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  1. From what the previews of the games were the gameplay is great and tight. The character and story was bland. I don't know how to feel bout that your takes.
  2. For those who dislike Exploration and Monastery run, DON'T READ MY SPOILER !!
  3. Here is my top 10 BOW character in this game : - 10th : Anna - 9th : Cyril - 8th : Felix - 7th : Petra - 6th : Leonie - 5th : Ignatz - 4th : Ashe - 3rd : Bernadetta - 2nd : Shamir - 1st : Claude Honorable mention : Byleth, Hubert, Mercedes, Hanneman and Yuri.
  4. I purchased a hard copy of this game along with a Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago. I spent over $500 so I could play the latest installment of the Fire Emblem franchise and I am rather unimpressed. I have been a fan of Fire Emblem for nearly 20 years now and I hate to see the series lose its identity. Design: The maps were generic, bland, too similar and repetitive. Graphics: The overall game environment is of good quality, including the objects, the backdrop and the textures. However, the character models and special effects leave much to be desired. Animations: The hair physics and facial animations during cut-scenes are impressive at first, but they still could have done much better for combat. (Ex: Miasma is just a purple fire spell.) Characters: Each character is too distinct and tries too hard to stand out. Also, their personalities are very '1-dimensional' and have barely any development. They are tired tropes and awkward. Story: The story was poorly written. The plot was weak and all-too-frankly cliché. Soundtrack: The looping music became tiring, especially during exploration. Overall: The game went in too many directions, certain parts felt rushed or unfinished. The quests, resource management, character recruiting and weapon maintenance all felt like chores rather than enjoyable game-play. The story had me cringing far too much (especially the voice acting), because the personalities were out-of-place within the setting. The mixing of university 'students' and church 'staff' was a bad marriage to say the least. Fire Emblem is a strategy (tactical) role-playing game of the fantasy genre. The most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be good map (level) design. The satisfaction should come from the success of executing a logical strategy after surveying the map (not grinding levels and constantly exhausting the RNG feature.). The second most important aspect of Fire Emblem should the class-tree system. Each class has a role and purpose, this should compliment the use of strategic thinking. The third and final most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be the main character(s) and story. If the protagonist is silent, then it should be the tactician. If the protagonist is tied to the events of the story, then it should not be silent and play a clear role with a distinct motive. There are other things worth mentioning, but I'll leave it at this. Also the dancer animation arm roll is objectively lame. 5/10
  5. Crimson Flower Chapter 13 Alois vs Leonie : Leonie (Sad) : Alois... Why ? Tell me why ! Alois (Normal) : Sorry but looks like you don't understand Jeralt much. Leonie (Angry) : No ! You are wrong ! Jeralt cannot believe he trust the Empire ! You betray him ! Chapter 14 Hanneman vs Lysithea : Lysithea (Sad) : Hanneman... Such a shame to meet a battlefield. Hanneman (Normal) : Lysithea. Looks like you betray your parent and escape your house. The sentence is death. Lorenz vs Claude : Lorenz (Happy) : It's been a while, Claude ! Look like the Alliance is down ! Claude (Angry) : Lorenz ! I cannot believe you betray the Alliance ! Lorenz (Normal) : I never join your team at the begin, Claude. House Gloucester has always had good intentions in its dealings with the Empire. Claude (Sad) : You are a stubborn guys. Former Golden Deer : Claude (Sad) : I miss that face but this is war after all Chapter 15 Jeritza vs Flayn Same dialogue Leonie vs Alois : Alois (Angry) : You are Jeralt apprentice ! Why you betray him ? Leonie (Sad) : I'm sorry... Captain Jeralt was always suspicious of