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Found 20 results

  1. Looking to buy or for websites that I can purchase the Cordelia and Severa Summer Party Playmat released back in september. Anything will help. They are two of my favorite characters and that is the most perfect playmat. Much thanks for any help ;3
  2. And Summer Cordelia is here mounted and in a swimsuit, bearing the highest speed stat on mounted lancers, a high attack stat, decent HP and Defense with poor resistance, along with having a new skill in Dull Close to help against any melee unit that abuses of buffs and Sturdy Blow as well, combined with her Shell Lance+ to get Spectrum Blow, giving her +2 on all stats when attacking and she's a very powerful unit, her only major weakness is her low resistance stat which makes her having bad matchups against green mages and dragons, but against any physical units, even Base stats HP: 38/41/44 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 35/38/41 Def: 24/28/31 Res: 14/18/21 BST: 157/156 Base Kit: Shell Lance+ Sturdy Blow 3 Dull Close 3 Harsh Commandment Pray that you don't get a -Atk or -Spd for her as she won't work without them
  3. I've seen a few tier lists for Lunatic and hard mode no grind (because grinding makes anyone good or correct until lategame). I think some units are overrated while some are underrated. S tier: - Sumia: while she has the speed to double in hard mode when she joins, she's another chip unit for a good while before reaching her owerspike for like 2 chapters and then becomes a staff/rally bot or support. I don't see why she should be S tier since her placement is really hard to optimize as a flying unit and she won't get reclassed into a foot unit for long if you don't ant to loose too much mobility/start over from level 1 with no mobility at all or no weapons (if reclassed before promotion). She can make a fast GK etc. but in no grind, feeding her 23 levels of exp to get rally speed seems a bit of a waste while with avatar you have a free rally spectrum with more bulk and rally needs bulk except if you can position the rally bot outside of ennemies' range (lol most maps are like you're in the middle and 25 ennemies circle you by turn 3 with wind mages and archers). So I'd put her high B-rank because her mobility is good but she needs hell of a bias to get anywhere close to middle A-tier. - Olivia: as a dancer she has a useful skill. But same problem as Sumia: squishy AF so she needs to never be in ennemies' range not to die, she won't ever see combat as a dancer in no grind, she won't be able to dance very often (not even 10x per map so less than 1 level up per map meaning she's even more OHKO food for ennemies without any natural avoid skills (+4 luck isn't an avoid skill)) and like I explained above ennemies surround you in most chapters with a few ones having ranged weapons and the old rescue mechanic gone to put her even more behind because if she get hit she's dead (no miracle for dancers sadly it would be much more useful than their useless luck +4 and a medium-level single target rally on dance, especially luck +4 in a game where 4 luck means 2 avoid LOLOLOL so damn useless) and she starts...at level 1 with awful bases (while in TSS the dancer started with some workable def/res and good growths in it with wonderful avoid and growths in avoid stats, like 80/70% in speed and luck and 50+ in res) and nearly 0 HP since 18 means OHKO by anyone from chapter 11 to epilogue. with terrain bonuses halved for most of them she can't even benefit from forests to dodge anything (10 avoid instead of 1 def 20 avoid in a game with 140 hit rate ennemies LOL this game's design is killing me). So yes dancer is useful but Olivia in Awakening is just not that good of a dancer and joins too late to even reach level 15 before ending and she will get killed by anything that get close to her, even a mid-late game thief/trickster. - Lon'zu: why is he S-tier? I don't know, his only good point is joining with a killer sword which can be used by any other sword unit who got exp even before he joined and who reached higher strength/defence and maybe even speed and skill if the unit got blessed (or just Chrom since he has the same speed, skill, 2x Lon'zu's strength and 2.5x his def, a bit more res and 2x more luck around level 12 at this point). Lon'Zu will never get enough strength to be ORKOing any ennemy in late game if the crit/astra doesn't activate (which happens a bit too often sometimes and tends to apply several times in a row), he can dodgetank: yes and no. In no pair up runs try to make him and his 60-ish avoid dodge the 140+ hit rate ennemies (even avoid +10 makes it 70ish avoid it lets them have around 70% hit so no dodgetank isn't the solution for that) and he's as squishy as swordmaster Olivia (which I use often for a swordfaire Lucina). It's like playing luntic + FE:TSS with squishy chip units. I know it doesn't exist but if it existed you wouldn't want to use any swordmaster to clean it since even in normal difficulty swordmasters need godly strong weapons to ORKO anything with medium def in no grind runs (so strength not capped in unpromoted AND promoted classes most of the time). I didn' see anyone even arguing about his reclassing options. Wyvern has too many weaknesses for no grind runs (and no swords) and thief isn't supposed to be a combat class. A tier: - Sully: she can be worthy of it as well as be screwed by RNG especially in early level ups. Mine just got her 