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Found 152 results

  1. So Chris Wagar, a gaming blogger I follow, recently let his friend, an old-school FE fan, answer some questions they'd received about about the differences between Awakening's and Conquest's approach to map design and difficulty. I found the post very insightful and wanted to share it here: https://critpoints.wordpress.com/2017/02/19/fire-emblem-everything/ Other topics in this particular blog from his friend include a critique on Fates' debuffs and guard stance, the usefulness of Leif vs. Roy vs. Lyn, and their favourite FE games. I'd also recommend Chris's other blog posts if you like game design analysis.
  2. I just started writing for a new website, and I was lucky enough to interview the immensely talented Rena Strober. Sharing the link with everybody because I figured I'd find plenty of fellow Fates and Rena fans here! Hope you enjoy! https://comedyngaming.com/anime/interview-rena-strober-voice-azura-fire-emblem-fates
  3. I received Birthright and Conquest as separate games/cartridges for my birthday a little while ago and I've beaten Birthright and Conquest. I recently purchased Revelations through my Birthright cartridge and it really annoys me that when I check the records hall it shows my Revelation and Birthright cutscenes, but not the Conquest ones. Is there any way to somehow save my file or the cutscenes themselves from Conquest to my DS so that I can watch all three sets of cutscenes on the one cartridge?
  4. So, I recently got into a discussion with someone about Fates: Conquest, and they made the claim that the only ones who could technically be held accountable for Nohr's atrocities in that game are Garon, Hans, and Iago. They claimed that since they rule through fear and have an "infinite army of Faceless," that the heroes, and the entire Nohrian army, can't really be held accountable for only acting when they did. Now, as someone who's forgiving of a lot of the more recent games' shortcomings, I still can't really buy into this conceit, so I want to know, is there a way for Xander, Corrin and company to stage a military coup against Garon, Hans, Iago, and the Faceless while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum?
  5. After like 7 Lunatic+Hard Playthroughs of Conquest I've decided to make a Tier List for it. I'm looking to make it as accurate as possible. Being an efficient unit (high move, shelter, ability to kill at 1-2 range or bosskill, etc) makes the unit go up, not having these qualities or having them but needing more effort makes them go lower. Here we go: Rules: -Conquest Lunatic Classic Mode -Full recruitment, No Deaths. -No DLC or Bonus items. -No outside my castle visiting feature. -No cooking or capturing. -No invasion battles. -Efficiency (slower than LTC but not slow enough to where we can just casually take 10 turns in a map to grind someone up. Think of it like if chapter 12 takes 2 turns in a LTC run by bumrushing ryoma, efficiency takes a bit longer to ensure that it is reliable to do so. So like 6-7 turns. How many more Turns efficiency takes varies from map to map, but basically whatever seems reliable and fast) Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Camilla Top Tier Corrin Azura Xander Jakob (Ch2) Leo High Tier Beruka Silas Niles Felicia (Ch2) Mid Tier Effie Kaze Elise Selena Shura Arthur Peri Gunter Low Tier Nyx Keaton Charlotte Laslow Flora Felicia (Ch16) Izana Bottom Tier Jakob (Ch16) Benny Mozu Odin [spoiler=List in Picture form] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier [spoiler=Important Commentary on v1.0 Unit Placements] First Tier belongs solely to Camilla, for obvious reasons. She joins as early as Chapter 10, with ridiculous bases in every stat with amazing growths that ensure she stays obscenely good throughout the game. She flies, has good weapon ranks, good classes and a decent personal skill. She's extremely dominant and doesn't need resources to perform at her best. Second Tier kicks off with Azura, her dancing is invaluable throughout the game and it becomes kinda broken with Shelter units around. Corrin is an amazing, reliable and versatile combat unit for the entire game. She can pull off a myriad of classes too well, with cavalier or wyvern being her best options. Xander joins kinda late and wants your Speedwing. Those are his only flaws. Godlike 1-2 range and durability make him too useful in most of the lategame maps. Also has Shelter if you weren't already satisfied with him. Jakob is an amazing unit that joins you early and can go Paladin with a Heart Seal. While this does mean he starts E rank weapons, it offers too many benefits for that measly cost. It means you get an 8 mov unit early on. It means Jakob gets elbow room with just 1 level. With another level you get another Shelter unit. He even gets Defender early to skyrocket his already good combat. He just keeps getting better and better with little cost. Silas joins early with nice bases and growths, has a really good and abusable personal skill in a high move class. High Tier kicks off with Niles, who is a really good unit that joins you early and has a ton of unique uses. He gives movement on pairup, gets mov+1 himself, has the ability to lockpick, has no trouble doubling, etc. He can even go bowknight later on and have like 10 mov. That's kind of amazing. His growths in areas other than spd means he can and often will fall off later on when enemy stats make the jump though. Then there's Effie, with her high str and good personal skill giving her clutch offense early on. She can go Great Knight and keep killing and tanking things. Kaze joins later than in Birthright but is still pretty darn amazing. He has amazing spd that lets him double basically forever and has good 1-2 range offense thanks to shurikens. Very useful unit but too frail to be exposed to too much combat. Leo, much like Xander, joins late and wants your Speedwing, but has really good bases and a tome that makes him a 1-2 range nuke. He has good bulk on both sides and is just really solid at combat. Felicia (Ch2), while inferior to Jakob in every way possible, does have the ability to go Strategist and have good offense (but terrible defense) early on. She's like a better Elise without Dragon Veins to me since she can do combat to get more exp than elise and get going faster. If she doesn't go strategist she's still a nice support unit that can eventually be a flame shuriken nuke. Upper Mid Tier has Elise at the top. While Elise is really solid, I feel she's not a High Tier unit. That would mean she's just one or 2 spots below Leo and there's a very clear difference between them in performance. Elise comes early with a pony and is good at her healing job. Eventually she can be a playerphase nuke too with her amazing mag and spd growths. She can never really do EP combat thanks to her hp and def though. Beruka's bases are really solid and she flies. Her biggest downside is her Spd base being super low and her growths being on the poor side. Still, she's a flying unit with good single strikes and that makes her useful enough. Selena, much like Beruka, joins with solid bases early on. She's in a much more inferior class than Beruka though. She can pull off Bow Knight and Pegasus Knight rather well. The latter making her a flying Rescue user. She will be useful, much like Beruka but she won't be winning any mvp awards either. Shura joins late and costs you a Boots if you recruit him, but he can be useful as a Bow Knight with 10 move and has nice bases. Arthur closes Upper Mid. Being an early joining unit with a good support class and the ability to be another Shelter unit if need be. Mid Tier. I felt like these guys needed the tier gap because there's no way they're on par with the upper mids. Peri kicks off the tier. She has average bases and growths in a good class and joins decently early on. She can use Shelter right away too. Gunter provides amazing pairup bonuses to Corrin, can use Shelter, can fly and he can grab quite a few support skills like Rallies really easily. Not an amazing combat