Lady Rhea and i read his diary. Leonie (Angry) : I agree with this and i believe the professor ! Alois (Angry) : I don't care about diary but looks like you gonna die ! Petra vs Shamir : Same dialogue Jeritza vs Seteth : Seteth (Angry) : So it's you, Death Knight ! I will never forgive you what you done ! Jeritza (Normal) : Come. Chapiter 18 Shamir vs Cyril : Cyril (Angry) : Stay back, Shamir ! Shamir (Normal) : Why ? To protect this horrific beast ? Cyril (Angry) : Horrific beast ?! You are horrific beast ! Azure Moon Chapter 15 Felix talk Rodrigue : Felix (Normal) : Humpf. We meet again... Rodrigue (Happy) : Glad to see you, my son. Rodrigue (Normal) : Here's small souvenir for you. Put it to good use Chapter 18 Annette vs Cornelia : Annette (Angry) : You gonna pay for what you have done for my mother ! I will never forgive ! The Silven Maiden Lysithea vs Hanneman : Lysithea (Sad) : Hanneman... Such a shame to meet a battlefield. Hanneman (Normal) : Lysithea. Looks like you betray your parent and escape your house. The sentence is death. Dorothea vs Manuela : Same dialogue Chapter 19 Marianne talk Hilda : Marianne (Normal) : Are you ok, Hilda ? Can you fight ? Hilda (Happy) : Marianne ! I so glad see you again ! For now it's show time ! Marianne (Happy) : Thank godness ! Former Golden Deer talk Claude : Claude (Happy) : It's been long my friend. Thank you for rescue me ! Claude (Sad) : Sorry for the Gronder Field i will not happen again. Chapter 22 Lysithea vs Hegemon Edelgard : Same dialogue Verdant Wind Chapter 16 Lorenz vs Acheron : Same dialogue Chapter 18 Byleth vs Nader : Nader (Happy) : Professor ! Nice to meet you again ! Nager (Normal) : Leave it us to topple the Empire. Chapitre 22 Claude vs Odesse : Claude (Angry) : So it's you who revive Nemesis ! Let's finish this !
  6. In my opinion : - Adrestia Empire : Ferdinand Mentioned his father retired his job and possible to succeeded. - Holy Kingdom of Faerghus : Felix After his father died who have a relationship with Dimitri father, it's highly possible to success his father. - Leicester Alliance : Lorenz House Gloucester is a little popular in Alliance if we no count Riegan and Lorenz like Leicester Alliance.
  7. What character (Recruitment include) i should focus and what character i can leave ? Maybe i leave caspar on my team and focus other Black Eagles, for recruitment Felix, Mercedes, Lysithea and Leonie can focus.
  8. Rules : Create your character He/She must be stayed with Byleth at end in all routes (CF, AM,VW,SS) and he/she cannot leave your party until the end ! For exemple your characters created is Byleth vanguard ! Just like Hubert and Jeritza for Edelgard, Dedue and Gilbert for Dimitri, Hilda for Claude (CF) and Seteph, Flayn, Catherine and Cyril for Rhea (CF) His/Her support is UNIQUE ! Byleth ! His/Her cannot S support with the SAME gender ! You speak about his/her name , Birthday, Age ,Height, Favorite, Food... You precise what his/her Strong/Weak, recommend class and finally his/her base stats (60 total points). If possible precise his/her history, quotes, unique dialogue and max stats (600 total points)
  9. Now don't misunderstand what I mean when I say overrated. Character development is an extremely effective narrative tool that can help create really compelling character arcs and conflicts to help drive the story forward. It's by no means bad. What I mean by overrated is that I feel like people overvalue it's use and throw it around as this be all end all of character writing without truly understanding why character development works in the first place. All story really needs is conflict to help explore its ideas and character development isn't the only way to create said conflict. I just generally feel like people are a little too dismissive of the vast number ways a story can be told or a character can be written. There are plenty of ways to write compelling characters without "character development" and I feel like those things should not be dismissed because they don't fit someone's short-sighted view of what character writing "should be". Anyway those are my thoughts. I wanna know what you guys think.
