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Found 17 results

  1. I'm sorry if this topic was done to death, I ran out of ideas..
  2. Hi, everyone: As most of you know, Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, and I already have an overload of hype for the upcoming Fire Emblem game; so this is a serious case of overhype without a cure I can think of. I'm out of ideas and fear I might go crazy before heroes goes back online. Any suggestions on what I should do to curb this hype? I've tried playing chess on an 6 X 8 grid (assigning statistics to each piece), playing the original Gaiden, and attempting to keep my mind occupied with other activities. Thank you for keeping my sanity in check better than (Fates Spoiler). Edit: Maintenance is over. Thank you for all your suggestions! If you read further into the post, there will be mention of a story I wrote. Here's a link to it. The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment
  3. So yeah, I was bored one night and decided to do a little fun non-serious side project. Just ghastifying various fire emblem characters in a silly cartoony form. It's a fun little thing to do to pass some time when i don't feel like hacking. Thought I should show it to y'all. hoping to eventually ghastify all of them! lol
  4. So I was bored at work today and after hearing a conversation about Zodiac signs and match up compatibility since it was Valentines Day, it reminded me that the Fates characters actually have official birthdays and fall under particular signs that may or may not reflect their nature. Being pretty curious, I pulled together all the characters and birthdays to find out what sign they are. Since I haven't played the game and thankfully haven't spoiled everything for myself yet or read too many supports, I have no idea how accurate they are to their signs, but I figured it'd be a fun thing to see if you are astrologically compatible with your spouse, friend, child, sibling, etc. while waiting for release. And it doesn't just have to be your Corrin and someone else either; you could also try seeing if any other pairs you made in game are compatible/accurate too. And I found some additional info for a general description of the sign for those unfamiliar with it, which you can find on most Zodiac compatibility sites. Generally, these seem to be the ideal combinations: Aries: March 21st - April 19th Taurus: April 20th - May 20th Characters: Niles (April 22nd), Yukimura (April 28th), Ryoma (May 1st), Charlotte (May 4th), Hinata (May 10th), Midori (May 17th), Setsuna (May 20th) Gemini: May 21st - June 20th Characters: Mitama (June 26th), Leo (June 30th), Kisaragi (July 4th), Caeldori (July 6th), Kaden (July 12th), Odin (July 15th), Sophie (July 21st) Leo: July 23rd - August 22nd Characters: Soleil (August 31st), Percy (September 5th), Azama (September 8th), Ophelia (September 15th), Hayato (September 19th) Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd Characters: Hisame (September 27th), Saizou (October 2nd), Kaze (October 2nd), Mozu (October 6th), Velouria (October 11th), Selkie (October 20th) Scorpio: October 23rd - November 21st Characters: Oboro (November 28th), Camilla (November 30th), Jakob (December 3rd), Takumi (December 14th), Shura (December 21st) Capricorn: December 22nd - January 19th Characters: Peri (December 24th), Izana (December 29th), Asugi (January 1st), Fuuga (January 8th) Aquarius: January 20th - February 18th Characters: Selena (January 21st), Arthur (January 24th), Nina (January 31st), Rinkah (February 5th), Subaki (February 7th), Nyx (February 17th) Pisces: February 19th - March 20th Characters: Flora (February 19th), Felicia (February 19th), Beruka (February 26th), Azura (March 3rd), Forrest (March 13th), Elise (March 19th) So, did anyone match perfectly or terribly? Either way, I hope this diverted you for a while as we try to get through the long week before we finally get Fates~! ...yeah, I promise I'll think again next time before I make stupid threads at the wee hours of the morning...XP
  5. All you gotta do is post eight numbers from 1 to 100 and generate one more number from 1 to 52. That's it. I'll do the rest for you and quote you with the results. I might even give you a bit of backstory-- just for fun!
