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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I like to talk about Fates more than I like to play the games, blame map gimmicks and incentive to pair up, bad forging system and weird high rank weapons (oh, and underleveled units who keep joining with underwhelming base stats in a game where you can't grind). But I still like to discuss units and all that. Today, I wonder what the community of Serenes Forest thinks about this game's (natural) cavaliers. Class set, skill access, base stats, growths, archetype, if they're overall good, excellent, okay, passable, mediocre, really bad. My PoV: Silas: early joining, serviceable, bases are nothing special, not amazing offense, not amazing defense, not amazing weapon ranks. In Conquest, the hardest game, Silas was sent to you at his lowest (in Birthright, he at least had good weapon ranks). His growths are quite good, but they're suited for a character with good base stats and Silas has 2 more base speed as a cavalier than Effie as a knight, which I take insult for in a game where defense isn't magic and where most generics have middling to good speed. With a seal speed that some of the hard/lunatic faceless carry, Silas falls down to a wonderful...2 speed. In his join map. Applaud the greatness of cavalry! Silas' 50% growths in speed and defense mean that he will never excell at anything, his strength growth of 60% is good but far from Effie's 80% (which means 4 points of strength more for every 20 levels). You could marry Silas and Effie, promote her to GK until level 5, get her all the cavalier skills plus luna and reclass her to paladin and she would blow Silas to another dimension (her personal skill is also 10x more practical to use than Silas' and combines well with elbow room and they have the same personal base speed with Effie having +10% str AND spd growths). Silas is ultimately replaced with Xander who does everything Silas does but better, costs less than Silas (if you focus on OHKO, Xander doesn't even need speedwings). Silas' best part is that when you stop using him, you're probably close to an S rank support, which grants you Sophie, a more mercenary-like cavalier. Sophie can be recruited early for good experience on her map and totally amazing captures that put all of your team other than Camilla to shame for most of the game (amazing wyvern lords, a slightly worse Camilla in the boss of the paralogue, Nichol), or late to give her the offspring seal and get a free lv 10 promoted unit for low effort. Peri: join time isn't amazing, but her chapter has boosting pots which can be used to bring her up to the standards of this map. She also comes with a free backpack (Laslow) who helps her a lot (especially if you promote him to hero). On Reddit most people seem to somehow not like Peri as an unit despite praising other similar cavaliers in other games for being exactly like Peri unit-wise. She has the best speed of the 3 cavaliers who don't need marriage to exist and her growth makes sure to keep it that way. Her skill is not amazing, but she can spend one level in Dark Knight to get heartseeker if you're so desperate about it (or take a skill tome that will make it around the same as Effie's). Peri comes at level 10 with 13 speed in a map where it is usable, has a ready pair up partner who gives speed and skill and lots of mechanics to make her competent. Her growths make sure her offense never falls off (unless heavily RNG screwed, 65% str and 60% speed in cavalier/paladin is pretty good with a base of 13 at level 10 and elbow room). Her issue, defense, is a promotion to GK/a tonic/a rally def away from being on par with a level 14 Silas' (rally def = lv 14 Silas average def of 14). There are lots of ways to use her in her join map without needing to turtle (like you'd need to in order to make Charlotte do anything other than get herself killed). Peri has decent weapon ranks unlike Silas, making her able to use all of the good lances at base and at least iron swords at base (no bronze hell). Pairing her with Laslow gives her access to a class that Silas has in his set, bow knight, that make all of her good points even better while avoiding to address her worst one (defense, thanks to bows), so if she gets def screwed you can always send her to a ranged class in which she has at least one weapon rank. Silas vs Peri (availability vs competence): Stats-wise, a level 10 Silas has 24 HP/13-14 str/11-12 skl/10 spd/12 def/6 res. That's...that's serious crap especially in a game where it's hard to gain 2 levels per map past your recruitment chapter unless you're underleveled. Let's say he's level 14: 26 HP/16 str/14 skl/12 spd/14 def/8 res. He's 4 levels higher than Peri, which is possible due to availability and not absurd like it would be to expect him being anywhere higher than 16 (which would give him 1 more point everywhere but in res). He's still inferior to base Peri by 1 speed and 2 res, has just passed her in HP by 1, has more str (3) and def (4). If we're being super generous to Silas and manage to reach level 20/20 with him by endgame, he has 40 HP/32-33 str (capped?)/28-29 skl/26-27 spd/28-29 def/18-19 res. The bulk part is...average. Serious lack of HP for a tank, res lagging behind, def is nothing special. Offensively good strength but speed is on the low side, probably can't double anything but the slowest Hoshidan classes and none of the bosses. In range of being doubled by the fastest Hoshidan classes. Speed pair ups are harder to find than def pair ups in Conquest. With the same generosity let's see Peri after such an exp investment in paladin: 38-39 HP/33-34 str (capped?)