  10. Not appear in Heroes : Linhardt Caspar Dedue Felix Ashe Raphael Ignatz Marianne Leonie Church Ashen Wolves
  11. As we all know, certain classes are gender-locked in Three Houses. Pegasus Knight (I), Falcoknight (M), and Gremory (M) are all exclusive to female units, while men get Brawler (I), Dark Mage (I), Hero (A), Grappler (A), Dark Bishop (I), and War Master (M). But what if this weren't the case, such that men could ride pegasi and women could don the dark robes? Which characters would get a lot out of specific cross-gender classes? I intend this to be less of a competition ("who wants it most?") and more a brainstorming session ("how would character X do as class 3?"), so with that in mind, let's start with a couple! Linhardt as a Gremory. Regarded as masters of pure magic, this class seems a natural fit for Linhardt, who has boons in Reason and Faith alike. Gremory would give Linhardt the highest magic stat possible (+5 mod, notably higher than +2 of Dark Knight and Bishop), with slightly better speed (+1 versus -1 and 0, respectively) than the other two. 5 move would be a step up from Bishop's 4, but stil behind the 7 (6 dismounted) of Dark and Holy Knights. His damage output would be slightly worse than as a Dark Knight (no Black Tomefaire), but getting Black Magic x2 somewhat makes up for it (extra Excalibur is certainly welcome). Moreover, he keeps White Magic x 2 from Bishop, but loses out on Healing + 10, making his Physic weaker even after accounting for higher Magic (of course, his Warp is even stronger). Overall, I could see Gremory as a strong compromise pick for Linhardt - slightly less offensive than Dark Knight, and slightly less supportive than Bishop (unless you're just using Linhardt as a Warpbot, in which case, this is his best class), but better than either one at doing both. And, let's be honest, we all know he would slay in that dress. Catherine as a Grappler or War Master. Catherine is the only playable woman (sans F-Byleth) with a propensity for punching, so it seems like she's the one missing out most on access to Gauntlet-specialist classes. She could go back to Brawler, but that offers poor class skills and mastery (the same one, coincidently), so she'd probably prefer to train her fists either by staying Swordmaster (good stats, no seals required) or going Brigand (Death Blow, while great on any physical unit, synergizes phenomenally with brave weapons like Gauntlets and Thunderbrand; but it does require building her Axe rank from the floor up). Compared to Swordmaster, Grappler offers Fistfaire while losing Swordfaire, and Unarmed Combat while losing Sword Crit +10). She'll also lose Strength (+2 to +1) and Speed (+4 to +3), but make up for it in HP (+1 to +2), Dex (+1 to +3), and a movement range only rivaled among infantry units by Assassins. Mastery will grant her Tomebreaker and the Fierce Iron Fist combat art, which I would say far outshine this game's incarnation of Astra. It will take some work, and won't be as strong a Thunderbrand-wielder as Swordmaster, but I think Grappler could be a great pick for Catherine, likely on-par with Assassin (which, admittedly, she'll have an easier time reaching). War Master is even more of a stretch, but if you somehow get her Axe rank to B or above, she'll enjoy an unparalleled +5 Strength mod (and respectable +2 Speed), Faires in both Gauntlets and Axes, and an absurd Crit + 20 to all weapon types (take that, Sword Crit + 10). Achieving mastery is likely a pipe dream, but War Master's Strike is an effective Axe art, while Quick Riposte is one of the best skills in the game. And it's worth noting, all combat arts may see their damage boosted, thanks to Catherine's major crest of Charon. War Master may just be Catherine's strongest infantry option (I know, you can train her in lances and flying so she goes Falcon, but punching people is too fun, dammit!), if you're willing to put in the work to get there. Anyway, what do y'all think of these analyses (I recognize that I could have considered a lot more factors - personal skills, class growths, personal bases and growths - but chose to ignore those, for the sake of brevity)? And what units would you like to consider, in classes previously forbidden to them? Let me know!
  12. Same as the Rate the Video Game Song Above thread, but with characters. Give 2-5 sentences for each character. Byakuren Hijiri (Touhou)
  13. What Fire Emblem characters have grown on you the most, and why? I’ll start. Petra and Linhardt from FE16, are mine. I was absolutely not expecting characters to go beyond their one note in this game, so for the entirety of Verdant Wind and Azure Moon (the two routes where you don’t start with them (and I didn’t use them)) I thought they would be the most boring characters in the game. Linhardt’s note is that he likes to take naps more than anything, including doing work or participating in class, and Petra’s is that she speaks in broken English (kinda). Petra’s isn’t even a personality trait, and Linhardt’s is more of an interest at that. So of course I thought they would be boring, but when I actually used them and got their supports that quickly changed. I didn’t expect them to be so nuanced (and for Petra to be a top tier waifu 👌👌). They went from my least favorites to some of my favorites on the game, some might even remember Petra made my top 10 three houses characters (iirc she was number 8 or 9), but what about you guys? What characters (series wide) have grown the most on you and why?
