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Found 106 results

  1. Okay so this has been something on my mind a little bit. What makes good character design? Now I realize that this sort of thing is almost entirely subjective but I'd like to know everyone's thoughts regardless. Personally I feel good character design boils down to answering one simple question: "What can I tell about this character just by looking at their design/artwork/portraits/etc." and if the answer is accurate to what the character is actually like then I feel the design is a success.
  2. Exactly what the title says, who are your favorite characters and why? They can be from any game in the series and there can be multiple. I'd ask for least favorites but I don't want this to turn into a predictable Fateswakening hate circle.
  3. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
  4. What's your least favorite character in the whole series itself? Personally, my least favorite is most likely Peri (FE FATES)
  5. Since Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, and Gaiden managed to get a remake into Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and they do add more characters to the story. There are like 6 new playable characters and 5 new boss enemies that were added in Shadow Dragon, 2 new playable characters and new 3 boss enemies that were added in New Mystery of the Emblem while they managed to get the rest of the playable characters from Shadow Dragon into New Mystery of the Emblem, and they did add 2 new in-game playable characters, 4 new boss enemies, added the four Cipher characters as DLC, putted Jarth as a new enemy DLC boss, and the final boss in the post game content after Act 5. How many playable characters and new non-playable characters do you think the future remakes will might possibly get added? I don't know about how many brand new characters we could get for the possible Judgral remakes as this point, but I think we could see a new member for Sigurd's Holy Knights + new mother (or the new member in Sigurd's Holy Knights is a female) and a new member, possibly 2 new children, and 2 new subtitutes incase if a new mother character gets added in the first generation for Seliph's army + add the rest of the Thracia 776 characters into Seliph's story for a new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters similar to like how New Mystery of the Emblem manages to get the rest of the Shadow Dragon characters and the Archanea Saga characters into the remake. But, maybe a few new antagonists in either of the remakes to help the story like Berkut and Frenand in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and the Assassins in New Mystery of the Emblem. For a Thracia 776 remake, I think we could see a new character joins Leif's group. For the Elibe remakes, I do like to see if they can add a brand new main character, give Roy a half-sibling similar to like how Celica has a half-brother gotten added in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a Mercenary Girl to the Binding Blade remake since Echidna is the only female Hero in the game, and an unit starts off as an Assassin since that class was added in the Prequel, and possibly put some of the returning characters that aren't killed in the prequel such as Nils, Rebecca, Serra, Matthew, etc. from The Blazing Blade into the story as playable or NPCs for The Binding Blade remake, I don't know about for new characters for The Blazing Blade remake though, maybe add an another Lorca tribe survivor (possibly as Lyn's sibling or friend)? For The Sacred Stones remake, I think of they could might possibly add 2 new members for Eirika's and Emphriam's squad and add more new characters into the story. For the Tellius remakes, I think they will might add at least new members for the Greil Mercenaries (either the Path of Radiance remake and return in the Radiant Dawn remake or put them in Radiant Dawn remake after Ike appears since the Greil Mercenaries didn't get a single new member after the Mad King's War ended) along with new characters that gets recruited in a few new Gaiden/Paralogue chapters or in the main story like Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. And a new member in the Dawn Brigade and a new character later on as well in the Radiant Dawn remake.
  6. So, what are your favorites and the not so favorites? Mine so far: Favorites: Celica. Shes very lovely to look at, but also a deeply sweet person. Shes stubborn and ruled by her heart, but people point this out. Shes great when she puts her Big Girl Pants on at the end of Act 3. Leon: Should not surprise anyone that i love the purple haired gay guy. Hes done so well, that hes not a stereotype. I love that Nintendo put this guy in. He knows his love is unrequited, and is prepared to deal with it. Mah pewr dude. Plus hes a great unit. Mathilda: Oh shes fantastic. She looks good, is a solid character both on and off the battlefield, and her relationship with Clive is cute. Clair: her support with Gray won me over, that B...yass slay! But shes great. Noble, but not super classist. Shes a lot like Maribelle actually. Mae: Shes so cute. Energetic without being bratty and annoying. Totally hiding that shes got feelings for Boey. I love her supports with Celica and gives her pep talks all the time. Not-So-Favorites: tbh i only really have the one. Gray annoyed me at first but hes got layers and is a cool dude once you get to know him. You know isnt cool when you get to know them? Faye: Shes kind of an asshole. Her entire character revolves around Alm. Theres literally nothing else to her. In a sea of characters with great characterization and depth, she sticks out really sorely. Unlike other characters that are similar (guys like Camilla or Tharja), Faye looks sweet and innocuous. Her design is nice and charming, shes not overbearing in speech either. But shes an asshole. Unlike other really assholish characters like Severa, Faye is not tsundere. But still an asshole. While her A support with Silque is kinda ok, the ones leading up to that really paint a highly unpleasant picture of Faye. She seems to dislike other women, and only wants to be around Alm, and to hell with everyone else. Im sorry, no matter how you paint it, Faye isnt gonna be anything other than a massive jerk to me. I dont take kindly to interlized misogyny, period. (and saying Peri is worse isnt an argument because at least there was more to her than murder.)
