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Found 9 results

  1. this is my first post and i thought it would be exciting for me to meet new people by them telling me how they are by using quotes and characters from fire emblem (you can also use an item) i.e. Hi im <username> and im literally a GBA archer (not good) , hello im <username> and i had to tip the scales.
  2. Hello, to those of you who commented on the first post I want to take the time to thank you for being gracious with your time and energy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to respond in the forums themselves because I don't know how to navigate properly. However, I did try and respond to you all in kind with the video series I'm making so if you want to hear me speak to you you can check that out. The next part will be about just asking about this community in general. How is the general air around this Fire Emblem community? I received a warm welcome with my first post and thank you for that is it usually like that? More importantly what are the ideas about fire emblem that have been discussed with the most fevor and excitement? What excites you most about a Fire Emblem discussion? Now for a more Sacred Stones oriented question that I'll follow up on in another video and I'll do my best to respond here (if anyone willing to teach me how to respond to post that'd be sweet). The Sacred stones has the biggest issue of contention that I've seen out of almost any other FE game due to the stigma on "grinding." What is your general definition of grind? Is it simply the ability to gain exp through out a playthrough like many other RPG's? making the entire experience a "grind" or is it more specific and practical such as halting your immediate progress to do a secondary goal? Let me know what your thoughts are if you're up for it. Link to the video:
  3. Hello, I wanted to go over a topic of discussion while doing a playthrough of FE8. The topic of discussion is the word, Casual, and the implications and applications that can come from it. It seems to me that the immediate ideas that come up when this word is used is to conjure feelings of defamation and negativity. More or less used as an insult but there are other ways to use it that are neutral or positive such as the phrase "Casual LTC" or simply "Casual playthrough. In Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones especially it seems to be the former as it's generally regarded as the easiest or one of the easier of all the games. However, what do you think of the word and how you you apply and use it. Playthrough link:
  4. I've recently started re-playing Fates again and I've been thinking a lot about the support conversations. I wasn't really excited about the children in this game, but I wanted to have the "best" platonic couples S rank each other purely because the support conversation between the two of them was great (and by "best" and "great" conversations, I mean that the two characters don't suddenly want each others babies for no reason by S rank, but they build up a close and meaningful relationship throughout C, B and A ranks). However, I'm far too lazy to have every character reach A rank to then look over the conversations myself and decide, and I really can't be bothered to watch videos on the support conversations. :/ So, in a short paragraph or in just a couple of sentences, what were your "best" support conversations in Fates? Perhaps don't try to lean towards saying, "xx character and xx character because their child gets xx ability..." because that, unless you then explain why the parents have a good relationship together, defeats the purpose of my question. (And I do understand that Fates had some bad characters in this game and not all of the conversations were designed to be cute and happy, as some reveal more backstory about another character, so just have fun with this.)
  5. Some characters just rub you the wrong way at first, and you just think they're a simple joke or stereotype. But then they do or say something that makes you see them in a new light. Mine was Arthur. I thought he was the average superhero guy who sucks at his job. I still liked him no problem, but earlier today I was looking through his Support conversations in the Japanese version of the game, and was shocked to discover one of his talks with Effie. To summarize, he asked how was Effie a better retainer than him. She responded something akin to "because Elise was my friend before I was her retainer." The next conversation was a followup answer to Arthur's question, saying that he was "too fickle". He responded by saying that it's simply how he is; he helps people in need, not simply Elise. Effie responded with saying that kind of attitude is just fine. I thought he was doing it simply for the possible fame and accolation, but it was simply because of how much of a good person he is. From what I understand, they flanderized him in the official translation, which is unfortunate. But I'll always respect Arthur for the man he was supposed to be.
  6. Been looking on the FE9 and FE10 pages for backgrounds during conversations, and the spriters recourse at feplanet, but I can't find the background images for conversations like the deain throne-room or any of the tent backgrounds. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am modding my Fire Emblem 7 game for an enhanced experienced. I added a few difficult maps as well as 4 new characters to recruit. Otherwise, the game remains pretty much the same. Because of the added characters, I had to rejigger some of the supports conversations. This is where I am having problems. I have noticed that certain support conversations (the textual part) will not load during battle. Basically the characters trigger the support, the support successfully increases in rank; however, the text is missing entirely. I noticed this happening with several character such as Sain and Kent's support, which I didn't think I touched. I also confirmed that Lyn and Kent's support triggered normally as well as Lyn and Florina. At this point, I am not sure what the problem is or where it is happening. I am wondering if anyone ran into a similar issue and could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  8. I remember hearing that if Mordecai died, then the Wolves base conversation has a bit of difference in dialogue. Does anyone have that part?
  9. Hello everyone :) I would like to ask you, which is your favourite conversation of recruitung a new unit in the whole Fire Emblem series. It´s hard to poll you, so I think it´s better to make your own suggestion(s) maybe with the reason(s) for your choice. For example: funny, story based, character based etc... I look forward to all your suggestions :)
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