  14. Black eagles : - Bernadetta (Multiple attack and strong if not full HP) - Dorothea (Strong dancer) Blue Lions : - Felix (High base damage) - Mercedes (Strong heal) - Ingrid (Strong flying unit) Golden Deers : - Lysithea (Great range and might defense if she equip Thyrsus) - Hilda (High charm and speed) - Leonie (Incredible physical attack and defense)
  15. Go ahead and skip to below the line if you wanna get to the main discussion of this topic. At the current time, it seems very unlikely that all of our favorite characters from past Fire Emblem games are in FEH. For a personal example, Miriel from Awakening is still not in... HOWEVER, I want to discuss something that I don't think people often discuss when it comes to favorites in the game: how GOOD they actually are. Again talking from a personal example. Nowi was a launch 4*/5* unit (before demotes were a thing), and while yes she was considered good at the time, remember that she was one of 2 or 3 Blue Manaketes in the game, so she didn't have much competition. This was also the time of Year 1 units where Infantry units has around 157-158 BST, and the Trainee bonus gave Nowi a BST boost to 163. So for the time, yeah she was pretty good. Fast forward to now. What started as 2 Blue Manaketes has expanded to 10, almost all of whom are 5* exclusive and almost all of whom have advantages that Nowi lacks. Better skillsets might not be an issue to some, but for those who AREN'T summoning 15 of every released unit it's actually a pretty big problem when you have to decide between your favorite and a powerful unit for the sake of one skill, maybe two if you SI smartly. BST can be an issue for some, especially if we're talking about ranged units. Units like Nowi who got the Trainee bonus aren't as lucked out in that regard, but there is another issue in that department worth discussing in a bit. Weapons. Nowi arguably has one of the best inheritable Breaths in the game, but having a generic weapon is not at all the same as a Prf. Look at the Prf that Fallen M!Corrin, the most recently released Blue Breath Infantry, has and compare it to what Nowi has. We're talking +3 Spd, a potential +5 to all stats, and inflicting Guard on the opponent as long as Corrin is alone, versus Distant Counter and a Special Cooldown penalty on the wielder. Is it fair to compare a Prf to an inheritable weapon, probably not. But a unit gaining a Weapon Refinery update is not often guaranteed to actually receive a good weapon, but more on this later. Stat distribution is a bitch. Let's look at one different tier of Blue units, Lances of the flying kind. They're pretty common as far as unit types after all. Now look at Florina, who let me remind you in her original game was the pretty standard "good Spd underwhelming Atk squishy Def Pegasus Knight" that most Fire Emblem games have early on. You wouldn't believe me just looking at Florina, right? Because she kinda missed the mark on one of those fronts and has one of the worst Spd stats among Lance Fliers in the game, only ahead of Travant and Altena. Now I don't know if Florina has fans or not, but assume that you are and you just learned that Florina is in the game. Leading to my next point... The earliest units did not have established roles. Again with Florina, her weapon would make you think she wants to be an Enemy Phase unit, but her default kit, which remember that at the time there were VERY FEW enemy phase or dual-phase skills, contained a Player Phase skill. Nowi didn't exactly have a clear role either, and arguably she still doesn't. Now compare Ike to Ike. ...Legendary Ike to Fallen Ike. Legendary Ike had advantages over existing Distant Counter swords in an exclusive faster-charging version of Aether, a solid A passive in Warding Breath, and a solid stat spread. But now look at Fallen Ike, who ALSO has a Breath skill and a faster-charging version of Aether, but he has even more advantages than Legendary Ike in the effect of his weapon reversing Penalties, a more solid skillset that didn't include useless skills, and a higher BST total with slightly more focus than Legendary Ikes. This isn't to compare the two, this is to show what the devs are willing to give to a unit in the current age compared to before, when Legendary Ike was brand new. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the discussion... When do you think is a good time for a unit to be released to this game? Consider that older units do not have the same treatment given to them compared to new units, even demote units. Remember that old units are still getting Weapon Refinery updates just to make them equal to modern units. Recall that older units have had at least one more recent unit that essentially rends the original irrelevant. Even the original Brave and Legendary units, supposedly special, stronger versions of heroes, don't get seen that often anymore because there's simply far better units available. The later a unit is released, the better they are. Considering that, would you still want them to be released ASAP, if not released even earlier? Or would you be willing to wait for the absolutely best version of that unit possible? In my personal example, would I have wanted Nowi from the beginning (basically the unfocused bag of Nowi we currently have), or could I have waited a few years for her to be the best version of her possible? Can I keep waiting for Miriel to science Lysithea into obscurity, or do I need her to be in the next New Hero banner?
