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Found 9 results

  1. Tricky because of those trenches, but otherwise, not hard. Reinforcements would have been spicy here~
  2. I can't be the only one who was expecting the Valentian versions
  3. Best Blue Lions girlies need their topic It was a teensy bit tricky because IS has still refused to give me an Elise with a Def stat but otherwise pretty easy~
  4. Infernal Map Not too hard~ Cheeky Flash Cleric means I will be cheeky, too~
  5. Didn't see a thread yet so here we go, Elincia and Nephenee~ This was a tricky little map~ Hit and Run Axe Pegasus with Elincia's Flier Formation was super cheeky~ Nevertheless, got it done with some simple skill changes~ Wanted to debut Hostile Elise here and my new +ATK JEORGE~ Elise needed the Axebreaker to double the Axe Flier thanks to the Spd Tactic, Ophelia's Sturdy Blow and +Def Boon really saves her here and Jeorge needed the Rally Atk+ to one shot the Dagger (ssoooo nice having him without an Atk Bane now)~ Wanna see how everyone else faired! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  6. Dealing with reinforcements this time~ I have a team I wanted to use to beat it but it's a very physically ranged heavy map for the first wave and my planned team was mostly mages so they're struggling a bit on Infernal~ I may just try to do Lunatic with them~ I beat Infernal with a very boring H!Myrrh sitting and eating everything strat so I'm probably going to end up killing off half my Barracks trying to get the other team to do it, LEL~ I killed off only maybe 4-5 units to get Infernal, mwahaha~ Anyway, post your clears! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  7. Didn't see a topic yet so here we are~ Here's the clear though~ Featuring one of my favorite builds, the TANKLISE! Wasn't really an easy way to approach this map without getting blown back so with some stat stacking, we just decide to unleash HS!Elise's inner wall~
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