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Found 1 result

  1. So, idk if someone made a Post about this already (used SF but didnt come up with much), but after digging through the trailer and materials once again (this was really helpfull to sum it up), i noticed that Protagonist/Byleth's Crest is the ONLY Crest missing in the Art we got where ALL Crests are shown. Its very wierd and when i first saw it i had to double and tripple check bc it didnt seem to make sense to me... i mean, i think i heared somewhere that the Sword of the MC is the Sword of the Creator - wich kinda makes the Crest that of the Creator i guess {correction: its called Crest of Flames, but the point still stands since its the Sword of the Creator that links with it}, since they need to be synced to work (wich is shown in another trailer)? And theres still the fact that Nemesis wields it (thuss Byleth beeing his decendent) but arnt all Crests gifts from the Goddess? The first trailer states that they revieced a divine gift (although its doesnt say Crests, its a good guess that they are meant, and i think it might have been stated in the Treehouse life footage but i dont want to go over and watch it again) The only course of events that makes sense to me is that Memesis was choosen by the goddess as the others were, but for some reason rose against them - thuss the battle of the first trailer broke loose where Nemesis is wielding the Sword of the Creator (against Seiros?). And because he lost and was (maybe) branded a Traitor soe something, left out of the Art work (in universe) bc they eitehr believe his line to have died out or want it to be dead/unrecognized. Otherwise it just wwierds me out that there are 21 Crests on the Artwork, for 10 Heros (wich means that minor crests probably look different and are added too or they somehow got more crests after the 10 Heros?) - but not Byleth's / Nemesis. Thoughts? Theories? Anything you've noticed that i didnt see?
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