  16. I have been working on a builds 'optimizer' type calculator that can systematically and automatically suggest the best class for each character. It started as I was planning my team for a NG Maddening run, found myself kind of enjoying the process until I ended up where I am, with this calculator lol. So I thought I'd share some of the results to get some feedback and thoughts on my calculator. I don't know if something like this already exists so if you know of one please do let me know! MINOR SPOILER ALERT: All non-dlc classes are listed, including unique story-related classes that only get revealed as the story progresses. Let me start by explaining what this calculator does (or at least tries to do) and how it works. First it looks at the growth stats of a character and adds them to the growth stat of each class. In the sample images below, these are the values in the main part of the table listed under the stats. For each level of classes (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.) it highlights in yellow which class results in the highest growth for each particular stat, just an interesting visual aid. So far, this is purely raw data: char growth (stat) + class growth (stat) Next, I assign a rating for each class for that character. Here I've come up with a rating made up of two parts: It evaluates how closely the growths for a class align with the character's natural growths. This part takes into consideration that some characters can be more flexible than others. A value is also given to the character's strengths / weaknesses in skills that are certification requirements for each class. The two parts are combined to gain the final Class Rating. Without getting into the specifics of how the metric is calculated, it can be thought of as: [class-char fit] + [skills value] = [Class Rating] Obviously this method will not be perfect. Firstly it is based almost entirely on stats. Meaning it ignores valuable non-stat considerations such as potential hero's relics, character unique abilities, crests, etc. It also does not take into consideration the base stats of a character. One nice thing about including a value for strength/weakness in skills however is that when a character is strong in a particular skill it usually means they will also unlock useful unique abilities down that skill line, or that there might be a useful relic they will be able to use. So I like to think that some 'wisdom' finds its way into the [skills value] part of the Class Rating. That's about it. Below are some sample results from each house. If this calculator does its job well, then the higher Class Rating value, the better that class should be (theoretically) for the character. The way to understand the class rating is not that it is finding the best class for that character. Rather it is trying to identify the class that best 'fits' the character's strong suits. This is done by considering the organically strong stat growths a character has as well as the skills they are strong in or have a budding talent in. It says nothing however about how good the class itself is, what benefits outside of growth stats it might bring, or how the class might fit in a builds progression for the character. Inevitably there will be a few eye-brow raising results. I don't think a calculator can ever supersede common sense and experience, but I think it does a not so terrible job as it stands. Oh I should also add that Class Rating values don't compare across characters. Meaning if one character has a higher rating for a specific class than another character, it doesn't necessarily mean they are better in that class. It could mean they are a better "fit" for the class, but not necessarily that they will perform better. Thoughts in general? Any suggestions? Feedback? Do you know of a similar calculator / optimizer out there already? Is there an interest towards getting an improved version of something like this? One thing I think can improve in the Class Rating is to include consideration for base stats as well, just haven't figured out yet how to best incorporate that. I think that alone would fix some of the oddities. Thank you for your time. Clarifications: 1. This calculator does not consider the progression path of the character. Masters classes won't consider what you chose for the Advanced or previous classes, etc. Another area where common sense is needed. 2. Comparisons of classes are done only within the same class level. So the rating of say, a Paladin, is not compared to say a Wyvern Lord. Each class level's ratings are ranked separately. This is another area where common sense has to intervene. If you want to CTRL+F jump to a character's results, here's the list in this sample: Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert, Caspar, Ferdinand, Petra, Bernadetta, Dimitri, Sylvain, Felix, Annette, Claude, Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, Lysithea, Marianne, Hilda, Leonie. Byleth: Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Caspar: Petra: Bernadetta: Dimitri: Sylvain: Felix: Annette: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie:
  17. So I'm pretty sure there have been threads for this kind of thing before, but I couldn't find any that were current, especially with the new 3H characters being around now. Because I'm an unoriginal person who cant think of good original nicknames like I used to, I've decided to combine my two obsessions in pokemon and FE (which both coincidentally have loads and loads of characters) by theming my pokemon nicknames around FE characters. But outside of a handful I can think of, I'm not very good at matching and thinking about good combinations of pokemon and FE characters on my own. And I want to use as many names across the various games as much as possible. So throw me some suggestions if you have time! With particular emphasis on Gen 1-3 pokemon at the moment if possible, but I'll file away all suggestions for the future (no, this has nothing to do with the fact that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX came out today, whatever gave you that idea? >_>; ). It doesn't have to have a ton of reasoning behind the matchup, just imagine what pokemon this character would transform into if they woke up in a world of pokemon. Or just simply what kind of pokemon they would likely have as a trainer. Have fun! 🙂 Note: I have not played Gen 8/Sword and Shield at all and have no idea what 95% of those new pokemon are or even look like (which is by design to stay unspoiled until I play it) so while I'll take suggestions based on those pokemon it likely wont help me much right now. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section for this topic; if not, please move it as needed.