unit, but a valuable support unit. Laslow joins along with Peri in C12 and has decent bases. His spd holds him back, but he's usable. He's mediocre, but usable. His rally is neat to have for free. A lot of people will give me heck for my Charlotte placement I bet, but she doesn't give move. Her str spd pairup bonus is amazing for sure, but needs more mov. And she's terrible at combat. Low Tier: Now we get to the losers. Nyx is awful. She could maybe be early-sealed to Dark Knight and be decent in like one map but that's about it. She really is hopeless as a combat unit. She can go Bowknight and be a 10 move support unit but there are better options for that and they can do combat too. Flora joins with a B rank in staves in C19 so she can use entrap. She has good skl and mag, making her pretty accurate with staves too. She has that niche going for her. Staff rank is hard to build. Felicia C16 joins late and is extremely bad, but she can heal kinda well and maybe do decent chip with Flame Shuriken here and there. Izana joins suuuper late, but he has 2 rallies and can use staves on things. Keaton, while he does have nice bases, he joins at a time when no one wants a 5 move unit with good 1 range combat. This holds him back sooo much. Bottom Tier: These are more losers than the losers. Jakob C16 can be another Shelter bot maybe and heal for less than C16 Felicia if he stays Butler. Benny can instaseal to GK and give move and str def on pairup but that's about it. Mozu can be a decent sniper if you want to go through the hell that is training her and spend an early Heart Seal on her for some reason. Odin is the worst character in the game from what i've played. His bases are laughably bad and his spd growth cripples him even more. He will always be mediocre at best even if you do train him. He can probably do better if sealed to samurai asap, but heart seals are heavily contested resources. [spoiler=Bonus, ranking the Nohrian kids] Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier Percy and Sophie in the top as they are likely to exist because their parents are great/good. Percy has a Wyvern, with good stats everywhere and a huge defense stat that makes him actually really handy to tank things. He can get Shelter from his dad and fly, which is really good. Sophie is a Cavalier, which means she gets Shelter right away, has a good dad and often will join with good bases. She usually does well no matter who is her mom. High Tier: Nina is likely to exist thanks to Niles being an amazing unit himself. She's on the very frail side but she has good offense and has the mov+1 skill to make her even better. Ophelia doesn't have a good dad, but wow her offense is really good and she can go Dark Knight. She's a nuke. Too bad about that dad of hers...Kana can inherit good stuff like Wyvern to help out. His/her stats are mediocre/average at best but he/she can be made into a useful unit more often than not. Dwyer is decent if Corrin married Jakob and inherits the good stuff, otherwise he's just a healer on a pony like Elise but worse. Mid Tier: Midori can go Mechanist, which is a good class for 1-2 range nuking things. She's decent at best though. Siegbert isnt likely to exist before the very late maps thanks to Xander's availability. He's really average I find and strictly inferior to Xander. Soleil is a late joining Laslow without his Rally but with the ability to potentially be made better through skill genetics...not very promising. Can probably go Bow Knight and do decently. Shigure...it's painful to pairup Azura in Drafts! omg she's the worst!!!!! Now that I got that out of my system, Shigure can become a Rally Speed bot later on which is probably handy if he does manage to exist. Low Tier: Forrest is a late joining healer thanks to Leo's late arrival. Velouria isn't likely to be in play and doesn't offer much. Bottom Tier: Ignatius. Yeah...his dad is bad, his paralogue I hear is impossible after a certain point (havent done it myself yet) and hes probably just a pairup bot GK like his dad. Previous versions: [spoiler=v1.0] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Upper Mid Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier
  6. I'm feeling a bit bored, so I guess it's PMU time. The rules are as follows: The game is to be played on Hard difficulty, Classic mode. It will start from New Game. Battle and Visit bonuses are banned. DLC is banned. Path bonuses are banned. My Castle features other than the Dusk Armoury, Staff Shop, and Smithy are banned. Weapons may not be forged past +1. The endgame team will include ten first-gen units and five children. Each person may choose either 1 new unit or what will be done with Corrin (i.e gender, name, appearance, Boon/Bane, Talent, spouse, skill [see rule 8]). First in best dressed, and please give the appearance in the form the game gives you when checking if everything's correct. This rule is where my PMU differs from most others: Instead of choosing the final class for a unit, the person who chooses a unit is asked to instead choose a skill their unit can learn (bearing in mind that they can't use Rev supports and possibly not Corrin either). The unit will then be required to learn that skill as soon as practical and carry it through the entire rest of the game. I will choose a final class that I feel fits and/or uses that skill. A unit's chosen skill may not be the level 15 skill of an advanced class, or equivalent. When children are chosen, the person choosing must also select their variable parent (unless it's Corrin's kid, then it's left to the person choosing Corrin's stuff). Units who are not selected may be deployed up to and including Chapter 22, but only to either satisfy forced deployment or provide necessary support levels for a selected unit to exist and/or learn their chosen skill. Units list: GENERATION ONE: Batta (Corrin): Male, +Str - Skl, Oni Savage Talent, skill is Death Blow, and will marry Peri. Appearance: Build 2, Face 4, Hair 2, Hair Colour 24, no facial feature. Chosen by Hylian Air Force. Final class will be Blacksmith, to stay in the Oni tree and still have Yato (plus Salvage Blow can't hurt either). Luna!Arthur (chosen by eclipse, final class will be Paladin as it's both mounted [to fit Luna being learnt by a horse class] and still relates to his justice obsession). Lunge!Elise (chosen by Jeheza, final class will be Malig Knight because innate magic stat + wyvern for lunge). I must say, thank you for choosing this, I love Wyvern Elise. HP+5!Camilla (chosen by joshcja, final class will be Berserker to make best use of innate Axes and be in the skill's class tree). Lethality!Beruka (chosen by Anomalocaris, final class will be Master Ninja because it fits Lethality). By the way, another great choice, as Lethality fits Beruka's character so well. Sol!Benny (chosen by deskita, final class will be Berserker to utilise Benny's apparently high skill with innate crit). Lucky7!Odin (requested by Enemy Stand, final class of Adventurer because Pass, Staves, skill). Vantage!Leo (requested by by twistedxgrace, final class will be Swordmaster to best fit the tree and also get Swordfaire on him). SECOND GENERATION: Sol!Mozu!Ophelia (chosen by Almerson, final class will be Dark Knight to use both her innate magic and the swords/Sol from Hero). Aptitude will be inherited. Darting Blow!Selena!Soleil (chosen by Ether, final class will be Falcon Knight because it fits the Darting Blow tree and I may need staves). Rally Strength!Jakob!Shigure (chosen by Alto, final class will be Hero because I don't have one yet). Gentilhomme!Charlotte!Ignatius (chosen by CrimeanRoyalKnight, final class will be Butler to be in the class tree, use Str and have staves). REQUIRED PAIRINGS: Batta x Peri Camilla x Keaton Beruka x Kaze Benny x Charlotte Odin x Mozu Selena x Laslow Jakob x Azura Shigure x Velouria Once all fifteen units are selected I'll start a playlog of their adventure. I tend to play fairly slowly and defensively, but I'll keep a tally of my turncounts anyway because why not. I hope you all enjoy the selection process and the playthrough that follows.
