too much. Dedue: War Master 7.5/10 As you probably already know, Dedue’s personal ability made him incredibly useful in the early and mid game, but he fell off after the timeskip. Didn’t help that he was MIA for the first portion of post-timeskip either. Not terrible though. Felix: Bow Knight 8/10 I know this isn’t really his canon class, but getting rid of Ashe meant I needed another bow user. Felix was absolutely solid throughout the entire game. As an archer/sniper he did lots of good damage/killing in the early mid game, but once the endgame hit, his ability to double went away and became more of a mounted chipping machine. Or maybe that’s just because I gave him the Aegis shield. Actually, now that I think about it… fuck. Ingrid: I’m fast as FUCK boi (Falcon Knight) 8.5/10 I remember watching a Tier List video(I believe the most recent one from FED on YouTube) not reviewing Ingrid too highly (not that she was bad), and I had read some similar opinions somewhere so I had decided to set expectations low even though I knew about her insane SPD growth. Little did I know how clutch she was going to be in this run, especially in the final battle against Edelgard. Sending her into the throne room with Retribution and watching her go Lightning Mcqueen on Edelgard’s kitchen staff was absolutely hilarious. Now, I do admit her strength was a bit lacking, but she was good enough to deal with backline mages in almost any scenario, so I definitely give my vote of approval on her. Sylvain: Paladin 7/10 Swift Strikes is Swift Strikes. Nuff’ said. Joking aside, he wasn’t my best unit, but he was solid. Brave combat arts are broken considering how they let you not worry about SPD stats. I mostly used him to clean up units that had been chipped by units such as Felix or Annette. Speaking of BEST GIRLLLLLLL…. Annette: Dark Flier (Adjutant Gilbert as Wyvern Lord) 6.5/10 No she’s not ACTUALLY my best girl. Calm your redhead-loving selves. I decided to use a DLC class because I figured why not. I made her a dark flier and gave her Thrysus, and she deleted enemy armor units from two countries away. She didn’t have the best stats, but Fiendish Blow + Black Tomefaire was enough to let her do what she needed to do. Armored units are slowpokes anyway, so it’s not like slow ass magic users aren’t going to double them. I was excited to use Crusher since this is the only route you can get it (I believe?), but it was quite underwhelming. That being said, hearing “I’m your girl” from a barely 5ft girl riding a black pegasus, wielding an orange hammer bigger than her made me fuckin’ giddy. Mercedes: Bishop/Gremory 7/10 Healer. No offense to Mercedes for not writing much here. She was damn good at her job,, but that’s really all she did. Additional Units: Shamir: Crit, crit some more (Sniper) 9/10 Okay. I admit I had a little too much fun with this one. I gave any and all stat boosting items that had DEX or LUCK to Shamir. Shamir was stupid. Say she has idk, something like SEVENTY SIX crit chance and kills a unit with Hunter’s Volley on player phase. Okay nothing much to brag about right, but when you combine her personal skill that grants MORE DEX and STR and Special Dance and Annette’s Rally, and you see 100% crit rate on this roided-up big-tiddy goth girl, there’s nothing to do but cry laughing as your enemies pray to Sothis, I mean you, for mercy. You haven’t seen true comedy until you’ve tried this yourself. Catherine: Swordmaster 6/10 I used Catherine because I figured why not, I was already using Shamir. She was really great early and mid game, but like Dedue, fell off late game. Unlike Dedue however, she wasn’t very tanky, so she couldn’t really take too many hits either. She did, however, serve a good purpose in defeating Axe users as the only real sword unit on my squad. Dorothea: Dancer (Adjutant Hilda as Fortress Knight) Flayn: Since I was using her as a guard adjutant on Byleth for the linked attack bonus, I would sub her in as a Bishop whenever the map allowed 12 units, just because she had been gaining EXP as an adjutant. Rescue was especially helpful in chipping at Edelgard in the final fight. Playthrough Notes: I would say the hardest chapter for me was 13. I BARELY got out of it with only one divine pulse left. Considering how Byleth was pretty useless as she had not spent too much time in War Cleric so her health and defense were pretty shit, the first half was particularly rough. Luckily Dimitri’s battalion gambit staggers a portion of the map the size of Russia. I eventually had to slowly take them enemies with Annette's range and Dimitri in a bush in the beginning while Mercedes casted physics the whole time for her starting area where she was safe for a