2 first level ups to be +1HP +1luck and +1HP +1strength. She didn't raise her def for like 5 levels, her strength and def got locked at 8-9 until level 8 and her speed struggled to blow up from the start. Finally she got saved by 2 excellent level ups (as in everything ecept magic and res went up) and then she found her way to 17 speed and average everything else. She is a semi-myrmidon cavalier with less speed/avoid/skill than a myrmidon and less bulk than an average cavalier so she doesn't want to get screwed by RNG or else she's good to be benched since her start is the moment when she can get strong or completely left behind. Myrmidon cuts her from 2 move and some bulk and lance use so it's not really nice on a no pair up run (I mean he unit isn't self-sufficient which A-tier is for). -Lissa: your first healer, balanced shitty growths can pull her up to Libra's level 1 pre-promote base stats when she's 20/1 warmonk or she can be a more magic-oriented staff bot sage with more survivability than Miriel (miracle from level 1 saves her from B-tier). She has good reclass options for support but in no grind wamonk or sage is all she needs. - Anna: I don't see why she's A-tier and Libra B to C-tier. I'll write about him later. She has no combat prowess and is not by any means self-sufficient, she has good mobility but struggles to move to chests by herself without getting killed so she needs more of a mobile turtle tactic. Past turn 7 she looses 20 avoid and hit (so if you plan on taking all the reinforcements be careful she won't be able to dodgetank like pre-turn 7). She doesn't have any rally in her thief classes. - Frederick is a must have in early game in lunatic, he's a good pair up partner in hard, he can chip ennemies to feed kills to noob units until Stahl and Kellam catch up with him (around chapter 6-8). He's needed in early game in no grind runs and he's a must in no pair up runs since your units loose their +4 def or speed precious bonuses from pair up. He's not going to see late game mainly because if his growths seem better than Stahl's on paper, I've never or close to never seen a Frederick be as good as Stahl (even as 20/20 in any class from level 1 GK) so he won't bump to S tier but he is useful AF for a challenger's early game. - Maribelle: LMAO this unit should go down to high C tier: she won't ever see any combat as her bases and unpromoted growths lead her to be the worst unpromoted unit in the game (worse than Ricken), she doesn't learn the skill which gives +5 healing power on staves in her base class and has to go for 10 more unpromoted with -2 move to get this and miracle which she doesn't start with either (making her even worse at taking a hit than level 1 Lissa when she joins) and even when promoted she isn't worth it. I still prefer using Miriel in a no grind no pair up run than using Maribelle while I'm asking myself if I should just promote Miriel before level 20 to get staves and reroll sage as many times as I have to for her to have correct stats. Maribelle can be useful in grind runs bu in no grind she's like her kid, but worse, not even able to promote for 7 levels and D-rank in staves when Lissa is already C in no grind and even more in grind runs (maybe A lol). And she can't move more than 2 tiles in the desert, 3 chapers before reaching 2 desert chapters in a row (XD so useless) without having base access to ranged staves and with terrible range on them (just before recruiting Libra, pre-promote who doesn't require any stat booster, can move in the desert like it's home, has more stats near everywhere than level 20/1 Maribelle and C axes and C base rank staves). B tier: - Stahl: people often discuss about Stahl's tier, his speed means he's not able to be the MVP of the game though. He's a slow-starting Frederick who replaces him on the long run as the mobile tank of the army. He chips well, he's accurate enough to hit most of the time with >=80% hit weapons, not so reliable with lower hit rate weapons. I would put him to A-tier because he has no match for what he does (Kellam has less mobility untill reclassed thief level 10 or promoted into GK and he looses on some growths as a GK like res and maybe skill) and he has the best availability for a tank, having time to get to his powerspike by chapter 7 (maybe 6 if you managed to replace Fred by Stahl or if unlike me you didn't force yourself to use Miriel). And his GK promotion gives him the best tank weapon: the axe. Why the axe? Because sword users don't hit as hard as lance/axe users so he's better with a weapon that gives him +10 avoid and -1 damage from lances and neutral advantage against axes. Cuz' yes, his avoid kind of sucks. Libra: He heals as much as Anna, has more bulk, miracle, level 15 he has sustain each turn (so can use miracle again if needed), he has a rally even if it's not the best, he has combat utility with ordinary weapons unlike Anna who needs rare weapons to be of any utility in figts and joins with a killer axe so he can take a few ennemies down in his joining chapter if you want. He's rarely in danger because of his solid bases and he pees on 20/1 Maribelle in any stat except luck and maybe speed. All his classes are useful even for combat unlike Maribelle with awful bases awful growths (most of the time she's worse than Lissa at level 20 unpromoted). Virion: depending on how you use him (and how much too) he can be a better Miriel or a wyvern knight or straight to bow knight for extra movement and bowbreaker. He