  7. I dropped Fates a few weeks before Sun and Moon came out, and I think I kinda... restricted myself with the Luna!BR and Hard!CQ PMUs, which made them really hard to get back into. I'll not delve further into my reasons why I'm stopping them since this is too long already. For now, I'd like to do a Hard mode Conquest PMU. I'm choosing to play Casual because this is for fun, and I wanna ease myself back into Fates. Also, rules: Avatar is fully customizable (Can be by one or multiple people). 2 picks per person. Children need 1 parent picked. I won't stop you from giving me garbage units, but I do ask for mercy. No Gunter. I know I said I'm fine with garbage, but Gunter is worse than garbage. I may ban the Yato, Brynhildr and Siegfried for myself. Depends on what units I get. Only 1 of each DLC class, and all are allowed. Please don't give me the same unit/class combos as on my old CQ PMU, which are in the spoiler below. There are a good amount removed as I never recruited or reclassed them, so I see no need to exclude them from this. Unit list: Blacksmith!M!Avatar (S-Sophie) Maid!Charlotte Ike!Keaton Malig Knight!Niles (S-Camilla or Beruka, depends on other choices) Master Ninja!Nyx (S-Kaze) Great Knight!Kaze (A+-Silas) Dark Knight!Nyx!Midori Swordmaster!Leo (A+-Odin) Dread Fighter!Selena Adventurer!Peri (S-Niles) Wyvern Lord!Xander Bow Knight!Azura (S-Laslow) Berserker!Odin (S-Charlotte) Maid!Elise Marther (Lodestar!Arthur) Kinshi Knight!Selena!Sophie Thank you, and have a nice day.
  8. Hey guys, just wondered if you are interested in following my run in Conquest. The rules will be: - No death -> If a unit dies (side character or Avatar) the whole game will be reset. Green units and things I have no control over is of course not included here. - No royals -> I will not be using Xander, Elise, Camilia, Leo, (Azura will be used) the remaining royals will only be used as pair up bots for potential kids. - No grind / no dlc -> I am not gonna be using any form of grinding that can be abused (forexample spamming Azura dance to oblivion) and will not use any dlc to lvl up characters. Paralogues and the 2-3 invasions will be used as I count them as official maps in the game. As a ekstra note I will not be using the forge or anything that requires minerals or give small buffs in the keep. Only gonna use the Rod store and armory. Ekstra ekstra note lol -> Will not use capture units. Not because of difficulty, but because I have never used them in general lol. So far I have gotten to chapter 19 in my longest run with these rules. I will most likely not live through it all this time either but I thought it would be fun to show you my tactics and frustrations. Helpfull advice would always be appreciated. Now, my team comb during the game switches a bit since I honestly go mostly after who does not get RNG screwed. However, I will be using Arthur, Mozu and Felicia during my run. My Avatar will most likely have magic boon and speed bane.and will have monk as talent. Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing this. :D Note: The run will be in pictures and text since I don't have the gear to record Nintendo 3ds games. 1st run: Some of the imgur photos are not working. I have posted most of it in here. You will have to unfortuantly scroll down to the bottom... :/ https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Playsta/diary I added them to an album on imgur site. The first 5 chapters is here! http://imgur.com/gallery/6paQe
  9. I've been doing some randomized playthroughs of the GBA FEs recently and it's rekindled my interest in Fates, so I decided to boot up Conquest and have another go at it. With a little input from some very lovely people in IP Chat, I successfully created the most bitchin', take-no-shit-from-no-pussy-ass-hoshidans ho Corrin ever: Now you get to watch me her fuck everything up in this playthrough of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest-- HARD MODE.
  10. So I've been challenged by a friend to have my male Corrin marry Elise in a future Conquest run on Hard difficulty, because apparently making me seem like a lolicon/pedo is funny or something. What would be a good boon/bane combination and talent to pick, if I also want to use the resulting Kana?
  11. So I know theres a hack to change hair colours, classes, items, etc. but is there a hack to change corrins face to any of the other ones mid game? I want to change my avatars face but I don't want to restart my save file.
  12. A while ago, a friend and I decided to embark through the Fates games only using the MU and the 4 Amiibo units, those being Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin. We recently finished Birthright, and will be going onto Revelations and Conquest soon. However, I was hoping to get help and drum up some discussion about how one would tackle the infamous Chapter 10 in Conquest with such a small cast to defend the gate. It will likely be on Normal or Hard Mode, with full access to the Reward items. We've yet to make a MU for the run, so suggestions on how to build them for not only Chapter 10, but the whole game will be appreciated, if not almost necessary. As for the units recruited during the mission, we intend to follow draft rules and have them either pair up with the main units and/or run to the houses.