  7. https://pastebin.com/FQ5hbdYr So I came across this datamine with English battle text. A quick name-search (control-F character name) revealed that there are callouts to certain characters. This seems to indicate that these particular characters are or will be playable at some point, probably the latter. Might just be leftover content, but given the nature of this all, I highly doubt it isn't meant to ever be implemented. And one other thing. Feel free to name-search any other possible characters in the datamine, though I think this is probably all we're getting for now.
  8. For starter: There's 3 lance users (All of which are fliers with the same moveset), 3 axe users and 11 sword users. They claim to be focusing on 3 games to limit the amount of sword users, yet sword users make up nearly half the cast. They claim to focus on Awakening, fates and shadow dragon, but they completely shaft shadow dragon in favor of having 2 Corrins. Because that's what the people want. I actually don't mind them focusing on 3 games. It makes since, given that trying to represent the whole series would be impossible, It's just that almost the whole cast is from Awakening and fates.. Why do Rowan and Lianna use swords? Why does Celica use a Sword? Nobody cares even a little bit about Rowan and Lianna, so why not just cut them and put effort into characters people actually want? And finally, why is the first dlc pack adding in more fates characters? There's already 10 of them, add something new! Rally the main issue is fates. It has too many main characters, so it ends up taking to much room. If it didn't exist, we could of gotten more shadow dragon, and maybe fe7 characters. Also fates contributes four sword users. so that matters, I guess. I don't know. I just wanted to vent. I'm just mad about Jagen and Minerva not getting in the game.
  9. Has anyone posted the cipher characters base convs? I can't seem to get them to appear
  10. While the weapon triangle appears to be an important factor to both the roster and how the game plays, I'm curious to wondering how other units may function, since that may or may not apply to them. Such classes include: Archer Mage Ninjas/Thieves(?)/Maid/Butler Manakete Of course, such a thought also depends on whether Fates' ranged weapon triangle applies, which in that case, the only class exempt would be Tiki and potentially Corrin, assuming that we do not gain any other transformation characters. Will update as more information comes along, but otherwise feel free to discuss
  11. So I've been looking at some of the characters from Thracia 776 and I've noticed some characters look oddly familiar. And looking at their designs, backgrounds, and personalities, there are quite a few parallels. So here we go. Creidne/Radney & Machyua Laylea & Lara Hermina & Karin Tristan & Carrion Linda & Miranda Bonus: Jeanne and Tanya have similar facial features and accessories. And Shannam is literally a Shannan impersonator.
  12. Would a themed run in which I only use Chrom, the Tactician and a list of characters from one game be possible? Preferably the run would be an ironman, with me killing off all characters that aren't in line with my specific theme, Chrom or the Tactician. If not, would it be more realistic to pull units from each era; an NES era play through, SNES era play through, GBA era play through, etc...? Thank you for your input.
  13. Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco, the company responsible for Tekken. Pokkén is a hybrid of both Pokémon and Tekken, pitting two Pokémon against each other in a ring and having them duke it out until one of their HP reaches zero. The gameplay consists of two phrases: one where the two Pokémon can move around freely in the battlefield, and another where movement is more locked, akin to a more traditional fighting game. Despite the game being a fighting game, the playable Pokémon are, for the most part, not Fighting-type, and some of them aren't even bipedal. The playable Pokémon are, so far: A mixture of fan-favourites and oddballs! Note: With exceptions, I've listed the Pokémon in accordance to the order they were unveiled. The exceptions are to make the listing look more neat There are also a bunch of Support Pokémon. I won't list them, but they can found here Controller options are: Wii U Game Pad, Wii U Pro Controller, and the controller made for Pokkén Tournament: The Hori Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad. Images for this controller are below, in spoilers. You can pre-order it here amiibo is planned for this game, however right now we've only seen one amiibo card: for Shadow Mewtwo This will allow Shadow Mewtwo to be playable immediately rather than having to unlock him. All other amiibo can be used to gain money and clothing for your trainer Finally, the game supports both online and local play--and this includes linking up two Wii Us via LAN cable. Competitive players rejoice!