  18. With the DLC coming soon I thought it would be a good idea to make this poll. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. Update: Now that the DLC is out... Who is your favorite?
  19. About This "Series": After a long time to digest all the characters, who is your favorite Black Eagles character? It can be based on design, battle capabilities, character arc, etc. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. To make this fun, I have decided to morph this into a competition. Each week, for about eight weeks, there will be a poll asking what your favorite Black Eagles character is. The character who receives the lowest number of votes will not be on the following week's poll. It will be interesting to see how the votes will change when a character is voted off the poll. Hopefully, the character of your choice makes it to the top! Week One Results: Unfortunately, Caspar has been eliminated! Week Two Results: Unfortunately, Hubert AND Linhardt have been eliminated! Week Three Results: Unfortunately, Bernadetta AND Petra have been eliminated! Week Four Results: Unfortunately, Edelgard has been eliminated! This week (WEEK FIVE) we will be eliminating ONE character! This will determine the WINNER! Make sure to vote for your favorite!
  20. So, I made it to the timeskip and noticed that characters don't appear in their new clothes outside of cutscenes unless they are in a certain advanced class. So, I thought it might be helpful if there was a list of what class a character needs to be in to see their new look in actual battles. I only have the ones for Blue Lions since that is the only one I've played so far, so if someone wants to list the requirements for characters from other houses that would be appreciated. I believe the House Leaders are in their new classes at the start of Chapter 13 regardless of what class they were in before. Annette: Warlock Ashe: Sniper Dedue: Fortress Knight Felix: Swordmaster Ingrid: Pegasus Knight Mercedes: Bishop Sylvain: Paladin
  21. This is a question I've always had, and I just don't get it. Why does everyone hate Matthis in particular so much? He's just a subpar unit, other subpar units like Macellan, Dolph, and the entirety of the Wolfguard are also bad units and are much more difficult to recruit/keep alive in their join maps, yet they aren't hated nearly as much. Even in the games where he's not that bad in, people still shit on him. In FE1 he's an earlygame mount that can use Silver Lances at base. In FE3 it's the same deal, hell I would go as far and say that he's better than Cecil, Roderick, Luke, and Ryan. In FE11 he's not great, and is one of the games I would say he's legit bad in because he can no longer use silvers at base and reclassing removes his niche as a mount, but even then he starts with a D rank in lances, which is one rank away from using the most broken weapon in the game, and can already use javelins at base, which is better than what Cain can do. Though, there's not much reason to use him over Abel, Vyland, Frey, or Roshea. In FE12, like FE11 he can no longer use silvers and reclassing removes his niche. In FE12 he's just Roderick with better base stats and has growths that are more defensively oriented. Discounting growths, I'd say that Matthis is one of more mid-tier units in the game. A bad unit that joins early is better than a bad unit that joins later. Recruiting him isn't even hard because you have to go around the mountain anyway to get Bord and Julian. For his personality, he doesn't have too much of a character just like 90% of the cast. Though, the few lines he does get give him a bit of a personality which is more than I can say about Cain, Abel, Macellan , or Dolph. From what I can put together from his recruitment and his dialogue with Marth in SD, he's a pretty calm and cowardly person. He initially fights for Michalis because Lena refused to marry Michalis and naturally Michalis forces her brother to fight for his army while threatening his life because of his dislike for him. After finding out that Lena was safe and part of Marth's army, he joins Marth's army as well. His recruitment convo with Julian in FE12 is a little bit more interesting. You can see how reluctant Matthis is to have Julian be the lover of his sister and see how he doesn't trust him. From his recruitment you can tell that he is mostly the overprotective older brother type, which is understandable, considering the past Julian has as a thief and even being so competent as a thief that he's the commander of Rickard. As an older brother of a younger sister myself, I would want my sister to be safe and not to date just anyone, so I can understand Matthis's worries. Near the end of their convo Julian manipulates(?) Matthis and by telling him that Lena and he wouldn't work out and it works and calms Matthis down and they become somewhat of friends. I find Matthis's supports with Kris kind of amusing, in his