while. Once Felix, Ingrid and Sylvain joined the fight however, things sailed much smoother. The second hardest chapter was the final one. It was kind of laughable on my part, because I had outfitted everyone with their heroes relics (cuz in Blue Lions literally the whole squad is pulling up with that bling-bling) and the Apex of the World OST started playing, I was really feeling it. I was ready to take the fight to Edelgard, except I ended up hiding in a corner like Bernie in… every part of the monastery parts. Going in blind really screwed me. I had done Chapter 13 before so I knew at least a little bit on what to expect, but when Edelgard started doing her best Kobe (RIP) impression and shredding through my slow ass magic users, I knew it would be rough. I essentially had to send out Ingrid by herself equipped with Retribution on her so that she could take out the throne room while not getting hit. Once that room was cleared out, I could finally advance the rest of my units forward and it was okay after that. I know I could’ve made Dimitri a mounted unit to make him better overall, but I wanted to stick with his canon class just because yes. I tried a Professor XP strat I read from this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemThreeHouses/comments/e0vmpi/professor_exp_optimizations/ so credit to ____ for posting that. I reached Profesor Rank A as soon as I could and then spammed Paralogues until my units were too tired to even ask for a break. I must admit, being able to basically train almost all your units in skills every week because of how many teaching points you have was amazing. It made the Blue Lions feel every bit like the dunk squad they were. I did sometimes grind class masteries in the beginning for a few abilities such as Death Blow, Fiendish Blow etc. It was boring, but worth it. Better than trying to gain abilities via online adjutants at least. Overall: I wish there was a way to balance movement in this game. It just seemed like units with movement (paladin, fliers) made units that didn’t have as much movement obsolete. Towards the end game I was doing most of the “work” with my mounted units even though Dimitri and Dedue were just sitting on the bench saying “pick me, pick me!”, just because they could dip in and out of enemy range. Having played GD, I thought it was hilarious how Rhea is basically not relevant post-timeskip. "We gotta find Rhea ASAP. Or ya know, it can wait til tomorrow. She’s been gone 5 years, not like an extra day’s gonna change much…" - AM Seteth… probably. Can we just talk about the story of Blue Lions for a second? For some reason, I felt like it was more fleshed out and “put-together” than Crimson Flower and Verdant Wind. This is just my OPINION though, (before you keyboard activists decide to shit on me). But for example, most if not all of the blue lion characters have history with each other. There’s Dimitri, Felix, Ingrid and Sylvain being buddy-buddy and the whole Glenn fiasco which then ties in Dedue. Also Mercedes and Annette are buddy-buddy because they went to Hogwarts together. I can’t say too much about Ashe because I never used him and he died in Chapter 13. Like immediately. Sorry not sorry. Sorry, this took a lot more space than I thought it would. I have attached a link with all final stats for my roster if anyone’s interested. Also a pic of the squad looking fly with their hero’s relics right before I realize the final chapter isn’t easy at all. https://imgur.com/a/IxR84dy I’ve seen forum posts about some people struggling with Maddening, so as someone who is self-proclaimed “okay” at the game, but still relatively new to this awesome franchise, feel free to ask me questions!
  7. About This "Series" (I already did Black Eagles- Dorothea won!) : After a long time to digest all the characters, who is your favorite Blue Lions character? It can be based on design, battle capabilities, character arc, etc. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. To make this fun, I have decided to morph this into a competition. Each week, for about eight weeks, there will be a poll asking what your favorite Blue Lions character is. The character who receives the lowest number of votes will not be on the following week's poll. It will be interesting to see how the votes will change when a character is voted off the poll. Hopefully, the character of your choice makes it to the top! Week One Results: Unfortunately, Sylvain has been eliminated! Week Two Results: Unfortunately, Dedue and Ingrid have been eliminated! Week Three Results: Unfortunately, Annette and Ashe have been eliminated! Week Four Results: Unfortunately, Felix has been eliminated! This week we are eliminating ONE character!
