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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm writing an awakening fic detailing the events of the future timeline before the events of the game with my own twists of course. I've done about two chapters and am in the middle of writing chapter 3 and I've just hit a massive wall. So far in the story Lucina has failed to save the lives of several people because of, what she believes, to be her own ineptitude. Some character interaction with Severa later and a risen attacks where she finds out that Falchion doesn't wanna work for her anymore. If you want to read the whole thing I'll put a link here. I have a vague idea on where I want this story to go but this next chapter has me stumped. I tried a number of things like switching perspectives, flashback, etc. but everytime the scene doesn't really go anywhere so please if anyone could give me feedback.
  2. Hey, so this is a discussion I've wanted to start for a while now, ever since recently I got into a debate with one of my friends who very much prefers the newer games to the older ones (they've played Awakening, Fates, and emulated Binding Blade and Blazing Blade). We started talking about writing fidelity in new vs. old, and we started talking about characterization. I am of the opinion that characterization was far more nuanced in the earlier games and characters were more interesting because of it, while my friend thinks that many of the characters in the earlier games came off bland and unremarkable. From my point of view, it's not that we didn't always have gimmicks, but as a whole, I feel like characters in the earlier titles felt more like living, breathing people existing in a fantasy world, with their own hopes, dreams and goals. Many of the newer characters feel, in my opinion, like parody characters written for a parody fantasy. There's nothing wrong with a joke...but I feel like a lot of characters are disproportionately focused on that joke. And then it stops being funny, and you're left with...not a whole lot remaining. Take Kellam, for example. He's a guy that disappears and is overlooked by everyone. And...there you go. That's the joke. That's all she wrote. Since one of FE's strengths is its amazing characters, especially in comparison to other strategy RPGs which use generics, I find that shallower characterization could even end up harming the series as a whole. After all, it's you caring about characters that makes you want to keep them alive, right? At least, that's true for me. Question time! Do you like character gimmicks? Do you think they should stick around in future characters/characterization, or do you wish they would be done away with entirely? So how do you feel about characters with gimmicks or an exaggerated trait or traits? Do you generally find them compelling? Do you personally feel that there has been a drop in the quality of characterization or character writing in the Fire Emblem series? In your opinion, what are some of the most well-written and fleshed out characters of the series, and just for balance's sake, what are some of the worst or flattest in your opinion?
  3. I wasn't able to find another topic like this on the forums (though it likely does exist), so here goes: If you could add any playable units and/or supports into Awakening, who/which would they be? My top picks are: For Units: Raimi Phila Mustafa Pheros For Supports: Chrom x Cordelia Chrom x Gangrel (this one would have to require really superb writing) Chrom x Walhart Chrom x Priam Basilio x Flavia (all the way into an S-Support; it would have been really cool if they got married and had a kid that was part of the future squad) Basilio x Lon'qu Basilio x Olivia Basilio x Chrom Basilio x Mustafa Basilio x Vaike Flavia x Raimi Flavia x Lucina Emmeryn x Chrom Emmeryn x Lissa Emmeryn x Frederick Emmeryn x Gangrel Gangrel x Aversa Walhart x Pheros Say'ri x Yen'fay Say'ri x Lon'qu Say'ri x Lucina Olivia x Priam I'd be curious to hear other people's ideas for units and supports! =)
  4. You asked me to provide proof that most of Maribelle's snobbishness comes from the localization a while ago. Well recently the person I was counting on posted this on tumblr: http://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/75216713811/fire-emblem-awakenings-north-american-localization-vs I hope this helps clarify things when it comes to Maribelle.
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