can also be benched without hurting your army. B rank is fine, I just wanted to remind he's not only an archer but also a mage and wyvern rider (like Panne but she's faster than him and stronger too). Gaius: B is where I put him: useful for early chests in a game that stupidly didn't provides keys for chests most of the time, Gaius is one of the slowest starting combat units. Better go with anyone else rather than him for combat, even Vaike is more salvageable thanks to his availability lead while Gaius comes underlevelled with iron swords only and gutter fighting stats. Even his speed is subpar by the time he joins (many ennemies have as much as him as fighting units lol and myrmidons are faster than him). Without reclassing/promoting he won't even get fighting skills to help his crappy start and thieves can't even steal anymore so...what's the point of keeping this class? Zelcher: some people bias her, but even if I like her style (except the maid thing in her outfit it's just good for frustrated otakus who go in maid cafes to feel loved or respected for money) I admit that her base level is too low to be good. If she came at level 16 she would probably be better (especially her base speed) but anyways her class set in totally absurd with one physical offensive base class and 2 magical support classes with only 1 hybrid and 0 physical promotion. She doesn't even get bowbreaker or tomebreaker so she's left behind by IS because she can't tank effectively in the Valm arc AND late game where there are archers and mages with each sort of tomes in every chapter. As a support she's probably the balance between Libra and Maribelle, and it's not a good thing, because from Libra she has physical bulk and combat ability as a warmonk while from Maribelle she has shitty magic, bad magic bases and worse growths than Maribelle. Cordelia: I think she deserves low A-tier: she has mercenary's bases and growths but with higher res than mercenaries and she can reclass into mercenary, so her flyer class isn't forced onto you. Even if she's not a great magic user, she has access to dark mage, which should be considered before putting her into B-tier. Gregor: His bases are correct, he's C-rank in swords and comes with a steel sword. He's usable, but he's an all-rounder, the type that Stahl's supports define as average in everything, good or bad in nothing. His Strength is correct, his skill is average (especially for his class which should have just a bit less skill than archers), his speed is average (like Stahl's but Stahl is more mobile without skills and should have gained much more levels than Gregor when this one is recruited), his def is average, his luck is average, his res is the same shit as any physical unit and he has average tank HP. Nowi: awful bases, awful growths (Myrrh would be ashamed by her weakling baby), 6 move locked dragon (saved by 1/2 ranged weapon), limited weapons until chapter 12 (like Panne in her original form), reclassing options aren't really amazing. No sol access and life drain is on player phase. Henry: awful base speed, other base stats are about the same level as Zelcher with more rounded stats. His class set makes up for his crappy base speed, he's a dark mage who can open chests while nosferatanking. In no grind run, he's too late to be reclassed into thief but in grind runs he's very useful for gold digging, treasure hunting and all this without being hurt by anything. But in no grind he's in the low B-tier because he comes way too late and his combat is even worse than Zelcher due to ennemies having much more speed than him (in no pair up run he's garbage you can probably let him die to slow the bottom ennemies while you rush to the top to slaughter the boss before getting subjugated by the waves of ennemies while being attacked from archers from the hills). Say'ri: considering her bases, the economy of a master seal and her immediate access to B-swords, she comes just in time to be used. Her hard difficulty bases are better by 1 point everywhere and 2 HP than her normal bases, which you can't say about Lon'zu and she has more rounded defensive stats. She also has wyvern reclass option which I already talked about, but she has pegasus instead of thief, which is more suited for support/combat. Still Say'ri is best used as a swordmaster or assassin and dodgetanking without pair ups and infinite stats potions /stats boosters isn't the best idea in this game for a no grind. But if you want a swordmaster, she can make you save exp on Lon'zu for other units (because no pair-ups=supports don't really affect your efficiency in combat and by no pair ups I mean units aren't supposed to dual-strike either, old classic way, except for trio attacks like pegasi in TSS or the brothers in POR/RD) so that you can level up anyone who you like instead (if you have a bias you can give Lon'zu's exp to your bias). I see Lon'zu vs Say'ri as Edward vs Zihark. The first can surpass the latter but odds are RNG and anyway without support bonuses it's the same so why would you give tons of exp to someone just to get him to the same level than the other and waste items and this exp pool? Miriel: a weaker version of FE:TSS's Lute: good magic (but not capping without grinding or bias), bad skill (or mediocre if you're blessed), medium speed to double slow units, bad defence while Lute had often around 14-17 defence without any items (similar to Awakening's hard difficulty 24 or so defence) and Lute benefitted from better terrain