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Found 8 results

  1. So, thoughts? I was wondering, as I've seen multiple thoughts on both her canon class and her best class.
  2. So, this was RP I made while back for another Roleplaying site, it was remotely successful but then died due to inactivity. I hope you'll enjoy it. I decided to recreate it for this site. 1,000 years ago, a deity was born. His name was Tynyzia. For that thousand years, Tynyzia lived as a mortal. The deity lived in the countries of Hyrule and Altea. All he felt in those thousand years was disgust. He found a deep hatred of Mankind, so now he seeks power to destroy Altea and Hyrule. During his travels, Tynyzia heard legends of two all-powerful objects, The Fire Emblem and the Triforce.Tynyzia, lacking the power to destroy mankind without these objects, enlisted the help of two villians from their respective countries, Medeus and Ganondorf. With Ganondorf's,Medeus's,and Tynyzia's powers combined, they were able to bring Altea through dimensions to Hyrule. To the point where Altea was short boat ride away form Hyrule. Tynyzia having control of hatred and mischief, was able to fill Marth with enough Hatred towards Altea's new neighboring country, that he declared war on Hyrule. ________________Now I know what you Fire Emblem fans are saying,"I wanna be someone from Awakening or Fates," You will get to be someone from those games,but there is some plot stuff that has to go down first.The position in the Zelda Timeline is in Breath of the Wild before Calamity Ganon kills everybody. So yes, Hyrule has GuardiansFor all you people who are going to make OCs, there are three sides to choose from.1.Be on Altea's team2. Be on Hyrule's Team3. Refuse to choose a side and try to stop the war.Early in the story, Altea will discover they're out matched and use Breidablik to summon entire countries from the Fire Emblem Franchise. Hyrule, seeing this will use timeshift stones to travel through time and enlist the help of various Links and other heroes throughout the LoZ franchise.Rules Follow the rules Light swearing is allowed, but keep in mind, this is set in medieval times, so no dropping F bombs and stuff like that. Moderate Violence is allowed Romance is allowed, because that's reoccurring feature in the FE Franchise now. BUT, keep it PG-13 8 character limit Also, if a battle between characters goes on for too long, I'll decide who wins by who is the better Roleplayer No Godmoding guys, don't dodge every single attack that get's thrown at you. One Guardian per person. To prove you read everything, put John Cena in you other section ___________________Character SheetName:Gender:Birth place:Age:Height:Weight:Hair:Eyes:Clothing:Identifying Marks:Personality:Skills: (If there from and Fire Emblem Country)Class: (If from a Fire Emblem country)Race: (If from Hyrule)Past:Weapons:Other: Breath of the Wild Link: Taken by me!Skyward Sword Link:Majora's Mask Link: Ocarina of Time Link: Twilight Princess Link:Wind Waker Link:A Link to the Past Link:A link between worlds Link: Revali: Mipha:Daruk:Urbosa:Ocarina of Time Impa:Skyward Sword Impa:Twilight Princess Zelda:Breath of the Wild Zelda: Guardian Slot 1: Taken by me!Guardian Slot 2: Guardian Slot 3:Guardian Slot 4:Guardian Slot 5:Guardian Slot 6:Guardian Slot 7:Guardian Slot 8:Princess Ruto: Darunia: Skull Kid:Midna : @DragoncatTetra:Sheik: Dark Link:Ghirham: If you have anymore Loz characters, I'll gladly put them down. Ike:Roy: Taken by MeHector:Marth: Taken by Me!Chrom: Ephraim:Alm: Robin(M): Xander: Ryoma:Takumi: Me!Leo:Lon'qu: Taken by me!Eliwood:Wrys:Lyn:Lucina: Tharja:Camilla:Hinoka:Sakura:Elise: Tiki:Nowi:Corrin (F)Cordelia: Taken by Me!Erika:Azura:Caeda:Lissa:Celica:Silas: Kaze: Again, if you want me to add anymore canon characters, just ask~!
  3. Kind of like how one of staff responsible for Halo said Heroic was the canon difficulty. I'm torn between it being either hard or Lunatic, but is it possible for it to be Normal? Also, without any DLC, is it possible to beat this game without using any skills, on hard or lunatic?