  6. Basically works like the others, yada yada. You may vote twice a day, it may involve the same characters You may give +1 to one character and -2 to another each vote. Heal votes must be in BOLD GREEN, color code 008000. Hurts are to be in BOLD RED, color FF0000. If you kill with a hurt, it should be in BOLD BLUE, color 0000FF. Heroes names: If they have an official name I'm aware of, I'll use it. So DQIV will have Solo/Sofia, DQV will have Madason Gotha, DQVI will have Patrick and DQVII will have Arus. DQIII's hero only has the male version represented. This is because reactions if you play as a girl and OA makes it clear the character is supposed to be male. Starting List: Hero (DQI) 10 Hero (DQII) 10 Hero (DQIII) 10 Solo 10 Sofia 10 Madason 10 Patrick 10 Arus 10 Hero (DQVIII)10 Male!Hero (DQIX) 10 Female!Hero (DQIX) 10 Male!Hero (DQX) 10 Female!Hero (DQX) 10 Princeton 10 Princessa 10 Ragnar 10 Alena 10 Borya 10 Kiryl 10 Torneko 10 Meena 10 Maya 10 Psaro 10 Harry 10 Bianca 10 Nera 10 Debora 10 Madchen 10 Parry 10 Carver 10 Milly 10 Ashlynn 10 Nevan 10 Terry 10 Maribel 10 Keifer 10 Gabo 10 Melvin 10 Aira 10 Yangus 10 Jessica 10 Angelo 10 Patty 10 Erinn 10 Sellma 10 Aquila 10 If I forgot any playables, just add them. I purposefully left out playable monsters, however. My votes:
  7. So I made far more Mokou sigs than I'm ever going to need. So choose for me pls
  8. These are just the ones I can remember lol I need to stop changing it so much.
  9. Summer always gives me the urge to watch anime, but I haven't been keeping up with anything and don't know how to find what I want to watch. I'm in the mood for something high-schooly, dramaish, or something with a good summer vibe to it. Anyone have any titles to suggest? Meanwhile anime general. I like shows like Clannad, Kokoro connect, etc
  10. So, I've been planning to get Radiant Historia for a while now, But then I thought about getting Dairy Queen, Now I see that I can get Persona 3 for cheap, Now I don't know. So now I'm looking for suggestions because I don't know.I'm pretty sure I know what will get the most votes but whatever.
  11. I decided to do a Monster-party playthrough of FFL2 (note this has nothing to do with that NES game that has the cool Prototype that nobody's allowed to play) because bored and why not. Apparently a party full of monsters is a bad idea, which is why I figure it'll be fun. The only downside is that I'll only be able to beef up half of my party to max level, but on the upside I don't have to give a crap about equipment and can easily sell everything for healing items. The HARDEST part of this challenge, however, is the screenshots, because the text constantly scrolls by itself at a moderately fast pace, so I end up missing shit A LOT. Ugh... Right, let's GO! Exposition! And we meet our hero, Sasha, the Baby-D. The "D" most likely stands for "dragon" but she looks more like some kind of snake, so I dunno. The game starts off with Sasha's dad waking her up. "Damnit Dad, you know how hard it is for me to fall asleep!" So as it turns out, Sasha's deadbeat dad is running away from home because deadbeat dad. Except he's not THAT deadbeat because he gives us OPrism. IT'S PRETTY BUT I NEED MY DAD MORE THAN THIS PIECE OF BUTT! ;n; "He's not coming home is he... ;n;" Silly Sasha, your dad went through the ROOF, not the window. Sprite layers betrayed him! This is how long it took me to get this started because of how often I had to restart to get a good screenshot. Also notice how Sasha's mother is a human. After trying to figure out how two humans can give birth to a dragon/snake thing, I let the text scroll more. "You're leaving me just like my husband did... *sniff*" Except actually, Sasha's mother is understanding about it, telling Sasha to go ahead despite Sasha second-guessing whether she should leave her mother all alone. Except "Damnit Mom, the whole point of going on an adventure like this is to NOT have to go to school." Then after a needlessly flashy transition I get told stuff I already know. Sasha is displeased with the fact that her teacher has engrish. PROTIP: The "S" in Mr.S stands for Schoolteacher. Maybe. He then goes on to tell me more stuff about the MAGI (caps lock is important) mentioned at the start and how they're being able to form a statue of a goddess that becomes an actual goddess if I find them all. Also said Goddess is hot which explains why Sasha's dad runned away to find all the MAGI but then raises the question why he gave Sasha part of said goddess. He also tells me OPrism is able to tell me how many MAGI are left in the current world. Sadly it doesn't tell me WHERE in the current world they are, so it's almost not useful. Then after "Good, I hate you!" Except really THEY WANNA JOIN TOOOOOO. Crap I gotta name them? I'm taking a slime an Imp and another Baby-D. What will I name them? Find out next time! You know, if I don't forget about this like everyone else does with their PTs.
