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Found 56 results

  1. Leave your corrin, castle address and lvl/class in this post! Corrin: Eliz Class: A fighter Special skill?: Vantage Level: 10 Best to recruit: start of the game Castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Have fun guys :D
  2. Disclaimer: potential FE Awakening AND FE Fates spoilers ahead. So I've been harbouring a crazy conspiracy for a long while that Corrin, through the hardship and suffering in Fire Emblem Fates, becomes the original Grima. And therefore ultimately also eventually becomes Robin as well. That said, I haven't played or completed Conquest or even Revelation. So with that in mind I'm going to share my crazy theory from what I understand now, bookmark this page, and then hide in a bunker until I'm all caught up hehe. And wait with anticipation to read what the FE community will think or say. So... Let the craziness begin! Hoshido and Nohr are considered mythological kingdoms by the time of Awakening. I propose that Corrin's life ends with severe tragedy, which is the cause for Grima's lust for apocalypse for a lack of better words. After the realms of Hoshido and Nohr are brought to ruin, Corrin invades Ylisse as the original Grima. His Risen army; the remnants of his devastated world. Corrin is from a divine bloodline and can transform into a dragon. Grima is a also a humanoid dragon. On top of this, Robin and Corrin are both praised for their tactical prowess. And have white hair. So they share some common traits. Such is the case that Corrin becomes the dark bringer of the apocalypse, that this is the ultimate reasoning behind Selena, Odin and Laslow's appearance in Conquest, as they are on the lookout for Corrin, the progenitor of their realm's doom. And that's all I have now. I appreciate that this is a pretty wild one hehe. I welcome your thoughts.
  3. So am thinking of changing my corrin class for his final class and am wondering what is his best skill Set for my corrin and his information. my corrin boon and bane Lck+/Res- i like to use the omega yato in the class that is best for me this is for online can't Change into apthocary or Oni savage i like to deal Str damage and that is it so please help me
  4. So, I recently got into a discussion with someone about Fates: Conquest, and they made the claim that the only ones who could technically be held accountable for Nohr's atrocities in that game are Garon, Hans, and Iago. They claimed that since they rule through fear and have an "infinite army of Faceless," that the heroes, and the entire Nohrian army, can't really be held accountable for only acting when they did. Now, as someone who's forgiving of a lot of the more recent games' shortcomings, I still can't really buy into this conceit, so I want to know, is there a way for Xander, Corrin and company to stage a military coup against Garon, Hans, Iago, and the Faceless while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum?
  5. Heya, friends of the Forest and fellow video game enthusiasts! I finally got some free time again after a rough period of studies, studies and more studies. Anyways, recently, I got into a discussion with a friend whether or not it is possible to solo Conquest with Corrin (with some kind of pair-up bot, like Jakob or Felicia) if you equip them with five Breaker skills or alternatively, four Breaker skills and Sol, Renewal or Nohrian Trust. (Currently testing this in Revelations on Hard) Chapter 10 notwithstanding, I'd still say, based on how difficult Conquest is, it shouldn't be possible to do. Maybe on Normal but beyond that, I don't think it is entirely doable. What do you think? Do you think this idea is ridiculous? Did any of you actually succeed in soloing Conquest with Corrin? If yes, how did you do it? Did you have a pair-up bot or did you not? Would you need one? I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
  6. The other topic seemed fun, and it would be refreshing alongside my other conquest run. I'm european so no NA corrins. I can get the corrins I think this afternoon, otherwise this evening. - You have to use the heart seal right after chapter 6 before I get your corrin. I cannot hack heart seals into my game. - No higher than Level 10 - Create corrin however you like, but with Right talent and Boon & Bane Corrin's 1. Aldina - Priestess - Robust - Clumsy (Priestess Talent) Me 2. Mechanist - Calm - Unlucky 3. Basara - Sturdy - Sickly 4. Wyvern Lord - Strong - Unlucky (Taken by BeniShigure) Received 5. Sniper - Sturdy - Unlucky (Taken by Camisado) 6. Berserker - Lucky - Exciteable 7. Onmyoji - Clever - Unlucky (Taken by Cooledsheep) Received 8. Blacksmith - Deft - Sickly 9. Spear Master - Lucky - Exciteable (Taken by NJ7009) Received 10. Adventurer - Clever - Fragile (Taken by Bandit) Received 11. Master of Arms - Lucky - Fragile 12. Merchant - Strong - Unlucky 13. Maid/Butler - Deft - Sickly (Taken by Elemental Chaos) 14. Master Ninja - Calm - Sickly (Taken by Cyas) - Received 15. Hero - Sturdy - Sickly (Taken by Elemental Chaos) Received So these are the units. I'm excited already!