bonuses and lower ennemy hit rate coupled with better early to late game avoid even as a pure stat (not taking hit rate into account). Same subpar res for a magical unit (like a natural swordmaster's defence) she's like Say'ri with tomes. Her reclassing options save her from being benched from the start as sorcerer and dark knight can make up for her shitty bulk, but she's still better off as a staff bot sage. Tiki: never recruited her 'or maybe in normal grind so long ago that I don't even remember. A better version of Nowi, with solid bases unlike her baby version and with better growth rates. She is hard to recruit and has the same problems as Nowi for reclass options. B+ because a good manakete is always useful but her availability, paralogue with tens of flyers spawning everywhere and rushing towards her like exponential growth zombies towards the exit but you have to protect her for the whole time while not dying yourself to ennemy waves (litterally waves, like tsunami of ennemies). It's the Fire Emblem: Prepare to die edition. Better take her spotpass character who has access to all classes and costs around 17k (and access to dragonstone+ is nice) but it's forbidden in no grind+no pair up. Basilio: very late, usable bases (at least he can rally strength) and saves you from using Gaius or Vaike for this purpose. Not really useful in fights in no grind and even less in no pair up but his rally is even better in no pair up since it makes up for the absence of support bonus stats. If you give him 5 level ups he learns counter, take it if you want. His reclassing makes him better at tanking and general gives him rally defence. C tier: Flavia: the speedy version of Basilio without rally strength and with better res (still you won't throw her into walls of ennemies either since she has too low defensive stats for it). Can replace Anna for late game chest hunting if you can make her gain the 9 thief levels to go to trickster/assassin in 1 or 2 skirmishes but in absolute no grind she's just a replacement for the crazy ones who play in classic no reset if they lost...Gregor maybe? XD he's the only one she could replace exactly or even surpass for the same class level without reclassing. I like her character design, her impossible love with Basilio (the 1st black man I've seen in a Japanese artwork without the big lips or the colossus black American body guard stereotype, maybe he's a mixed-blooded with some white people lol as Flavia doesn't have such a dark skin and she's blonde), but she's hardly salvageable at this point of the game, she comes 5 chapters too late to be really good. She could be upper if she had ore availability... Overall late characters: If you want to plainly use late game/underlevelled joining characters like Henry, Tiki, Basilio and Flavia, just force yourself into the challenge "no grind, no reclass" and eventually "no pair up" and why not "no reset" for peope who don't mind loosing units due to a random 2% crit rate ennemy (that also means your Chrom can die to the boss in prologue due to 6% crit rate so you're gonna restart the game from the prologue XD good luck on no reset).
  4. Cordelia, Perfect Bride After Chrom initiated divorce, Cordelia is the best bow infantry for Player Phase nuclear warfare as she watches Sumia drown in Breakneck Pass. Unlike Blade mages, Brave Bow archers can operate more independently from their teammates. Additionally, being colorless means that Brave Bow archers are equally effective against all types units and are not hindered by the Weapon Triangle. BB!Cordelia, when unbuffed, operates at a similar performance level to Blade mages with Attack and Speed buffs. With just Hone Attack and Hone Speed buffs, BB!Cordelia rivals fully buffed Blade cavalry in performance. While Brave Bow archers are a little more versatile than Blade mages in terms of coverage, they have problems dealing with certain units that Blade mages can easily deal with. Bulky Distant Counter units are quite common in the upper tiers of the Arena and they are dangerous for Brave Bow archers to take down. Raven mages are less frequently encountered, but they still appear often enough that players should be cautious and double check enemies' skills; some mages that usually run Blade builds may occasionally run Raven builds, as the sole purpose of those builds is to make Brave Bow archers disappear under unsuspecting players' fingers. Like all other Player Phase nukes, the greatest threat comes from ranged cavalry who can cover large distances quickly and take advantage of Player Phase nukes' weak Enemy Phase performance. BB!Cordelia can run Firesweep Bow and Cancel Affinity as an answer to Distant Counter units and Raven mages respectively. In exchange for raw power and requiring Dancer/Singer support to take down bulky units, BB!Cordelia becomes more of a generalist who can cripple a vast majority of units without fear of counter attacks. However, BB!Cordelia is still vulnerable to ranged cavalry. Level 40 stats: HP: 33/36/40 Atk: 32/35/38 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 16/19/22 Res: 19/22/25 Total: 147~148 Default skills: Weapon: Cupid Arrow+ Assist: Rally Atk/Spd Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Escape Route Passive C: Breath of Life Brave Bow: General use, Arena offense Firesweep Bow: General use, Arena offense, Arena defense BAD NATURES Speed Bane: Attack Bane: BB!Cordelia can still run a regular Brave Bow build, but she will not be able to hit as hard.
