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Found 2 results

  1. all my $$$ goes to her kappa old link sticky'd stuff
  2. Because my lazy mind decided it would rather work with numbers than chance, I sat down and found the most effective way to grind for bullions, without DLC or anything. The pairings needed are ChromXOlivia and AvatarXInigo with a luck asset and magic flaw avatar. Have Inigo pass down rightful king and have the avatar pass down galeforce. Also make sure Morgan has an A or S support level with a war monk/cleric or a swordsmaster. Morgan will have 51 luck when capped, grind skills until you have despoil, armsthrift, and bowfaire as well as galeforce and rightful king. Class change Morgan to Bow knight and equip Nidhogg, pair Morgan with the aforementioned war cleric/monk. Try to make Morgan max level, to cut out twenty or thirty seconds each round. Add a luck tonic for +2% chance. Despoil: luck% when enemy is defeated to drop a bullion. 51 luck + 8 luck pair up bonus + 12 luck rallybot bonus +2 luck from luck tonic (optional) +10 luck from nidhogg +10% activation chance from rightful king= 93% chance to drop a bullion (91% without tonic) (100% with Limit Break) Pre-edit: Never mind on Lucina Not that anyone would want to waste all their time preparing all this, personally I use Chrom!Inigo with this same set-up, it reaches 86% chance when maxed, without a luck tonic. Edit: I was wrong, the most efficient way is avatarXchrom!brady, Morgan's luck would be three points higher, making the highest chance achievable without limit break up to 96% (which can be raises to EXACTLY 100 if Morgan has a surge of luck, adding a further +4 luck. Funny the coincidence here, exactly at one hundred percent). In theory, defender can add one extra percent if it is used as opposed to bowfaire, making for a comical one hundred and one percent chance to drop a bullion.
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