  14. k so in fe7 in the dorcas chapter with natalie, she's an npc. Thing is, she doesn't have a unit window like every (most?) other units do. It seems directly tied to her character, not her class, and I just wanted to know how or why or whut for possible duplication. My guess is it's hardcoded unless I'm missing something obvious. Thanks
  15. With the speculation and talk about FE characters that'll be in this game, I've thought a bit about which of the likely candidates I'd want to use. People almost unanimously seem to think we'll at least get all the Fates royals, Lucina, Tiki, Caeda, and (obviously) all the other owners of the blades we saw in the trailer. So from that pool of characters (and others you think are likely), which do you think you'll be using the most/maining? And for what reasons? Do you simply like the characters, or do you think they'll play better than the others? Or do you think you'll give everyone equal time? I'm thinking I'll probably be fiddling around with fliers just to see how they'd play, and then moving on to using mostly Marth and his family. If Hector or Ike get in, I'll probably be putting some time into using them as well, as I always like playing heavy hitters in these kinds of games. I might also see about playing a sword and magic user, like Leo, Robin, or Celica.
  16. With the April update having come out recently, with Seals, repositioning and all that jazz, I figured I'd start a topic for everyone to brainstorm about what we'd like to see in future updates. It can be soon, or it can be far in the future. Maybe a Nintendo employee will come across this, so let's get down as many ideas as possible! Firstly, I'd like to see Ike in the game. They have the GALL to put him on the title screen, but not IN THE GAME?? RAAAAGEEEEE!!! But in all seriousness, it would be great to see him, along with his Aether animation, which brings me into my next point: Unique animations. Besides their designs, most characters look the same in combat. It gets stale. You'd think an outlaw/assassin would shoot a bow differently than a professionally trained archer. All with his left-handedness and Zephiel's spinny-flare-things are a great start, and I'd love to see more. Live multiplayer. Arena is great for challenging battles, but wen better would be real-time battles against players worldwide. Could do a similar thing to Arena wth ranks and weekly rewards or something like that. And that is a good transition into the next thing... Friendly battles. Let's us have battles with our friends, live and not. It would be a great thing to just bring people together and play against each other to showcase heroes and improve strategies. Then real competitive rings and tournaments could be formed. Heck, there's already tier lists, and those are used in competitive games to judge usefulness of weapons/characters/etc. Pair up mechanics. Now, this is a large maybe, as it may be too OP. Since you can only have four units on the field, actual pair-up would seem pointless. However, of two units are adjacent to each other, it would be cool to have a weakened attack from the unit that isn't attacking. Because if the nature of Heroes, it may have to be 30% of original damage, or lower, opposed to half damage like it was in Fates (and I'm pretty sure Awakening too, I don't think the proportion changed) That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to post anything! Can be characters, abilities, weapons, etc, or something bigger like mechanics or game modes (we already know Defense and Reinforcements will be coming a la notifications) Can't wait to see everyone's ideas
  17. I'll like to take the time to compare the old artwork from the 90s and put it alongside with the newly released artwork. Since the moment of this post's conception (day of the announcement), I'll post all of the artwork released so far and will post the other pieces when they become available (or in a new post if this one dies). If I missed any, feel free to add more characters! Alm Celica Boey Savor Berkut (Localized name pending) (Reference) EDIT: Clive's old and new artwork is on Page 2 of this thread. Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, Lukas, Silque, Mae, Genny, Valbar, Leon, and Kamui on page 3. Clair, Luthier, Delthea, Palla, Catria, Est, Rudolf, and Linea on page 6. Python, Zeke, Sonya, Conrad, Juda, and Mila on page 6. So what do you think about the new designs/art style? Are there any characters you wish they will reveal next? What's your favorite?
  18. So I want to know, cause I've been thinking should I inherit setsuna to my robin or not what would you recommend. Shes been good but if I can trade up for something better I will do it. Is robin even worth it?
  19. Thanks to the dataleak, the support lists have been leaked and are right here. Supports are GBA-styled, so they will be occurring in battle and each character is limited to certain characters. In the original Gaiden, you didn't know if characters had a special relationship until the end, and while these endings seem to be in place, they've also added some more relationships between characters. Note: Some characters have 1 support partner total, so I wonder how much they're going to be included in base conversations to make up for this. Personally, I'm most interested in: Mae x anyone, since she's cheeky. Clair x Lukas + Delthea, since I wasn't expecting those. Jesse x Silque (how?) + Saber + Deen Genny x Sonya The Meme Team (you know who) Zeke x Tatiana Celica x Masked Knight I'm surprised there's no Clair x Tobin support, and no Saber x Genny support (but that could be because of their ages)
  20. Hello everyone. I'm a relative newbie to the franchise, being versed in much of it's lore and having several games. But one thing I have issue with is figuring out what stats and growth rates are good for what classes. I would like some help figuring out what constitutes "good growths" for various classes in the series because as it is, any time I read growths of characters online, they just look like numbers to me. If this topic is redundant, please let me know. Thanks for helping.