  8. There has been a fair amount of talk recently about a golden ending in three houses where all of the lords survive and everybody huggs and doesn't die! Unfortunately, this golden route would be REALLY boring, since it would be more about politics than actually doing stuff. Describe what you think it should look like, the more implausible, the better! For example... The game would probably look something like this: To form an alliance, Dimitri and Edelgard get married, whether this is arranged or not. Meanwhile, Claude would probably have to marry someone high up in the Adrestian-Faerghus empire. In an attempt to gain more power/leverage in Fodlan and remove conflit beween the chruch and Edelgard, Claude would probably become a diplomat working to find common ground bewteen them. At some point, the church starts to suspect that the Sltherers are doing stuff, so they send someone to investigate. They'd probably discover some stuff, so while the Adrestia-Faerghus empire is busy looking for clues, the Slitheries come forward and blow up some people and derailing the peaceful empire that had been built. In this conflict, Edelgard and the church are forced to work together, where they gain a better understanding of each other To fight the Slitheries, united Fodlan/surrounding territories slap the slitherers. Rhea dies while fighting and/or comes to accept humanity. After the war, Claude becomes king of Almyra, and works with the Ardestia-Faerghus to build a better future. Dimitri gets hit by a stray dark spikes spell from Lysithea and dies So, what do you guys think good Implausible stories for a golden ending in Three houses would be like?
  9. I'm at the point where you decide who to marry and I'm not sure who I should choose. I'm currently looking at a three way tie between Ingrid, Annete and Flyne. I've never played a Fire Emblem game before and I've mostly enjoyed my first playthrough with the Blue Lions, although Dimitry and Filix nearly ruined it as I really couldn't stand them and their personalities. To the point I've barely been playing and taken months just on the one route. Anyway enough rambling and back to the topic, I also have Mercedes as an option but I don't like her. I find her to sickly sweet. I've enjoyed my time with Ingrid, Annette and Flyne and will probably have to re watch all their supports I've unlocked before I make a final decision. But I was hoping for a little input/advice. Also if someone could tell me how to create a poll if its possible I would be grateful.
  10. Hey guys, I’m creating ideas for a remastered version of FE Three Houses. I really want to improve on it’s mechanics more than anything. I would love it if we could incorporate new characters, classes and locations. Note: please do not include memes or replacing characters
  11. Requirements: - Byleth must have must certify as a Fortress Knight (B Axes and C Armor for 34% chance of passing). Needs to also have 6 movement and the Rushing Blow Combat Art (C Brawling) equipped. - Ashe must have a Steel Shield, an Iron Lance +, a Training Axe, and a Iron Bow + in his inventory as well as a Stride Battalion equipped. - Dimitri must have Authority Skill Level 4 and Model Leader Equipped, a Steel Shield, and a 1-2 Range Weapon. Lance Breaker and an Accuracy Ring are also recommended. - Dedue and Felix's Paralogue must be completed, and the Aegis Shield must be obtained. - A Giant Shell must be obtained. Easiest one to get is located in the North chest of Chapter 8. ------------ Explanation: The goal of this strategy is to have a durable Byleth tank most enemies hits with the hopes of taking little to no damage from as many enemies as possible. To this end, Byleth must certify as a Fortress Knight, as doing so bumps up their defense to a base 17 Defense before class modifiers. So as something such as an Enlightened One, they'll have 19 Defense without having to rely on any Defense Level ups at all. To further increase their Defense, you should then equip the Aegis Shield and Duscar Heavy Soldiers Battalion. At max level the Battalion will provide +10 Defense, which with the shield will give 35 base Defense as a Enlightened one, making Byleth more durable than Gilbert. Adding on the Giant Shell and Forest terrain will make Byleth become immune from damage from most enemies in the map, only taking damage from Assassins and Snipers. Here's some actual proof this in actual play: https://imgur.com/a/EccEin9 ------------ The Strategy: The main goal of this strategy is to aggro and defeat groups of enemies before they can cause other groups of enemies to trigger and start moving out to attack Annette, Mercedes, or Ashe. To start with, Byleth must