  13. So I am on my second play through of Conquest, this time on Hard/casual. I don't remember every mission and what type of enemies are prevalent in CQ, so those might influence my decision on marriages. Because I really like Midori (who doesn't?), I'm struggling with who should be Midori's mother. I think I did Beruka in my last CQ play based on an "optimized marriages" list, and I don't remember her being good at anything. This time around, I'd like to have either Azura or Effie be Midori's mom, and keep Midori either a Master Ninja or maybe even play around with General. The only thing about Azura is that I'm hoping to save her for Kinshi Knight Soleil. What do you guys think?
  14. Heya, friends of the Forest and fellow video game enthusiasts! I finally got some free time again after a rough period of studies, studies and more studies. Anyways, recently, I got into a discussion with a friend whether or not it is possible to solo Conquest with Corrin (with some kind of pair-up bot, like Jakob or Felicia) if you equip them with five Breaker skills or alternatively, four Breaker skills and Sol, Renewal or Nohrian Trust. (Currently testing this in Revelations on Hard) Chapter 10 notwithstanding, I'd still say, based on how difficult Conquest is, it shouldn't be possible to do. Maybe on Normal but beyond that, I don't think it is entirely doable. What do you think? Do you think this idea is ridiculous? Did any of you actually succeed in soloing Conquest with Corrin? If yes, how did you do it? Did you have a pair-up bot or did you not? Would you need one? I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
  15. The title says it all. And if you have A Laslow with these skills. Could you please put your Castle Address? I am looking for getting him with a bunch of criticals.
  16. Hi there! I decided to give Conquest Hard another try and maybe I can finally beat it... or so I thought. I found out a thing that bugs me to no end: If Corrin doesn't have a Defence of 9 or higher and Speed of 10 or higher (not counting Kaze-pair-up, which, along with the 10 Speed, is necessary if you want to One-Round the Faceless) by the time Chapter 4 rolls around, you're screwed. The Faceless WILL steamroll you and kill you in a matter of seconds, but if you take it slow, Hinoka and Sakura WILL die, meaning you don't get the Concoction, which will be very useful in Chapter 7. So, the game basically becomes unwinnable just because the RNG screwed you over on your level-ups. I had to start the game over and decided I would save before every level up until I get the right amount of stats (playing on Hard/Casual btw). And then I found out that you cannot reset level-ups with regular battle-saves, because you get the same stats no matter what you do. If you want to get the right stats, you will have to start the entire map over or have a metric crap-ton of luck. And with my natural bad luck when it comes to level ups with Corrin if I don't put Aptitude on there... Well... I'm slowly starting to think that the additional class growths are a red herring and don't actually exist... Thank you, IntSys. Thank you. Well, anyway. Thanks for hearing me out, you guys. I'll just... sit in a corner and cry.
  17. I'm surprised I didn't see a recent thread about this already.
  18. Hey guys!! I'm thinking of doing one more PMU run!! The last pmu of mine was pretty successful! Here's a link to my previous run! http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62491&hl= Although...... i thought it was pretty easy!! This time I'll do something different!! So.... here's what I'll do: What I'm asking you to:: -Male or Female Corrin! -Just fuck me up -Literally make any unit any class you want! (Provided you tell me how to get them Ex: Xander is a sorcerer by A+ with Leo) -I have all DLC -If you want me to have kids, I'll recruit them as soon as I recruit both parents! (which means I'll just support grind as soon as I can) -so in other words, if you don't tell my units to get married, then I won't! -I'll post screenies so you can see me suffer <3 -I'll take up around 16 units to endgame with me! -Choose my gender and class too! Team: 1. Corrin (Class:Hero) (Gender: Female) {Husband: Arthur} {secondary: priestess} [+Luck -Skill] Pretty Cool Guy 2. Ophelia (Class: General) [Mother: Effie] TrueEm 3. Nyx (Class: Berserker) [bestie: Charlotte] HylianAirForce 4. Elise (Class: Wyvern Lord) BANRYU 5. Effie (Class: Witch) Lord_Grima 6. Midori (Class: Kinshi Knight) [Mother: Kaze] SylphTempest 7. Charlotte (Class: Strategist) twistedxgrace 8. Leo (Class: Hero) [Wife: Selena] VeryAngryBisharp 9. Velouria (Class: Merchant) [Mother: Mozu] Brady 10. Beruka (Class: Maid) [Husband: Jakob] Galeblade 11. Arthur (Class: Great Master) [Husband: Corrin] Pretty Cool Guy 12. Flora (Class: Maid) Ether 13. Felicia (Class: General) [Husband: Benny] SaiSymbolic 14. Peri (Class: Sorcerer) Benishigure 15. Azura (Class: Mechanist) [Husband: Kaze] Ercdouken 16. Odin (Class: Adventurer} [bestie: Niles] Dklein89 Thoughts on this team: Wow.... I'm really going to suffer! I'm definitely going to have trouble with going through this mission... but I'm going to try still!! Wish me good luck! All these units..... I need faith. I'm only pretty upset that there aren't many guys.... I only ever used the guys before (except for my previous pmu) i'll just assume all ya'll just chose your wifes you males. I'm planning on going Conquest! I'll start with Lunatic Mode and see how far I can go! I'll only switch to Hard Mode if it gets TOO tough! I hope I have enough seals to do this! I hope you guys really screw me over! I will make this work!! +_+ Chapter 7-10: Oh, I appreciate you showing support by also visiting my castle and giving me crazy hats! <33 The reason for me doing this is to get my Castle Card up to 9999!! Help me reach my goal!
