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Found 4 results

  1. At the moment the only interesting game I have on my phone is Heroes. I figured I’d be fine going out with just my phone today, but no. I’m not feeling motivated to do tap battle nor Arena. I’m out of Aether (and that mode’s more stressing than fun sometimes). TT+ is meh and VG has time between each battle. Also, I just really, really don’t want to grind through the abundance of TT stratum quests. Anyway, the point. What do you think IS could add to the game as a mode that’s accessible (Doesn’t cost Stamina (or at least much stamina) nor has long time intervals between sessions), more laid back than the competitive modes, and replayable without getting dull very fast? Or just talk about your dream mode that you would personally play over and over. Either works I’m part bored, part curious what everyone else can come up with, and part fishing for ideas to send into support. Regardless I thought it’d be an interesting topic for discussion and for getting creative
  2. So I want to make a unit out of a gimmick character i came up with in @Jotari's thread, And i thought i would make something like this so... Oh yeah. Just make a profile out of general stats and whether they would be particularly high or not. Actual personality and backstory is optional So my guy would be a wyvern rider who happens to be Dracophobic. This is for no particular reason other than GIANT FLYING LIZARDS ARE PRETTY DAMN SCARY IF YOU ASK ME. His name is ryan. He was training to be a cavalier for the protagonists army ,but because he was more talented that most of his piers, he was just dumped onto a GIANT FLYING LIZARD. Naturally, he was the envy of many of his peers for having a simply superior mount, but not all that deep down, they kind of felt a little bad for him. So from that day forth, he was the luckiest unluckiest rider in all the lands and a legend was born! His stats would follow something like this Level; 12. Availability: early-mid game. like maybe chapter 11-ish on a average length fe game Hp: 30-34 Str:15 Skl: 17 Spd:12 Lck: 3 Def:14 Res:5 Shit i posted this prematurely
  3. Have you ever tried to design your variations of promoting base classes and thought how they would work out? Would they be underpowered, or broken if used? Let's share our classes in this topic! Also, feel free to state opinions for other people's classes. (Sorry for wall of organized text) ----- My Classes ----- Promotes from - Myrmidon First Variation - Swordmaster (would replace current version of swordmasters) Description Speed oriented fighters that wield dual blades for extreme offense. Have inmense speed growth, but HP and general defenses growth lowered by a lot. (Great damage output based on speed and avoid-tanking, but can die in a single round if hit) Class Specifics/Opinions Can dual wield off-hand swords (tend to wield light swords - off-hand swords give +50% might but their weight is not ignored) Every attack instance strikes twice (each strike can hit or miss on its own, up two 8 strikes with dual brave swords) Skills are indirectly strengthened because of the above (e.g.: Astra will hit up to 40 times, but resulting in 250% total damage output instead of every attack at half damage for balancing) Compared to the current swordmaster, has less hp and defenses but is faster and always hits twice. Second Variation - Samurai Description Accurate fighters that strike hard and precise. Speed stat limited on purpose, has high HP, skill and defenses growth. (Can act as a lesser version of the General, though I think this class will surpass them in utility) Class Specifics/Opinions Speed is limited to a certain limit raised by level, exceeding speed is converted to skill (this is marked as bonus stat, does not affect towards normal growth cap). Critical strike chance is raised to 150%, but deal x2.5 damage. Counter (class specific) - (low to medium chance of activation upon being hit) Return the next incoming damage back to the attacker. Though they can tank and return full damage without being hurt, they are slow and expected to be doubled most of the time.
  4. Copy of this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42188 Blame boredom and a lack of creativity for this existing. 00: Reimu Hakurei 01: Mai 02: Shizuha Aki 03: Komachi Onozuka 04: Satori Komeiji 05: Yuyuko Saigyouji 06: Koishi Komeiji 07: Marisa Kirisame 08: Wakasagihime 09: Raiko Horikawa 10: Suwako Moriya 11: Ellen 12: Youmu Konpaku 13: Kotohime 14: Yuuka Kazami 15: Rumia 16: Sakuya Izayoi 17: Hong Meiling 18: Star Sapphire 19: Iku Nagae 20: Luna Child 21: Rika 22: Shinki 23: Lyrica Prismriver 24: Shiki Eiki 25: Nazrin 26: Reisen Udongein Inaba 27: Nue Houjuu 28: Sunny Milk 29: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna 30: Minoriko Aki 31: Sanae Kochiya 32: Lunasa Prismriver 33: Aya Shameimaru 34: Mononobe no Futo 35: Chiyuri Kitashirakawa 36: Ichirin Kumoi 37: Yoshika Miyako 38: Yuki 39: Sekibanki 40: Unzan 41: Patchouli Knowledge 42: Remilia Scarlet 43: Merlin Prismriver 44: Kisume 45: Yamame Kurodani 46: Ran Yakumo 47: Yumemi Okazaki 48: Yukari Yakumo 49: Utsuho Reiuji 50: Yumeko 51: Mima 52: Genjii 53: Koakuma 54: Flandre Scarlet 55: Cirno 56: Suika Ibuki 57: Tewi Inaba 58: Byakuren Hijiri 59: Chen
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