  5. So, I've made my second custom gba mugshot, but I don't really like the way the armor looks. Anyone got any tips? Feel free to express your opinion, I'll only hate you slightly.
  6. Some highlights: As previously surmised, M!Robin and F!Robin's combat intro are exactly the same. M!Robin shows off his C5, but the finisher is actually different this time. Instead of a big lightning ball, he conjures pillars of light to strike the ground instead. Though, it could be his C6. Frederick's Axe glows with a green light during his finishing blow in his Musou ttack. Due to that, it's highly likely that his element is Wind. Robin's critical hit is shown during Female Robin's segment: lots of fire explosions before a flare of light. What appears to be Lissa's Awakening Musou is shown. So... for known elemental users: Fire: Camilla Thunder: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Ryoma Wind: Frederick, Takumi Light: Rowan, Lianna, Marth, Cordelia, Hinoka Dark: Corrin, Xander All: Robin, Leo, Elise EDIT: Added Ryoma to the known elemental users list. The pillars of light that Robin does is also most likely his C6.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site so sorry if I mess anything up in advance. Anyways I've been playing a lot of Heroes recently and I've noticed that in later challenges like hard/infernal hero battles, squad assault, higher level chain battles and etc I've been not doing so well. I have a lot of five stars with competitive skills but I didn't have the sp to get them all the skills so I've been grinding for xp. I was hoping that some of you could help me with a team comp based off of My units listed below. Thank you all so much. -M Eldigan, Xander, Camus, Priscilla, Caeda, Tharja, Cordelia, Nowi, Hecor, Sonya, Merric, Nino, Faye and Bridal Cordelia are all five stars. Also please recommend other units that I should summon for to go with these units. Anywhere from 1 to 3 teams would be greatly appreciated for squad assault and chain challenges. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my newest Fire Emblem VO interview with all of you. This time, I heard from Julie Ann Taylor, who voiced Cordelia and Severa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Selena, Flora, and Caeldori in Fire Emblem Fates, and Linde in Fire Emblem Heroes. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-julie-anne-taylor-fire-emblems-selena She's been working in the industry since the late 80's and had lots to say about her experiences in the recording booth as well as which of her characters she relates to the most. I especially enjoyed the insights she had on voicing Severa and Cordelia, and the interview mainly focuses on those two characters in addition to their Fates "doppelgangers," She even had stuff to say about Bride Cordelia's appearance in Heroes' Bridal Blessings Banner. Hope you enjoy! It was a blast to conduct!
  9. I have finally gotten myself ten Cordelias in a white dress, but I still have not gotten one with an attack boon. Is there a better way for me to summon more copies of her? I have been pulling only colorless orbs unless the game forces me to pull a color orb. I have listed semi-Quadsuna, Reinhardt, and Linde for comparison. Calculations are done on June 7, 2017 with this calculator: https://kagerochart.com/legacy-damage-calc/ — — — — — — — Cordelia (Bridal Blessings) 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Resistance Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 HP +3 (Without this, Cordelia dies to Cecilia.) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 125 wins, 0 loss, and 9 draws Eirika (Attack +3, Speed +4): Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 133 wins, 0 loss, and 1 draw (It is Effie, just in case you are wondering. Yeah, that thick one.) — — — — — — — Setsuna 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Defense Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 Attack +1 Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 108 wins, 2 loss, and 24 draws Eirika: Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 128 wins, 0 loss, and 6 draw — — — — — — — Reinhardt 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Dire Thunder Moonbow [Cooldown 1/2] (See Quickened Pulse.) Deathblow 3 Lancebreaker 3 Quickened Pulse (This is not on the calculator yet, but it is pretty easy to simulate its effect.) Hone Cavalry Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 123 wins, 1 loss, and 10 draws — — — — — — — Linde 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Blárblade+ Moonbow (Does not really matter.) Life and Death 3 Lancebreaker Attack +1 Eirika Max (Attack +3, Speed +4, Defense +4, Resistance +2) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 129 wins, 2 loss, and 3 draws — — — — — — — Cordelia is not my ideal waifu (Lucina), but she is the best waifu who knows how to satisfy me. I have not checked the waifus on ponies though. Maybe they will be better at satisfying me since they have more experience riding bigger and faster things, and bigger the gang, the bigger the bang. Okay, I will stop. Forgive me. I need sleep. Edit: I extended the joke maybe a little too far.