  19. If your not a fan of long posts and stories scroll down to the Hey Listen! Thing to get a sense of what I mean when I say Re-vamp. It might be confusing at first but the story cleans up some of that. I dive into this a bit deeper on the authors notes on the doc, if you want to hear more of my rambling check it out. Hello there! So I've decided to embark on a little fun project that I wanted to do. As you may see the title what do you mean revamp? First let me say that I was not happy with the story nor its characters as there was no lore or background information to be given besides the small tid bits here and there. Nothing sufficient enough, I felt that the characters were husks and much more could have been done with that. As such when i "betrayed people" or I "killed off" someone, I never really felt anything for. It was just a feeling of not me caring at all about any of these characters. Especially when some of the chars die, you might know whom I talking about. What made me say "hey, that's not cool man" and feel bad for them? As such I think lore and background information is key! As well as battle and base conversations to slowly unravel even more about the characters instead of Effie stuffing her face or Keaton trying to find a bone hole. So, this is what the project I made intends to do. You'll see that some characters have new and enhanced backgrounds in their relationship to Corrin, and the world. But feel similar to the player in terms of speech and mannerisms.Locations and chapters from the game might be changed somewhat and situations happening at other places. Some of the main story plots will be changed some as well, but made so it can be more concrete with an actual resolvable reason. But it will be a new feeling and a new look at how awesome this game could have been! For starters I can say that all characters will have a much more concrete background and have reasons for what they do, and yes! That includes Lilith remember her? the two lines in the game dragon right? I feel that characters needed a bump in order to make the game boom in my opinion. Things that make us the player have second thoughts about what we're about to do. They should have their own dreams and resolve and reasons for doing what they do. I want Azura to play more of a key role as she just tends to be on the sidelines, i want her to have more impact. Same goes for Corrin's siblings and those around him! I have plans for Shura and other people whom didn't get spotlight but actually were pretty relevant to the story. As such when you make the ultimate choice, the characters on the other side should change drastically and show that anger that you've betrayed them! As such I plan to do battle conversations and boss conversations! I haven't done them quite yet as I'm finishing up the pre birthright chapters. I have written the background of the main characters and some of the support chars, sorry if your's isn't up yet I'm trying to find a balance of keeping them similar but relevant to the story. I say this because well, you see.. Arthur... As for the game as a whole, I don't think the themes were substantially presented. When you think of conquest you think of conquering.. weird right? As such Corrin should be more seen as a dark figure who has lost his way going against his family. Essentially he is killing his own people so he should reflect that over time. As such i've planned for the dragon form to come into much bigger play in my re-vamp but that discussion is for another day. If we take a look at birthright, we can see that they lived a pretty bright sky in their home. As such I thought of themes to reflect this and i came up with a Blinded by light sort of thing. IN which Corrin thinks the world is so bright like the home he grew up in and thinks he can apply that to everyone. As such I want Corrin int he birthright route to be more of a controlled person and as such maybe controlling his dragon powers a little cleaner unlike compared to conquest Corrin whom might have a little anger due to other things in the story. So to stop your suffering here Is the link, its essentially a hub for all the work. Please NOTE that my story will be something like this in terms of order. 4 PRE-birthright story chapters(not finished) > pre-5 Conquest story chapters(Finished) > 1-2 lined chapters(Mikito's chapters)> CHOICE and then they stem off into separate games. so the choice will be around chapter 11. Its 13k words, for pre-conquest as they are the ones I finished and there is a prologue for pre-birthright as well. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t31AWtOyM28YnKb3IAFi9E4rgI_PhHUaukfhxdpquPM/edit Hey Listen! :What If i don't want to read all this junk? Well, okay maybe it might be long but I feel its important to create lore and feeling with these characters. If it will interest you into reading it try reading the biographies first! They are basically small biography pages for characters and their beginnings on respective sides and will add more as the story goes on. You can find them here or continue onto the docs page. Sorry if your characters aren't here yet!! They'll be probably soon enough. Conquest:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxL4sS-E7exGb3hIdGJjX0Z6NDA&usp=sharing Birthright:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxL4sS-E7exGUDNDbEc5VnI1WHc DISCLAIMER: I am not focusing on a game play perspective as of yet, but I have included some battles just so I could get sense of break and such. Please ignore them okay!? It isn't like i'm trying to sell a new game here. Grammar o Grammar oh my. There might be a few mistakes here and there so please bear with me. Also google docs tends to auto correct my Out's to Our's for whatever reason, so if you stumble upon them my apologies. I might change lines every now and then so if you spot me on a page yeah that's what i'm probably doing so some smaller things are subject to change. If you have any questions or just want to talk to me about stuff lemme know!
  20. Mild spoilers for FE13 and FE14 ahead Hi all! So I have had a Revelations file planned for a while now, in which I pair couples based on the colours the mother will pass down to her child to get the closest to the official sprites as I can. Official sprites (as used on Twitter) compiled here This poses some immediate challenges. Some children could use the same mother for the closest hairstyle. My choice? The characters with the most hair or the most plot significance (i.e. Heirs of Fates or Awakening references) will get precedence over non-plot relevant children. For example, this would imply that Soleil wins Felicia's hair colour over Miitama as Soleil's hair references Olivia. There are some highly sought after hair colours (i.e. blonde) that we just don't have enough units for or colours that are rare/inaccessible. So I will be using a female Avatar to wed one lucky guy - though I'm undecided on who. This is where you come in! Below is a list of chosen pairings that create near-canon hair colours for the children. Midori - Kaze x Setsuna (closest to green) Asugi - Saizo x Sakura (commonly paired for near-orange hair) Caeldori - Subaki x Selena (implied as Caeldori's 'canon' mother) Siegbert - Xander x Charlotte (Siegbert is an Heir of Fate. Charlotte provides a near ideal blonde.) Soleil - Laslow x Felicia (Priority over Miitama as reference to Awakening) Ophelia - Odin x Elise (provides same shade of hair as Odin) Shiro - Ryoma x Mozu (Mozu's hair is darker and thus closer to Shiro's canon shade than her other contender, Kagero) Rhajat - Hayato x Nyx (Black hair that references Tharja in Awakening) Miitama - Azama x Rinkah (White is closest to her sherbet pink) Kiragi - Takumi x Hana (Closest to Takumi's hair colour) Hisame - Hinata x Kagerou (slightly lighter brown is closest to Hisame after Hana) Dwyer - Jakob x Effie (Silver hair is close to Dwyer's grey) Unsure: Sophie - Silas x Beruka? Selkie - Kaden x Hinoka? Percy - Arthur x ??? Nina - Niles x Azura? Forrest - Leo x ??? Ignatius - Benny x ??? Velouria - Keaton x ??? Please post your feedback and suggestions below! All suggestions for couples will be considered, even the "established" ones! Let's canonize!
