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Found 7 results

  1. I was surprised no one started a thread yet. I mean, we all knew this was coming, right? The writers gave the hints. We had the benevolent God. We had the sacrifice. And in all honesty, it didn't have as much emotional resonance as it could have because this is what is expected, until... That conversation with Ash broke me. Maybe it is because my wife and I have two daughters, but...for the first time ever the FEH writers got a tear out of me.
  2. Hi all, A little while back (can't really remember how long since time has lost all meaning thanks to this pandemic haha) I posted here mentioning that I had just finished my first ironman run on birthright lunatic. I said then that I wanted to take a quick break before really diving into the monster that is conquest. I lied. Sorta. You see I decided to give the first couple chapters a go since I was in the mood for more and wanted to gauge juts how much I was dealing with. I lost track of how many failed runs I had, but eventually I got burned out and realized some time away would be best. Fast forward to today when I decided that it was about time to give it another go. The first couple chapters went by pretty smoothly, I ended up reclassing Odin as a joke to samurai, even got through chapter nine with only like 6 uses on my heal staff. Then comes chapter 10. now I tend to go for Takumi with corrin/camilla when I played in easier difficulties and since this was seeming to be a bit of a joke run I ended up going for it again. to my surprise I actually managed to down him, but not before he took my corrin to 1 hp! The rest of the map was still rather tense but I did manage to get all the houses and only lost beruka early do to missing a 95% hit, but hey that's fates for ya! All this to say this run is looking to be a lot of fun. I know I got a lot worse ahead of me, but I'm at least glad this run has proven to be more entertaining and exciting than it has frustrating. Wish me luck!
  3. So I know that Kieran and the others have to escape to be recruited, but I don't have Oscar and he's the only one who can turn Kieran into an ally. I was wondering if there is somehow any other way to get him otherwise I'm extremely screwed.
  4. I'm becoming so frustrated with this chapter that I had to take a break from Conquest for a little while. I don't know how I'm supposed to beat this, does anyone have any tips?
  5. And people still say the one RN system makes the game more difficult for the player...
  6. A while ago, a friend and I decided to embark through the Fates games only using the MU and the 4 Amiibo units, those being Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin. We recently finished Birthright, and will be going onto Revelations and Conquest soon. However, I was hoping to get help and drum up some discussion about how one would tackle the infamous Chapter 10 in Conquest with such a small cast to defend the gate. It will likely be on Normal or Hard Mode, with full access to the Reward items. We've yet to make a MU for the run, so suggestions on how to build them for not only Chapter 10, but the whole game will be appreciated, if not almost necessary. As for the units recruited during the mission, we intend to follow draft rules and have them either pair up with the main units and/or run to the houses.
  7. After losing the village, being persecuted by their own country, slaying General Seth and destroying a demonic lord, our heroes finally return to the capital of Grado. Tales of their exploits have been circulating through the army, and the higher ups certainly will show interest in hearing their account. The capital of Grado is perhaps the largest city on the continent, a centre of culture and commerce. With almost anything one could imagine, there is always something for one to occupy themselves with. Examples include; - The Great Library - Marketplace - Tavern - Barracks - Rumours on the streets - The Arena - Occult store - Farmer Ted's - Palace - Something else PC's have 3 in game days, split into morning, afternoon and evening. After enough people have done what they want to or enough real life time has passed, time will progress. The only restraint is that you are expected to be at the Palace on the afternoon of the second day. The format of the RP has swapped to in thread for the time being. You have also been granted 1200 each in wages. And for some reason, you all remember something about yourselves and what you have via the Spreadsheet.
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