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Found 2 results

  1. Buddy Seals are a new kind of seal in Fire Emblem: Fates that lets a character take on the class of a same-gender person they have a support with. This is a just for fun thing, so I want to hear your thoughts on how the Buddy Seals could work on the Awakening characters. I'll give an example here: Ricken can support with both Gregor and Henry. With a Buddy Seal, he can get Mercenary from Gregor and Dark Mage from Henry. Another example: Sumia and Cordelia can support each other, but they share the same primary class of Pegasus Knight. With a Buddy Seal, Sumia could inherit Mercenary or Dark Mage from Cordelia, while Cordelia can get Knight or Cleric from Sumia (correct me if I'm wrong about this) Feel free to discuss any practicalities on any new classes that end up with certain characters. What I mean here is what Buddy Seal combinations can you think of that can make Awakening units better? Mods: If this isn't right, feel free to close this thread. Edit: I'll include Marriage Seals too, since they let spouses gain each others' class. This can make Donnel even more useful than he already is, like getting Cavalier from Sully.
  2. So I've been playing around with seals in Fire Emblem If: Kingdom of Light, and I've noticed a few things. I was told that if you use a marriage seal on a couple who have the same primary class, nothing would happen. However, I married Hinoka off to Tsubaki (both Pegasus Warrior primary), and while she was buddy sealed off as a priest (Sakura A+) and he was parallel sealed as a samurai, I tried using a marriage seal on Hinoka, and she turned into a samurai as well. I married Sakura off to Asama, and while I had already buddy sealed him off to Tsubaki as a Pegasus warrior, Sakura could use the seal to become a Herb Merchant. Thought y'all should know. This could mean that buddy seals work similarly, but maybe not. I'll report back after some more experimenting. Saisou and Suzukaze's supports would still be redundant though. Sad face. Yes, I used a cheat thingy for max cash and I'm playing Normal-Casual, partly because I don't understand written Japanese, and partly because I'm just d##king around and experimenting. If you have anything you want me to test out (within reason), feel free to ask! I'm waiting for the English patch project to get further and the youtuber who is posting his playthroughs with the patch, etc, so I'm stuck either messing around after chapter 12 or going onward but not knowing what's going on, so something to work on could be interesting!
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