  4. What is and what isn't canon to the lore of Fire Emblem? Of course every game has a fixed backstory which can be regarded as canon. But every playthrough plays out differently. What about gaiden chapters? What about gaiden characters? What about route splits? What about character deaths? What about different supports? What about different endings? But also the fixed backstory of a game can't (or shouldn't) always be considered canon. Where there are multiple games involving the same story, their backstories may differ from each other and even contradict each other at some points. The Akaneia saga is a good example of this. Think about plot changes made in FE3, FE11 and FE12 compared to their originals, even going so far as omitting characters from the story (in the case of FE3) or adding completely new characters to the story (like the gaiden characters in FE11 and the avatar in FE12). And what about secondary material? Should the Dark Dragon and Sword of Light manga be considered canon? Should the OVA be considered canon? Feel free to discuss these and other questions related to Fire Emblem canon in this thread.
  5. Does anybody else feel like the makers of Awakening sorta-kinda intended for the player to pair up their Avatar with Chrom (if female) or Lucina (if male)? I know there aren't really any canon couples in the game per se, but it does feel like there are certain pushes from the makers. Obviously they also really try to hammer in Chrom X Sumia as well, but it's safe to say that doing f!Robin X Chrom and m!Robin X Lucina brings out the most epic plot-driven drama the game can produce. In either instance, Lucina tries to come to terms with killing her mother or her husband, and the scene is just so heartbreaking and powerful, especially because of the music and dialogue. It's gotten to a point where I now consider at least m!Robin X Lucina "canon", just cause their relationship makes the game a decent bit more compelling. I also found their supports and their conversations at the DLC hot springs to be cute as hell. Obviously this is just opinion-based, and I'm happy to hear replies from people completely disgusted by the pairing ("That's his best friend's kid, you sicko!"). From the sounds of it, though, m!Robin X Lucina and f!Robin X Chrom are really popular ships. Like.....really popular, so if anyone has a reason why they ship them so hard, feel free to respond! =P
  6. Something I thought up for fun. DISNEY ANIMATED CANON - TIER LIST: Rules: - Only films from the Disney Animated Canon. In other words, no Pixar, no Direct-to-Video, and no anime dubs from Studio Ghibli. - Positions are based in merits of cinematography and narrative; or their contributions to the animation industry. - This is more an especulation topic than an actual academic discussion, so please, no flame wars. Top Tier (6): [9.0 - 10.0] (Films that are structurally perfect, or nearly perfect, or revolutionary in animation or filmmaking. Their little flaws, if any, are mitigated by their numerous merits.) Fantasia [10.0] Snow White [10.0] Beauty and the Beast [10.0] Bambi [10.0] Pinnochio [9.5] The Little Mermaid [9.3] High Tier (8): [8.0 - 8.9] (Films with important flaws that prevent them of being masterpieces. However, their merits are so impressive that it is impossible to underestimate or dislike these films.) The Lion King [8.8] Frozen [8.5] Aladdin [8.5] Cinderella [8.5] Rescuers Down Under [8.0] Great Mouse Detective [8.0] Hunchback of Notre Dame [8.0] Sleeping Beauty [8.0] Upper-Mid Tier (11): [6.6 - 7.9] (Solid films, but not amazing. Above the average. They have more merits than flaws, and possess a particular niche.) Tangled Mulan Wreck-it-Ralph Dumbo Peter Pan The Many Stories of Winnie Pooh Princess and the Frog Fantasia 2000 Lilo & Stitch Alice in Wonderland Tarzan Mid Tier (15): [5.0 - 6.5] (Average films. They aren't bad, but are limited by their flaws, which decrease the impact in the audience.) Lady and the Tramp Bolt Winnie Pooh (2011) Fox and the Hound Jungle Book Robin Hood The Emperor's New Groove The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Treasure Planet Atlantis: The Lost Empire Pocahontas Make Mine Music Melody Time Brother Bear One-Hundred and One Dalmatians Lower-Mid Tier (10): [3.5 - 4.9] (Severely limited films due to technical disadvantages in narrative or animation.) Hercules Meet the Robinsons Sword in the Stone Dinosaur The Rescuers Oliver & Company The Black Cauldron Three Caballeros Saludos Amigos Fun and Fancy Free Low Tier (1): [2.0 - 3.4] (Films with numerous flaws which mitigate their few merits. In other words, bad films) Chicken Little [2.0] Bottom Tier (2): [0.1 - 1.9] (Films with no redeemable qualities, or have had a considerable negative impact in industry.) Aristocats [1.5] Home in the Range [1.5] Discuss.
  7. THIS IS MAI CANNON WAIFU: Whenever she needs to vent her anger, she does so with a bang:
  8. Credits to Bearclaw13 of the "The adventurous adventures of Donnel and his trusty pot!" fame for the accurate translation
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