/22-23 skl/32-33 spd (capped?)/22-23 def/28-29 res. The bulk part is unimpressive, but as you can see their HP is nearly the same. The offense part is a gigantic win for Peri to the point where she doubles Silas in endgame if her spd cap allows it (or if you improved your spd statues). Their strength is virtually the same but her speed is just grossly superior to his. Her skill is certainly not amazing but you could reclass for 1 level to dark knight to grab heartseeker without hurting her speed (5% growth for one level won't change anything, make sure to raise her sword rank to C so that she can at least use decent weapons for this single level) and remove 20 to enemy avoid in melee range. Their bulk: She's better in defense than he is in res (by 4 points no less) and defense pair ups are the easiest to find in Conquest. Hero gives 3 skl/spd/2 def and Laslow even gives 2 str at S support. Personal skills put Peri even higher as now she's a simple tonic away from doubling the slowest enemies able to double Silas (without pair up). Generic knights/wyverns/great knights/generals fix Peri's biggest problem, defense, if her speed is high enough not to need a speed pair up to double. Peri allows you to use your offensive rally bot on someone else while Silas asks for a dedicated rally speed just to be in the same tier as Paeri without her personal, rally def is the easiest good rally to get as all of your wyvern lords learn it at level 5 and Peri is a much better offensive unit than Beruka so when your Beruka gets rally def she can become a support and stop stealing resources from competent units who start out with double digit speed or have a weapon that allows them to double at 1-2 range. If you choose GK, Silas goes down to 24-25 spd while Peri goes down to 30-31, which is still capped (or overcapped). Silas' res sinks to 13-14 which is what you'd expect from a res screwed Xander, while Peri gets down to 23-24 res, 10 points higher. Silas' HP goes up to 44-45/str 35-36/spd down 24-25/def 32-33/res 13-14. It kills Silas' speed and res and makes him Xander bis, without Siegfried. Silas has no reason to stay GK long term, he's desperate for speed and res and his def is not good enough to be a conventional tank. Peri gets 42-43/str 36-37/30-31/def 26/res 23-24. Peri gains a lot of HP/def that help her, doubling with that strength and potentially activating luna is good. She's still faster than paladin Silas but now she's also bulkier than him with better HP/res and not enough def to make a big difference. Is Silas more likely to reach 20/20 stats? Probably, but let me remind you that for the whole game he has less than or equal to Peri's speed without her personal skill active and that with her personal she always has superior offense to Silas to the point that she can take the slow promotion and still double enemies paladin Silas can't. She starts 3 points higher than him at the same level and in the same class ends 5 points higher than him, making it 1-2 points for early-midgame, she claims an unwanted support partner (Laslow) who can pass down sol to Soleil while making her a bow knight, a much better class than hero (bows>axes when you're not a high skill juggernaut, 2 extra movement is good, bow knight is faster than hero, the ultimate offense) and Peri gets a free self rally by killing one unit each turn (which cumulates with tonics and Azura's dance but not with rallies). More speed=easier to reach killing thresholds=more exp to Peri=catches up during midgame (especially since overleveled exp is garbage). Xander: GK Silas with better HP/res and Siegfried, 8 movement, better defense forever. Lv 20 stats as a paladin: 46-47 HP/33-34 str/26 skl/22-23 spd/31+4 def/15 res. If Xander didn't have Siegfried he'd be worse than Silas (his speed is beyond garbage without heavy investment). His personal is obviously better than Silas' since it's super easy to use in any situation and doesn't need set up (on the contrary it's automatic, just slam your metal chunk into fresh enemies' heads to profit). Xander's reclass into wyvern lord lets him clap Kitsune hell low effort with a beastslayer and to fly over map skip #XYZ). Xander has the best weapon in Conquest by far and thus is a better unit than both Peri and Silas can ever hope to be. He has natural access to rally def, savage blow, swordbreaker and trample, 10 dodge just by using his sword (bye bye random crits, screw luck stat nerfs into oblivion) and never has to use inaccurate weapons. His favorite pair ups give him hero and two of them give him bow knight, which gives him +2 spd, +5% spd growth and shurikenbreaker. The other one gives him HP +5. All of them give him axebreaker, the bane of berserkers. Sophie: the only easy to get 2nd gen cavalier. Basically cavalier Mozu but you don't need to train her at all if you use the offspring seal, get free good weapon ranks and good stats at no cost, she benefits from her parent's skills on top of that. A nice filler unit that is competent without being gamebreaking. Much more useful than Silas beyond earlygame when you have no choice anyway, better stat distribution unless you ruin her with a crappy mother.
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