  7. As the title states, what do you pick for your "side" class for your MU? I personally like Dark Knight (obviously) because it gives you both access to the Yato and to higher-grade magic tomes while also giving you more mobility in a fight, although you do end up with a dual-weakness to both Beast and Dragon bonus-damage weapons.
  8. I was wondering what would happen if I hex edited my Corrin to Camilla?
  9. Two aspiring writers and friends of mine recently put together a 40 minute review for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and (part of) Revelation, only recently released in the UK. They discuss the new features that help improve the "Awakening" formula, others they aren't so fussed about, and the character writing that made the all important decision so difficult for them. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/-bpqjAsbXEg?t=28m45s
  10. I have one of the best teams ;) you won't stop me! SeraphPunchOnline MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  11. My theory is that Nohr and Hoshido dont actually exist, in DLC 5 I believe of heirs of fate, shigure mentions that they were in valla to which shiro and siegbert reply that they were at the opposite factions castles,but shigure says that it was all and illusion, the same illusion that may have been seen by their parents, now it makes sense, back in the before awakening DLC when Chrom said Nohr and Hoshido were mythical worlds, because they are.
  12. I think bringing up Micaiah to the Robin vs. Kamui poll is going to cause some topic derail, so if we want to continue to discuss this topic we should do it somewhere else. So, I'm of the opinion that Micaiah is superior to Kamui by a long shot. Both Micaiah and Nohr!Kamui are kind of unique amongst FE protagonists in that they side with the "morally wrong" side. So how do Micaiah and Kamui stack up in their choices? Micaiah has more of a reason to pick Daein, for starters, because no one on Daein actively tried to kill her and during the period following the Mad King's War, she actually grew to love the people of Daein and their kindness in the face of adversity. Kamui's reasons for picking Nohr are … well, their siblings. Which is fair, but there is that sort of minor thing where King Garon your so-called father literally tried to kill you twice by the time chapter 6 rolls around. And Kamui has no plan as to what they're going to do once they get back to Nohr. The narrative treats them differently, too. Micaiah is allowed to do morally questionable things and get called out on it. The game doesn't really see her as a hero or a villain, everything we see is through the actions of the characters in the game. Micaiah knows that history may see her as the villain, but she accepts it because saving Daein is more important to her than how anyone else sees her. [spoiler=RD excerpt]Micaiah: I… I want to save them all. The world is a better place with people like them in it. Sothe: I know how you feel, Micaiah. That’s why we started all this. We’ve always been fighting for them. But this war we’re in… It’s not just. We’re fighting on the wrong side. Micaiah: I know. I don’t want to see anyone die. It’s ironic… I’m killing with no malice, because I don’t want anyone to be killed. I… What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand back and let all of Daein perish? Is that the “just” thing to do? Sothe: … Micaiah: If that’s what it takes to be just, then I want nothing to do with justice. I’d rather be hated and feared like Mad King Ashnard. I’d rather the dark god take my soul. I’m going to save my people, Sothe. If the rest of the world paints me as a beast to be reviled and hated, so be it. But Kamui, on the other hand, doesn't really get to morally questionable things and get called out on it. Their (and Aqua's) plan to invade Hoshido (which carries with it a high probability of killing Kamui's Hoshidan siblings and innocent Hoshidans) is akin to doing nothing, and they don't even try to tell the other Nohrian siblings about Garon being a slime monster. But the biggest things that set Kamui and Micaiah apart are 1) the game's narrative and tone regarding them, and 2) the degree of self-centeredness shown by Kamui and Micaiah. Kamui is very self-centered. The entire conflict is about them. Killing Hoshidans who are only defending their country? Oh no, it's all about Kamui and how it's such a mark on their "pure, innocent" soul to have to spill blood and we should pity them. Those Hoshidans who are going to die? They don't matter, outside of what they do to Kamui's conscience. [spoiler=Conquest excerpts]Avatar: ... My happiness is a small price to pay for the good of the whole world. I will continue to fight for Nohr and follow my father's every command. If I must sacrifice my soul and walk the path of evil to end this war, so be it. Even if no one understands why I'm doing this... Even if they grow to hate me… (Conquest 15) Can't find the script for this right now, but in Conquest 24 (Hinoka's chapter), Kamui is just talking about how they have a dream about how after the war (aka after Nohr conquers Hoshido) they want to be able to laugh with their Hoshidan siblings like a family. After one of them may possibly be dead. Without giving a single fuck about how the Hoshidans are probably feeling about them razing their land and betraying them at their lowest point. Nope, all about Kamui. If I looked long enough, I could probably find other examples, but there is a stark contrast in just how Micaiah and Nohr!Kamui act. Micaiah doesn't throw herself a pity party. She made her decision and she stands resolute with no whining, whereas Nohr!Kamui whines before they throw themselves a pity party, saying how this is for the good of the world and this is going to take such a toll on THEIR happiness with no consideration for the people they are invading. And the story even treats them like a hero for it. tl;dr Micaiah is the hero that we needed and deserved in Conquest. Also, please stick to comparing only Nohr!Kamui to Micaiah in this topic. Neither Birthright!Kamui nor Revelations!Kamui are in a similar situation to Micaiah or Nohr!Kamui.
