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Found 3 results

  1. Good day, my favorite fan base of all games. Today, I present you a role play that not only tests your wisdom in choice making, but also reveals your morals on conflicts ( your character's morals)! The basic plot: Long ago, the world was what is considered a utopia in the present day. Veggies and fruit grew copiously, predators practicality did not exist, and humans did not lift a finger in order to survive as everything they needed was a arm's length away. There were no wars or no conflicts, but one being, named Pervol (ie the Dragon of Absolute Will) saw little to no reason in existence. Everything was given to everything and as a result, every creature just sat on their rears and waited for death. There was no ambition, desire, or evolution. In his divine eyes, if the universe just stopped existing suddenly, there would be no difference. So, it was then he decided to install the feeling of terror and fear within the humans because with desperation comes greatness. He burned the vegetations to a smoldering crisp, boiled away most of the rivers and seas with his roar, and slain billions of animals, humans and beasts alike, to leave a world of struggles and hardships. Pervol looked at the cowering remains of the humans and frowned. This squabbling, crying mess is not what he wanted to see. Pervol wanted the humans to begin in creation and evolution so they may stand up to him with fire in their eyes. He wanted to make the humans warriors! The last action he commited, before returning to his realm where he awaits a challenger, is forging weapons out of his supurior existence. Blades and magic capable of hurting him was thrown into his victim's hands. Who will inherit it when he is confronted? He cares not; for now, he waits and slumbers. Human society had to adapt to the wastelands that the dragon made the world into. They became starved and withered out, dying off to leave the geniuses behind since only they survive in harsh times. Now, castles, blades, and violence defines the human way in most countries of the world. They march against each other to secure enough supplies and land so that one may lead an army for vengeance against Pervol. Rules: For now, two characters for each member. I might raise it or lower it down to one later. I'm not sure yet. We are going to be using awakening's stat system and growth rates. Each character gets a personal skill at the start AND a personal master's skill when they reach lv 20 on a 3rd tier class! Exciting, huh!? Death System: This is not at ALL straight up just casual or classic. Rather or not your character dies is depended on the damage he takes past zero. This is also effected by the luck stat. Character Sheet: Name: Personality: I don't care too much about this one in terms of content. I prefer to you guys express this slot during the rp rather just dumping it on the forum. That said, I will appreciate it if you are indeed descriptive in this field. Boon: Basically, this is the stat that your character have an affinity for; his talent or stat that will be higher than others in terms of growth rates. Bane: This is the opposite of Boon Appearance: HERE is where I actually care about the amount of content. You guys don't have to get poetic on me, just give me the juicy details on what your character look like! ANOTHER OPTION, I do infact have physical traits within the world depending on location. If you want to wait until we get to that part, just say so. Still though, just include generic info and traits like small, handsome, pretty and all that if this is your option. Once I approve this forum, I will reach out to you through PM so we can move on to the stats, backstory, and world layout plus more. Please make sure to have google docs. This is where most of the magic will happen!
  2. Long shot, but out of curiosity, is there any confirmation on whether or not Fates continues the 2-RN hitrate system, or is using a 1-RN system (or something entirely different)? Been feeling like Fates has been giving me more misses than usual for extremely high (90+) hitrates, but of course, this could be simply observer bias, and I have no idea on how RNG manipulation works in this game (or if there is even a stable method) to test.
  3. Avatar with +Mag and any flaw that does not hinder Mag. Avatar's set: Sage class. HP and Mag capped Limit Breaker skill Vengeance skill Aggressor skill Tomefaire skill Magic +2 skill Thoron tome with Might forge max. A-Rank in Tomes Spouse's set: Sage class, Mag over 30. S-Rank support Other allies apply Rally Magic. MATH TIME Avatar's Mag cap: 50 Limit Breaker: +10 Tomefaire: +5 Magic +2: +2 Spouse's Mag stat support: +3 Spouse's Mag class support: +4 Spouse's Mag S-Rank support: +2 Rally Magic: +4 Avatar's Total Mag: 80 Thoron tome might: 14 Might forge max: +5 Thoron Total Might: 19 (Highest possible Mt for Sage, Mjiolnr/Valflame/Book-o-Naga is non-forgable, Aversa's Night is dark magic) Avatar's total Mag: 80 Thoron total Might: +19 Aggressor skill during player phase: +10 A-Rank in Tomes: +2 Avatar's Total Attack: 111 Total Attack: 111 Vengance with 1HP remaining: +[(79/2) = 39.5] = 39 Critical: *3 Total incoming damage: 450 Someone please tell me I messed up somewhere, because if it really is possible to incur over 400 damage in one hit then I'm gunna flip tables.
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