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Found 6 results

  1. So this is something I've been hoping for a very long time now. Radiant Dawn is one of my favorite games but of course I know it has it's issues, like everything else, so if the game was to be remade what are some changes you would make? I'm interested to know what you would change or what you already really like about the game!
  2. Does anyone else not like the voice acting in SoV? Maybe it's just me, but something turned me off about it. Honestly while playing the first time, I didn't like the game as a whole and I couldn't pinpoint why, but after second run with VA off, I really like it. And it's not like there was anything WRONG with the actual voice acting, more with the fact that EVERY SINGLE LINE is read to you and you just have to sit there and listen when you've already read what they're going to say, or just cut them off in the middle of their sentences and get weird sounds of "Alm, let's--I don't kno-- In that ca--Okay." I know this happens in many other games too but I always liked that Fire Emblem avoided it. To contrast, I love the lines that were voiced during dungeon exploration. I wish there had been more to that, maybe because you actually have something to do while they're talking at you. I dunno. Did anyone else feel this way? Am I just weird?
  3. Just something I've be wondering. From what I've heard everyone loves the Tellius games, though perhaps to different degrees. You can love something though and admit that it has problems. So my question is if you could rewrite the story of Radiant Dawn how would you do it? This has nothing to do with the gameplay itself, just the plot and story as you progress from the DB to the end against Ashera. Personally I don't think I would make many changes to the actual story, I would just add development and clarification. Expand on the characters and cover some areas that seem like they were glossed over or skipped entirely. The most changes I would make would probably be to Part 2. It was very well written but didn't do anything to really advance the plot so I would rewrite it so that Elincia's story would help the plot along some. You can be as detailed in this as you like, I'd love to hear your ideas! :)
  4. What changes do you want to see in the remake of Gaiden, the second Fire Emblem game made, aside from balanced classes and what we already seen in the trailer? Personally, I want to see the Weapon Triangle, fixed maps (I never played it myself, but those that have complain about about how bad some of them were), casual mode (I'm a casual noob, I'll admit), support system like the GBA games to help the characters develop and expand more than in the original, and better growths.
  5. So I want some tiles to change within an event such as the opening or ending of a chapter (like in FE8 chapter 9 on Ephraim's path when Tana is captured by Gheb). Thing is I'm not entirely sure how to do it, I tried reading Arch's guide to chapter construction as it has helped majorly but I inserted my tile changes using tiled...sooooo I don't know what to do because I did my tile changes the easy way...
  6. What I mean in the title is that what would you change if you had full control over the FE games, remakes, story, gameplay, marketing, character and level design, art style, setting etc?
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