  13. Hey everyone. This is my first post here and I don't even know if this is where I'm supposed to put this lol. Just wanted to share a drawing I did on Nintendo's social media (?) forum thing, Miiverse. It's basically where you can talk about games and make scribbles. Hope ya like it! By the way, if you want to see it on the Miiverse website, go to my Miiverse page - https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAAAtVHhqp_AghQ Thanks :)
  14. (I don't know if I should mark this as a spoiler, as you only find out from DLC, but.. Whatever) I'm trying to make the ideal sibling for Lilith on my Revelations playthrough. To make Corrin actually look like they could be related. I've mapped everything out, except for hair color. I'm torn between color 7, and color 27. Which one resembles the color Lilith has the most? http://kamuicustomizer.appspot.com
  15. Since Fates is coming out in Europe/Aus next week I'm planning my Corrin for my Birthright Hard/Classic run! I really like the idea of a Maid Corrin and I'm wondering what the best boon/bane would be, could someone help me?
  16. Just thought I'd ask this question. Of all the games to feature a playable "avatar", which "avatar" do you like best, for any reason you might have?
  17. So I'm a bit confused about something. It might be a spoiler, so consider that your warning. Lots of people mention Mikoto's letter to the Hoshidan royal children when Corrin gets an S Support with them as the way we find out they aren't actually related. It's a revelation, a secret finally revealed, and that's how it's treated. ...Except for one thing. In Corrin and Hinoka's B Support, Hinoka says Mikoto tried to talk her out of being a Sky Knight, referring to her as "your mother", as if it were common knowledge that Mikoto is only Corrin's mother. Corrin then says "Oh, she was worried even though you weren't related?", reaffirming the common knowledge point. My question is: was that mentioned at some point in the Birthright story? I don't remember it, yet they treat it as if it were already known. Why'd Nintendo call the Hoshidan siblings your brothers and sisters by blood in the advertising, and then just so casually mention the fact that that isn't true in that support?
  18. But is there ANY info on whether or not the Roy (and by extension Corrin) amiibo having functionality in this game? I have literally waited an entire month since the game released to play this game (which I already own, but haven't opened) just to get Roy as my first amiibo unit. He is one of my favorite characters in FE (Yes because of Smash, but still) and was the first DLC I bought in awakening, and was even one of my best characters in that game (Only behind my beastly children Inigo and Morgan). So, long story short, I want to know, is there ANYTHING (now that we are a week away from his release) on whether or not if we will get to use the boy?
  19. Bayonetta, understandable. She has had a game on Wii U. Cloud, not really a Nintendo character, but Final Fantasy did get its start on the NES. But who the FUCK asked for Corrin? Some nigga who can transform into a weird Arceus/Dialga fusion and has an annoying voice? DIDN'T SMASH HAVE ENOUGH FE CHARACTERS?! On top of that, why couldn't we have Caeda, or Chrom, or fucking Lyn?! CORRIN?! No! The three characters would make sense because: Caeda: Marth's wife Chrom: The real FE13 protagonist whose daughter is getting assraped by Nintendo Lyn: The first Lord you got to play as in FE7, the first worldwide FE game. But no. Dragon Marth. I see how it is, Nintendo...