  10. I did managed to beat all the Bride paralogue chapters and have summoned the Bride Cordelia yesterday along with 5 Star Regular Caeda. But, I did noticed that the women in the Bride paralogue chapters did mentioned about "June" in their dialogue and when I tapped at the Bride Cordelia to her Voice Conversation lines, she said something like: "There's a saying: bride in June, groom shall swoon." that it did mentioned June also. Is Brides and Weddings are suppose to be really popular around in June similar to like how Easter is always be around in April, I thought the Bride stuff would be more of a just adding stuff randomly or bring it back from Awakening?
  11. In my opinion, Tharja and Cordelia seem canon no matter what, but if you had to choose who would it be.
  12. So, after taking a long break from Awakening (since August 2015) I've decided to pick up the game again. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna play on Normal just to breeze through the game, or go through Hard as a warmup for the higher difficulties. Now comes the problem of pairing everyone and planning everything. I decided to have change some things up, like certain pairings and use some of my less used characters more. Don't have dlc. First of all, the Avatar. I plan on going with a MaMU with the name Camus. I am going to have him end up as a Paladin and marry Cordelia. I only know he will have Luna and Aegis. No plan on asset/flaw and other things. Also, does anyone know what hair color looks the most like FE11's Camus' hair color (or Sirius)? With Cordelia I'm probably have her finish as a Falcon Knight. Seeing how I'm not doing an optimal run, I thought about running Sol/Armsthrift/Galeforce/Lancefaire/Bowbreaker. Thoughts? I plan on having Severa and Morgan end up as Bowknight and Hero, not being set on who gets which class. They will inherit Galeforce and Luna. Ideas for other abilities? How I wish Bowknight was better, but I'll still use it. My biggest change will be pairing up Chrom with Sully. I rarely use Kjelle, even though I like her, and this will fix that issue. As mentioned earlier, I don't plan on having this run be optimal. I will keep Kjelle as a General, even though they suck, and have her inherit Aegis. Since I plan on having fun I might run something like Pavise/Aegis/Aether/Deliverer/Astra. I know Donnel gives her Galeforce, but I'm limiting my Galeforce use. For Lucina I thought about Aether/Rightful King/Aegis/Swordfaire. Not sure what her last skill would be. Thinking about Vantage/Lethality/Lancebreaker/Astra. For the remaining characters I'll go with pairings I like, and the parents of children I'm not interested in will be paired with who's left. Going to list my current pairings below. Open for changes, either because the children will suck or the pairing isn't that great. Lissa-Vaike (I want a blonde Swordmaster Owain) Tharja-Gaius (Nearly always go with this) Nowi-Kellam (Great support, tank Nah) Sumia-Stahl (I like this pairing, plus Stahl seems to work with a lot of children) Cherche-Gregor (Funny support) Olivia-Lon'qu (Great pairing) Brady, Yarne and Laurent I don't care about. Might go Miriel-Ricken so I get another magic user. I also thought Olivia-Frederick and then have Lissa-Lon'qu. Still debating on it. I'll worry about the children as the game progresses. Feel free to leave ideas for them though. That was a long post. Thanks for any help in advance though. In the meantime I'll try to figure out the optimal for my wannabe Camus MU.
  13. So I've been debating what Cordelia's final class should be. See, Sumia, who I constantly compare her to, is a more supportive class for me, with the Skill Set of: Lancefaire, Dual Guard+/Luna, Limit Breaker, Iote's Shield, and Renewal/Galeforce. I'll swap Dual Guard+ and Renewal out for Luna and Galeforce when she's not a supportive role, aka not someone's partner in Pair Up. (Which, with Chrom being the leader, is rare mind you) Overall, with Cordelia's generous Skill Set, regardless of her final class I'll have Iote's Shield, Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Galeforce and... I'm debating between Sol and Lifetaker, but I'll decide when the time comes. So, at first glance, she's obviously more aggressive than Sumia, and that's how I plan to use her. Thing is, I'm keeping Sumia as a Falcon Knight, no question, but odd thing is, Sumia would be better as a Dark Flier, and Cordelia better as a Falcon Knight. It's funny, too, as I'm leaning toward Cordelia being a Dark Flier. The reason for this is due to, again, her flexibility to be aggressive, and with Armsthrift the idea of wielding Tomes won't go to waste. (On a side note, if I decide on Cordelia being a Falcon Knight, the skillset involving Bowbreaker and Tomebreaker, replacing Iote's Shield and Sol/Lifetaker is appealing) So, any ideas? Suggestions?