  12. I never leave that place, so I wouldn't know. It's the FE4 Thread and FFtF are two entirely different boards. Or maybe they're both just glorified chatrooms. I don't know.
  13. I really like FE6's supports. I don't know why some of the supports in the game are among my favorite in the series, since FE6 is among my least favorite FEs (still great to play), but there's something about a good number of supports in the game that I enjoy reading time and time again. If you compare some of the more common supports you obtain in FE6 (Alan/Lance and Roy/Lilina come to mind.) to supports from later games in the series, you can tell that they lack some sort of quality. Let's take a look at Roy/Lilina A support: [spoiler=Roy/Lilina A support] Lilina: Roy... I'm sorry about the other day. Roy: The other day? Lilina: I was on some nostalgia trip, remember? We're in a war... Of course things won't be the same... Roy: Well, some things will. Lilina: Like what? Roy: I'll be at your side, and you'll be at mine. Lilina: Huh... Roy: We can't go back to the past, but we can shape the future. Then we should work to make a future the same as, or even better than the past, right? Lilina: Hahaha... Roy: ? Lilina: Roy, you're showing off... Roy: D-Do you think so? Yeah, I was thinking that didn't sound like me myself... Lilina: But... Roy: ? Lilina: Thanks... Roy: Lilina... Lilina: We'll always be together...right? Roy: ...Of course. ...Not gonna lie. That was...kind of lame for perhaps the most popular pairing in the game (spoiler: these two are cousins becase Eliwood/Fiora and Hector/Farina are awesome). Before I looked into other supports in the game, I thought that the game's supports would be rather boring. But boy, I was wrong, and I'm glad I was. It's amusing how some of the characters almost no one uses have some of the best dialogue in the game, IMO. Let's look at Treck's A support with Juno: [spoiler=Treck/Juno A support] Juno: Treck? Treck: Yes? Juno: Can you show me that paper with your dreams on it again? It seems I've become interested in it. Treck: Uhm... Sure. Juno: Thank you. 'I was praised by General Zealot.' He comes out in your dreams, too? Treck: Yeah, he does. Juno: Let's see... 'The war ended.' 'It became peaceful.' 'Spring came to Ilia.' 'Everyone lived and slept happily ever after...' ...... Treck: Huh? Is something wrong, Lady Juno? Juno: ...No, I'm sorry. ...... Can you show me your dreams sometime again, Treck? Treck: Well... It's kinda emabarrassing, to tell you the truth. But okay, you can see them. I'll go to sleep now so you can get the latest ones. Juno: Thank you, Treck. As short as it is, I was always intrigued by it. Of the Ilian cavs, Treck is definitely the least notable one because Zealot has his whole deal with Juno going on, as well as his survival being crucial due to the Ilia route, and Noah has his whole deal with Fir. But nothing about Treck. I liked this support because it shows how Treck wants to be praised by his commander, and wanting peace to be restored to Ilia, and I believe his dreams represent that fact. Now barely anyone uses Treck ingame and not much is thought about him (which is a shame since he's one of my favorite characters in the game), but he's an interesting and humorous character, and while his supports are short, they're definitely worth looking into. Moving on, I found that all of Karel's supports (Rutger, Noah, Fir, Bartre, Zeiss) were particularly well-written. They do a nice job expressing how Karel mellowed out over the years (the regret of not being with Karla during her final minutes and, I assume, his duel with Guy making him think otherwise about the path he's chosen), and the way he gives some characters he supports with advice is nice. Let's take a look at all three of his supports with Zeiss: [spoiler=Karel/Zeiss Support Set] C Support: Zeiss: You're the Sword Saint...? Karel: ...They gave me that name against my will. Just call me Karel. Zeiss: Master Karel, I am a Dragon Knight of Bern. Karel: ...... Zeiss: ...You're not going to say anything? My father said you fought against Bern in the past. He saw you in a rain of blood, slicing all those who crossed your path... Karel: ...I am through with this world. Bern, Etruria... They are meaningless words to me now. I am only here for my family. Zeiss: ...I see. If only I could think like that... But I can't...not even after Bern has fallen... B Support: Zeiss: Before coming here...I fought against my older