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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there, I'm working on a project that requires i get lots of oddly specific video footage from things in FE1 that's near impossible or would be super complicated to do through gameplay, I need an easy way to get any item i want and give enemies specific weapons, Though any other hack or cheats would be helpful as well, Basically i need to be able to orchestrate any fight i need so if anyone knows a way i would greatly appreciate the help
  2. This is my first time posting here so I don't know if I'm doing this right. So, I'm playing the Lil' Manster translation of Thracia and in chapter 15 I picked the B route, which I don't regret, but I really wanted to have Sleuf, Misha and Amalda. Is there any way this is possible, like with cheats? That is, if it doesn't break the game. *Update: I'm in chapter 23 and I got all the characters I wanted so far but Saias is not appearing!
  3. Hey guys, I'm replaying FE7 and I want to use some cheats to manipulate exp. I found working cheats on https://gamehacking.org/game/4599?hacker=Codejunkies I want to change the Codebreaker/GameShark SP/Xploder EXP codes to give characters another exp value instead of the code default's 99. However, I can't seem to figure out how to edit the codes. For example, E4D9F07B 31DEB34A F108385E 81C9DC84 gives the unit in slot 8 99exp, but what do I have to edit to make it 90? I would like to do this for all 16 character slots, and each slot code seems completely different. I can't find the pattern. Any help would be appreciated. Note: I tried using other exp codes on the website with success, however characters continue leveling past 20, which is something I want to avoid. The codes linked above don't seem to have this problem.
  4. "Make All Enemies Player Controlled", turns all enemies into player units. Previously, I have only seen this code available in a PAL format by [g6flavor] PAL Make All Enemies Player Controlled, push 1&+ ON,1&- OFF v2* [g6flavor] 283D02FA 00000210 20697784 01000000 00697784 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D02FA 00001200 20697784 00000000 00697784 00000001 E0000000 80008000 However a year or so back I somehow translated it to work in NTSC. NTSC Make All Enemies Player Controlled 283D78DA 00000210 2066B828 702E7468 0066B844 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D78DA 00001200 2066B828 702E7468 0066B844 00000001 E0000000 80008000 same controls apply to run the command. Hope you all enjoy and sorry if someone has already posted this but i figured as of the last time i looked around no one had.
  5. So I've been looking around for an enemy recruit AR cheat code for FE 12 and was wondering if anyone has it? No old forums seem to have it and were abandoned without sources upon others finding it. Please help.
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