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Found 5 results

  1. This is a thread to share pictures of what FE swag you've collected over the years. Whether it be figures, trading cards from Cipher or the old FE TCG, or maybe even physical copies of the older, Japan-only FE games. As for me, I recently got a figure of Sylvia from FE4 [spoiler=Aww, isn't she cute?] And a physical copy of FE1 [spoiler=Complete with glorious Pantsless Marth on the label!]
  2. As the title says this is about the Classic Fire Emblem TCG. Well since I have been having trouble ever since the beginning ever seeing them I was wondering if any of you guys know any spots where they can be found at. Not the new Fire Emblem Ciper Cards I`ll get to those at a later point. What I have been searching for for the longest was the original classic TCG. Ebay has failed me and Amazon has also failed both don`t have all the cards and I`ve been wanting to get my hands on them for the longest :( Amazon did however have Genealogy of the Holy War cards the originals and I`ll finally after eyeing them since 2012 be able to have my hands on those awesome things. But then I see there are also Monshou no Nazo cards out there and Thracia 776 ones when I look those ones up nothing..Not a single thing So do any of you own the classic TCG? (If you do you are super lucky btw as they are so dang rare it`s like no copies exist anymore) And if you do own the classic TCG where did you find it? I need to know where Thracia 776 cards are and Monshou no Nazo ones since Genealogy ones seem to be slight easier to find I said slightly because even those are hard to come by on amazon and ebay. Thanks in advance I must have the classic TCG sets they will be golden gems in my trading card collection such rare things.
  3. I have a friend studying abroad in Japan and they said they'd look out for some Cipher cards. They don't know what store they'd be at and neither do I. Would any of you happen to know?
  4. Here is a list of the cards available for the wave 2 cipher release. Also, on a side note ...
  5. Because we need a fandom thread that doesn't degrade into claim-based arguments.
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