  20. -Are cousins!? Seriously!? Normally, I wouldn't be too surprised by something like this, considering Azura isn't actually related to her Nohrian siblings yet can use Dragon Vein, and Corrin isn't related to Nohr or Hoshido, yet has more dragon powers than every other royal (except Garon). So them both being Valla royalty would explain that. Except there is one problem with them being cousins; they can S-rank support each other! I married my Corrin to Azura at around chapter 10 not knowing this, and every time I have used 'Bond' in MyCastle after chapter 24, I've been finding it extremely awkward! Why is it that in this game, two cousins (not even second or third cousins, which would have been legal in the Middle Ages) are capable of S-Rank Support! Why!? Maybe if they made it that it was only possible before Chapter 24, or that Mikoto and Arete aren't sisters by blood (maybe sisters in-law would make more sense), then that might've been better. Does anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me? EDIT: Forget the sister-in-law idea; I was just grasping at straws (and it would just make them cousins on Azura's father's side, not her mothers).
  21. heres the video: Heres are my notes: -Units Corrin Azura Staff User 1 (Shigure with rescue) Staff user 2 (Elise with entrap) unit that gives +1 move ( Selena pairup with Elise) Anyone that can 2shot inital enemies ( I use Xander with Charlotte pairup) Wyvern Lord with the Pass Skill ( Nina with Beruka or Camilla as the mother) Rally Bots: Siegbert(Strength) , Percy(Defense), Niles(Skill) Somebody to drop Corrin onto to the Wyvern Lord with Pass ( Gunter) Wyvern Lords's guard stance partner ( someone tanky like Effie) Two bait units ( Preferably captured units) -Skills Corrin: Life and Death/Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow/Dragon Fang/Filler Nina: pass Rally Skills -Items: Entrap Rescue Boots for Nina so that she has 10 Movement Tonics ( HP, strength, skill, speed, defense) Other notes: -My Corrin has a base of 37 strength and 34 speed. His secondary class is Samurai(+Strength, -Luck) which enabled me to get Swordfaire and Life and Death. A friendship or marriage seal can get you Elbow room or Strength+2. -You need a total of 35 speed to double Takumi. Rally speed, tonics, and katana bonus will give you an additional 7 speed before pair up. -I would recommend capturing some enemy units with a breaker skill (i.e axebreaker) -The Luna skill will only cut 20 percent of Takumi's defense. So I would not recommend. -I don't think astra is optimal because it will instantly fill Takumi's guard stance gauge. -Damage is actually rounded down. My Corrin with elbow room would hit Takumi at 42.75 dmg but the game will show it to be 42.
  22. So I got to chapter 21 and a thought occurred to me, "Can I just do this quickly with Corrin and Camilla only?" This is on hard mode: [spoiler=Corrin] Paladin lv.8: hp38/spd29+1(GY)/lck20/def20+1(GY) [spoiler=Camilla] Wyvern Lord lv.12: hp32/spd25/lck16/def26 C-support Spd/def +1 from meal, Camilla boosted hp/spd/lck/def from tonics Camilla had an iron axe, vulnerary, concoction, and elixir [spoiler=turn by turn] 1: Corrin and Camilla next to each other, Corrin dodges rock 2: Corrin pairs up with Camilla, dragon vein 3. vulnerary, had to dodge at least 1 rock, leveled str/skl/spd/lck/def 4. elixir 5. win
  23. Let's all come together to decide what these skins are. They better not be random, and I hope the dragon form will be colored accordingly. Also sorry if this topic already exists
  24. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I recently started playing Fire Emblem Fates and I would like to ask which classes are good for Kamui/Corrin, because I would like to reclass him. I'm playing Hoshido/Lunatic atm, but I would like to know for Nohr as well. Icwas thinking of making him a samurai for Hoshido (so I could use Yato, since i's only for Kamui) and pair him with Kagerou. Is it a good choice? Is Kamui good as a magic class too?
  25. Hello all, I am trying to decide what class I want to choose as my secondary for my Nohr playthrough but I need clarification on how buddy seals work when Kamui uses them. My plan is to pick Ninja for copy-cat so I can pass it down through inheritance. What I am wondering is what would happen if I used a buddy seal on Kaze. His secondary class is Samurai so would I get samurai or nothing? I want to be a Weapon master but I want to pass down ninja. Also, If Kamui marries Azura, does Kanna get ninja, dark prince and peg knight and would Shigure get the same? Anyone know?
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