  21. Okay so something I decided to try early into my second Conquest run is to finish my endgame with all Wyvern units, or as many Wyverns as I can manage with support units filling in the leftover spots. I expect it will be something of a challenge, but between Malig Knights and Wyvern Lords I can have all three segments of the weapon triangle, so I'm gonna try to make this happen. I've never done a crazy run with such specifics like this before, so advice and suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Conditions: - All units who can class change into a Wyvern unit must end the game as a Wyvern unit (unless they're dropped and go unused) - Must go into the Chapter27 + Endgame with as many Wyvern units as possible. - Staff/Rally support units are allowed up until the final 2 chapters, or if there aren't enough wyvern units to deploy in the final 2 - No gold/exp DLC - No Dreadfighter/Darkflier access - 1 Hero's Brand, 1 Exalt's Brand, & 1 Witch's Mark available Current Status: **COMPLETE!** - Though the battle was bloody, the Wyvern Brigade made it through the Endgame to stop the evils of Twincest Takumi and his bow domination, thus striking down Fates' title as 'Bow Emblem'! > At some point I'd like to attempt to record a playthough of the endgame (even though all I have is my computer's webcam, OTL...) - Final Endgame lineup listed above; all Wyvern units used along with Azura - Attained all gold statues for units being used, including the support squad - Wound up adding Forrest to the Wyvern Brigade near the end of the game; he was probably my weakest unit, but he was usable! - Profiteer Midori with Anna's Bow + Luck Potions from Azura's Witch's Brew made farming for gold on the Awakening DLC pretty easy - used both boots on MU (squandered one on Azura, who got Warp) - Purely for kicks... All forged weapons get dragon-themed naming conventions, and all Wyvern units got decked out with uniform accessories depending on their character model - wound up ultimately not needing the last 2 Arms Scrolls out of the 5 used (one was given to Kana, one to Camilla, and I forget the third); proving that planning stuff out ahead of time so you can switch classes / train weapon ranks early helps a lot toward that Final Notes It took a lot of planning, and yeah there were some missteps along the way, but I think I proved that this can be done. If anything, Wyverns might be one of the best unit types for a class-specialized run like this, given their access to all three colors of the Weapon Triangle and their crazy mobility. Bows wound up being less of a problem than I thought they'd be between the magically-strong Malig Knights and all the units with relatively-easy access to Bowbreaker. Had a lot of fun doing this, and hope other people try some crazy stuff like this in the future for kicks! [spoiler=Detailed Unit Breakdown] Nubrya (Skil+/Luck- feMU) - reclassing path: Oni Savage (talent) > Lv20: Oni Chief > Lv11: Great Lord > Lv15: Malig Knight (end) - Skills: Dragon Fang, Aether, Death Blow, Awakening, Savage Blow - Weapons: [A] Axes / [C] Tomes; primarily Great Club, Odin's Grimoire, Steel Axe and Bolt Axe - married Ignatius Final Verdict: Wound up using MU mainly with crit-based weapons like the Great Club (which consistently got 100% crit rates owing to Death Blow and her high Skill) and forged Odin's Grimoires. Unfortunately this meant she didn't do as well against tougher enemies without a fair bit of backup, and Aether didn't proc as often as I'd have liked even with Awakening helping it on its way (It's worth mentioning I also used Berserker Axes with her to kill stuff early and get to the point where Awakening would work...) So a bit gimmicky overall, but she did the job in the end. Elise: Troubadour > Lv20: Strategist > Lv15: Malig Knight - Skills: Savage Blow, Trample, Inspiration, Lunge, Demoiselle - Weapons: Tomes / [E] Axes; mainly forged Thunder/Fimbulvetr/Disrobing Gale - married Odin Final Verdict: Though I opted not to reclass her early and wound up wasting her weapon levels on staves, she still wound up maxing out her Tome level and being a pretty strong unit. Basically played her like you expect a promoted Elise to play but minus staves and plus flight/MK skills. Being able to use the Bolt Axe might have been nice, but Calamity Gate sufficed in its place and she was good all around. Camilla: Malig Knight > Lv5-11: Sorcerer > Lv15: Wyvern Lord / Malig Knight - Skills: Savage Blow, Trample, Vengeance, Bowbreaker, Axefaire / Swordbreaker - Weapons: [A] Axes / Tomes; Silver Axe/forged Camilla's Axe, Brave Axe, Tomahawk, Bolt Axe, Dual Club - married Benny Final Verdict: Opted to keep her as a MK despite her mehh magic due to the Tome levels she was getting as a Sorc and you know, she did all right. By the endgame I'd given her an Arms Scroll to max weapon levels and bought her Axefaire from someone else's castle (could be considered cheating, but ehh) and she was using primarily axes as a result, and she did fairly well. May have done better as a Wyvern Lord, but ehh. Could farm some gold, buy her a Seal, and try another endgame run like that. Beruka: Wyvern Rider > Lv20: Malig Knight > Lv5-15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Lunge, Str+2, Savage Blow (never got Trample and Swordbreaker) - A+ Camilla for Sorc, marries Leo to give him wyverns Final Verdict: Wound up ditching her by the endgame in favor of Benny (who essentially usurped her role) and the kids. Could have been usable, but I don't think I was getting the growths she needed. Selena: Merc > Sky Knight > Lv20: Falcoknight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Darting Blow, Spd+2, Camaraderie, Good Fortune, Lunge - A+ with Camilla/Beruka for Wyvern, marries whoever Final Verdict: Used one of the first 2 limited Heart Seals on her with the intent of training her in Lances; she worked very well as a Pegasus for a while, but by the time of the opera house chapter she wasn't packing enough of a punch to keep using. In retrospect, her Heart Seal would probably have been better spent on Elise. Charlotte: Fighter > Lv20: Hero > Lv5: Berserker > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Swordbreaker, Axefaire, Sol, Rally Str, Rally Def - Weapons: [A] Axes; Adamant Club to make her more durable, Dual Club for