C support he's mostly worried about his sister and afraid of all the things that the dark priests can be doing to her. In his B support with Kris, he decides that he doesn't want to wallow in worry for his sister and wants to rescue her himself, so he asks Kris to help him train. When I initially read this it was pretty nice to see Matthis go through some development and how he wanted to be stronger. In his A support, it reveals that he just gives up his training and entrusts his sister to Kris (because Kris is a Mary Sue). At first, I was pretty disappointed that Matthis just gives up, but then I found it kinda funny. It's in character for Matthis, he cares deeply about his sister and wants the best for her, but he is too cowardly to be able to protect her. It would be boring if he was just a typical "weak person but wants to get stronger" type of character since Julian and many other characters have that same motive, this way he's mostly still a comic relief type of character, though he's still a static character which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's not really a major character, he's mostly a side character so being a static character makes sense and works in Matthis's case. Something I wish though is that his supports were with Julian and not Kris, as it would work better and further develop the relationship being Matthis and Julian. Something I like about Matthis is that he's not really a brave courageous knight, nor is he a weak person who wants to be strong. He's just a regular ass dude who doesn't like fighting and adores the peaceful and tranquil life. His cowardice and seemingly denseness are flaws on his part, but they also make him seem more human. When a character doesn't have any flaws they become a Mary Sue. I love characters with flaws, and Matthis, in general, is just one huge flaw, which is something I like. I can see why people would dislike a character like Matthis (seeing how Makalov is similar to him and also gets a lot of hate), but I don't understand why he seems to have so much hate aimed towards him than any Archanea character, I just don't get it.
  22. Hey so, you know how each character under the "roster" menu will have a "Notes" tab that shows their likes, dislikes, interests, timelines, and other such biographical information? Well, I decided to start compiling screenshots of each character's Notes page. A bit of a foreword: I thought to come up with this because of all the people asking about how to recruit these characters/get supports with them up, and also because I myself have a hard time keeping track of all these characters individual personality traits and back stories. So I wanted to compile screenshots of the notes tabs of each of these characters, and then offer whatever insights I might have on appealing to them. The idea is this will somewhat act as an informative guide to help people figure out how best to boost supports between your character and the others - to help you figure out what gifts to give them and to maybe help you figure out what dialogue options you should generally go for when attempting to appease these characters. Generally speaking, if you know a characters interests, likes, and dislikes, you'll know how best to appeal to them. Also posting this stuff because I can't find anywhere else people have this kind of information compiled in a relatively organized fashion. By the very nature of this topic, this will contain spoilers about the roster - namely, the characters whom you can recruit. Within the spoilered boxes are screenshots of character bios which reveal information about their backstories and information, as well as stuff I may have to say that reveal additional details. You have been warned. Also, these are somewhat big screenshots, and there are quite a few of them (I copy them from imgur after I host them there), so they might take a bit to load. Without further ado, here's the list, starting from the students of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer, and then moving on to those with no particular affiliation to any given house. Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Linhardt: Caspar: Bernadetta: Dorothea: Petra: Dimitri: Dedue: Felix: Ashe: Sylvain: Mercedes: Annette: Ingrid: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie: Flayn: Hanneman: Shamir: This all I have for now...
  23. So with the exciting announcement of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 at the VGAs, bringing this franchise out of an almost 10 year slumber, I thought it would be fun to discuss the possibilities of this game. Which known characters are you excited to use? Which not-currently-revealed characters do you want to be playable? Which locations do you hope will appear as missions? Which villains are you excited to fight? Are there any Nintendo characters that you would like to see crossover?
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