brother. Karel: ...... Zeiss: Well, he's not my real brother... His name was Gale. He was a Dragon Knight with equal power as the Three Dragon Lords. Karel: ...... Zeiss: I always looked up to him. My sister was also very fond of him... ...I never thought that the three of us would end up as enemies. I never thought that we would have to fight Gale... Karel: ...... Zeiss: I'm sorry... Have I bored you? Karel: No, not at all. A life story can never be boring. A Support: Karel: Zeiss. Zeiss: Yes? Karel: Why... Why did you tell me that story? Zeiss: ...I thought that maybe you would be able to guide me... Perhaps you would be able to help me get rid of my hesitation... Karel: ...Unfortunately, I don't have any words of guidance for you. But...I can say this. It is you who must carve your own path. Zeiss: ...... Karel: Zeiss... I think you already have an answer. Zeiss: ...Maybe. Perhaps...I just wanted someone to tell me that the path I chose wasn't a mistake. Karel: Then... Zeiss: Yes, I understand now. I chose to turn against my country... And I won't regret that decision. Why do I like that support so much? XD I think it also helps Zeiss develop as a character more, and considering what went on before (fighting Gale in Chapter 21), it's a really well-done support. I wish that we could learn more about Miledy and Zeiss's father, but we can't have everything. My final point is now Garret/Gonzales. Here's the whole support set: [spoiler=Garret/Gonzales Support Set] C Support: Garret: Whoa!? Gonzales: Uh? What? Garret: What the hell!? Are you an enemy? Gonzales: I, I... I Gonzales. Garret: I wasn't asking your name. Well, I guess you ain't an enemy. Gonzales: I Gonzales. Garret: ...How were you ever let in to this army? You're almost a complete opposite of me. Gonzales: ...... Garret: I mean, look at what you're wearing! You look like a total brigand. People'll be running away from you. Gonzales: ...... Garret: Well anyway, you should learn from me. Gonzales: Learn? You? Garret: ...What? You got a problem with that? Gonzales: N-No... Okay. I learn from you. Garret: Not 'you.' I'm Master Garret. Got that? Gonzales: G... G...? Strange name... Garret: Look at yours! B Support: Garret: Hey. You want something? Gonzales: You... G...g... G...? Garret: Master Garret. Gonzales: Yeah... You that. Here. I give you. Garret: Hey! Guess you aren't so useless. Gonzales: You like this? Garret: Yeah, my mom used to pick these in the mountains when I was a kid. The bittersweet seeds are the best part! Gonzales: Mom... You have parents. I not have... Garret: I don't have any parents now, either. She was killed in a bandit attack when I was a kid. Gonzales: ...... Garret: But I survived. I found every single one of those bandits and put them through what they did to us. Gonzales: ...... Garret: It took eight years. But...now I have nothing. I just...don't have anything to live for any more. Gonzales: ...... Garret: Damn... Why am I telling you this. A Support: Garret: Hey, Gonzales. Gonzales: You... G... Garret: Master Garret. Gonzales: Yeah... You that. Here. I give you. Garret: Whoa whoa... You didn't have to bring the whole tree with you. Gonzales: You like this. Garret: Well, yeah, I do, but this is going a little overboard... Ah well, who cares. Thanks. You want some? Gonzales: No. I don't eat strange things. Garret: ...And what's that supposed to mean? Hm? ...Looks like I better get going. Come on, Gonzales. Let's go. Gonzales: Yeah. It's a shame Garret's a character that gets barely any attention, but I suppose it makes sense since FE6's cast is pretty fucking huge, and the vast majority of players either bench him because of his base stats or don't give a damn about supports, haha. Anyway, I like the fact that Garret seems to be an honorable bandit, as shown in the C support, and man...that B support. Wasn't expecting that character development when I read the supports for the first time. Gonzales, despite his odd speech pattern, meant well and tried to cheer Garret up, which was both amusing and touching. But yeah, I could list more supports and how I feel about them, but that would take a while since there's more supports I enjoy reading (Alan/Tate, Garret/Lalum, Oujay/Lalum, Astol/Igrene, Hugh with Chad, Lugh, and Raigh, Roy/Sophia, Lance/Clarine, Shin/Fir, etc.). Still...it was nice to see people appreciating some of the supports in the game in Nobody's topic, and it felt nice to make this topic. Haha, now I'm being weird. :P But yeah.