swords, Tomahawk/Battering Club for range, occasionally Berserker Axe to make full use of her power - marries Xander / buddies with Beruka for Wyvern tree Final Verdict: Her high Str and Spd actually let her function pretty well as a wyvern. Adamant Club was probably her most useful weapon since her high strength compensates for its low might and actually lets her take a hit. By endgame she was too frail to take a hit from anything during the enemy phase, but could ORKO most anything, and made a good rallybot and pair-up partner for Xander. Benny: Knight > Lv20: General > Lv: 5: Great Knight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Natural Cover, Wary Fighter, Luna, Guarded Blow, Lunge - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; anything with a speed penalty, but esp Ryoma's Club / Beruka's Axe and Effie's Lance - marries Camilla for wyverns Final Verdict: Benny actually surprised me with how well he performed; basically wound up being Charlotte's polar opposite-- could tank enemy rounds all day and night, perhaps not kill anyone, but soften them up plenty for the rest of the Wyvern Brigade to clean up. Attempted to take advantage of Wary Fighter by abusing crits and Luna, which was pretty easy thanks to his high Skill. Leo: Dark Knight > Lv5-10: Sorcerer > Lv15: Malig Knight - Skills: Malefic Aura, Bowbreaker, Savage Blow, Vengeance, Trample - Weapons: Tomes; Brynhildr obvs, though forged Lightning helped him kill things a lot - marries Beruka for wyverns Final Verdict: About as solid as he usually is. Part of the Bowbreaker squad dedicated to stopping the dominion of the Bow Emblem. Xander: Paladin > Lv15: Hero > Lv19: Wyvern Lord - Skills: Aegis, Sol, Axebreaker, Lunge, Shelter - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; Effie's Lance / Bold Naginata, Spear - marries Charlotte for reasons, you all know them Final Verdict: Trained his weapon ranks hard (resisting temptation to use Siegfried as often as possible) and it paid off pretty good; he wound up not needing any Arms Scrolls. More or less functioned the same as Benny; had a hard time killing stuff since he was too slow to double, but tanks for days. Effie ! Percy: Wyvern Rider > Malig Knight > Lv 15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample, Swordbreaker, Str+2 - Weapons: [A] Axes / [D] Lances; Venge Club for tanking, Fuga's Club for doubling, Iron/Arthur's Axe early on - marries Ophelia Final Verdict: The only Wyvern Brigade member not to share royal blood by birth or marriage, Percy ends pretty modest in terms of skiils but performed well throughout the game. Kept his class changing simple to conserve Seals, but he still did well. Elise ! Ophelia : Dark Mage > Sorcerer > Lv15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Vantage, Bowbreaker, Vengeance, Malefic Aura, Trample - Weapons: Tomes; Missiletain, Mjolnir for crits, Ink Painting for tanking / Vantage abuse - marries Percy for his wyvern Final Verdict: Probably the best magic-specialized MK of the lot; more durable than Elise and has Vantage, faster than Leo and packs high crit rate; she basically never died. It's Ophelia, what more can you say? Azura ! Dwyer: Troubadour > Pegasus Knight > Falco Knight > Lv5: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Darting Blow, Str+2, Lunge, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; mainly simple stuff like Steel/Iron, but also used Arthur's Axe/Guard Naginata to bolster his weak defenses - buddies Percy for Wyverns Final Verdict: Grabbed him early and put him in Pegasus right away to start training lances, which paid off big time. Performed well throughout the game; his only real issue was that he's a bit more frail than most of the other WLs, but Darting Blow and his surprisingly high strength let him double and ORKO quite a lot. His double breaker action didn't hurt either. Jakob ! Shigure: Skyknight (offspring) > Lv5+: Falcoknight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Tomebreaker, Voice of Peace, Darting Blow, Rally Speed, Rally Defense - Weapons: Lances / [D] Axes; Silver Lance / Killer Lance mainly - has natural Wyverns by virtue of Jakob being his dad (don't ask me how that works) Final Verdict: Decent, but offensively the weakest WL, probably on the lower end of all the units overall. Performed well as a rallybot, and was still able to beat foes either through Silver Lance's high might or his decent crit rate with Killer Lance. Charlotte ! Siegbert: Cavalier (offspring) > Lv5+: Great Knight > Lv15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Aegis, Sol, Luna, Guarded Blow, Lunge - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; mostly iron/steel but was the Killer Axe recipient and used it well Final Verdict: Definitely a strong unit, really balanced and well-performing overall. Possibly the best Wyvern Lord overall. Camilla ! Ignatius: Knight (offspring) > Lv5+: General > Lv6+: Great Knight > Lv7+: Hero > Lv10-15: Wyvern Lord - Final Skills: Guarded Blow, Bowbreaker, Lunge, Luna, Sol - Weapons: Lances / [C] Axes; mostly iron/steel, occasionally stuff like Ryoma's Club - married MU Final Verdict: Not bad, but not great; like a more balanced Benny or a worse Siegbert distinguished by having Bowbreaker. Actually wound up too fast to make good use of Wary Fighter, I think; Beruka might actually have been a better mom for him in that regard. Still did pretty well. Beruka ! Forrest : Troubador (offspring) > Strategist > Lv15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Inspiration, Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample, Rally Res - Weapons: Tomes; Fenrir / forged Lightnings to compensate for his poor speed Final Verdict: Not terrible, but likely the worst wyvern of the bunch. His genetics did him no favors, sadly, but he was a functional Malig Knight and brought another Rally Res. That's all I can really say. Camilla ! Ignatius ! Kana: Nohr Prince (offspring) > Lv5+: Nohr Noble > Lodestar > Lv?