use Rushing Blow on the Mercenary towards the North of their starting positioning while Dimitri must move into the Forest at the starting position. This will avoid drawing in the Sniper in the Center in particular, who if moves will cause the other enemies to do the same. It should look something like this: https://imgur.com/a/kiG96Hp On the Second turn Byleth must equip the Sword of the Creator and Gambit the Sniper to stop them from attacking out of range. A Grappler will also start to move out where Dimitri is and will attack him, but he should be able dodge at least one attack and survive. Equipping a strong weapon also may have him decide to gambit rather than attack normally: https://imgur.com/a/wkSBQ2J On the Third turn, Ashe and Gilbert will show up near Byleth while Mercedes and Annette will show up near the South. So long as you don't move the south group into range, the enemies will not rush towards them. Make Ashe trade all the items in his inventory to Gilbert and have Gilbert take out the Sniper if not already disposed of. Dimitri then use Wave Attack on the Grappler and should also be prepared to take on a Thief and Archer with a Blessed Bow headed his way. https://imgur.com/a/TmTvOP9 The next turn will have Ashe Stride Byleth and Byleth attacking the Sniper with Rushing Blow to make the Assassin and Thief go for them over Mercedes and Annette. Gilbert should go near the entrance to where Dimitri is and act as bait for the Sniper: https://imgur.com/a/hJmXYkk Have Gilbert and Dimitri take out the Sniper and act as a bait for the Assassin and Grappler near Byleth, while having Byleth Rushing blow the enemy south of him to ensure that a Thief doesn't go for Annette and Mercedes: https://imgur.com/a/FYGfSUg Finally, move Gilbert and attack the Grappler with the Iron Bow leaving Dimitri to finish him off with a Wave Attack and finish off the Assassin on enemy phase. ------------ And that's it. At that point you can get access to Ingrid, Sylvain, and Felix from the East and can take the rest of the chapter at your leisure. There are multiple things you can do to improve this strategy, such as making Mercedes and Annette Fliers to not have to worry about them or having Dimitri be more aggressive with his wave attacks, but I wanted a clear that didn't rely too heavily on those factors in case one didn't want to invest in those unit's too heavily. Thoughts? Problems? Potential Improvements? I'm open to criticism.
  12. I have played all routes, and BL even twice. Hard mode, classic. Am deciding if I should do maddening without NG+. In the meantime, entertain me with your best teams! Here is mine. BL a 2nd time, after completing all routes. Flier emblem, speed cap dedue, some horse emblem?! http://imgur.com/a/MFBHo1B
  13. Basically what it says on the tin. I am aware that some say that the game does not give you enough time to really make a good decision, but still. Based on what you value in a student-teacher relationship, as well as your own personality, which House would you pick if you were in Byleth’s shoes? As in, a mercenary who would suddenly need to be a teacher? Personally, I would want a relatively easy year if I were Byleth. So, I would go for those most willing to learn. Those are the best students, at least to me. I’d also not want any trouble-makers, no matter how they make trouble. For these reasons, I would actually choose Blue Lions. As Dimitri says, he, Annette, Ingrid, and Ashe seem to fit the description. And I would not see anything wrong with Dedue and Mercedes, either. The only two possible trouble makers here would be Felix and Sylvain. But I can take a sharp tongue to philandering any day. The Black Eagles have three that I think would be big trouble makers: Caspar, Linhardt, and Hubert. Caspar is the loud, muscle-headed dude who would probably pick fights on campus, Linhardt would be sleeping in class, and Hubert would just feel fishy to me. As for those who fit the description of the student I look for, Edelgard and Petra seem to fit. Ferdinand does not seem to have anything going on other than his rivalry with Edelgard and his nobility, and Dorothea and Bernadetta just don’t seem to say anything to me, either. The Golden Deer, on the other hand, would have Claude (he even says he is the embodiment of disrespect, but guy is just unpredictable in general) and Lorenz (arrogance and not shutting up. Claude even says he doesn’t) and maybe Hilda (laziness, as Claude says) as troublemakers and Lysithea and Ignatz as those students I’d want. Though, Leonie is also someone I’d like to have as my student, because of links to Jeralt. Raphael and Marianne do not say much. For me, it would be BL>GD>BE.