  14. I feel like typing out my thoughts on my favorite characters, since recently and before that the cast of this game have been experiencing some rather lengthy backlash. FE13's characters, IMO, aren't that great as a whole. Future of Despair/Future Past may have had excellent characterization, but the fact that it's a DLC kind of hurts it since not everyone will be able to see it. Anyway, here's what I think: 1. Cynthia: Oh wow, did you really think she wouldn't be #1 on my list? :P Yes, I find her very cute and pretty, but that's not entirely why she has the first spot. Something about her character really interests me, and her backstory is more intriguing moreso than the other kids. The fact that Sumia's Pegasus pretty much told her her parents kicked the bucket and Kjelle taking a sword stab for her when things could've turned tragic made her personality completely flip, and they were definitely appreciated scenes of character development. Also her supports with Sumia and her father are pretty endearing, especially her A support with whoever her father was. She's also hilarious, as her supports with Nah, Yarne, and Inigo portray her in that regard well. Totally no bias here. 2. Brady: If it wasn't for waifu bias, Brady would most likely be #1 on my list. He, IMO, is perhaps one of FE13's best written characters, along with some others like Virion and Gregor. I really liked his portrayal in his joining paralogue, and his death quote if he were to be defeated before being recruited strikes a few chords in me: Heh... A...burden till the very end... I find it a rather powerful death quote, and his background helps its impact. Maribelle (a character I really like, though she's not on my list) is rather harsh to some, and she was to her son (well, before she figured out he was her son) after the paralogue ended and even when she recruits him. They definitely have a very interesting dynamic together, since they contrast yet fit together well. Brady, despite his shortcomings, wants to impress his mother as best he can, which can easily be related to. Also, his supports with whoever his father is is among one of the best parent/child supports in the game, with special mention to the A support. So many feels, and it's a shame one of the best written characters is such...a craptactular unit. 3. Stahl: Good Guy Stahl. He's one of the few characters in the game that doesn't have a rather irritating gimmick, since compared to the others, he's a rather Average Joe. Still, that doesn't make him uninteresting in the slightest. He does his best to help out around the Shepherds, and he has a good combination of rather interesting supports (Lissa, Nowi, Cherche) with humorous ones (Olivia, Donnel, Panne). His conversation with Inigo in Future of Despair 2/Future Past 2 also brings out a good look on his character: [spoiler=Stahl/Inigo FP2] Stahl: Inigo?! That's you, isn't it? I'm so glad you're safe! Inigo: What? FATHER?! I must be seeing things... How can you possibly... Stahl: You're not seeing things. But I'm also not the Stahl you know. I came from another world to lend you a hand. I may not be your father, but you're still my son...if that makes any sense. Here, I'll watch your back. Inigo: ...N-no! Don't! Stahl: Wh-what? What's gotten into you? Inigo: I'm really happy to see you, Father. And I appreciate that you're here to help. But I refuse to put you in danger—even if you did come from some other world. I've already lost you once. Just stand back and watch me fight. ...You're in danger here. Go! Stahl: Stop that, Inigo! You don't need to play the tough guy! I'm fine! I can take care of myself. Inigo: I don't want you to! Stahl: You don't trust me? Then I guess you've heard the stories. Inigo: Huh? What stories? Stahl: About how average I am? About how I don't stand out in any way? Inigo: ...... Well, neither do I. Stahl: What? Inigo: Everything I do turns out average too. I'm completely forgettable compared to my friends. That's why I was prepared to sacrifice myself to