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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry if this topic contains a very sensitive topic such as cancer. Some of you probably have loved ones who are suffering or have died from this condition, and I am truly sorry for bringing this up. But I just couldn't help myself because I could not help but wonder how exactly does healing staves in FE, well, heal people. You see, I stumbled upon a post in some subreddit about how Healing Magic, while helpful, could potentially cause health issues such as cancer. I forgot where I found it, but I still remember the part of it. It basically says something like this: "There's a lot of the method to explain the healing magic, however the most plausible explanation is that the spell is accelerating the cell growths, however this also mean that the spell would increase the chances to give patients cancer due to the abnormal cell growths" I'm not sure if my quoting is accurate, but it does have the same idea that magic can cause cancer. So when I first saw this post, I was wondering as to why units in Fire Emblem don't get cancer whenever they get healed by a Cleric, Bishop, or whatever class that can use a staff. I'm not necessarily saying that it should be a gameplay feature in FE for units to get cancer if they get healed multiple times by healing magic. It's just that there hasn't been a case in-lore where somebody got cancer for getting healed by some cleric so many times. Again, sorry for bringing up this topic. I just want to know why nobody in FE lore suffers from cancer due to healing magic as it over replicates cells or white cells in particular or whatever.
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