  14. Okay, I'm really torn on this, I don't know who to marry to Cordelia, either Gaius or Lon'qu Also whoever does not marry Cordelia will probably marry Tharja Plus - I'm looking at this from a competitive standpoint and support conversations and hair colors. But, you tell me what I should do!
  15. Yay. Release date estimated Official site: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5112/Cordelia.html Amiami seller: http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=FIGURE-012602 I am not good at making topics. I am just hyped for this. Yay.
  16. I saw some people wanted the Chrom and Cordelia Support Conversation and I am not sure what will anyone might think if that Severa might still going to hate Chrom if they included her as one of Chrom's potential children. I still kinda saw in her conversation in Paralogue 10 with mother and that Chrom talks to Severa that she still blames her mother to be alone after her death. So here's the poll that anyone can guess about it incase if anyone can think about this incase if Severa becomes as Chrom's potential daughter?
  17. Why can Cordelia not at least have an A support with Chrom? I mean, at least to rest her heart easy about her undying feelings of love for him! Because, it seriously sucks that she's paired with someone else and then still clearly has feelings for Chrom! I understand that they're making a past reference to Shiida/Caeda, but come on! And let"s not even go into the fact that Sumia is the default wife of Chrom and supposedly a good friend to her! Does anyone else have anything to rant/justify about this predicament?
  18. Right now my pairings are: ChromxSumia VaikexLissa GaiusxOlivia HenryxMaribelle DonnelxSully FrederickxCherche GregorxPanne RickenxMiriel Lon'quxTharja KellamxNowi My avatar's asset is skill, flaw is HP. I was going to marry Cordelia for two really good children, but I'm thinking about switching him out with Virion so I can marry someone else. Severa can get good enough skills with either, she'll just be a bit more defensive with Virion. Feel free to critique my other pairs, but I'm mainly worried about Cordelia. Vaike and Lissa are already married, so I can't change that. Thanks for the help.
  19. This is a story about my favorite Fire Emblem Awakening character Lon'qu. Give me as much critical feedback as you can. Every comment/post is appreciated. Written by:Mystletainn. <Prologue> Chon’sin I was just a young man then. Perhaps only 13 years of age. In a slum of Chon’sin I was born and raised, with no real family other than a girl only one year younger than myself. Her name… her name was Ke’ri, and she was my only friend. We would always be together, whether we were play sword fighting or chasing insects. She never left my side, and I her’s. We were but children then. On my 12th birthday I was going to start my sword training to protect her. I had to leave Ke’ri for the first time I can remember. I would be in southern Chon’sin learning the art of the blade from the greatest sword masters on Valm. I wasn’t there legally though. One had to have written permission from their mother, and had to be shown in by their father; neither of which I had, so I snuck in. I heard from thieves on the streets of Chon’sin that there were vines hanging off of an old tree near the back of the complex. However, the thieves were older and therefore heavier than I, so they could not climb them. I was able to climb the vines with ease though, but a larger dilemma than foliage faced me. The complex was made up of only four buildings, a dormitory for the boys, a dormitory for the older men, another for the masters, and then the training hall. Then there were the walls. Quite possibly the largest structures I have ever laid eyes upon, these walls could not be scaled. There were also at least ten feet separating the branch I was standing on from the top of the wall, with no room for me to get a running start. If I came close to the wall, I could have grabbed the statue. But that was still one hell of a leap. So I tried. And I fell. I awoke in the boy’s dormitory, with an aching back and numb legs. As my senses returned I got out of the cot and searched for anyone that might know what happened to me. I went to the training hall to seek out an instructor and found only one. He was sitting facing the doorway, legs crossed. His eyes were open but he didn’t acknowledge me. I started waving my arms, but he still paid no attention. I stepped closer, and as I climbed the stairs, there was a creak in the floorboards. As the sound echoed through the hall, the old man stood up and drew his sword. “Who approaches?” He said loudly, but in a whisper. “M-my name is Lon’qu.” I stuttered quietly. “Ahh, it’s you. The one that tried to climb the wall. Tell me, why are you here, young man?” The old man asked me. “I uh… I-” “Speak boy!” He shouted as he tapped his sword against the back wall of the training hall. “I wish to learn the ways of the sword!” I said hurriedly, not wishing to anger the old man further. He agreed to train me. The exercises were difficult. Every morning I would have to train before breakfast, then again directly after breakfast. This