keep them out of danger. Although even that turned out to be a middling success... Stahl: You were ready to die for the others? Inigo: I know—I'm a hypocrite. I told Owain not to waste his life, and what do I do? I guess I'm just selfish. But if someone has to die, I couldn't let it be them. I'm sorry, Father. Your son didn't turn out all that clever. Stahl: He turned out just fine. And I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I feel like it's my job to take hits for the team. They tell me I'm too nice for my own good. Inigo: You get that too? Stahl: Heh... Oh, yes. Listen, let me fight with you, Inigo. Maybe neither one of us is the best fighter around, but together? I think we could get through this. We could get you home where you're needed. Inigo: All right, Father. But promise me you'll be okay. I couldn't stand to watch you die. Stahl: Neither one of us is going to die. I promise. We're going to be okay. Inigo: I believe you. Things are finally starting to look up. Stahl: That's the spirit. Now let's go get those Risen! Even the most 'average' characters can have really well-written conversations, and that one is proof. 4. Yarne: I don't like this word. I really don't. But I think I'll have to use it. Yarne is one of the most underrated characters in the game, regarding characterization. Yes, his gimmick is rather overplayed, since he's a pretty big coward. But still, the fact that he looks past it as best he can to aid the army (his supports with Noire, Lucina, Nah, and Brady portray it well) is pretty rad to see, and rather realistic, in a sense. He's also the last Taguel, so you can't really blame him for having such a fear too much when you think about it. Aside from that, he's a pretty amusing character, and his supports are always quite enjoyable to read. It's sad that he doesn't get as much attention as others in this game, since there's more to his character than people give him credit for. 5. Olivia: "lol she's hot", "oh man she's a babe", and "hawtest fe dancer ever" are not valid reasons on why I like Olivia's character. Olivia's character is an interesting one to me, for a few reasons. Her gimmick, rather an odd, contradicting one, is a bit amusing by itself. Also I feel she's portrayed in a few of her supports rather well, and it seems some people kind of overlook it. Her interactions with Donnel were great, I found, and the fact that her support with Ricken reveals she's a storyteller, and a really good one at that, was an interesting dynamic. They might not be enough reasons to justify why I think Olivia has good characterization, but hey, I like her. So back off. So yeah. Oh, and honorable mentions to Lon'qu, Maribelle, and Nah.
  15. I'm sorry Boney. It's just not going to work out. I can't seem to please you no matter what I do. You always nag at me whenever I do something. I'm sorry Boney. I feel like there is someone else in both our lives that can treat us better... I need to end this now or it'll only get worse. I'm sorry... :,( This relationship is over...
  16. So since I have been bored and I have an open slot in my file I plan to make the ultimate min-max team. I have as much time as I want to do this, I will grind, every character will be recruited, and I haven't decided on wether I want a gen 2 or gen 3 Morgan. So I need some help deciding on pairings skills to be passed down and which type of Morgan. Please and thank you.
  17. Well after 0%ing, leif solo, and other playthoughs, I might as well do a pmu for my favorite fe game! this will be fun. I'll be using Leif and 20 other units 1. Sara (Refa) 2. Mareeta (Doofina) 3. Xavier (Peppy) 4. Fergus (Holmes) 5. Shiva (Levant) 6. Brighton (Sharpy) 7. Marrrttyyyy (Eztempt) 8. Alva (ZM) 9. Glade (Horace) 10. Selfina (Jedi) 11. Cyas (bottlegnomes) 12. Homer (Jave) 13. Asvel (Frosty Fire Mage) 14. Eyrios (Dio) 15. Fin (JSND) 16. Nanna (EssBee) 17. Lara (TendaSlime) 18. Fred (dondon) 19. Salem (Rothene) 20. Ronan (Shin) go crazy
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