  14. Here's something I'm curious about. With something I'm wondering is that who here would prefer them break conventions and have each house be their own thing, as opposed to there being a Revelation-but-better situation where the three lords eventually join forces and you have the force of all the game's playable characters on your side (with "true ending" not necessarily meaning "all sunshine and rainbows ending"). My personal opinion is that I prefer the latter because I have an affinity for "true" endings because I like the closure they provide, and like having all the characters be available, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks. Thoughts?
  15. I was trying to find some info on all the students' default class line that were used from all four routes when they weren't recruited before the timeskip. I know that Fates did it the same with showing all the retainers' and others' default promotional line up from all three routes back then (including the Family Royale DLC) and I kinda wanted it it similar for my Three Houses Playthrough. I am currently playing the Black Eagles route in Chapter 2 and I am planning on promoting every Black Eagles students as well the recruitable Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students to the specific class that they were used from Blue Lions and Golden Deer Route in the future. Did anyone played any of the routes knows what the students promoted when they were enemy units? I noticed I watched few videos that noticed some that I am not too sure if I got this right, can you correct me on this one from judging through the timeskip portraits: I think Petra is suppose to be an Assassin I think Dorothea is suppose to be either a Dancer or a Warlock I think Hubert is suppose to be a Warlock I think Caspar suppose to be a Wyvern Rider or Fortress Knight (It's hard to tell from the armor he's wearing) I did saw Mangs's video that Cyril was shown to be a Wyvern Rider, I heard people mentioned about he was supposed to be a Sniper (Can anyone clarify that Cyril wasn't ment to promote as a Sniper in Black Eagels route?) I did saw that Reunion video battle showed Bernadette is a Sniper I think Leone is suppose to be a Bow Knight or a Paladin like Jeralt. I think Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz were supposed to be Cavaliers. I did saw Dedue and Raphael were Armored Units. I know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have exclusive classes of their own.
  16. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gZgsmLXotKzW7f-t55rJXL-6J0N73wvv0MzHWd2znbY/edit?usp=sharing Here's an Imgur Gallery for those who want to a more mobile friendly way of viewing them: https://imgur.com/a/OKu6iXs
  17. Hello, everyone. I'm planning to play the Blue Lions route when Three Houses releases, but there's a problem: I'm not really sure who to make the dancer in the Blue Lions. There's a small group of females in the group (I'm guessing dancer is female-locked as I saw evidence of both Hilda and Dorothea as dancers, both female) but the thing is that the three females in the group already have other planned jobs within my team. (I want Ingrid to be a flier, Mercedes to be a priest, Annette to be a normal mage). I understand that you can freely change classes, but if I want a dancer for one map (mandatory in my eyes) I will skip out on the other niches that the girls happen to fill. I'm probably recruiting Ferdinand to the Blue Lions to complete my plan of usurping Edelgard... also because I like his character a lot. Do you all have any suggestions?
  18. I was thinking about how there are topics asking what house people will pick for their first playthrough of Three Houses and something occurred to me. We still aren't entirely sure what happens to the two houses that aren't picked. There have been speculations about the stories merging later or possibly the other two becoming enemies or rivals, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet. Which would you prefer; joining the party or enemies? And that brings up another question. Since there is so much customization for classes, do we still get to choose classes for the houses other than the one we pick? Or will those characters default to specific classes? There's a lot to think about and a lot to discuss here, so I'm hoping to hear everyone's thoughts!
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