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Found 2 results

  1. Over the past month, I've been on and off planning and cutting out this binding blade prop, and I'm really happy with how it's come out so far! Now to add on the scabbard details and paint!!
  2. I was recently inspired to do a nuzlocke, and decided to do a blind one of fan game. The most I know of Pokemon Insurgence are the delta pokemon, which have different typings than their counterparts, and that the story is dark and edgy. What could possibly go wrong? [spoiler=EDGE BEGINS] Oh? Could this be original music? I dig it Wait there's a choice!? Well I already talked about the dark and edgy story, maybe I'll explore the lighter story at some point though Well this isn't a professor asking about my gender We open with dark times and the death of an important person I'm predicting this story to be more akin to your standard jRPG than Pokemon Huh You know, given the Pokemon world, you'd think there would be stuff like this in the actual games The Pokemon worshiping I mean Well that's standard Pokemon fare So this person starts spouting exposition about the dead guy that seems to be more for the player's benefit than anyone else Wait what? Dude seemed like he believed it just a second ago Anyway, he says he'll take over the guy's duties until he's found Well that title drop sure didn't waste any time SUDDENLY GENGAR Okay this is neat Da rules I will also be imposing the first mon you see, one mon per area rules Yo The disembodied voice starts asking questions Nothin' special The age-old question This is cool, but why the purple hair? ...Aw hell, I'll pick it So based off what the disembodied has said, my character has amnesia Yep, amnesia, that's where we're going Right after establishing a dead guy who may not be dead ...Yep GENGAR WATCHIN' ME SLEEP This is a kinda cool way to do it I'm not sure how dreams translate to memories, but I'll buy it for now What I don't buy is that they can keep track of this on a computer Le Gasp! Killing!? NPCs pointing out the holes This grunt is the best And then Mew saves the day! So this seems to be a tutorial crutch pokemon Also you can see EVs and IVs, neat Huh, there's a difficulty option I'll leave it on normal for now Items are no longer all pokeballs it seems Why is there a book about the cults inside the base of one of the cults? Okay, okay... [spoiler=Could it be?] Somehow this went unnoticed until now The disembodied voice's note explains that if I collect DNA, Mew can transform me Le gasp! Bloooooood!? How convenient I joined a cult today Transforming into the cultist lets you unlock fingerprint scanner doors to get items and advance Sounds like fun Ah, hence the sacrifice No one questions the Mew following me by the way This is Latin According to Google translate, something along the lines of: "I call the owner of the shadows!" Don't know what's up with the Z Now this chick starts giving exposition to the player Must've gotten bored, he just up and left Bad guy kills underling for no reason really Okay game Well I guess I should be leaving NEXT TIME: Will I actually start playing a pokemon game? Stay tuned for the next update, later today hopefully
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