went on until I couldn’t train anymore. That time span would become longer each day. The old man said I was one of his quickest learning students. Perhaps my reason for such quick growth was the fact that there were no other students, almost as if the complex had been abandoned by all asides from this man. And in all my 3 years training at the complex, I never learned the old man’s name. I asked only once, and his exact words were “It matters not my name, my age, nor my origins. All that is important is the here and the now, all I have accomplished, and all I have surmounted to.” Finally I had to part ways with the old man and return to western Chon’sin. There, I would be with Ke’ri again, and now I could protect her from the dangers of the slum. Which I did, until I was 17, and she was 16. Then it happened. Ke’ri and I were in love, and I had finally saved up enough money through mercenary work to buy her a ring as beautiful as she. A silver band with a burning topaz in the center, which was the same bright color as her lucid eyes. I was going to marry her, and soon. My foolish self, however, didn’t notice the four rogues loitering about the market. They saw me purchase the ring and must have started following me in hopes to take it. They followed Ke’ri and me to our favorite getaway spot. A small ruined fort near a crashing waterfall and a single large cherry blossom tree. We sat down on a mossy rock near the waterfall and under the tree. I was about to pull out the ring when I heard the sharp “clink” of metal on rock. An arrow had hit just below our legs. “Oy, wut do we got here mates” “Aww look at deez two. Aint that sweet” “Ke’ri, leave now” I told her. “But Lon’qu I-“ “GO, LEAVE!” I had to keep her safe. “Aww aint yall cute. What do ya think hmm? Think that beautiful couple will last?” “Maybe, only if they hand ovah dat ring” “Take it then.” I slipped the ring on my smallest finger while drawing my blade. “What are they talking about Lon’qu? What ring? What’s going on?” “I’ll explain later Ke’ri, just stay back.” Two of the rogues came at me, one swinging his axe high, the other low. I dodged the first rogues attack and managed to stab the other before he got a chance to get too close. Then the first rogue threw a blind swing backwards and completely missed. I retaliated quickly and disarmed him. He attacked with a flurry of quick but inaccurate punches, but I managed to wound his arm and finish him with a slice to the torso. Another rogue had grabbed me from behind, his sweaty arm around my neck. I was barely able to slip out of the large mans grasp before he brought down his axe. A swift blow to his head with my free hand, then a kick to the groin and thrust with my blade down his hunched over back ended that beast of a man. Then the final man. Armed with only a bow he stood about 50 feet away. There was nowhere for me to run. The battle had brought us to an open field. I looked around for Ke’ri, prepared to throw her the ring. Then I saw her standing behind the rogue, holding one of the deceased bandit’s hand axes. She brought it down quickly, eyes shut and body tense. “Oh my gods, L-l-lon’qu.” She ran up and hugged me tightly. “Who were those men?” “I don’t know Ke’ri, but I saw them at the market where I bought your ring. They were clearly after it.” “Oh… *sob* Lon’qu.” She started crying quietly, her face buried in my chest. “Don’t be sad Ke’ri, you’re safe.” “How could I be sad Lon’qu” She looked up with a smile. “This is the happiest day of my life.” “What do you mean?” I asked, completely forgetting what I had the ring for. “Stop jesting Lon’qu. My answer is yes.” It all rushed back to me. I had completely forgotten. “So this means… You will be my wife?” “Yes, of course.” She said, tears drying on her face. “Here, Ke’ri.” I slipped the ring on her finger. She looked into my eyes, and I looked into hers. “Let’s go home now.” “Agreed.” And so we started heading back to the slum from which we both came from. The slum we both called home. “Lon’qu?” “Yes Ke’ri?” “We should move out of our slum once we get back there. Just pack up our things and leave. It will be like an adventure.” “That sounds great” I agreed. “Where were you thi-” “Ach, L-lon’qu…” “Ke’ri!” She had been stabbed by another rogue after her ring. “Hnngaa!” I threw my sword directly into his chest without skipping a beat. “Ke’ri, get up, please. Don’t leave me. I love you. You are the world to me, and I can’t let you die here.” “…L-leave me Lon’qu. I’m already gone. D-don’t take th-the… ring… you would b-be… putting yourself… in d-danger.” “Never, you’re coming with me.” “Goodbye… Lon’qu… My love.” “No…” So I took her to the cherry blossom tree, near the waterfall and old fort. I set her in the river, and held her hand one last time. “Goodbye, Ke’ri. My love. It matters not our names, our ages, nor our origins. All that is important is the here and the now, all we have accomplished, and all we have surmounted to.” But that old man forgot something. Something he possibly never had. Love. The here and now, accomplishments, and all we have surmounted to do not matter, if you had love.
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