  21. Hello everyone. I've seen many lists regarding viability of all the characters from Fire Emblem Fates and in many of those lists, Laslow, Odin, and Selena appear very low in terms of overall quality. As someone who has been playing FE for a while and having loved the previous entry, Awakening, I've taken a liking to this trio. As you all know, they are indeed a bit subpar units if kept on their classes / master classes . So in Revelations i changed them up quite a bit so that their class matches their personality a bit more and what I've ended up with is : Laslow(185 rating) - Lodestar - i feel like this class suits his "dancer" style. ( will give him the Hagakure blade once he reaches S rank ) Odin (165 rating) - Vanguard - Odin's wrath makes vanguard the perfect class for him, especially after he defeats an enemy and throws the sword into the ground (his weapons are the hand axe, killer axe, silver sword, and Venge katana, respectively) Selena(146 rating) - Great Lord - Even though this class Isn't as fitting for her personality i feel like she does and looks great as a Great Lord. With this, the three became top tier characters in my group. Which you can see in the images I've posted. Even though they're not perfectly tuned nor do i intend to farm for them to become unstoppable beasts with the perfect sets of skills, since I didn't do castle battles to get them. What are your thoughts on this trio ? I've yet to do the DLC chapters on which they star in by the way. I'll do that once i finish Revelations ( just cleared Chapter 26 ). Thanks for reading , have a nice day :) !
  22. Hello! I'm currently working on a hack of FE6 that's still is VERY early in development. I have a story outlined and some characters already implemented. I plan on having the cast be a mixture of fan favorites and fan hated characters. (It would fit it in with the story, but I don't want to release that quite yet). It would be really great if this poll I created could be filled out so I can start fleshing out my story and implement these characters. (You can take it as many times as you want to) Also, the characters must be playable, ( battle sprites, ect). Villains can be used. Thanks!~~ Poll is here! UPDATE Characters Already (or now) Confirmed Roy Eliwood Hector Lyn Erika Ephraim Lute Lugh Lilina Nino Kishuna Lucius Wendy Florina *And some surprise guests*
  23. So there are about 44 playable characters in FE7 and I want to know is if it is possible to increase the number of playable characters and to make those extra characters have supports, growths, etc.
  24. Hai! So, I thought up this article in the shower. Fates has been out for about a year now, so I presume everyone has been able to play it. I loved the game, and it's characters. I played through the game so many times, and have gotten to know it's characters quite well. However, there were characters I adored, like Keaton, Laslow, or Selena. Along with that, there were characters I did not enjoy as much. And so, I thought I would share my thoughts on who the worst of the worst was. Please feel free to join and tell me your worst. I thought I would seperate the judging into two categories. Portrayal, and Unit. Feel free to judge your least favorite character on one or both of the categories. By Portrayal, I mean how they appear in the story, supports, and overall role they play in the game. For Unit, I mean how they are as that. A soldier. Please do not turn this into a flame war. I only mean to share opinions. And so, I shall throw in my two cents. My Worst Character Award Goes Too... CAMILLA! Yep. That's my opinion. If I may explain before I am run through: Portrayal This is where my hate for Camilla stems. From the start, she is shown in cutscenes and the story terribly. In all cutscenes, she is never seen with her axe. Or her wyvern. Think about all the other cutscenes: Everybody has their weapons. Sakura even has her rod, along with Elise! Now, yes. Sakura or Elise does not have their weapons in their positive cutscenes. Nobody does. But everyone else has their weapon in a standoff or fight. Camilla's cutscenes are bad from the start. In the circle around Garon, she just waves her hands around and flips her hair. In Choose Your Side, she has no weapon. She is just shocked. In the third, it's just blatant fanservice. None of her cutscenes have an axe, wyvern, or use of magic. My next reason if her supports and role in the story. First, the story. She does next to nothing. She doesn't have many twists, other than defecting in Revelation. No other shocks, or major roles. She acts as only a support unit to Kamui, and acts as a foil to Hinoka. To be honest, I found the chapter in which I fought her in Birthright to be rather bland. The chapter wasn't bad, but the fight was forgettable. Hinoka was a helicopter. Sakura pleads not to fight. Ryoma and Takumi act serious, Leo almost kills you, and let's just not talk about Xander. Camilla, wants to hug you. Yep. That's it. Almost all of her supports are bland, and are almost centered about Kamui. However, I admit. There are some gems, like Benny and Ryoma, or Takumi. Other than that, she is boring and repetitive Unit Don't get me wrong: She's a fine unit. Quite good really. But with the characters I like to use, the doesn't fit in. I prefer units with growths similar to Ninjas or Adventurers. Camilla doesn't have any horrible growths, but she has what I call "Leo Syndrome." Her stats are in that slot where nothing stand out except her Strength. Everything else falls into a category that it's not bad, but not great. Not enough to prominently show through in her levels. So, she's not bad, but I prefer others. Now! Discuss among yourselves! Who is YOUR worst unit in Fates hmm?
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