-15: Malig Knight - Final Skills: Death Blow, Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang, Savage Blow, Speedtaker - Weapons: Magic / [C] Axes; Ragnarok/Bolt Axe for primary damage, Fenrir / Great Club for crit abuse Final Verdict: Probably better than MU, actually. His speed capped low, as expected with Camilla!Ignatius as his dad, but Speedtaker helped with that and he was about as good at crit-abusing as MU was, but could kill easier otherwise. His only real problem was lack of any healing skills, which I'd definitely get him next time. Azura: Songstress > Witch > Songstress - Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring Song, Voice of Peace, Witch's Brew, Warp - Weapons: Bolt Naginata (only lance-user with enough magic to use it), Blessed Lance (mainly because it's in her portrait TBH) Final Verdict: Warp + Sing. Boom. Wasted Shura's Boots on her, sadly... Witch's Brew also ended up making me a fair chunk of change by the end since I rarely ended up using her tonics. Nyx ! Nina : Thief (offspring) > Adventurer > Strategist - married Dwyer for the Troubador tree and ended as a Strategist for the sake of movement. Final Verdict: Shared the staffbot job with Forrest for a while, then shouldered that job along with Lockpicking once he went wyvern. She was able to handle both jobs pretty well on her own, and that's all she was really around for. Mozu ! Midori: Apothecary (offspring) > Merchant - The Wyvern Brigade all capped early, so I took the remaining paralogues to train up Midori's bow level so she can use Anna's Bow for the +5 Luck. She also had Lockpick from Kaze, which helped in levels where I had enough unit picks to bring her. Final Verdict: Does her job: makin' sick bank. [spoiler=Budget Calculation] - Total Budget: 120,000g (not including Paralogues and Lilith gold bars) - approximated Master Seals needed: 9+ x 2,000 apiece - approximated other Seals needed: ~20 Heart/Friendship/Partner - Available Arms Scrolls: 3 free + 2 for 5,000 apiece [spoiler=Pairings] - Odin x Elise - Arthur x Effie - Niles x Nyx - Kaze x Mozu - Azura x Jakob - Selena x Silas - Beruka x Leo - Camilla x Benny - Xander x Charlotte - Laslow x Peri - Keaton x Felicia - MU x Ignatius - Percy x Ophelia - Shigure x Midori - Dwyer x Nina - Kana, Forrest, and Siegbert go unmarried; could use My Castle to pair them off with the 3 unmatched ladies, but ehhh no point really
  22. Title. Which do you think is the best class for Midori to end in in Conquest? I am planning a new Conquest playthrough and I wanted to use her during normal gameplay for once. Any help would be much appreciated! :D
  23. Yay i finished this thing for Birthright! Now for Conquest... - Don't give me things like Strategist Arthur or Sorcerer Xander. Useless units are no fun. - I will get and use every character, so also every child unit I can. - Design my corrin as you want. Marry them to anyone you want, give them any gender, decide their class and looks. - Every dlc class is available - Choose as many characters as you want, since I do not want this to die. Units & Classes Draco - Sorcerer (A Odin) (Samurai Talent) Azura - Songstress Felicia - Strategist Jakob - Dread Fighter Silas - Bow Knight Kaze - Master of Arms Mozu - Sniper Xander - Paladin Camilla - Berserker (A+ Beruka) Leo - Grandmaster Elise - Witch Laslow - General Peri - Berserker Selena - Falcon Knight Beruka - Dread Fighter Odin - Vanguard Niles - Bow Knight Effie - Great Knight Arthur - Sniper Nyx - Strategist Charlotte - Paladin (A+ Peri) Benny - Dark Falcon Keaton - Great Knight Shura - Grandmaster Izana - Onmyoji Flora - Swordmaster Gunter - Malig Knight Anna - Maid Flora!Kana - General Niles!Shigure - Kinshi Knight Nyx!Dwyer - Sorcerer Beruka!Sophie - Wyvern Lord Charlotte!Midori - Berserker Selena!Siegbert - Paladin Felicia!Forrest - Butler Camilla!Ignatius - Butler (A+ Forrest) Peri!Velouria - Paladin Mozu!Percy - Malig Knight Elise!Ophelia - Strategist Effie!Soleil -Hero Azura!Nina - Adventurer Pairings Male Avatar x Flora Azura x Niles Jakob x Nyx Silas x Beruka Kaze x Charlotte Xander x Selena Leo x Felicia Laslow x Effie Odin x Elise Niles x Azura Arthur x Mozu Benny x Camilla Keaton x Peri Kana x Ignatius Shigure x Ophelia Dwyer x Sophie Siegbert x Midori Forrest x Nina Ignatius x Kana Percy x Soleil Please gimme something good. I beg of you
  24. I'm just wondering what Boon/Bane/Talent combo I should use when playing conquest. Thanks in advance!
  25. Welcome to my LTC playthrough of Fates: Conquest on Lunatic difficulty. Rules for this playthrough are yet to be fully determined: No DLC/Logbook/Amiibo/Spotpass whatever No Forge/Lottery No Path Bonuses/Renown Statboosters Raider weapons allowed for Chapter 7 "Talk Boosts" allowed for Felicia for Chapters 7-9. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links to Videos]Prologue (2 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (4 turns) Chapter 4 (5 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (4 turns) Chapter 8 (3 turns) Chapter 9 (3 turns) Current turncount as of completing Chapter 9 is 34 turns. I expect the playthrough to take about 80 turns in total. Chapter 7 in 4 turns [spoiler=Preparations]Initial Gold: 3000 +1000 (sell Goddess Icon) -3200 (purchase Partner Seal, Str Tonic, Mag Tonic, 2x Spd Tonic, 2x Def Tonic, Vulnerary) Corrin x Felicia taken to S Rank Corrin (Str Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Raider Katana, Vulnerary Felicia (Partner Seal to Malig Knight) Felicia (HP Tonic, Mag Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Disrobing Gale, Ember Felicia "talk bonus" (+4 Mag, +4 Spd) After a brief hiatus where I tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate my 3 turn clear of this chapter on Hard Mode (which requires extra crits due to the additional enemies in Lunatic Mode), this playthrough is back with Chapter 7 cleared in 4 turns! Note that while Felicia's Disrobing Gale is absolutely essential to the strategy, the Raider Katana wouldn't be necessary if I could rig Corrin to gain Spd procs on all his levels so far, or used the Speedwings/Dragon Herbs to "fix" his missed procs. I chose to use the Raider Katana instead since I am attempting to go without the bonus statboosters in this playthrough. I also made some additional improvements to the recording process (again), so I think watching the video at 2x speed now makes it so that it runs at the same speed as actually gameplay. Let me know if this seems correct to you. EDIT: Forgot to mention this originally, but thanks to SSJDennis for helping me with some details regarding making the 4-turn strat more reliable.
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